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How to Create a Company Website for Free

Launching a new company website with a limited budget might be a pain in the neck. However, modern website building technologies have made the process cheaper and simpler. From now, people with no technical background are not forced to hire custom development teams and pay thousands of dollars for a simple company site with just a few features on it.

Moreover, this time we are going to share the way to establish a solid online presence for your company at zero cost. Sounds too good to be true? Well, the final cost usually depends on the building method and project complexity. To understand the future workflow and funds you may need to go live with your site, you need to identify its functionality first without forgetting essential features a professional company website should have.

Wix – Best Website Builder to Create a Company Website

Product Name:WIX
Official Website:
Complexity:Very easy
Free Plan:Yes
Premium Plan:From $13/mo

Wix – is the best website builder to create a company website. This is an easy-to-use, convenient, intuitive and affordable tool, which works best for all types of personal and business projects. The use of the platform does not require any preliminary coding knowledge or expertise. The system features stunning simplicity, which makes it a great pick for newbies as well as for web design experts. When it comes to company website development, Wix offers impressive integrated functionality, namely:

  • Two Design Editing Options. The website builder allows choosing between two editing options Wix ADI and Standard Editor. The first one is a fast solution that creates websites for users in minutes using an AI-based integrated algorithm. A built-in standard drag-and-drop editor, correspondingly, ensures a more flexible design customization process. You may implement any page structure, move objects, add new blocks, work with layout styling and typography.
  • Blogging/eCommerce Engines. The system lets you connect a blog or a small/medium web store to your company website based on its niche focus and your business objectives.
  • Powerful Integrations. To pick and add a functional widget to your company website, just reach the App Market and explore the available add-ons. Thus, Wix makes it easy to add extra widgets including calendars to showcase upcoming events, galleries to represent your competence in an appealing manner, analytic and email marketing tools, etc.
  • Wix Ascend Platform. This is an advanced business tool and the all-in-one solution, which grants access to over 20 professional tools that contribute to your business performance and its effective management. Ascend allows making all the company-related processes automated, providing a set of tools to choose from – Tasks & Reminders, Automations, Price Quotes, Forms, Contact Manager, Live Chat, Inbox, Invoices, etc.
  • Niche-Specific Templates. With over 550 high-quality, free and responsive designs, Wix allows browsing a separate collection of business templates to pick the one that complies with your company specialization most.
  • Client Interaction Tools. To establish and maintain a good reputation with clients and partners, it is crucial to select and integrate special client interaction widgets available in the App Market. Some of the must-have apps of this type include Google Event Calendar, Latest News, Wix Chat, Events Calendar, Scheduling Pro, Inffuse Testimonials, 123 Form Builder, Callback, Book Appointments Online, Live Chat, Wix Forms etc.

Wix eCommerce

When it tackles the issue of company website development, Wix proves to be a reasonable solution due to its versatile yet affordable pricing policy. There is a completely free plan here and two types of premium subscriptions for Website and Business/eCommerce projects. If you are right about to set up a company website, it makes sense to pick one of the Business plans. The cost ranges between $23 and $49 per month. A good news is that the system allows everyone to save big, when opting for one of its paid plans from Tuesday to Thursday. The offer is viable on a weekly basis, letting you save up to 50% of the initial cost of the required subscription. A 14-day money-back guarantee is available here as well.

WordPress – Powerful and Free Hosted CMS for Any Website

Product Name:WordPress
Official Website:
Complexity:Above average
Free Plan:Unlimited
Premium Plan:From $2.95/mo

WordPress – is a powerful and free hosted CMS for any website, including company projects of diverse complexity and functionality. The Content Management System was first introduced to the target audience as a solely blogging platform, which explains the abundance of advanced blogging tools and features. As the software evolved, it turned into one of the most popular web design platforms in the world, which is now applied to solve a diversity of personal and business tasks. The major highlights are as follows:

  • Set Up and Installation. Before using the platform, you need to download and install it first. Don’t panic, however, the process is fast and simple as it is mostly completed automatically – just stick to the guidelines the system generates to complete the installation as required.
  • Powerful Business Plugins. There are hundreds of plugins – both free and paid – online and you just have to pick and add those that correspond to your website specialization. Some of the most popular and effective WordPress plugins for company/business website include Constant Contact, OptinMonster, Sucuri, WPForms, MonsterInsights, Yoast SEO, UpdraftPlus, WP Rocket, MemberPress, CSS Hero, LearnDash, G Suite, SEMRush, Pretty Links Pro, Shared Counts and WooCommerce to mention a few.
  • Extensions for Customer Interaction. Company websites are all about customer interaction, which often triggers the need to integrate corresponding plugins. Currently, you may choose from the following extensions: Live Chat, Support Candy, uCare, AH Tickets, Zendesk, Help Scout Desk, Zopim Live Chat and many more.
  • Hosting/Domain Choice. To go live with a ready-made company website, you may pick any third-party hosting provider and upgrade to one of the plans, the terms of which comply with your actual needs and business requirements.
  • Diversity of Designs. WordPress comes with a collection of pre-designed templates available in stock yet there are many more professional themes available online. They are free and paid and they are developed by third-party web designers specially for the CMS. Abundance and diversity of business templates will certainly impress anyone. Just make sure you deal with a trusted resource to prevent security-related problems.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress is initially a free Content Management System – it can be downloaded and installed at no cost at all. However, to get access to its premium features, plugins and templates, you’ll have to invest some budget. The cost will depend upon the price and amount of the selected elements. Additionally, you will have to take care of website hosting/domain name. The best solution to go for is Bluehost – the most credible and affordable hosting provider officially recommended by WordPress. The cost of Bluehost plans starts at $2.95/mo only.

uKit – Specialized Small Business Website Builder

Product Name:uKit
Official Website:
Complexity:Very easy
Free Plan:Free 14-day trial
Premium Plan:From $4.50/mo
Headquarters:Russian Federation

uKit – is a specialized small business website builder, which is rightfully considered one of the simplest DIY web design platforms out there. The thing is that uKit does not require any coding expertise to get started. It is intuitive, understandable and quite flexible for everyone, be it a beginner or a web development expert. The entire feature set of the platform is geared towards small business project creation:

  • eCommerce Solutions. The integrated eCommerce engine allows launching web stores with no preliminary preparation. There are two ways to set up a digital shop here – either by Ecwid plugin integration or connection of the eCommerce widget.
  • Blogging. With uKit, you can connect a full-featured blog to your company website with a few clicks only. This contributes to more effective interaction with customers/business partners and allows posting business-related articles when required.
  • Widget Integration. uKit has quite an extensive collection of business plugins that can notably enhance your website performance. Some of them include Steps, Timeline, Social Networks, Google Maps, uCalc etc.
  • AmoCRM Connection. As a company owner, you can use the AmoCRM system of client/deal accounting to boost sales volumes and simplify the process of order/customer management.
  • SendPulse Integration. This is a popular widget intended for web developers, who have an idea of adding and adjusting online push notifications for their website visitors.
  • Business Templates. The website builder grants access to its extensive collection of business designs, which are free and responsive by default. You can pick and customize any of them, having previewed the required themes in advance. The system allows switching the templates on any stage of the web design process without any content loss.

ukit ecwid

uKit is not only one of the simplest, but it is also one of the most reasonably-priced website builders. Instead of a free plan, users are offered a free 14-day trial, which allows testing the entire integrated feature set of the service before picking one of the premium subscriptions. As soon as you are ready to go live with your project, you will have to choose one of four paid plans. The cost starts at $4.50/mo only granted that you make a 2-year payment at once.

