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How to Create a Website Building Platform Like Wix

How to Create a Website Building Platform Like Wix

has made a name for itself due to its ease of use and features. However, some users still crave for more options in terms of creating online projects for customers. They do not want to be dependent on the initial developer, which looks 100% natural.

Having your own exclusive website builder like Wix seems to have more potential especially if you create sites for customers.

With all that being said, there are two major ways to solve the problem:

  • The first one is to develop the needed software yourself.
  • The second way to benefit from flexible White Label solutions delivered by some big names from the web industry.

While the first path requires in-depth coding and programming knowledge, the second one seems to be a simpler and faster way, especially for non-technicians.

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White Labeling or In-House Development

Launching a new platform from scratch requires a set of assets. Apart from technical knowledge and skills, you are also supposed to get ready with all necessary equipment, software, staff training if working in a team, and other inevitable headaches during the development process.

Of course, outsourcing might be a way out. However, hiring professional developers will result in huge costs and long customization process. It might take weeks or months to come up with a ready-to-use website building platform that will still require future updates, modification, maintenance, and support.

In such a situation White Labeling comes as a simpler, faster, and more effective method. The key benefit here is that you do not actually have to reinvent the wheel. White Label platforms deliver a full-cycle ready-to-use website building solution with already integrated assets, technologies, etc. To clarify the things for you, let’s find out what White Label actually is.

Describing the Term White Label

Let’s say, someone has already produced a service or a product, that you may want to promote. The idea of White Labeling is to let other people put their own brand name on that product or service and use it at a fixed fee.

In reference to website builders, you are allowed to use a website builder with your own logo and brand name for commercial and other purposes with no need to develop the software yourself. As a result, you save money and get all the necessary assets in the pack.

White Label Benefits to Look for

Some may think that using third-party technologies is hardly the best idea when promoting their own brand. Well, that depends on numerous factors. White Labels are generally more cost-effective. In addition, users will appreciate some of the following advantages:

  • Expert Work. Users get full access to expert solutions and technologies with no need to develop their own. Popular website builders with White Label offers have proved their efficiency when creating new projects from scratch with a rich feature set and extra perks. Are you able to create something better than that?
  • Refined and Tested Platform. Popular website builders have been tested by millions of users worldwide. It means no fine-tuning process is necessary. You will not need to modify existing features, as they already meet users’ requirements.
  • Cost-Effective Solution. White labeling lets you save money, as there is no need to hire a custom development team. The option is available at a nominal fee. Using it is the same as having your own in-house developer.
  • Brand Promotion. Launching a new project from scratch is a challenging task, as you need to market and promote it. One will hardly guarantee success. White Labeling offers well-established platforms that make it easier to increase recognition.

As a result, you get an ultimate pressure-off solution instead of outsourcing or writing the code for new software yourself. Moreover, you may choose the website building way you like considering various options. Let’s have a look at the best ones on the market.

IM Creator White Label

IM Creator White Label Solution

IM Creator – is flexible enough software to create different website types including blogs, portfolios, digital stores, small business sites, etc. It has unique White Labeling features for individuals and companies looking for a simple way to promote and grow their brands.

The key benefit here is that IM Creator has practically the same interface and functionality as Wix. Using its white labeling solution will let you come up with a similar software of your own. The offer was designed to meet the requirements of different user categories:

  • Freelancers and Individuals without technical skills. A simple setup requires 3 completing 3 easy stages. An installation wizard will complete the process for you. A great choice for a start.
  • Web and Design Studios may benefit from extra features that include full CSS access to create unique blocks or so-called stripes on their own. The offer comes with a custom cPanel for users as well as removed IM Creator ads.
  • Domain Registrars and Hosting Providers may take advantage of White Label offer with integrated Google Cloud server, access to website builder’s API, and other great features.

IM Creator White Label cost: the price starts at $350 per year for a simple package for individual service providers and may go up to $25,000 annually for domain and hosting platforms.

Ucraft White Label

Ucraft White Label Solution

Ucraft – is a software that offers its self-crafted White Label with a bunch of tools to ensure high-quality customer service. Just as Wix, Ucraft has separate plans for different website types including eCommerce. Moreover, both platforms have a drag-and-drop editor for a fast page customization, product management, and content editing.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or represent a web design agency, you may find packages that meet your needs. The available White Label models let you create Wix-lie sites, as they include:

  • SaaS White Labeling. It is the same as having your personal website builder. The solution might be good for tasks of small or medium complexity level. You will get a chance to build blogs, portfolios or small online shops for your customers using integrated features. The good news here is you control the access and may provide it to customers letting them customize projects on their own.
  • Custom White Labeling. The model establishes a more complex ecosystem that will suit bigger service providers such as development teams or companies that want to make the most of affiliate and resell projects.

Ucraft White Label cost: the price starts at $799 per month for a SaaS model while advanced Custom White Labeling goes from $1899 per month.

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Bookmark Agency

Bookmark Agency

Bookmark – is an advanced website building platform that offers several White Labeling and partnership opportunities. The solution will mainly suit customers eager to launch their own web design studios.

Bookmark and Wix use similar AI technologies. Just as Wix, Bookmark provides a fully-automated process ensured by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to create sites in minutes. The white labeling solution come with functions to let the platform process your billing. With no special skills, you will be able to create up-to-date and mobile-friendly sites in minutes thanks to implemented AI-technologies.

Bookmark Agency cost: users may opt for different payment models. The first one comes with a lifetime commission of 60% on every sale you make. To get started, you will need to pay $99.95 with the annual renewal. The second way is to select from 2 of the available plans. They include a Professional and Business plan with a fixed rate per customer.

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As you see, creating a website builder like Wix has nothing in common with tough coding or programming. All you need is to define the range of services you want to provide and pick a matching software with a suitable White Label.

Opting for ready-made platforms is cheaper and faster. You get a full set of assets, technologies, software, and support to resolve various issues instead of being left on your own with endless pieces of code and without the foggiest idea what to start with.


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