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How to Create a Modeling Portfolio Website

A powerful visual representation on the web is essential whenever it comes to modeling. You need to look fantastic both live and online. Standing out from hundreds of other models is not as easy as it may seem.

Modern website building platforms make it easier to represent a model with some stunning and professional photos in addition to fundamental features lie simple editing and creating a bright portfolio website from scratch without technical skills within less than a day.

Forget about spending a fortune to build a good-looking modeling portfolio. Website builders deliver a bunch of amazing features out of the box at an affordable cost. You easily design and customize each page even if you have never dealt with website building process before. Advanced website building software will let you:

  • Edit, add and replace content with ease. No technical skills are required;
  • Create a stunning collection of professionally-looking photos to stand out;
  • Use diverse media formats like videos, images GIFs and more;
  • Stay social and speak volumes through major social platforms.

After reviewing and testing dozens of different website builders, we have sorted out two ultimate platforms for building a catchy modeling portfolio in less than a day. They are Wix and uKit. Let’s have a closer look at their main features and advantages.

Wix – The Best Website Builders For Online Portfolio

Product Name:WIX
Official Website:
Number of Websites:4,565,423
Complexity:Very easy
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $13/mo

Wix – is a good choice for those involved in the beauty and modeling industry. Apart from the ease of use due to its drag-and-drop feature, the software comes with a diverse selection of features to create a stunning portfolio. You can choose from ready-built modeling responsive templates or customize any other theme according to your style and taste.

The main benefits of the website builder include:

  • Clean Image Gallery. Wix boasts a professional built-in gallery yet it is possible to add different media files ranging from videos and photos to GIFs here.
  • Editing Options. Wix allows editing your portfolio either with its integrated Wix ADI tool or in the Standard Editor.
  • Social Media Buttons. The website builder provides built-in social media widgets and you can also replace it with any other app one from App Store.

When it comes to pricing, Wix has some great offers for those who do not require complicated websites with numerous sections and tons of content. The platform has a free plan, which may look like a good option yet this subscription is somewhat limited in functionality. To get access to more advanced portfolio-related features, you should upgrade to one of the premium plans. There are two types of subscriptions here for standard and business/eCommerce use. Their cost starts from $13/mo.

uKit – The Cheapest Tool to Build a Modeling Portfolio

Product Name:uKit
Official Website:
Number of Websites:25,388
Complexity:Very easy
Free plan:Free 14-day trial
Paid plan:From $4/mo

uKit – is a cheap yet efficient website building tool that offers plenty of great features and ready-to-use modeling themes. The templates are professionally designed and mobile responsive. Easy editing and constructing tools will let you build a bright modeling portfolio within a couple of hours without special skills.

The main uKit advantages include:

  • Advanced Design Mode. The system allows customizing your portfolio in accordance with your style and preferences, choosing the background and main theme color, uploading images and using uKit color pallet to create a stunning look for your portfolio.
  • Powerful Integrations. The website builder lets you choose and integrate apps and extensions to give your portfolio high end functionality, such as: widgets of social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.), Contacts (MailChimp, LiveAgent, Callback Forms, LiveChat, Jivo, Cost Calculator – uCalc) etc.
  • Blogging and eCommerce. The platform makes it possible to connect a blog and a web store to your portfolio project to let you sell online and attract customer attention.

Unlike Wix, uKit does not have a free plan. However, you can test the platform in a free trial mode to check if it suits you fine and meets your expectations. As for the pricing, this website builder is probably the most affordable one considering $4/month for a Premium plan with free templates as well as no ads and hosting already included in the price.

Semplice – Portfolio Builder Powered by WordPress

Product Name:Semplice
Official Website:
Number of Websites:-
Free plan:No
Paid plan:From $99

Semplice – is a self-hosted portfolio builder, which is powered by WordPress and makes it possible to start feature-rich modeling projects. The platform comes with a broad range of integrated tools that are a must for portfolio development and high end customization. The system does not imply coding proficiency, which makes it a great pick for ordinary users not aware of programming nuances.

