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How to Create a Photography Website for Free

How to Create a Photography Website for Free

So, you boast amazing camera skills and the ability to focus on details. Unfortunately, there is no use of them if you are unable to showcase your talents on the Internet. For this reason, the only way to recognition is to create a photography website for free in case of tight finances. Getting your work on social media is good but not enough.

A strong web representation is necessary not just to highlight your best works but also to grab the attention of potential customers or colleagues to team up with. The good news here is that building a new site from scratch may take you several hours considering that you already have prepared relevant content and photos to showcase.

Why Use Wix to Create a Photographer Website?

Wix website builder

Wix – is a perfect tool to build as many websites as you want at zero cost. It offers a zero-cost package with enough facilities to get started with a simple website and connect your domain. The software boasts a rich feature set in addition to a simple editing process.

The key reasons to use Wix for a photography website are as follows:

  • Ready-Made Templates – you do not need to create a new website from scratch. Simply pick any of the available responsive layouts from the list. Choose a category you need (Wix has photography themes as well), add texts, contact info, photo samples, testimonials, and go live in minutes. You will get a mobile-friendly and stylish website for free.
  • Stunning Galleries – Wix offers its Pro Gallery widget to create amazing lists of photos and images. You are free to pick the needed format whether it is going to be an Instagram grid or full-width slider. Moreover, the feature comes with extra protection to prevent your works from downloads by third parties.
  • Wix Marketplace – users may choose any widget from the marketplace. You may integrate analytics, set event calendars, integrate booking services, integrate Live Chat and contact forms, and more. The system delivers total freedom in terms of third-party service integration.
  • Wix Bookings – a custom Wix application to manage events, workshops, appointments, conferences, etc. The app makes it easy to organize group classes, send notifications and reminders for participants as well as create a seperate login environment for group members, and more.
  • Blogging Feature – create a custom blog with just a click from the dashboard. Share interesting articles and working experience, drive traffic to your website, optimize and promote your content to make the website more attractive for search engines.

As you can see, Wix lets you handle every task when bonding a photographer site from scratch. You might want to try some portfolio-oriented platforms like Adobe Portfolio. However, they require deep designing and technical skills. The building process may take hours and days not mentioning that you will additionally need to buy hosting and register a domain name.

Now, let’s have a closer look at the building process itself.

How to Build a Free Photography Website Using Wix

Follow this step-by-step guide to customize and deploy the project in minutes. Don’t forget to have ready-written content and images to upload by your side.

Step 1. Signing In

The first stage is to register. Otherwise, you will not be able to take the use of all Wix features. The system offers several ways to get started. The first one looks similar to traditional registration with email and password required to log in. The second way is to use any of the existing Google or Facebook accounts. The system does not require instant verification. So, you may save time and move on.

Wix website builder - sign in

Step 2. Find a Template

As we have mentioned before, Wix has a separate category for portfolios and photography sites. You may select the one offered by the platform or create a website of your one from scratch using the blank page. The second option is a bit more time-consuming, as you will need to add each and every block yourself instead of getting a ready-made layout to add content and go live.

Wix photography templates

Step 3. Edit Content

The editor is super easy. It comes with the drag-and-drop functionality, which means you may copy and paste the test in the on-page sections. The system lets you edit baseline SEO settings, homepage titles, and descriptions, meta tags for other pages. The process does not require special skills while adding images to the gallery requires hovering files to the photo area.

Wix photography site editor

Step 4. Add Widgets

If you build a new site from the blank, you will need to add widgets like galleries or contact forms manually. If you opt for a ready-made layout or Wix ADI, you will have all the necessary features already integrated. However, you still have a chance to connect other services in case of necessity as well as change the layout at any time.

Wix photography apps

Step 5. Connect Domain and Publish

If you have a registered domain, you only need to connect it using general website settings in the dashboard. Don’t forget to preview your site with a preview mode (it highlights desktop and mobile versions), make final changes and press the “publish” button.

Please, note that if you require additional functionality, eCommerce features, unlimited bandwidth or other extras, you will need to pay for any of the Wix premium plans, as a free package is a bit limited in terms of facilities. Wix Combo looks more than enough costing $13 per month. It already includes a free domain for 1 year in addition to widgets, templates, and other free options.

Essential Photography Website Features

The feature set will depend on how you want to use your site. Is it a portfolio to show some of your best works? Or do you want to sell photos online? Are you an individual or represent a photo studio? Is it going to be a one-page portfolio or a website with several pages?

Let’s say, you are an individual eager to make a good presence online and share some of the best photos to grab the attention of the target audience and find new customers. A typical situation for freelancers and independent artists. In this case, you might need to have the following on-site elements:

Homepage or About Me Section

Creating a separate Homepage is a good idea instead of placing all blocks and elements on s single page. It will result in faster and simpler navigation for your customers with no need to scroll down to the section they look for.

Photography website homapage

The Homepage is a good chance to introduce yourself as a proven professional. Moreover, it may give your website a boost in terms of SEO optimization. Search engines require textual content to identify who you are. In addition, you will be able to introduce as much info about yourself as possible.

Portfolio or Gallery

This section is the core of your future photography website. Customers will mainly visit this block to discover some of your most stunning works and images to evaluate the level of your qualification. The options are endless. Is it going to be a dynamic or status gallery, a full-width slider or anything else?

Wix Photogallery

The idea is not just to attract the attention, but to make it simple for the visitor to browse through your photos. You may sort them out by categories, for example, landscapes, urban images, portraits, etc. Make sure a platform you choose provides several options.


While you probably look for a way to earn some commissions as well, this section makes it possible to show customers’ reviews and impressions after working with you. Include some of the best works you have done for your previous customers, show their recommendations, make the most of their previous experience to make your website and services look more trusted.

Wix Testimonials

Contact Info

A must-have feature for every photography website. It comes as the only way for customers to reach you from the start. It is not necessary to implement complicated booking apps that are often paid. You may include some baseline info like:

  • Email.
  • Phone number.
  • Links to your personal social accounts.

Just make sure you never leave that section blank.

Social Buttons

Another vital feature especially for photographers. With lots of media content, you are able to make the most of social media integration letting visitors share some of your works they like. Photos and images are still the driving force when it comes to social platforms. Grab the attention of the online community and create an army of followers.

Extra Features to Look for in A Photography Website

Adding some extras is not obligatory although they may come in handy when you need to promote your site. At the same time, you might want to sell your works at some point in your career. This is where you might also need additional functionality.

Here is what you may look for:

  • A Blogging Feature – a great way to promote your content and make the website more SO-friendly. As a professional, you may share your expertise or experience, some useful tips for beginners, etc.
  • eCommerce Features – connect payment methods, create product pages for your images, and add “buy” buttons to compress the transaction automatically. The feature is not free in all of the website building platforms. If you need it, you will not be able to create a photography website for free.

The Bottom Line

Still wondering how to create a photography website? Wix is the answer to that question. A flexible website builder delivers cost-effective and fast solutions to create a new site with no special skills. Users will additionally get tools to market and promote their websites as well as grab the attention of the audience with photos, images, and previous works represented most stunningly.


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