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Wix Multilingual Website Creation

How to Create a Multilingual Website in Wix

Wix – is one of the most popular and recognizable website building platforms today. The all-in-one solution makes not just provides a bunch of great features in addition to hosting, a variety of plans, and comprehensive support but also makes it easier to localize your project and create multilingual website versions.

The platform has its own Wix Multilingual Application that lets users build several projects versions translated into destination languages. The tool is very simple. All you need is to enable the function and indicate the language of the targeted audience.

Wix Language Menu

The key drawback is that it still requires manual translation. Moreover, you will also need to customize icons, forms, and other website elements to meet the needs of the target audience. This is where users may look for a more flexible and simpler localization solution like Weglot.

Before we get to the point, let’s figure out why you may actually need to have your Wix website translated into several languages.

Reasons to Translate Your Wix Site

Website localization comes with several potentially strong benefits. They include wider outreach, improved user experience, strengthened credibility, and others. Modern tools like Weglot make the process extremely easy and less expensive if compared to hiring professional writers, editors, and proofreaders.

Localization benefits

As a result, you may consider the following:

  • Better Users Engagement – localized websites deliver an authentic user experience to a specific target audience depending on the country or region. Moreover, your website makes a good first impression that is vital in the face of digital competition.
  • Brand Identity – keep the global audience aware of your brand. Users will appreciate your ability to speak the language of the market you target.
  • SEO Pros – SEO relevance plays a vital role when it comes to brand promotion. Apart from English, keywords in other popular languages may also be quite competitive.
  • Expanded Outreach – website localization lets you grab your piece of the global pie and reach a wider audience. For instance, 30% of all Internet users are from China and only 2.8% of all websites are translated into Chinese.
  • Increased Sales – the more visitors you get to your digital store, the higher your sales. However, manual online shop translation requires much time and effort especially if you have over 100 products on stock. Dealing with each product description is time-consuming.

This is where automated localization services like Weglot will help. They are easy to integrate. They do not require technical skills. Such software will do the job for you at a relatively low price.

Weglot – Website Translation Tool for Wix

Weglot – is the API for website localization. It was initially launched as a language snippet. Today, it is available in the form of a plugin or widget that is compatible with all major CMS platforms and website builders including Wix.

The solution can be used with any website type either you write a blog, sell products online or promote your small business brand. The tool translates not only major texts, articles, descriptions, etc. It can also be used to localize buttons, menu section, and other project elements automatically.

Users may choose from various plans as well as try the service for free. Keep in mind that the free trial version is limited to only 2,000 words. So, you will need to upgrade your plan after all.

Why Use Weglot

Weglot is a better alternative to Wix built-in translation tool. It will work great for websites that target several countries at the same time. Users will appreciate a set of the following features:

  • Automatic Translation – the solution translates each and every piece of content either related to major articles and posts or contact frms, CTA blocks, buttons, etc. No need to handle the process manually, which saves plenty of time.
  • Advanced Translation tools – they include automated visitors’ redirection depending on their original language and browser settings.
  • Compatibility – totally good for a website built with Wix in addition to all major CMS platforms and eCommerce engines.
  • Ease of Use – using Weglot with Wix websites is very simple. The integration process consists of several simple stages we will describe a bit further in detail.
  • SEO Benefits – the API-powered solution translates not only on-page content but also links, meta tags, etc.
  • Extra Perks – the system has advanced translating tools with a built-in glossary feature that keeps all the words that should not be translated in addition to Search and Replace function.

Users will be able to choose from a totally automatic translation or manual website localization. The first option still requires some proofreading and editing. Otherwise, some content pieces might look unnatural for a specific target audience. Manual translation considers hiring Weglot professionals from the pool of experienced writers and translators. The prices are lower if compared to traditional freelance marketplaces and hubs.

How to Create a Multilingual Website in Wix

As for the technical side of the integration process, it will take you not more than 5 minutes to have your Wix site translated with Weglot.

Step 1 – Sign In to Weglot

Weglot registration

To access all the Weglot features, you need to register. The process does not require any billing info. Simply type in the email and password to start using the free trial. It includes almost the same functionality as premium plans although you are limited with the content volume to be translated as well as support and domain amount.

Step 2 – Create a Project

Weglot creation project

After the registration process, the system will let you create a new project with a dro- down list of all platforms supported by the service. Select Wix and move on to the next stage.

Step 3 – Select Languages

Weglot Choose Languages

At this stage, you will need to indicate the website’s original language as well as the language you want it to be translated to. As a free-trial user, you will not be able to choose more than 1 destination language. The feature is available for premium users only with over 100 languages to be accessed.

Step 4 – Connect Weglot

Add Weglot Snippet

Once the setup has been completed, the system will automatically generate a JavaScript snippet that should be added to your Wix website. Weglot will check if it was added correctly. Then the language switcher will appear on the website with all pages automatically translated. At this stage, you may also use DNS records to create subdomains.

Step 5 – Add a Switcher

As we have mentioned earlier, Weglot automatically generates the language switcher button. But if you cannot see that button, you may have it displayed manually by completing the following steps:

  1. Go to the Wix dashboard and enter the Tracking & Analytics section.
  2. Click on the “Custom” button.
  3. Copy the JavaScript snippet generated by Weglot and paste it. Do not forget to choose the “Load Code on Each New Page” option to have the switcher displayed on every page.

Your multilingual Wix website version is ready!

How Much Does It Cost to Create Wix Multilanguage Website

Users may try the service at zero cost with the help of Weglot free version. Although it is limited to only 2,000 words, it is still enough for a small website, landing page or company representation online. If you have a blog or a digital store with constantly updated content, it will be necessary to upgrade to premium Weglot packages.

The cost will depend on the page amount and content volume you need to translate. Moreover, the translation quality also matters. If an automatic translation is enough for your project, you will not have to pay extra cash for manual editing.

Weglot Pricing

The price of using Weglot ranges from €9.9 to €499 per month. All packages come with the same features and functionality. The only difference is in the number of supported domains and word count.


Weglot can be a good alternative to the Wix custom translation tool. The integration process is very easy while the localization does not require coding or special skills. You have your website translated in more than 100 languages automatically.

In addition, users are able to customize some of the elements including language switch button, use Weglot dashboard to monitor translated content, and benefit from round-the-globe brand recognition.


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