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How to Design Your Own Website

So the time has come and you’re ready to build your own website. Owning and operating a site may sound like a complicated task. But don’t give up just yet 😉 . Whether you lack the time, tech skills or money, code-free site builders for non-techies will make it fun to create your own website.

We’re here to bring you a cursory introduction to DIY web services that can get you started designing your website, even if you have no webmaster experience at all.

Keep in mind, none of these tools will make you a web designer, still, these services will certainly ease many of the headaches.

How to design a website from scratch?

There are many options, but the easiest one is to sign up to an all-in-one website builder. Why all-in-one? Because such platforms offer everything you need to design and publish a site under the same roof: templates, editors, hosting, support and various add-ons. All you need is to sign up and follow the wizard.

Normally, you’ll have to choose a template, name your site and then you’ll be redirected to the editor. Most site builders provide a drag-and-drop editing environment, which means you can easily customize your website simply by dragging and dropping the elements on the canvas.

Here I must note that there are website builders that only offer the What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor and don’t open up the codes, and those offering advanced editing solutions, like Developer mode in Squarespace or Duda, in addition to the code-free software.

How much does it cost to design a website with a site builder?

It depends on your needs. Technically, you can design a website for free – most services provide either free trials or free, never-expiring versions of their product. These versions are basic and usually ad-supported, so these can’t be used for a business website. You should take them as an opportunity to test the software risk-free, without investment to see whether it’s the best fir for your case.

Speaking about premium plans, these range from $4 to $30/mo (for versatile website builders), and $15-$200/mo for industry-specific platforms (real estate website builders, eCommerce solutions etc.).

How to choose the right site builder?

Know your needs. When you have a list of desired features, you can easily weed out inappropriate web services from the list. Do you want to have access to the code? If yes, then Wix isn’t the best option, while uCoz or Weebly might be right for you. Do you want to offer an enterprise-level shopping experience to your visitors, including promo codes, abandoned cart notifications and user profiles? If yes, then you should opt for a specialized eCommerce site builder like Shopify.

If you’re looking to build a simple business website, blog, portfolio or webstore, then site builders are probably the best option from the financial end. But if you need to build a web presence for a large organization, that requires serious functionality, you may need a powerful CMS which can be more complicated than particle physics.

Happy site building!

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