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How to Create Your Own Wedding Website

How to Create Your Own Wedding Website

So, your wedding day is approaching and there are so many tasks to be solved in the upcoming several weeks. And it’s no wonder as this is the most important occasion in the life of any couple and you certainly want it to be perfect.

But what should you start with? What are the must-have steps of any wedding preparation plan? Should you start with the choice of attires, location, guest list, photographer/video services or any other tasks?

Obviously, it doesn’t make any sense to hire a professional web designer as this is not a long-lasting project, anyway. At the same time, a wedding website should encompass informational value and functionality so that you and your guests could get the most out of its performance.

If you are currently concerned with this issue, the tips listed below will help you launch a full-featured wedding website with ease.

Wix – The Best Free Wedding Website Builder

Product Name:WIX
Official Website:
Wedding Templates:28
Complexity:Very easy
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $13/mo

Wix – is the best free wedding website builder, which makes it possible to launch and manage feature-rich and visually-appealing wedding projects. The system is easy-to-use as it does not imply coding awareness. Due to this feature, even a newbie can master the platform to run a project with it. Wix comes with a distinctive set of features that are a must, when it comes to wedding website development.

Wix Features

The website builder grants access to the rich App Market, where you can browse and choose multiple wedding applications and widgets. The most popular of them include Eventbrite, Countdown Clock, Wix Events, Wix Photo Album, Wix Weather, Calendar, Portfolio, Google Maps, 123 Form Builder, Wix Chat, Wix Pro Gallery, Wix Video, Moovit – Maps and Routes, Social Network Buttons, Lumifish Chronicles and more.

Wix comes with the RSVP feature, which helps establish closer communication with guests to find out their ideas, preferences, intentions. This is also a nice opportunity to get the feedback from these people and to react to their opinion, when there is such a need.

wix wedding editor

The system lets you add the Registry section to your wedding project and to update it, when required. The feature allows compiling the guest list, sending invitations to people you would like to see on your wedding day, adding gift preferences and sharing the event-related info.

Due to the integrated blogging engine, Wix users can connect a full-featured blog to their websites, where they can add and edit posts associated with the wedding that can be interesting to website visitors. By enabling user comments, you can make communication with guests more interactive and engaging, staying in contact with them.

Wix Designs

It’s no secret that Wix boasts a fantastic collection of templates. Wedding themes are available here as well. Their number currently constitutes 28 themes, all of which are mobile-ready and free by default. Wedding designs can be found in the “Events” category and all of them are customizable to come up to your project requirements and preferences.

wix wedding templates

Wix lets you preview the design you are interested in before making the final choice. This is a notable advantage as the website builder does not make it possible to switch the templates during the process of website customization without content loss. To customize the selected theme, you can pick from two options – WIX ADI (this is a nice solution for beginners) and Standard Wix Editor (this option will work best for web design pros).

Wix Cost

The website builder has quite a versatile pricing policy that will fit any budget. There is a free subscription, which lets you test the integrated functionality of the service during the unlimited time interval. To access high end features and to start a quality project, you will have to upgrade to one of the premium subscriptions. Wix has two groups of plans to choose from.

Website Wix Plans

  • Combo ($14/mo) – 2GB bandwidth, 3GB storage space, 30 minutes of videos, absence of system ad banners, free domain name connection for 1 year, custom domain, free SSL Certificate, 24/7 customer care;
  • Unlimited ($18/mo) – 2GB bandwidth, 10GB storage space, Site Booster App (free for 1 year), Visitor Analytics App (free for 1 year), 1 hour of videos, $300 ad vouchers;
  • Pro ($23/mo) – unlimited bandwidth, 20GB storage space, 2 hours of videos, Events Calendar App (free for 1 year), professional logo, social media logo files etc.;
  • VIP ($39/mo) – first priority support, 35GB storage space, 5 video hours etc.