SITE123 – Cheap Company Website Builder

Product Name:SITE123
Official Website:
Free Plan:Unlimited
Premium Plan:From $10.80/mo

SITE123 – is a cheap company website builder, which has won user attention due to its impressive simplicity and affordability that do not compromise with functionality. The system is used to start personal and business projects and it works great for company websites. One of the undeniable advantages of the platform is that it does not require programming proficiency to launch and manage websites. Thus, the system can be equally chosen by beginners and web design professionals, unveiling multiple possibilities for both user categories. Have a look at its feature set now:

  • Powerful Extensions. The website builder grants access to multiple extensions and widgets available in the App Market, integration of which can notably enhance your website performance. These include Social, Forms, Live Chat Support, Galleries, Analytics Tools, Booking and many more.
  • Blogging/eCommerce Engines. Due to integrated blogging and eCommerce engines, users can connect blogs and web stores to their company websites based on the goals they have set.
  • Logo Maker. The system unveils an opportunity to use a high end Logo Maker tool to design your company logo and integrate it into your website, if you don’t have the one yet.
  • Multilingual Support. With SITE123, you can create several language versions of your company website to make its content understandable to foreign users and potential partners.
  • Social Media Integrations. For more effective promotion of your company website in social networks, SITE123 users can add corresponding buttons to their projects, if required. Thus, you can post and share your business info to make your target audience aware of news, events, updates and other related data.
  • Built-in Form Builder. The tool lets you create different types of online forms to reach business objectives you have set in advance.
  • Business Themes. SITE123 business templates are free and responsive by default. The system offers a preview option that lets you explore the details of each template before making the final choice. If the selected theme does not appeal to you for some reason, the platform allows switching to another design without content loss. Finally, you can pick a completely blank theme to create your own website design from scratch.

site123 app

SITE123 has a free plan, which never expires and provides users with baseline tools and features needed to test the system and to practice their skills. To get access to more advanced options and to publish a feature-rich website, you’ll need to choose from several premium subscriptions. Their cost starts at $10.80/mo.

IM Creator – Free Drag & Drop Web Building Software

Product Name:IM Creator
Official Website:
Free Plan:Yes
Premium Plan:From $8/mo

IM Creator – is a free drag & drop web building software, which ensures a simple, hassle-free and convenient web design process. The platform was created with the needs of artists, creatives and entrepreneurs in mind. It has much to offer to business owners. The website builder encompasses a broad range of tools and features needed for quality company website development, namely:

  • Extensive Social Media Integration. The system allows connecting social media profiles to your company website. You can also customize social media buttons to make them match your website style and design.
  • Widgets and Add-Ons. The system lets you expand its functionality by means of integrating extensions and add-ons. Some of the widgets you can connect to your company website include Google event schedule list, PDF viewer, OpenTable reservation form, SoundCloud audio player, Facebook comments and many more.
  • Blogging/eCommerce. The integrated blogging platform makes it easy and quick to connect feature-rich blogs to the project, while an advanced eCommerce engine allows starting small and mid-size digital shops.
  • Multilingual Support. The software lets you create several language versions of your company website. You can independently pick the languages from the extensive list with regard to your project specialization, business goals and other parameters.
  • Business Templates. The website builder offers a separate section of business designs, which are all free, responsive and absolutely customizable. If needed, you can start a blank design from scratch to give it a completely personalized look. Code integration is also available here to let you get the most out of your company website design.

IM Creator template editor

IM Creator is completely free for non-commercial use. Artists, creatives and other similar user categories can start their non-profit websites without investing anything into their development. If you intend to launch a company website, though, you’ll be offered several subscriptions to choose from. The cost starts at $8/mo. The website builder also has three types of White Label plans for users, who intend to use the system for their brand promotion. These are Standard, Host It Yourself and Servers Control plans. Their cost constitutes $350, $2500 and $25000 per year correspondingly.

Zyro – Modern Company Website Builder

Product Name:Zyro
Free plan:Unlimited
Premium plan:From $2.90/mo

Zyro – is a modern company website builder, which comes with advanced tools needed to set up, customize and promote business and eCommerce projects. Due to the integrated Artificial Intelligence feature, marketing tools and availability of built-in business management solutions, the process of company website creation becomes easy and quick for everyone, including non-techies. The list of Zyro advantages is provided below:

  • Image/Video Integration Options. The website builder makes it possible to create and upload video/photo presentations to display your company, services, features, news and updates in the most favorable and up-to-date light.
  • Google Maps Embedding. Displaying the physical location of your business is important, when it comes to company website creation. Due to the opportunity of Google Maps embedding, you can add a map to your Contacts page or any other website section with a few clicks.
  • CTA Buttons Integration. Whatever business specialization your company has, adding CTA buttons is definitely a good idea. This helps you urge potential and current customers to perform certain actions to further explore your business advantages, opt for your products/services etc.
  • AI Tools and AI Writer. As the AI-based software, Zyro offers a set of tools to enhance your company website performance and to make it more flexible/intuitive for everyone. Likewise, the AI Writer automatically generates SEO-friendly content for your business project, contributing to better positions in the search engines. You also have an opportunity to work with Slogan Generator, AI Heat Map, Business Name Generator and other tools.
  • Logo Maker. If you don’t have a company logo yet, there is a great opportunity to design and integrate the one into your project. The built-in Logo Maker comes with built-in tools to let you create a unique business logo for more effective brand presentation and recognition.


Zyro comes with moderate pricing. There is no free plan/trial here yet you have an opportunity to choose from several premium subscriptions. The cost starts at $2.90/mo to reach $15.90/mo. Each plan implies a 30-day money-back guarantee. – Simple Software for Company Websites

Official Website:
Free plan:No
Premium plan:From $4.95/mo

The – is a simple software for company websites, which is included in the list of the oldest web design platforms in the world. The foundation of the system dates back to 1999. Since that time, it has become popular with users around the world, who intend to set up personal and business projects. The software offers integrated hosting and marketing solutions, which work great for your company website development and promotion. Other features include:

  • Block-Based Structure. The website builder offers a collection of free, responsive and 100% customizable templates that follow the block-based structure. This makes it possible to pick, integrate and customize dozens of pre-designed content blocks available in stock. There are many business blocks to be added to your company website anytime.
  • Photo/Video Gallery. To enhance your company website presentation and performance, you can create, manage and update photo/video galleries. The system includes over 2 million stock images. All of them are free and quality. It is possible to configure the image parameters, if required. Opportunity of YouTube/Vimeo video embedding is available here as well.
  • Extensive Customer Interaction Options. With, you will get access to multiple customer interaction opportunities. What you can do here is creating/adding contact forms, embedding Google Maps etc.
  • eCommerce Software. If your company focuses on online sales, allows creating/adding a digital store to it due to the built-in eCommerce platform. Just access a separate section of web store tools/features to pick those your online shop requires.
  • Social Media Integrations. The website builder unveils extensive social media integration options to be able to share your company-related news/info/updates online. You can organize an online community to match your business requirements and specialization to further embed social feeds, buttons and other elements.

Webcom-Features does not offer free plans or trials. Its pricing policy, however, is flexible and quite unusual for a typical website builder. The system has several types of packages for diverse types of projects, including business ones. The average cost starts at $4.95/mo, when billed annually. Mind that the software includes a discounted rate solution for the first billing cycle. Newbies avail a great opportunity to upgrade to the selected subscriptions at special prices. The cost of discounted plans starts at $1.95/mo. The discounts will be discontinued upon the end of the first month of the software use.

Squarespace – Cloud Website Builder for Business Projects

Product Name:Squarespace
Free plan:No
Premium plan:From $12/mo

The Squarespace – is a cloud website builder for business projects, which is currently one of the most well-known, feature-rich and flexible web design platforms. The system works great for company websites offering an extensive set of tools and features to its subscribers. What’s important, you don’t have to be a programming expert to launch and run projects with the service. The system is intuitive and functional at a time. Have a look at its advantages now:

  • Multilingual Support. The website builder allows creating company projects in several language versions depending on your niche specialization, objectives and business requirements.
  • Blogging/eCommerce. Having an opportunity to connect a blog and a web store is a real advantage for a company website. A blog will help you interact with the target audience and present company news/updates, while a digital store will let you sell products/services online. That all depends on your current business requirements and goals.
  • Responsive Business Templates. Squarespace grants access to the collection of templates, where you can find themes for your company website creation. The designs are free, responsive and customizable.
  • Logo Maker. The tool allows designing and integrating a business logo into your project to effectively present your brand and to make it stand out from the crowd.
  • Squarespace Scheduling. The feature works great for business projects, letting entrepreneurs quickly check their online availability, book classes/appointments, schedule meetings/conferences, make online payments, update the calendar in the real-time mode etc.
  • Unfold App. The application allows creating and sharing business-related stories in social networks to engage user attention and to keep them aware of the upcoming news/events/updates etc.
  • Google Maps Embedding. If you wish to notify website visitors about your actual business location, the best way to do that is to embed Google Maps widgets. The system allows doing that when required without any extra financial investment.