The list of Semplice highlights is as follows:

  • DIY Design Creation. Semplice does not have a collection of ready-made themes yet there is an opportunity to start an advanced portfolio theme from scratch, using pre-built animations and visual effects.
  • Portfolio Gallery Effects. The system allows applying high end gallery effects like element integration, slide transition setup, customizable arrows, style pagination, SVG support activation etc.
  • Advanced Portfolio Grids. The platform lets you choose from several grid types that include customizable visual, split and text grids.

As a downloadable software, Semplice does not offer subscription-based plans yet there is an opportunity to choose and use one of the downloadable versions that imply lifetime ownership. The cost of the most cost-effective package constitutes $99.

Portfoliobox – Specialized DIY Portfolio Website Builder

Product Name:Portfoliobox
Official Website:
Number of Websites:15,605
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $4.9/mo

Portfoliobox – is a specialized portfolio website builder, which is used to start full-featured and impressive mobile-ready projects with stunning visual presentation. The system comes with a simple and intuitive built-in editor, which contributes to a hassle-free and smooth portfolio development process. The system does not imply awareness of programming knowledge, which makes its application simple and convenient for everyone.

The website builder has a number of portfolio-specific advantages, such as:

  • Template Variations. The system does not offer a single overall template for customization yet there is an opportunity to combine several themes to create a truly personalized portfolio design.
  • Client Gallery. You can compile an individual image/portfolio gallery for a certain client to make him/her interested in your services.
  • Blogging and eCommerce. With Portfoliobox, you can connect a blog and a digital store to your portfolio to grant deeper portfolio functionality.

Portfoliobox has a free plan, which allows testing the system’s features at no cost. This option, however, does not let you get the most out of your portfolio presentation. To get access to more high end features, you have to subscribe to one of three premium plans. Their cost starts from $4.9/mo.

Ucraft – Easy Website Builder (eCommerce Ready)

Product Name:Ucraft
Number of Websites:8,966
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $10/mo

Ucraft – is an artsy all-in-one website builder, which offers plenty of design ideas required for professional portfolio creation. It is also possible to launch other types of projects with the system. Ucraft comes with integrated blogging and eCommerce features, WYSIWYG editor, high end design customization tools, quality responsive customizable templates and affordable pricing policy.

The major Ucraft merits encompass:

  • Responsive Template Collection. The system grants access to dozens of responsive customizable templates that work great for portfolio project creation, come with a preview feature and detailed descriptions to simplify the choice.
  • Designer Tools. Ucraft has a collection of exquisite designer tools that can give your portfolio a touch of personalization, namely Typography Editing, UIKit and Mockup Settings.
  • Logo Maker. The website builder has an integrated free Logo Maker, which lets you design and integrate a quality logo for unique brand presentation.

Ucraft includes a completely free plan that allows for more convenient and easy platform testing. As soon as you are ready to proceed to professional portfolio development, you’ll be offered to upgrade to one of its three premium subscriptions. The cost of the cheapest plan now constitutes $10/mo.

10 Tips To Success Modeling Portfolio

A couple of coffee cups, two evenings, a right choice of effective shots – and you are ready to send a link to you own portfolio website to the potential employers. What are the nuances to be considered, if you intend to reach decent result?

We have compiled a list of 10 recommendations, which can become your success tips.

1. Choose a Template That Meets Your Photo Style!

Yes, your portfolio website should focus exclusively on photos. Even before you start working, choose the best photos from different categories – snapshots, tests, commercial projects.

After a thorough image sorting, proceed to selecting a website template. This will help you choose the best design, which can highlight the advantages of your images.

2. Moderate Eccentricity Is Your Best Tool!

You don’t have to stick to certain portfolio design rules. You can add a contrasting and even controversial image to the home page just to attract the attention and encourage visitors to find out more about your personality.

By the way, it is not obligatory to use a photo only. You can use a video, GIF or cinemagraphs along with standard photos, where it is appropriate.