Business/eCommerce Plans

  • Business Basic ($23/mo) – unlimited bandwidth, 20GB storage space, 5 video hours, $300 ad voucher, secure online payments, custom domain name, free domain for 1 year, access to customer accounts, no Wix ads, plans and recurring payments, 24/7 customer support;
  • Business Unlimited ($27/mo) – 10 video hours, business development tools, 35GB storage space etc.;
  • Business VIP ($49/mo) – 50GB storage space, customized reports, unlimited video hours, unlimited bandwidth, availability of the complete Wix Suite, priority support.

The platform has a 14-day money-back guarantee that lets you get your subscription payment back, if there is anything you don’t like about the selected plan. It is also possible to save big with Wix, when buying one of its plans during the discount period (Tuesday-Thursday weekly).


Wix is a free DIY website builder, which offers plenty of tools and features required for wedding project development/customization. The system has a collection of pre-designed wedding themes, integrable widgets and add-ons, affordable pricing plans and other advantages that help you with quality wedding website creation.

WordPress – Free CMS & Wedding Website Builder

Product Name:WordPress
Official Website:
Wedding Templates:Dozens of themes
Free plan:Completely free
Paid plan:Paid themes and hosting

WordPress – is a globally recognized free CMS and wedding website builder, which stands out from the crowd due to its powerful tools and design customization options. These are enough to launch and run feature-rich wedding websites. As a Content Management System, though, WordPress implies at least baseline coding proficiency. This is a must for deep project customization.

WordPress Features

WordPress was initially created as a blogging platform, which lets you run a quality blog on your wedding website to boost user interaction and overall engagement rate. You can post wedding-related articles and enable the commenting feature to stay connected with your blog readers.

The CMS offers powerful integration options – along with integrated extensions it has in stock, users may browse and choose from dozens of free and paid wedding/customer interaction plugins available online. They are specially created for WordPress by third-party web developers. The most popular and effective of them include RSVP Plugin, WordPress Media Gallery, Countdown Clock, Wedding Registry, Wedding Countdown Widget, Heart Card, Google Docs Guestlist, Item Reservation, Gift Registry, Love Quotes Widget, Wedding Gifts, Wedding City Lite – Wedding Directory and Listing, WeddingPress and many more.

The CMS doesn’t offer integrated hosting/domain name. This may be an advantage to its subscribers as they have an opportunity to pick any hosting provider to come up to their requirements and budget. The same is about domain names.

WordPress Designs

WordPress offers a nice set of templates available in its stock collection, but you can find more of them on the web. Just like plugins, wedding templates are specially designed for WordPress by third-party developers. They are available in free and paid variants, differing in special parameters such as complexity, availability of customization options, level of coding proficiency required etc. Mind that free designs are not always safe as some of them come with bugs that may pose threat to your wedding website performance.

wordpress wedding templates

WordPress Cost

WordPress is a free CMS you can download, install and use for website creation for the required period of time. This is important, when it comes to testing the system and improving your skills. When it tackles the very process of wedding website development, you won’t go without extra plugin integration. Likewise, you will need to invest into hosting and domain name to go live with your project. This is where Bluehost proves to be the best solution as this is one of the most trusted, safe and reliable hosting providers out there. The cheapest Bluehost subscription will cost you $2.95/mo only, offering multiple tools and features at this cost.


WordPress is the world-popular free Content Management System, which is a nice pick for wedding website creation. The system lets you choose a suitable wedding theme, integrable plugins and tools to create one-of-a-kind design. The platform also implies hosting/domain name choice with regard to your budget and special requirements.

uKit – Easiest Website Builder for a Wedding Website

Product Name:uKit
Official Website:
Wedding Templates:11
Complexity:Very easy
Free plan:Free 14-day trial
Paid plan:From $4/mo

uKit – is the easiest website builder for a wedding website that works best for non-coders, who need a quality wedding project. The platform was initially geared towards small business website development yet it can be now successfully applied to launch other types of web projects, including wedding websites. Its simplicity is explained by the absence of coding proficiency, which makes it a top choice for beginners.

uKit Features

uKit comes with distinctive integrated functionality needed to give your wedding website high end performance. The system allows choosing and integrating widgets and extensions that can boost your project engagement rate. The most useful and functional of them include Social Networking Buttons, Timer, Comments, Slideshare, Online Chat and User Comments to mention a few.