Squarespace Page Sections and Elements

Squarespace charges moderate fees for its plans. There is no completely free subscription here, but you can pick and upgrade to one of the premium plans. There are four of them here. The cost starts at $12/mo.

Webnode – Company Website Builder for Professionals

Product Name:Webnode
Official Website:
Free plan:No
Premium plan:From $12/mo

The Webnode – is a company website builder for professionals. The software is a great pick for entrepreneurs planning to set up business and eCommerce projects. Being available in dozens of languages, the system provides visitors from all over the world with an opportunity to set up a quality company website, using the toolset available in stock. This is what the platform currently offers to its subscribers:

  • Widget Integration. The website builder currently cannot boast some of the must-have widgets like search filters or social media buttons, but you can get access to add-ons that let you track your company website traffic, statistics etc. These include AdSense, Google Analytics, reporting and tracking tools.
  • Blogging/eCommerce. With Webnode, you can set up, manage and promote blogs and small/medium digital stores depending on your business focus. A blog will become a useful source of information and communication for your audience, while a web store will let you sell products/services as required.
  • Multilingual Support. The platform allows creating around 24 language versions of your company project for more effective business performance and client interaction.
  • Collaboration Opportunities. Webnode unveils extensive collaboration opportunities, enabling comprehensive cooperation between the team members. As a website owner, you can invite other members to join the project and assign roles to them, if required.
  • Professional Email Accounts. The system lets you create mailboxes on your domain to establish a trusted brand reputation. Likewise, you can set your mailbox with any client, using any email service available in the list. You can create multiple email accounts, if needed.
  • Marketing Tools. When running a company website, tracking the stats is important. With Webnode, you can access a set of marketing tools for effective traffic overview, awareness of referral sources, general project stats etc.
  • Form Builder. Integrating a form builder will make your company website more functional, convenient, intuitive and user-friendly. This can be done with one click and with no programming background at all.

Webnode choose template

Webnode pricing is quite affordable both to individuals and businesses. There is a free plan for those, who wish to test the system and to improve coding skills. However, the plan comes with notable restrictions like an ad banner, limited storage space, bandwidth etc. To get access to advanced features and extra options, you will have to upgrade to one of the premium subscriptions. Their cost starts at $3.90/mo

Jimdo – All-In-One AI Website Builder

Product Name:Jimdo
Free plan:Yes
Premium plan:From $9/mo

The Jimdo – is an all-in-one AI website builder, which is one of the simplest, intuitive and user-friendly web design platforms out there. The system offers a responsive website development approach and affordability, which matters a lot for individuals and entrepreneurs. The list of Jimdo features is quite extensive, some of them are provided further:

  • Jimdo Dolphin. This is one of the most remarkable highlights of the website builder. An intuitive AI-powered tool uses the entirely-automated web design approach, helping create a full-featured project from scratch and with no coding skills required. The system asks to answer the questions to provide the company-related info to further create a website for you. It is possible to update and customize the project afterwards. If you expect deeper flexibility from the system, you can pick a Standard Editor to independently design/customize your company website.
  • Multilingual Support. If you plan to target international clients/partners, having a website available in several languages is crucial. Jimdo provides such an opportunity due to the built-in multilingual support feature.
  • Blogging/eCommerce. With Jimdo, everyone will be able to set up, manage and customize blogs and digital stores. You shouldn’t expect deep flexibility and powerful eCommerce features from the system, but those available in stock are enough to start a small/medium online store to sell your products/services.
  • Multiple Integrations. The platform grants access to numerous integrations that can enhance your project functionality and design. The most popular extensions are as follows: Tidio Live Chat, Infographics, Eventbrite Ticketing, YouTube, Legal Text Generator, social media platforms etc.
  • Logo Creator. The tool is indispensable, when it comes to designing your own business logo. The more appealing and quality it is – the more recognizable and reputable your business will be.
  • Business Listing Tools. The software lets you create your business listing and then submit it to multiple resources to make it easier for the target audience to find it.


