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How to Create a Landing Page on Wix

How to Create a Landing Page on Wix

When it comes to establishing a reliable web presence, launching a quality website is what you should start with. If your intention is to drive leads, increase sales volume and convert ordinary visitors into customers/returning clients, you have to consider getting a landing page. This is a type of website a user gets to after clicking a search engine result, an ad in social networks, an email newsletter or any other online source. Its only purpose is to drive user attention to your business specialization or to the message you wish to convey and to increase conversion rates.

Depending upon your initial objective, a landing page will help you convert ordinary visitors into active users, making them purchase your products/services, download the files available on your website or perform any action you would like them to complete. In other words, a landing page is a powerful marketing tool that helps you reach the target audience in the most effective way.

With such a variety of web design options, choosing the best tool to get a quality landing page may seem a challenge. As far as the majority of business owners are not code-aware users, picking a website builder for this purpose proves to be the best idea. This is when Wix comes into play.

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Wix Landing Pages

As a top professional website builder, Wix makes it possible to start and customize quality web projects without any programming skills or web design expertise required. Even a newbie can cope with the task in less than no time, following the guidelines the system generates by default. The platform abounds in niche templates, design customization and marketing tools, which contribute to the effective development and promotion of modern landing pages that actually drive results, matching your business requirements and goals.

How to Create a Landing Page on Wix

Starting a landing page on Wix is easy and quick. This doesn’t take much effort and time – just complete the steps listed below to avail the expected result.

  1. Sign Up for Wix
    First and foremost, you should create an account with Wix. This is a matter of a couple of minutes. Fill out the registration form or sign up by using your accounts in social networks. Right after that, click the confirmation email and proceed to the next step.
  2. Wix website builder - sign in

  3. Pick a Website Editing Option
    Wix lets you choose from two website editing options – Wix ADI and Standard Editor. The first option implies an automated web creation process, thus, being a better solution for first-timers. The system will ask you to provide your business info and to answer the questions it generates by default. As soon as you do that, it will pick the most suitable website design to let you customize it as needed. Even though, Wix ADI seems to be an easy solution, it still lacks design customization features. As a result, you won’t be able to get the most out of your landing page performance.
    If that’s not what you expect, it makes sense to design a landing page in a Standard Editor. This will let you deeply customize your project, focusing on details and message you wish to highlight.
  4. wix choose editor

  5. Select a Template
    Wix boasts one of the most impressive and versatile template collections. There is a separate category of landing page themes you may browse to pick the one that corresponds to your niche specialization and project objective. By the way, you can also choose a blank design to customize it completely from scratch.
  6. wix templates

  7. Edit the Design Chosen
    Reach the Wix Editor screen to get access to multiple design customization tools and to create a suitable layout for your landing page. Mind that this project type has certain distinctions from traditional business websites. Generally, they come without footers and headers and they don’t display standard navigation elements. As far as the main function of a landing page is to direct a user to a certain online destination (another website or social network page, for example), you need to add a hyperlink or a CTA button to make users complete this action.
  8. wix desktop editor

  9. Set Up the Layout
    To adjust your landing page layout, reach the Site Menu and then choose the Show More icon. Then access the Settings section and adjust the parameters available there. This is where you can pick a layout without header and footer.
  10. wix layouts

  11. Customize Your Landing Page Design
    To customize the selected landing page template, you can click the elements available on a page and select the required parameters. You can adjust text settings, font parameters, background, media files, images and other website elements. Likewise, you can arrange their positions due to the convenient drag and drop feature. Explore the navigation bar to customize your project design to the advantage.
  12. wix font setting

  13. Integrate Third-Party Extensions
    Your landing page design/functionality will be incomplete without integrable extensions, which are available in Wix App Market. They are free and paid depending on their functionality, implication and special characteristics. Among the widgets that can match your landing page it makes sense to mention social media feeds, customer reviews/testimonials, live chat, client interaction tools and more. If needed, you can also connect a blog to your landing page to stay in touch with the target audience.
  14. wix app market

  15. Adjust the Mobile Version of Your Website
    Wix allows separately setting up desktop and mobile versions of any project created with it. Having completed your landing page customization, you should click the icon of the mobile phone found in the top menu of the screen. This is needed to switch to the mobile view editing mode. If you don’t wish to do that independently, you can make the system do that for you in the automated mode. Just reach the navigation bar and click the “Page Layout Optimizer” to enable the feature.
  16. wix mobile editor

  17. Set Up SEO Parameters
    To make your landing page rank high in the search engine results, you have to make proper SEO settings. This is done via integrating a SEO Wiz widget that lets you fill out the required parameters. The widget comes with step-by-step guidelines on how to make correct settings, including web page meta tags, Alt Text, heading tags, anchor links, redirecting tools etc. Additionally, there is an opportunity to integrate statistics tracking/analytic tools to control your landing pages stats.
  18. wix seo

  19. Apply Marketing Tools
    As far as a landing page is mainly created with business promotion in mind, the best way to boost its performance is to apply marketing tools. Wix grants access to many of them – reach the App Market to pick those that correspond to your project specialization. Some of these include email marketing tools, pop-up menus, MailChimp, online ads, contact forms, call conversion widgets, Wix Online Programs, Automated Advertising, Google Ads and other affiliate tools. Integration of Wix Ascend Platform may also be helpful for effective landing page promotion.
  20. Wix Marketing Tools

  21. Connect the Domain
    Before you publish a landing page, you will have to choose and connect a domain name. To do that, upgrade to one of the premium subscriptions that fits your budget and requirements. Then select the domain and connect it to your website.
  22. wix connect domain

  23. Preview and Publish the Project
    Are you done with the steps listed above? Then go ahead to preview the ready-made project and publish it to go live.
  24. wix publish

Bottom Line

Starting a landing page with Wix is easier than it may initially seem. The website builder stands out from the crowd due to its convenience, ease-of-use and intuitive web design approach that eliminates the need to dive deep into complex coding nuances. Just stick to the guidelines listed above and watch the tips the system generates. Face any problems? Then go ahead to contact the support team to have your questions answered. Wix has everything you need to get a professional landing page to comply with your business goals, skills and budget – make sure to use its advantages!


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