The website builder has an integrated WYSIWYG editor that lets you create and customize quality photo and video galleries. Regardless of the design you pick, it will provide the possibility of video/image integration that will give a touch of personalization to your project. SendPulse integration will enable online push notifications for each and every website visitor.

ukit wedding editor

Projects started with uKit contribute to better interaction between users due to the powerful integrated toolset. Among the tools you can choose to enable effective and smooth communication, it initially makes sense to mention live chat and callback widgets, social networks accounts, online calculator etc.

uKit is known for its blogging engine, which makes it possible to connect a blog to your wedding website, thus, making it more interactive and interesting for your guests. This is the place, where you can post articles related to the wedding niche, exchange comments with users, share your opinion and find out special preferences and interests of your guests. By the way, if you plan to work on your wedding website management with someone else, the system allows sharing access rights with these people for the selected time interval.

uKit Designs

The website builder grants access to the extensive and versatile template collection. The designs are responsive, free and easy-to-customize. There is a separate section of wedding themes, which encompass templates for wedding agencies, decor companies, bouquet services and other related projects. There is also an opportunity to pick a blank theme and create exclusive wedding website design from scratch.

ukit wedding templates

uKit does not require programming proficiency to start websites with it – its easy and consecutive tips will guide everyone through the process of template customization in less than no time. As opposed to Wix, uKit lets you switch the design on any stage of the web development process. The submitted content won’t be lost during the transfer process.

uKit Cost

uKit deserves the title of one of the most affordable website builders out there. The website builder doesn’t have a completely free plan yet there is a free 14-day trial, which lets you explore all its nuances and special features. As soon as you are ready to start a feature-rich project and go live with it, you’ll have several subscriptions to choose from:

  • Minimal ($4/mo) – over 200 professional templates, 24/7 support, unlimited page number and disk storage space, SMS notifications, backup, custom domain name connection;
  • Basic ($8/mo) – Google Analytics, no copyright sign, powerful statistics tracking tools, live chat support, premium designs;
  • eCommerce ($9.60/mo) – currency choice, payment/shipping options, shopping cart settings, integrated eCommerce tools, acceptance of online payments;
  • Pro ($12/mo) – advanced eCommerce functionality, custom code integration and color scheme application etc.

The system lets you save the budget by opting for several months of subscription duration – 3, 6, 12 or 24. The longer the term is, the more substantial the economy will be. Generally, it is possible to save up to 30% of the initial cost of the plan.


uKit is one of the cheapest, easiest yet feature-rich cloud website builders. It is a great pick for beginners and web design pros, willing to start quality wedding websites with minimum effort/time investment. The system grants access to niche templates, widgets and add-ons, design customization options and tools that ensure worthy result.

WeddingWire – Specialized Service to Create a Wedding Page

Product Name:WeddingWire
Official Website:
Wedding Templates:400+
Free plan:Free system
Paid plan:-

WeddingWire – is a specialized service to create a wedding page that delivers an impressive spectrum of event-related tools and solutions. The system offers multiple customizable templates to start a free website and special niche features to give your project high end look and attractive performance. The platform is easy to use, although, it may take some time to explore and master its entire functionality to present all the event-related information to your guests.

WeddingWire Features

The platform has narrow wedding specialization and, thus, its integrated functionality is centered around the development of this project type. Websites launched with the system have a stunning look that allows driving user attention, focusing it on special parameters of your wedding day nuances.

