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How to Create a Calculator for Your Website

Having a small business website requires transparency because this is what most customers are looking for today. A potential buyer is eager to observe clear figures and sums before purchasing a particular good or service. This is where website calculators appear to be a good solution.

On the one hand, they prevent clients from extra costs or cheating. On the other hand, such an approach makes it easy to improve the level of credibility. A simple tool might lay a major role when establishing your reputation on the web. This time you will learn how to create a calculator for your website as well as what tools to use.

uCalc – The Best Online Calculator Builder for Any Website

Product Name:uCalc
Official Website:
Ready-Made Templates:Yes
Complexity:Very easy
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $9/mo

uCalc – is a great free service to build calculators for any website type despite the platform or niche. Whether you run an automotive, dining, construction or any other business, this instrument will let you come up with a customized and flexible calculator that offers a set of extended tools.

uCalc Templates

The platform is easy to use and does not require special technical skills. A multi-purpose calculator builder appears to be a cost-effective solution for improved website performance, SEO and users’ engagement.

How to Set Up Online Calculator?

The tool does not require a technical background. You do not have to code or program. The platform works as a simple visual editor. All you have to do is to choose from a set of ready-made elements and combine them into a single structure. The editor lets you remove or add new sliders, checkboxes and other elements. Then you need to place the widget code on the page you need.

uCalc Editor

Users may choose from building their own unique customized calculator or chose to from a dozen of available templates. They are designed for particular business niches. You will find the one that meets your needs. Choose a layout from 12 available categories including real estate, delivery services, beauty industry, etc.

Online Calculator Customization

The system uses ready-to-use calculator tables. At the same time, you can create one of your own with a unique design.

  • Customizable Templates – pick the one you like and use the visual editor to add new images, change typography, etc.
  • Design Mode – if you want to create your own calculator, you can use the Design mode that offers 4 major themes including Minimal, Material, Bootstrap, and Default. They come with ready-made color fonts that can be changed or modified depending on your preferences.
  • Responsive Calculator – uCalc ensures mobile friendliness and simple editing.

A good thing about uCalc design features is that users do not need to be experts when changing colors or fonts. Simply choose a template, add images and make the calculator fulfill your website design. Moreover, all elements, layouts, and blocks are protected by the copyright of the platform.

uCalc Formula Editor

What Website Calculator Can Do?

uCalc delivers even more features out of the box that you might expect. Apart from basic formulas and systems to provide clear answers to customers, it boasts an advanced feature set to ensure SEO friendliness in addition to marketing, promotion and users’ acquisition instruments.

uCalc Code

  • System Alerts – you will get a notification every time a new order appears. At the same tie, you can send personalized messages to your customers.
  • SEO Performance – the platform makes it easier to plan the budget and target low-frequency queries. At the same time, you can track users’ behavior in details improving the overall website performance and outcomes.
  • Simple Sharing – the widget code may apply to any of your website pages. In addition, you are free to share the calculator links on social media platforms as well as email or messengers. It will result in driving customers ready to make a purchase. In other words, you generate sales-ready leads.
  • Promotion and Marketing – the system makes it easy to fine-tune the calculator by adding automated discounts depending on the product type or category. Users are free to use price tags, fees and special charges without the developer’s help.
  • Order Processing – you may collect payments directly by integrating payment options with your calculator. The system generates reports and stats on purchases and orders made. It can be integrated with the website CRM.

uCalc Cost

uCalc offers four major plans with the entry free package. Each plan comes with a list of specific features. A free offer might be a good solution just to test how the system works, as it comes with no special options or capabilities like CRM integration, payment processing, link sharing, etc. All those capabilities you will find in the following plans:

  • Basic ($9/mo) – up to 5 projects, 300+ email notifications, no SMS notifications, CRM integration, no logic jumps, payment collection, statistics and goals, images, custom HTML code embedding, clone forms, file attachment feature, links, no ads and chat support;
  • Standard ($22/mo) – up to 15 projects with over 1 000 Email and 10+ SMS notifications, logic jumps;
  • Pro ($50/mo) – unlimited projects, extended features and chat support, over 3000 email notifications, 30 SMS notifications, 999 number of pages.

It is possible to save big when working with uCalc by subscribing to its plans for 6 or 12 months at a time. The software offers a 10% discount when getting a 6-months subscription and a 20% discount for a 1-year plan.