3. Reveal A Broad Spectrum of Images to Surprise Everyone!

The potential employers want to see beauty and flexibility in models. It’s crucial to provide them with the required amount of material to form the ideas as to where your potential can be used to the advantage.

Showcase yourself in different attires, sceneries and emotional appeals. Choose 10-15 photos of diverse storylines, divide them into separate categories for distinct perception.

4. If You Feel Confident, You Can Take a Risk!

Traditionally, only the best photos are included into a portfolio. You can use several less successful photos amid the general image gallery. This can also be a storyline, in which the image will differ from your general look.

This is done to make contrast with your best shots. The visitors will notice the difference and, maybe, will like your best photos, which form the basis of your portfolio.

5. Organize the Photo Order Attentively and Develop a Winning Strategy!

Mind that a portfolio is not a photo album for your Instagram friends. There is no sense in adding images to it, which don’t matter a lot for the potential employers.

For example, there should be photos without make-up and hair do as well as those in a swimming suite or with a detailed view of your face, arms, neck etc. depending upon the modeling business niche you target.

The first 3 photos should be very successful, the medium may be mediocre, while the last photos in each category should be also the best.

6. Choose High Quality Photos Only – Mediocre Images Won’t Work!

It goes without saying that nobody will have a desire to look at vague pixel photos. It is preferable that your photos should be made by different photographers. This will help diversify the image presentation and get nice visual portfolio dynamics.

It’s ok to use your own photos, but they should be taken correctly (camera, settings, sceneries, light). Not everyone can cope with that.

One more thing: don’t overuse Photoshop, especially with snapshots and tests. Beauty photos, in their turn, may be (and should be) edited in Photoshop.

7. Protect Your Photo Copyright, Be Serious!

Portfolio photos should come with watermarks. This can be, for example, your name and website domain. This will serve an extra promotion tool and copyright protection.

8. Don’t Be Shy to Reveal Your Thoughts and Feelings – Run a Blog at Your Website!

Apart from the promo materials, you can additionally reveal your thoughts and ideas in a blog.

There should be articles from the professional and personal life, where you will share your impressions from working with this or that stylist, photographer, make up specialist, photo shootings in a certain interesting location etc. – everything, which can help expand your personality in professional and private life. The more humane you look – the better!

9. Don’t Forget to Share Your Professional Information – It Matters a Lot!

Anyone, who will view your portfolio, will have a desire to find out your weight, height and other parameters. This information should be precise.

Thus, specify the parameters and don’t forget to add information about your tattoos, piercing, skin tone, eye color, size of clothes, shoes, body parameters, habits and other information, which may matter for further cooperation.

10. Strengthen Your Portfolio with Social Network Accounts, Showcase Your Personality to the Public!

It’s ok, if you have a separate Instagram account with professional photos and promoted Facebook or Twitter. Make sure to take care of connecting your social network accounts, portfolio likes and reposts. These are powerful traffic, PR and individuality display sources.

Even if you have standard personal accounts without tons of photos and millions of remarkable friends, you can use them as well – let everyone see your personality without placing accents on working nuances.

Many professionals are interested in the emotional component of a model’s personality not less than in the appeal.

What Can You Expect, When Creating a Portfolio in the Website Builder?

You will have an eye-catching, well-structured and professional portfolio if you go through these advice:

  • It’s desirable to use not more than 2-3 fonts – one for the titles, one for the paragraphs and one for special occasions.
  • Common portfolio gallery configurations should also be used for different categories. There is no sense in style mixing.
  • The color scheme should not prevail over the photos as well – the background should be subtle, there should be more space between the photos and larger miniatures. Signatures are not obligatory.
  • Special attention should be given to the home page of a website. You can set a nice video from your successful photo shooting, an image with saturated colors or black-and-white portrait without makeup as a background.

Ideas are numerous – take your time to experiment, ask for your friends’ and relatives’ opinion, look for the most effective combinations. Wix allows creating stunning and professional portfolios. You can do that! What you need is high quality photos. The rest implies the investments of a couple of dollars and 1-2 evenings. Get started now!


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