The system lets you integrate WedSocial widget, address collector, seating chart and budget builder, wedding planning checklist calendar, online guest list manager, vendor manager and other solutions that are a must for a wedding website. You will hardly find such an extensive range of specific features in all-in-one website builders.

With WeddingWire, you can give your project personalized design by means of photo gallery integration. The drag-and-drop editor helps make gallery creation convenient and intuitive for all user categories, irrespective of their background and skills. RSVP integration, in its turn, enables your guests to leave their ideas, feedbacks and responses on a separate page to ensure maximum convenience.

WeddingWire Designs

The wedding resource offers a superb collection of niche templates, which currently encompasses over 400 designs. All of them are professional, responsive, free and absolutely customizable. Just take your time to choose and customize any theme to fit your special project parameters and requirements.

WeddingWire Cost

WeddingWire is initially a free service everyone can use to launch a quality wedding project. Just sign up for a personal account and get ready to launch your own project.


WeddingWire sees its mission in the development of wedding pages. It has everything a couple requires to present their event-related info to the guests and to share the details of the upcoming occasion. Along with a website builder, you can integrate the RSVP feature, wedding planning checklist calendar, online guest list manager, WedSocial widget, address collector, seating chart and lots of other tools, which eventually guarantee worthy result.

Minted Weddings – Free Wedding Website Builder

Product Name:Minted Weddings
Official Website:
Wedding Templates:1450+
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $15

Minted Weddings – is a free wedding website builder, the specialization of which goes down exclusively to the development of this type of projects. The system adheres to versatile wedding-related needs of users, making it possible to launch simple and complex websites without a line of coding. When using the service, you can keep your guests informed about your event-related info as well as about recent news and updates.

Minted Weddings Features

Event though, the platform features a distinctive wedding focus, it still cannot provide the entire set of tools/options that are a must for a wedding website. However, the system still offers baseline functionality that lets you create this type of project. The service grants an opportunity to create and integrate image galleries to present the photos of a couple to the guests and to all website visitors in general.

Minted Weddings comes with RSVP support, which lets users share their inquiries and responses via the website. This is also the page, where you can ask and answer the questions to stay connected with the guests any time.

To give your wedding website a touch of personalization, you can create a unique URL for it, which makes the domain more special and easy to remember.

Minted Weddings Designs

The website builder makes it possible to browse its collection of free wedding templates, which is rich, versatile and unique. Each theme is developed by independent artists and designers to match diverse tastes and preferences. The range of design customization option is quite extensive as well, which lets you run engaging wedding projects.

Minted Weddings Cost

Minted Weddings has several pricing options to come up to diverse taste and web design requirements. There is a baseline free plan that presents all the options and tools you might need for your wedding day info presentation. To get access to premium features and to customize a website with more advanced features (custom URL, password protection, custom pages, photo gallery etc.), get ready to invest $15. Additionally, you can opt for custom artwork, if required, dedicated Minted developer support and other priority features. This will cost you $98 for a certain period of time.


Minted Weddings is quite a full-featured specialized wedding website builder, which provides an extensive set of niche features and tools. The system is a bit more complicated as opposed to its competitors and it also lacks some of the must-have features. However, it is possible to use the service to run a wedding website with baseline integrated functionality.

9 Steps to Create a Wedding Website

1. Pick a Platform

The first and foremost task is choosing the platform your website will be built on. With so many web building tools and systems available out there, the choice of the best one may be a real challenge, especially for a newbie. However, using a website builder will still be the most reasonable and beneficial solution. These systems are not only convenient, easy to use and affordable. Most of them also come with a powerful set of features that will make your wedding site informative and interesting to browse.

If you have any doubts regarding the choice of the best website builder, you’ll certainly appreciate an opportunity to view and explore a detailed rating of the best wedding website builders. Don’t waste your time and effort testing all those systems you’ll come across on the web (and you’ll find dozens of them). This has already been done for you, so, you just have to explore the niche rating to find out the details. As you see, Wix is presented as the best wedding website builder and it really is. You won’t find a better solution as this system grants access to the amazing set of features and design customization tools.