CALCONIC – Free Interactive Calculator for Website

Product Name:CALCONIC
Official Website:
Ready-Made Templates:Yes
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $5/mo

CALCONIC – is a free interactive calculator builder for websites, which makes it possible to create and integrate the tool into your business project. No coding knowledge is required to launch, personalize and embed a web calculator into your website to let you engage the target audience. The service will come in handy to digital marketing experts, affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs, sales managers, content marketing pros and other users, who aim at enhancing their business potential and profits. The list of CALCONIC_ advantages includes:

  • Extensive Template Choice – The platform allows choosing from multiple calculator templates to fit any niche.
  • Lead Capture Option – The calculator grants access to multiple eCommerce tools (PayPal Payment button, acception of online/offline payments, integrated order form etc.) that contribute to effective lead generation and high conversion rates.
  • Powerful Integrations – You can work with a handy formula editor, when writing complex formulas or integrate with Zapier platform (Slack, Salesforce, Google services etc.) with regard to your business needs.
  • Conditional Element Visibility – The feature lets you display specific info as well as hide/reveal certain input fields/components based on your current situation.
  • Advanced Calculator Builder – The built-in WYSIWYG calculator editor is user-friendly and convenient for all users. What you need is to pick, drag and drop input fields and elements to build your own calculator and add it to your website.

CALCONIC has a free plan that lets you test the service and try building your first online calculator. To get access to more advanced features and to unlock special options, you can upgrade to one of three premium subscriptions – Light, Regular or Bold. Their cost starts at €5/mo, when billed quarterly. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee that lets you get the payment back in case you are not satisfied with the subscription chosen.

ConvertCalculator – Website Calculator Builder

Product Name:ConvertCalculator
Ready-Made Templates:Yes
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $15/mo

ConvertCalculator – is a full-featured website calculator builder that helps small businesses boost conversion rates, generate traffic/sales and build customer base. The use of the service does not imply programming proficiency as the tool is simple and convenient for everyone. The service works best for entrepreneurs, SaaS businesses, sales managers, large companies and agencies looking for a quality financial calculator. Have a look at the integrated features of the platform now:

  • Powerful Lead Generation Options – The software grants access to handy tools and an integrated lead generation form that help turn more leads into customers.
  • High End Integrations – The service lets you synchronize with over 1000 powerful third-party Zapier platforms (MailChimp, Hubspot, Stripe, Slack etc.) to enhance your project performance.
  • Multiple Product Configurations – It’s up to your customers to choose a preferable product configuration using the software as a CPQ (configure, price, quote) tool.
  • Automated Price Quoting – Due to the integrated Quote Builder, it is now easy to set and suggest product quotes to your customers with regard to the parameters they select.

The first month of using the software is absolutely free for everyone. You get unlimited access to all the features included into paid subscriptions. This lets you test the calculator in the best way possible to check whether it complies with your needs. As soona s you decide to keep working with the platform, you’ll be offered to upgrade to one of the premium plans. There are three of them here – Hobby, Pro and Premium. The cost starts at $15/mo when billed annually. Additionally, you can apply for extra services – Concierge and Integration. This will cost you from $250 and $1000 correspondingly.

Calculoid – Simple Online Calculator

Product Name:Calculoid
Official Website:
Ready-Made Templates:Yes
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $19/mo

Calculoid – is a simple online calculator used for the development and integration of interactive payment and calculating solutions. The use of the platform contributes to effective lead generation and high conversion rates. Along with web calculators, the software allows building and embedding pricing forms, polls, quizzes, check-our forms etc. It has a handy drag-and-drop editor that lets you control each step of the app creation process with no coding required. Some of the most remarkable merits of the service encompass:

  • Integrated Math Functions – Calculoid comes with a set of integrated math functions that let you make all types of calculations in the real-time mode and with no programming knowledge required.
  • Utmost Compatibility – The software is compatible with all types of websites and applications, offering 100% security and mobile optimization.
  • Versatile Templates – Users get access to a rich collection of calculator templates (pricing, ROI, loan & debt, saving, costs, online store calculators and more) that let you boost your project interactivity and accept all types of payments.
  • Lead Generation – You can get in touch with visitors, who use your calculator. The software allows sending calculation results to user emails to generate new leads for a certain mailing list.
  • CSV Tables – The platform makes it possible to insert CSV tables into your web calculator to gather data for further calculation.

