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How to Сreate an ePortfolio on Wix

How to Сreate an ePortfolio on Wix

Whether you are a model, an artist, a photographer, a designer or a representative of any other creative profession, showcasing your works/services to the target audience will definitely be a key to success. Designing a portfolio will help you collect all the works in one place, providing extra info about your business, skills, expertise and aspirations.

Another implication of an ePortfolio is to help your business stand out from the crowd. No matter what niche you specialize in, the competition will certainly be quite strong. A portfolio will let you present your creativity to the advantage, focusing the attention of prospective clients on your industry highlights. Thus, the more informative and visually-appealing a project is – the more chances you have to build a rich client base and to promote your services both online and offline. Let’s talk about the must-have features of any portfolio website, the available web design options and the types of projects that fit various niches now.

Online Portfolio: Must-Have Features and Elements

To win user attention, a portfolio should initially be unique and personalized. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of competitors out there and you have to make up something unusual to present your talent in the best way possible. That’s the only surefire way to convince potential customers that your business is worth dealing with, regardless of the tough competition out there. When thinking about ePortfolio pages, make sure to include the following into your project:

  • Homepage – an introduction to your project and the first impact upon each visitor;
  • About Us – presentation of your business, its specialization, mission and special highlights;
  • Projects – the works you are proud of, which can showcase your talent and creativity in the best way possible;
  • Services – the list of packages/services you are ready to offer to your clients (these may differ with regard to the niche you work in);
  • Client Testimonials – reviews posted by users, who have worked with you and who are ready to recommend your company to prospective clients;
  • Contacts – the main ways to connect with you online and offline (the page should preferably include a physical address of your business – if any, contact form, email, phone number, Google Maps, social networks accounts, working hours etc.).

Listed above are the main pages/sections a professional portfolio website should include. The list may vary with regard to numerous factors, such as your business specialization, target audience and other related factors.

Wix Portfolios

Wix – is a professional all-in-one website builder used for starting and running all types of web projects. ePortfolios are not an exception. The system lets everyone – be it a beginner or a web design expert – create personalized online portfolio projects without a line of code. Users get access to niche templates that are completely customizable as well as to integrable widgets and special tools, which help drive user attention. The entire process of portfolio creation is fast and intuitive with Wix – go ahead to explore the main steps below.

How to Create an ePortfolio on Wix

Regardless of the industry you work in, the list of basic steps to start a portfolio website on Wix will be the same. Here they go.

  1. Sign Up for Wix

    If this is the first time you use Wix website builder, you will obviously have to start with account creation. This takes a few minutes only, which mostly depends on the option you go for. The system will ask you either to fill out the registration form or to use a social network account to authorize with the system, if you have the one. Both options are easy, quick and understandable to everyone. To proceed to the next step, you’ll need to confirm the email.

  2. Wix website builder - sign in

  3. Choose a Website Editing Option

    Wix has two website editing options to cater to any user requirements and needs. These are Wix ADI and Standard Editor. Beginners mostly appreciate the opportunity to use the first option – Wix ADI – which applies the power of the artificial intelligence to automatically launch a project for you. The system asks a series of questions related to your business to further come up with the most suitable template, features and tools.
    wix choose editor
    Do you expect to deeply customize your project to give it a touch of personalization? Then it makes sense to switch to the Standard Editor to get access to high end design customization tools to create a website with a “WOW” effect.

  4. Pick a Portfolio Template

    If you decide to work in the Standard Editor, you’ll get an opportunity to pick a portfolio template to comply with your needs. Wix has a stunning gallery comprising a plethora of designs and there is a separate category of portfolio themes. Scroll the catalogue and preview the designs to pick the most preferable option. If you still fail to select a nice theme, you can start with a blank design to create a unique project from scratch.

  5. How to Сreate an ePortfolio on Wix

  6. Edit The Theme

    Reach Wix Editor to customize your portfolio. The website builder makes it possible to configure menu and website pages, adjust background settings, add special design elements like galleries, social tools or lightboxes, edit the text, work with fonts and styles and perform other related actions. To see the process of website editing in action, you can use the Preview point from the menu.

  7. wix desktop editor

  8. Connect the Extensions

    As soon as you are done with template customization, it is high time to proceed to widget integration. Wix App Market is a place to reach, when looking for extensions that match your portfolio specialization. The App Market abounds in free and paid widgets you can choose from. Among the apps that can boost your portfolio performance, one can mention Wix Photo Albums, Portfolio, Flipbook, Visual Stats Bar, Wix Video etc. Adding customer testimonials, live chat, online forms, client interaction tools is also a good idea. Additionally, you can connect a blog to your portfolio to publish posts that tackle your industry and, thus, will be interesting to your readers.