2. Create Website Design

Wix offers a collection of responsive niche-specific wedding templates that come with ready-made content and are 100% customizable to meet your needs and special preferences. There is also a preview option that lets you see the design you like in details. However, it is also possible to pick a blank theme and customize it from scratch to create a truly unique and personalized website design. It’s up to you to decide what information to upload to the website and when to update it to keep your guests informed.

Wix wedding templates

Wedding templates work great for the development of websites of different functionality and size. A convenient WYSIWYG editor will let you see the results of all the edits made in the project so that you won’t overlook the most crucial aspects and potential mistakes. Those users, who wish to save their time/effort, can make use of the Wix ADI tool the service offers. The tool is powered by Artificial Intelligence, which actually does all the web design work for you, using the content and information submitted upon its request.

3. Customize the Project

While the choice of the website template is undoubtedly important, that’s only half of the task. A more important procedure is further website customization. Wix grants a variety of options here as well. You can choose from multiple color schemes, layouts, font styles and types as well as other design elements.

Wix wedding editor

Just pick those that are compatible with your idea and content you plan to upload and experiment with available options. Don’t forget to preview the result in progress to be able to make and save edits on time.

4. Add Content

Are you done with design customization? Then you may start adding your wedding website content. Your imagination and creativity are unlimited here – everything depends upon the result you wish to avail in the long run and the objectives you pursue. Actually, you can create a one-page website, for example, or a project with several pages to present your content to the advantage.

Among the must-have info you need to add to the website, it makes sense to mention your wedding date, ceremony start time, venue, detailed directions, the schedule and events included into the wedding day plan, travel information, hotel, accommodation and auto rental details (this especially matters for out-of-town guests), dress code, gift registry nuances etc. If you plan a destination wedding ceremony, for example, you may also consider including extra nuances and details like travel tips, hotel discount codes, information about pre- or post-wedding events, local babysitting (childcare) services some of your guests might need etc.

Wix wedding planner

Actually, the more information you add – the less questions your guests will have and the less time you’ll need to answer them. That’s a kind of a “double” benefit. Apart from the text content, it is also desirable to add the photos of your couple, videos of you two (or even a video invitation for your guests) as well as specialized applications that can add to your website functionality and design. Fortunately, Wix has much to offer in this respect due to the extensive and rich integrated App Market. This is where you can come across such widgets and add-ons like Wix Events, Calendar, Moovit – Maps and Routes, Google Maps, Eventbrite, Meetup, Countdown Clock, Social Network buttons and many more.

5. Include the Registry

When planning your wedding website details, keep in mind that it’s not desirable to share your registry information or preferences in your wedding invitations. That’s why, your wedding website is unthinkable without the RSVP section, where you’ll notify your guests about all the related nuances, be it special requests, gathering information about your guests’ dietary preferences, making announcements or providing extra wedding-related data. To be precise, the RSVP section is a kind of a must-have feature for a wedding website that lets you gather information from guests regarding various wedding-related aspects.

6. Give a Touch of Personalization

A wedding website is that very place, where you may share your personal information. It will give a touch of personalization to the project, which will be equally interesting for you and your guests. It’s up to you and your loved one to choose the content or widgets to be added to the website. However, most web designers recommend posting your romantic love story in the About Us section, your mutual photos and videos, special info about your favorite hobbies, occupations and other unusual but so intriguing details. Apart from that, you may introduce your VIP guests, add a Guest Book page for the invited guests, where they can post their special wishes.

Wedding website personalization is not limited by the content upload only. It is about your website design as well, which is the reflection of your relationships, expectations, plans for future and other things that really matter for any engaged couple.

A great idea that will definitely help make your wedding website engaging for your guests is to add a wedding hashtag and encourage them to add any information they wish. This can be special wishes, preferences and other info they consider interesting or important. The more personal details, photos, videos, funny memories and other personal information is displayed on your website, the more interesting, personalized and unusual the project will be.

