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How to Create a Multilingual Website with Webydo

A multilingual website is the best way to cross the language barriers for businesses servicing different markets. It was estimated that clients are three times more likely to make purchasing decisions when the interface and communication are in the native language. Besides, having a multilingual website demonstrates your concern towards your clientele and indicates a customer-centric approach of the organization. In other words, the benefits are endless.

In today’s tutorial we take a closer look at Webydo website builder as a great platform to create a multilingual website. We’ll create a test website in both English and French. So, let’s get started. First of all, we need to create French navigation.

  • In order to create a new menu, enter the control panel and open the Pages section. Click on the ‘Add Menu’ button and name the freshly created menu (‘French navigation’ for example).
  • Now let’s return to the English Menu and duplicate each page.

Webydo - Duplicate Links

  • After duplicating go the Page Settings to change the ‘Title Name’ and ‘Included In’ fields.
  • Now we have two menus: one in English, another in French. When uploading new content, select the right menu in the top control panel: either French or English.
  • There are several ways to link our French pages to their English counterparts. I’ve decided to upload an icon and link it to the French Homepage. Remember to repeat the icon on all English pages.

Webydo - Multilingual Website

  • Now it’s time to save changes and publish the website to see how it works when live. Mine looked and worked magnifiquement, mes amis :).

Webydo - Test Website


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