For everyone, who has an intention to test the software before deciding on its further use, Calculoid has a free plan. To get access to high end features, you may choose from three types of premium subscriptions – Lead Generation, High Traffic and eCommerce, Agency. The cost of these plans starts at $19/mo. All the packages include Zapier integrations, SSL Protection, Live Support, Google Analytics as well as 7-day money-back guarantee.

JSCalc – Custom Calculator for Website

Product Name:JSCalc
Official Website:
Ready-Made Templates:No
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $9.90/mo

JSCalc – is a custom online calculator for websites, which is used to build and embed mobile-friendly calculators into all types of web projects. To complete the task, you just have to write the only script. That’s not a difficult procedure even for a first-timer as the system provides the detailed video guide on how to effectively complete it. The calculator will come in handy to small businesses, independent entrepreneurs, sales managers and owners of websites that focus on sales. Read on to discover the list of JSCalc pros:

  • Major Math Functions Included – The software allows writing your own scripts to use all kinds of math functions that are a must for any calculator (Math.js, Moment.js, Lo-Dash.js libraries etc. are available here).
  • Enhanced Security – When working with the platform, you can be 100% sure about the security of your payment info due to the enhanced SSL encryption used.
  • High Compatibility – Calculators built with the software can be easily embedded into any application or website – just copy and paste the code to get started.
  • Mobile-Friendliness – JSCalc is 100% touchscreen- and mobile-friendly to display great on any desktop and mobile devices.
  • Free Support – If you are not sure about your online calculator creation process and need third-party assistance, go ahead to contact the support team of the service to avail free help.

The calculator has three pricing options. You can use a free plan to create 1 public calculator only. To get access to high end features (opportunity to build 10 calculators, availability of private calculators etc.), upgrade to the Regular Plan, the cost of which constitutes $9.90/mo. To be able to create unlimited calculators and to get access to private calculators and unlimited impressions, the software makes it possible to pick a Premium Plan. Its cost constitutes $49.90/mo.

Outgrow – Interactive Calculator for Lead Generation

Product Name:Outgrow
Official Website:
Ready-Made Templates:Yes
Free plan:Free trial
Paid plan:From $14/mo

Outgrow – is a modern feature-rich interactive calculator for effective lead generation. The software makes it possible to attract new customers via integration and configuring of appealing content with regard to the niche a user specializes in. The tool lets you create and embed ROI Calculators, Pricing Calculators, Website and Growth Calculators and other types of projects. It works best for businesses, real estate agencies, insurance and finance companies etc. You need to pick one of the available calculator templates and use the available tools to customize it. Listed below are the major features of the system:

  • Calculation of Complex Formulas – The platform allows creating all types of calculators to find out the meaning of complex formulas. It is possible to calculate interests, bonds, mortgages, if/else and nested If statements, discounts and discounts etc.
  • Multiple Integrations – With Outgrow, you can choose and add numerous sales and marketing tools to enhance your project performance. These include Google Sheets, Aweber, MailChimp, Marketo, Humbspot, GetResponse, Salesforce etc.
  • Fast and Handy Project Development – A smart built-in builder accelerates the process of project creation, granting access to numerous tools and features. The most popular of them are as follows: single/multi select option, text input, numeric slider, opinion scale, rating, date/time picker and more.
  • Chart/Graph Integration – Users have an opportunity to increase their project interactivity with dynamic charts and graphs, such as pie charts, tables, line charts, radar/polar charts as well as bar charts.

Outgrow has a free trial, which makes it possible to test its features at no cost. As soon as you decide to keep working with the software, you can upgrade to one of the premium plans. There are two types of subscriptions here – Popular Plans and Custom Plans. The first package includes 4 plans, the cost of which starts at $14/mo. The second group of plans consists of 3 subscriptions. There is a free service/form builder and two paid options, the cost of which starts at $55/mo. If you don’t have time to build a project on your own, the system unveils an opportunity to create the one for you at extra cost. It starts at $250 per a content piece. – User Engagement & Customer Experience Platform

Product Name:Involve
Official Website:
Ready-Made Templates:Yes
Free plan:Yes + free 14-day trial
Paid plan:From $19/mo

Involve – is a high end user engagement & customer experience platform, which focuses on eCommerce and digital marketing niches. It works great for online stores, marketing agencies, educating projects, media and publishing companies etc. The tool allows building, designing and integrating all types of interactive content with no coding required. This contributes to more effective lead generation and conversion of the target audience into active customers. Have a look at the service advantages now:

  • Custom Calculator – The software allows building various types of custom calculators for more effective on-page lead generation, such as price quote calculators, keymetrics and personal finance calculators, website cost and agency services calculators etc. You can send personalized quotes via email, let users configure their offerings, integrate coupon codes, create and display various outcome pages etc.
  • Logic Jumps – The feature lets users skip irrelevant questions and inquire about more details in the automated mode.
  • Multiple Interactive Content Items – To create interactive online forms and calculators, you can choose from multiple content items to further drag and drop them directly onto the canvas. These include multiple choice and image answer questions, dropdown menus, date & time pickers, sliders, ratings, buttons, contact info, file upload, video embeds, social links, timers, coupon codes etc.
  • Integrations – With, you can diversify user browsing experience by means of picking and connecting multiple integrations. The most popular solutions include Zapier, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, GetResponse, Google Sheets, MailChimp, Zoho CRM, Facebook, PayPal, Stripe, Square, Google Analytics and more. is free forever for up to 100 submissions per month. No credit card data is required to use a free plan. If you exceed this number, you will need to upgrade to one of the premium plans – Starter, Professional or Business. The cost starts at $19/mo. There is a 14-day free trial to test each of the paid subscriptions before deciding on its further use.

stepFORM – Advanced Quiz and Form Builder

Product Name:stepFORM
Official Website:
Ready-Made Templates:Yes
Free plan:7-day free trial
Paid plan:From $9.1/mo

stepFORM – is an advanced quiz and form builder, which also makes it possible to create and integrate online calculators into all types of business websites. The software works great for freelancers and web studios, construction and repair companies, event agencies, staff recruitment firms and other niches. Building a calculator with the service takes a few minutes only – just follow the steps to complete the task. It is also possible to order form creation from the platform developers, if you lack time to do that on your own. The main stepFORM features are listed below:

  • Handy Visual Builder – You don’t have to be a professional coder to use the software – the building process is easy and convenient due to the availability of the visual editor. There are 17 basic elements you can use to create any form/calculator to comply with your business requirements.
  • Custom HTML Code Integration – If your online calculator or form lacks some features, there is an opportunity to add them via HTML code embedding.
  • Logic Jumps – The software allows creating a logic path through the calculation process based on the answers of your responders. This ensures a convenient and easy form completion procedure.
  • Integrated CRM – It is now possible to track and manage your orders in the real-time mode due to the built-in CRM.

stepFORM offers a free 7-day trial to test all the features of the software. To keep working with it and to get the most out of its built-in features, you will have to upgrade to one of the premium subscriptions – Beginner, Pro or Enterprise. The plans are created to meet various needs and budgets, unveiling different opportunities. Their cost starts at $9.1/mo, when billed annually.

Youengage – Feature-Packed Calculator Maker for Everyone

Product Name:Youengage
Official Website:
Ready-Made Templates:Yes
Free plan:Yes + 14-day free trial
Paid plan:From $19/mo

Youengage – is a feature-packed calculator maker for everyone, which makes it possible to calculate all types of expenses and to convert website visitors into leads. The software allows building various interactive online calculators in minutes to increase user engagement rate, gather customer insights for your business and get more sales. When using the service, you get access to the built-in library of ready-made templates to design wedding budget calculators, mortgage payment and car loan calculators, Body Mass Index calculators and other suchlike projects. The list of Youengage merits is as follows:

  • Easy Embedding – Youengage-based online calculators can be easily embedded into any website, email marketing project, social media site and other online resource. Due to the intuitive and simple panel, it is easy to customize the feel and look of your calculator to make it match your project type and specialization.
  • Live Events and Webinars – You can use an interactive calculator when working on your live event, meetings, conferences and webinars. This is a surefire way to get feedback from your audience and allow them to participate in the creation of the crowdsourcing platform.
  • Collect User Data – Youengage users can take advantage of the platform’s marketing automation to maintain communication with users in an accurate and personalized manner. This allows collecting user data for more effective segmentation when creating email lists and other projects.

The software has a free plan that lets its potential subscribers test the built-in features of the service. The use of the plan does not imply any credit card data. When you decide to keep working with the platform, you will face the need to upgrade to one of the premium plans – starter, Professional or Business. Each subscription comes with a free 14-day trial. Additionally, the service has a separate package of plans for education projects. USers may save up to 50% with an educational discount here. Thus, the cost of the plans starts at $9.50/mo.

