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How to Create a Hotel Booking Website

How to Create a Hotel Booking Website

A hotel booking website is a remedy for all dedicated travelers. It resolves numerous issues letting voyagers focus on their upcoming adventure instead of dealing with organizational formalities. Digital innovations in the web and mobile industry resulted in a fast and secure way to book a hotel on the go despite time and location.

Simple navigation, lots of property options, numerous filters to sort out offers by preferences – this is what makes booking websites so popular with travelers of any level. If you decide to create such a project, you may select different business and monetization models, while the building process itself is easier than ever before thanks to advanced website building software.

In this article, we will review features your future project should have as well as ways to create a hotel booking website.

The Use of Hotel Booking Websites

Such projects may come with benefits for both users and business owners. As a service provider, you have a wide set of web tools to market and promote your business.

Hotel booking website owners get a chance to generate revenues.The more people use your booking service, the more cash you may earn.

Either you represent an international hotel chain or have a small Bed & Breakfast business, you will still need an online place to keep your customers satisfied with the service. The key idea is to let users find a room that meets their budgets, location preferences, and other vital parameters. It means that you are supposed to deliver a selection of relevant offers and services.

Wix hotel website

In addition, you will need to implement an intensive navigation mechanism as well as some other functional features to keep your users pleased. It all seems to be a pretty tough challenge while non-technicians would probably give up the idea if it was not for Wix.

The website builder comes as an ultimate platform featuring its custom Wix Hotels extension. It is an app that lets you implement hotel booking functionality with absolutely no technical skills. You will get a tool that makes it easy to manage all the inventories delivering relevant accommodation offers as well as boost overall users’ impression.

4 Steps to Create a Hotel Booking Website

Wix hotel website builder

The building process becomes easier when using Wix. The website builder was designed for newbies and people who have never dealt with the site creation before. You will realize the ase of using software as soon as you get started. So, here we go.

Step 1. Get Started

To get access to Wix Hotels, you firstly need to sign in. The process will take you a couple of minutes, as you only need to paste your email and indicate the password. Use social or Facebook accounts to make the registration process even faster.

You will now get access to all Wix templates. Go to the Hotels category and pick the layout you like. Note, that all templates are responsive. You may preview them in different modes in advance or change the layout later even after the website has been published. Pick the one and start editing by means of an intuitive drag-and-drop tool. Some users may not even need to change anything.

Wix hotel website editor

Templates usually come with all necessary blocks including about us, registration form, galleries, etc. You may skip this stage or spend several minutes to customize the template. It is up to you. The crucial stage here is to connect the Wix Hotels app. Get it from the widget Marketplace.

Install Wix Hotels

Step 2. Start adding Properties

When you have connected the app, you may start adding rooms and properties to your website. The system lets you edit property descriptions and titles. If you add a twin room, you may add a “Twin” title making it clear for the customer, what he or she is actually booking.

 Wix Hotels dashboard

Pay attention to room descriptions. Try to make them as informative as possible. Is free Wi-Fi available? How many bedrooms are there? What are the facilities? Is the breakfast included in the price? Make sure you provide enough info to your potential guests.

Once the title and descriptions have been completed, we need to add some property photos. The application lets you add not more than 10 images for each room. We do believe that is enough to highlight the key property benefits. Just make sure you upload high-resolution images.

The last step here is to indicate prices. The application comes with flexible to add not only rates per night but also showcase weekly prices or set fixed weekday rates that are lower if compared to weekends. A good idea is to offer lower prices for long-staying guests. The app has enough functionality for that.

Wix Hotels setup

Make sure all your room descriptions contain relevant addresses as well as contact info. Indicate the property phone number, your email, and other vital data. The application will automatically display that info in the confirmation letter sent to the traveler.

Step 3. Integrate Payment Gateways

Wix Hotels makes it easy to make all transactions and process payments from a single dashboard, The platform currently supports four major payment services. You may seamlessly integrate:

  1. Stripe to process credit/debit cards.
  2. PayPal to pay with a click.
  3. Mercado Pago for guests from Latin America.
  4. Offline payments.

The crucial benefit here is that website owners do not need to handle the technical aspect. Simply select the payment gateway while the system will take care of the processing and technological issues. You will only need to collect payments. The app makes it possible to add taxes to your booking system.

Step 4. Add Extra Features

Apart from baseline booking functionality. Your website requires some extras that improve the general impression. Such features are designed to make the booking process simpler for the user. You might want to integrate:

  • A Booking Calendar – it shows dates available for reservation. The calendar may refer to a particular property or even a room. Wix Hotels offers automatic and manual calendar management, updates, etc.
  • Property Navigation – the app automatically enables a search bar that lets users find available rooms faster depending on the trip dates. The key benefit here is that you do not have to contact guests directly to discuss details of their stay. It is all here right on your website.
  • Third-Party Integration – apart from traditional Google Map integration to showcase the property location in real-time, Wix Hotels makes it possible to connect your booking website with TripAdvisor. It means that your offers will be displayed in the price and location search results.

As you may see, the application has everything you need in the pack. The good news is that you won’t even have to pay for some of its features while the premium version looks like a bargain.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Hotel Booking Website

While Wix Hotels is only an app, you cannot use it separately from the website builder. In other words, users will need to purchase any of its plans. Although Wix has a free package, it is not enough for a growing website with multiple photos, rooms to add, and content to publish.

Wix Hotels pricing

Getting a Business Basic plan for $12.5 per month (with 50%discount) would be enough for a start. You get access to hotel templates as well as a 1-year domain plus free hosting and SSL. The application itself is free. However, you might crave for more features and premium version that costs only $9.99 per month with more payment gateways to integrate, Advisory connection, and other perks.

As a result, a fully-functional hotel booking website will cost you only $22.49 per month.

Essential Features a Hotel Booking Website Should Have

While the Wix Hotels app delivers literally everything you need, you will still need to focus on extras that will let you not just provide high-quality services but also promote your website. Grow your traffic and boost users’ experience with the following:

  • Multiple filters to find a relevant property or room fast. Filter all offers by prices, categories, locations, etc.
  • Personalized offers for returning customers with special discounts or best-matching rooms available.
  • Multilingual interface to make navigation simpler for voyagers from different countries. By the way, Wix Hotels has the needed functionality.
  • Recommendations and Notifications – let people leave comments and recommendations, implement automatic reminders and notifications to keep customers aware of the arrival dates and other trip details.

Booking services are mainly about customer care and attention to detail. Make sure your website meets those standards.


With so many ways to create a hotel booking website from scratch Wix looks like the best alternative even if compared to specialized platforms. It all thanks to is award-winning Wix Hotels application.

The app is free and easy to use. It is fully integrated with the website builder letting users benefit from all features Wix offers apart from the Hotels app. The key benefit here is that the extension manages all processes automatically. You only need to add rooms, enable specific features, and collect payments.

For customers, Wix Hotels offers simple and fast navigation, detailed room or property descriptions, filters and categories to do fast research. As a business owner, you would probably appreciate the fact your customers are satisfied with the delivered services.


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