  9. wix app market

  10. Activate the Mobile Mode

    With Wix, you can separately set up desktop and mobile modes of your portfolio. This matters a lot for this type of project as your customers should be able to browse a website on different devices. To enable the mobile mode, reach the dashboard and click the corresponding mobile phone icon in the top screen menu. Alternatively, the system may automatically do that for you – click the “Page Layout Optimizer” to switch on the feature.

  11. wix mobile editor

  12. Configure SEO Parameters

    To increase your portfolio positions in the search engine results and to make it visible to the target audience, make sure to correctly configure SEO parameters (web page meta tags, heading tags, anchor links, Alt Text, redirecting tools etc). Wix SEO Wix will help you with that, offering detailed and consecutive guidelines on each step you should complete to make the process a success. What’s more, you can integrate analytic and stats tracking tools to watch your portfolio parameters.

  13. wix seo

  14. Integrate Marketing Tools

    To attract more clients and to promote your brand, it makes sense to integrate Wix marketing tools. Fortunately, the website builder has many of them to come up to any user needs. Most of them – pop-up menus, MailChimp, online ads, email marketing tools, contact forms, Automated Advertising etc. – can also be found in the App Market.

  15. Wix Marketing Tools

  16. Connect the Domain Name

    Prior to going live with your portfolio project, you should make up a domain name for it – the one, which will make it stand out from the crowd and will be memorable for the target audience. With this purpose, you should upgrade to one of the paid plans to match your needs and budget.

  17. wix connect domain

  18. Go Live

    As soon as you are done with all the steps listed above, you are ready to go live with the project.
    That’s all about the baseline steps of launching a portfolio website with Wix. When working on your own project, though, you should pay attention to special parameters of your individual project and your industry specialization in general. Let’s outline some of the highlights of the most popular portfolio types.

  19. wix publish

Starting a Photography Portfolio on Wix

Starting a Photography Portfolio on Wix

A photography portfolio website is all about quality photo presentation and proper template choice. Wix excels at both aspects. The website builder has a collection of photography templates and a set of photo-related tools/extensions to properly showcase your works to the target audience. Among the widgets you may pick for this type of project, the following ones will work best: Wix Photo Albums, Before and After Slider, Virtual Tours, Right Click Protect etc. Integrating a CTA (Call-To-Action) button like “see more”, “view gallery”, “contact us” etc. is also a great idea.

Starting a Model Portfolio on Wix

Starting a Model Portfolio on Wix

A model portfolio somewhat differs from a traditional photography project. This is because it is you and your talent that are in the focus of the project attention. Consequently, this type of website started with Wix website builder should come with a set of highlights. Along with photo galleries, it is desirable to add video presentations and clips from your shows and other events. This will attract more potential clients and partners, who will see your work in process. In this respect, video integration will work best.

When using Wix website builder, you can pick and integrate such extensions as Wix Video, TubePress, Video and Image Slider Gallery, HDW Player, Wix Pro Gallery, social account buttons, Voice Comments, Automatic Story Feed and Social Media Stream to mention a few. CTA, blog connection and testimonials are also a must here.

Starting an Artist Portfolio on Wix

Starting an Artist Portfolio on Wix

The main idea about launching an artist portfolio is to encourage the target audience to buy from you. Consequently, this type of project should be created with eCommerce focus in mind. Along with CTA integration, appealing video/image presentation, blog connection and user testimonials, it makes sense to create a separate page with a web store, where you will offer your products/services for sale.

Wix Stores widget is a handy tool in this respect. The widget lets you start a small/medium digital store with baseline eCommerce functionality. There is also a separate set of eCommerce plans here to pick the one that fits you most. When managing a web store with the system, you will have an opportunity to add products, their photos and descriptions, integrate payment/shipping/tax parameters, issue coupon codes/discounts etc. These are the major features to usek, when starting an artist portfolio on Wix.

Bottom Line

Getting a portfolio website will bring you multiple advantages. The project will present your works/services to the target audience, help you connect with prospective clients/partners, increase profit and promote your business. There are myriads of user-friendly solutions to help you get started with a portfolio website yet not all of them will comply with your needs.

Wix is the best web design platform that encompasses simplicity, intuitive web development process, visually-appealing portfolio templates and advanced integrations. The website builder also delivers extensive pricing options to fit any budget and requirements. If you need a quality, affordable and feature-rich portfolio website, Wix is definitely the best destination to reach.


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