AidaForm – Advanced Web Calculator Builder

Product Name:AidaForm
Official Website:
Ready-Made Templates:Yes
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $8/mo

AidaForm – is an easy-to-use solution to create appealing and feature-laden online calculators with no coding skills required. Everyone can build a web calculator here in no time to further embed it into a website. Whether you intend to make a custom web calculator to integrate into your project or just an online form, which completes calculations and collects user responses, AidaForm will help you complete the task in a few minutes. The list of the software pros includes the following points:

  • Convenient and Understandable Form Creation Process – A powerful Form field allows setting the required math expressions, while a flexible Calculation field performs calculations based on the choices and answers users provide.
  • Different Types of Online Calculators – With AidaForm, you can create any type of online calculator that comes with editable elements. These include order forms with calculations, calculators with lead-generation forms, custom interactive calculators etc.
  • Easy and Intuitive Calculator Building – What you need to build a calculator with AidaForm from scratch is to sign up for a personal account, select a template, review and adjust the settings of the formula and calculation fields as well as publish the project and embed it to your website.

AidaForm has a free never-expiring free plan, which does not require credit card data. Additionally, it offers an opportunity to pick and upgrade to a premium subscription. There are three plans to choose from here – Starter, Expert and Ultimate. Their cost starts at $8/mo, when billed annually.

How a Website Calculator Works?

Some kinds of business require complex calculations for customers. Sometimes those figures appear to be a challenge that makes them leave a website in search of a simpler solution. In the modern technological world, you will hardly meet a consumer with a manual calculator to handle all those complicated figures in his or her own. This is where online calculators come as an ultimate solution.

They do not require any special skills and make it easy for the visitor to get the necessary sum automatically depending on the term, amount of products or services or other crucial factors. On the one hand, users do not have to engage with pencils and paper sheets. On the other hand, they get clear information and data automatically calculated for them. This is where transparency always matters.

Who May Need Website Calculators

Such an option mainly refers to small business websites and companies operating in different fields. If you deal with complex numbers and customers looking for clear answers, you probably represent any of the following niches:

  • Logistics – it covers shipping and transportation services of any type. Whether you deliver an Amazon package or containers with LPG and crude oil, customers are eager to know how much the delivery costs.
  • Insurance – the most popular business field that requires clear pricing and automatic calculation depending on the customer’s age, insurance terms, fees, etc.
  • Loans – a borrower might want to clarify the exact charges and fees as well as the interest and APR rate, weekly or monthly payments, etc.
  • Real Estate – a great idea to add online calculator letting your customers clarify the price of a house or flat depending on its square space.
  • Construction Industry – the idea is the same as in a real estate. However, the calculator will depict the end price of depending on construction types and materials, dimensions, building technology, equipment, etc.

If you let your customers calculate the price themselves, they will feel more secure having clear charges at hand. An attached calculator will do the trick.

What Features Should a Web Calculator Have?

If you are eager to booth improve conversion rates and keep your clients engaged, you need to have an interactive and easy-to-use tool that does not require special skills or actions. Before you build a calculator for your website, keep an eye on the following features:

  • Easy to Make – save your time and use services that let you create a calculator with just a click without coding or programming on any page you need.
  • Engaging Design – avoid flat widgets and opt for custom calculators with personalized color themes, texts and figures or create the design of your own.
  • Flexibility – build a calculator with an extended list of features to proceed with calculations of different types.
  • Mobile-Friendly – make sure to use responsive calculators that run well on various devices including tablets and smartphones.

Online calculators reviewed in the article have enough functionality to cover all the features above. The tools will let you come up with customized and easy-to-use calculators with just several clicks.

The Bottom Line

Having a calculator on your website will boost conversion rate and improve customers’ engagement. A simple instrument will make your website look more trusted in the eyes of potential consumers.

Calculator builders reviewed in the post can all be used to create and embed a quality online calculator into your website or application. The use of these tools does not imply coding proficiency, while the result you get, will absolutely adhere to your objectives. The services deliver exceptional math functions, rich choice of calculator templates, powerful integrations and other niche-related advantages.

uCalc, however, holds the top position in the list of online calculator builders. This is an ultimate solution to attach a customized calculator to your site. It is easy to use, build and customize. It comes with affordable plans in addition to a free package. You will hardly find a more cost-effective solution to boost website performance and sales.

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