7. Set Up Unique Website URL

What else can you do to make your wedding website remarkable and attention-grabbing? One of the must-have steps is to set up a truly unique website URL, which will be the embodiment of your wedding.

Wix - Unique URL

To create a unique and personalized URL for your website, you can include your names, your surname or any word that will be the best presentation of your project and will give users clear understanding of your website implication. It’s up to you to decide whether to use a subdomain for a website or buy a custom domain name to give your project a high end look and feel.

8. Spread the Word

Even though, wedding websites target a certain audience, you may still have the desire to spread the word about it to share your good news, announcements and updates. You can do that by including your website address into invitations, emails, social networks and other sources. Mind that the more people know about it, the more guests they will be able to refer to it in case they have any wedding-related questions.

9. Keep Your Website Updated

When you just start working on your wedding website development, you add only basic information. However, when your preparations to the Big Day start, your plans and overall vision of the upcoming holiday may change. Thus, you have to notify your guests about these changes and it’s much more convenient to do that on the website instead of doing that in person. Having a website is a great solution in this respect. Just make sure to update it anytime the changes take place and your guests will be aware of your wedding day plans and other related information.

Is It Possible to Create a Wedding Website for Free?

When it comes to wedding website development, many users face the same question: is it possible to create it for free or it is still better to invest some budget into the project? Actually, starting a website without any extra investments is quite possible. This is because many website builders, including Wix, offer free neverending plans that make it possible to start projects absolutely for free.

However, you should also realize that free subscriptions mostly come with notable limitations (disk storage space, functionality or design restrictions) that may prevent you from getting the most out of your wedding website.

At the same time, think about the very purpose of website creation. Your wedding is, probably, the most important event in your entire life and in the life of your loved one. If you really want it to be perfect, then there is no sense in saving a few dollars just to get a free website that lacks must-have features, which let you implement all your ideas into life. On the contrary, it is desirable to invest some budget into a full-featured and appealing website that drives user attention, looks appealing and interesting. Such a project will be remarkable and will leave great everlasting memories for everyone. That’s definitely worth the investment, isn’t it?

The Bottom Line

A website has become not a whim, but a necessity for each couple willing to organize a dream-wedding. This is the best way to present the entire information about the upcoming occasion, keep your guests informed about all the plans and changes that happen during the preparation process and just share your romantic stories, photos or videos of you two.

To get a quality website, though, it makes sense to pick a reliable platform, which will help bring your ideas to life. Such a platform should be feature-laden and it should come with multiple niche designs, customization options and tools that help you get the most out of your web development process.

Wix rightfully deserves to be used as a web building tool for wedding website development. The website builder encompasses a powerful feature set, extensive choice of wedding templates, abundance of widgets and apps to be integrated into the project. This is definitely the investment that will definitely pay off!

WordPress is the best CMS, which also works great for wedding website creation. The platform is worth user attention due to powerful plugin integration options, diversity of design customization tools, versatility of themes and necessity to pick a suitable hosting provider.

uKit is one of the simplest and cheapest SaaS website builders you can use to get started with your wedding project. The system does not require coding proficiency, being a top solution for newbies yet it has much to offer to web design experts as well.

WeddingWire is a specialized system, which has one goal in mind – to help couples organize their wedding preparation. Along with a website builder, the system unveils multiple niche solutions that will make the event truly unforgettable.

Minted Weddings is all about wedding preparation as well, yet it takes time and effort to explore the system to the advantage and to master it well. Offering a spectrum of niche-specific tools and features, the platform allows starting full-featured wedding websites with no preliminary preparation and coding proficiency.

If you are right about to plan your wedding day and if you want it to be special, you won’t go without a website. To pick a trusted service, review the options listed above and select the one, which will come up to your requirements and expectations most.


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