Jimdo has a free subscription, which lets you explore the system and create an unlimited number of projects for personal use and web design skills improvement. To access more advanced features, you won’t go without upgrading to a premium subscription. The system currently offers seven of them – four for standard websites and three for online stores. The most affordable will cost you $9/mo.

Essential Company Website Features

The idea of going live with a company site is pretty simple. Business owners usually crave for an expanded outreach to attract local or even global audience. At the same time, companies want to be represented online within the worldwide marketplace making it simpler for the target audience to get in touch. It is not a matter of prestige but a matter of modern business trends.

Apart from that, a website makes it easier to interact with customers, promote specific competencies, grow the mailing list, and keep your visitors engaged. To accomplish all of the above-mentioned, a website should have some crucial features.

“About Us” Section

The Global Web provides a perfect chance to introduce your company to the potential audience. It is vital to have the “About Us” block with either brief or detailed info about the business and enterprise you represent.

About Us section

If the company boasts years of experience in the market, why should one ever want to hide it from customers? The block makes it possible to show the website’s trustworthiness. A good opportunity to gain recognition.

Describe Your Team

A good way to show that your company is 100% real. With so many fake agencies and fraud services, having a good online reputation is above all. Representing your team would be a wise step. On the one hand, it will show your pool of experts and expanded competence.

Describe your Team section

On the other hand, potential customers will grow more loyal once they have seen your official representatives. Don’t forget to upload real photos to make the section look more convincing.

Contact Info

Another vital blog to prove the company’s trustworthiness. The more contact info you include the better:

  • Email to get in touch or send special offers.
  • Phone for instant contacting.
  • Real company’s address to visit your office physically.
  • Additional ways to get in touch (messengers Live Chat, Skype, etc.).

Contact Us section

Introduce Your Competence

Apart from earning a good reputation and recognition, it is vital to come up with a proper competence introduction. You need to make it clear for people what you actually do. The idea is to show how your company may help when solving their problems or how it differs from competitors. Describe the fields you operate in. Showcase some of the services or products you take pride in.

Services section


Customers’ reviews make a good first impression. Adding a testimonial block with a couple of real reviews will be a good idea, as many people consider it as the major feature when choosing a trusted and reputable company.

Testimonials section

Extra Features to Look for in A Company Website

Those are the main blocks a company site should have. You may replace or rearrange them whatever you like. Just make sure they are included in the page structure. In addition, you need to make sure your future site is:

  • Mobile-Friendly – while the number of tablet and smartphone users is growing, it is vital to deliver proper mobile experience. For this reason, you need to look for software with in-house responsive themes and layouts.
  • Social Sharing – with millions of active social media users, your website is obliged to have social sharing buttons. It may boost your company’s recognition in the social environment as well as drive more traffic.
  • Make Navigation Simple – clear navigation is the key to success. The less time a visitor needs to find the desired info the better. Do not make the website browsing complicated. Focus on clear and easy-to-reach blocks instead.
  • Get a Badge – a logo increases customers’ trust by 32%. Having a recognizable badge will improve its reputation and let your company stand out.

Now, when you know what features your company website should have, it will be simpler for you to pick a building platform that will let you implement them at minimum or no cost as well as without technical background needed.

How to Choose the Best Service to Build a Company Website?

Having quality and professional online presentation is a must for any company that has long-lasting goals. The question is: how to get the one and how to make it stand out from multiple niche competitors? The choice of a trusted and functional web design platform matters a lot here. In most cases, it depends on your actual business goals, type of company you run and web design expertise you have.

If you need a simple company website without any complex features and intricate tools, then online website builders will be the best solution. You can find the system to match your skills, budget, industry specialization and personal requirements. There are many of them to fit any taste and preferences out there.

Do you intend to launch a large-scale company website with powerful integrated functionality, personal staff rooms and internal environment? Then it definitely makes sense to use CMS for your project development. These systems encompass flexibility, deep functionality and versatility of design customization tools to deliver outstanding result.


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