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How Much Does WIX Cost per Month

How Much Does WIX Cost per Month

Money always matters when it comes to bringing a new web project to life. Unless you are a millionaire, you would probably look for different ways to save up a couple of bucks especially when it comes to a limited budget. As most of you know, Wix – is one of the most popular website builders with pretty affordable plans for different needs. But is it really worth paying that money?

To dot the Is and cross the Ts, we will have a close look at Wix plans, prices, and features delivered with every package. Users will be finally able to make up their minds on whether to use the platform or not. Before we dive deep into numbers, prices, and characteristics, we should say that Wix is definitely a software to choose from. However, you need to consider some issues depending on your website type and functionality you want to implement. So, let’s get it started.

Wix Pricing Plans Explained

Wix is one of the most advanced and scalable website building platforms ever featuring millions of subscribers and live projects. The software is versatile and extremely easy to use. No coding is required. You get all features with a single plan. One would hardly refuse from such an offer.

The website builder offers a great option to first-timers, who decide to test the functionality of the platform before upgrading to one of the premium plans. A free plan allows doing that for the unlimited period of time. You can create any number of websites here to see what the system has to offer and to improve your web design skills. To get access to more advanced features and tools and to go live with your ready-made project, you’ll need to choose a paid plan. This is where you face quite an extensive choice.

Wix currently offers two types of premium subscriptions to come up to versatile needs of its users. These include Website and Business/eCommerce subscriptions. Each group of plans, in its turn, comprises several more detailed subscriptions that differ in terms, tools and services included.

Wix Website Pricing

Along with the extensive plan choice, the website builder makes it possible to save big, when opting for one of the paid subscriptions. Wix grants a 50% discount on a weekly basis (Tuesday to Thursday) to everyone, who joins the system. This means that you can get a premium plan at half of the initial price, enjoying all the advantages it includes.

Wix price

Website Plans

First Priority Support
Complete Online Branding
Entrepreneurs & Freelancers
For Personal Use
Custom Domain
Free Domain for 1 Year
Remove Wix Ads
Free SSL Certificate
Storage Space35GB20GB10GB3GB
Video Hours5 Hours2 Hours1 Hour30 Minutes
$300 Ad Voucher
Site Booster App
Free for 1 Year
Visitor Analytics App
Free for 1 Year
Events Calendar App
Free for 1 Year
Professional Logo
Social Media Logo Files
Customer CarePriority Customer Care24/7 Customer Care24/7 Customer Care24/7 Customer Care

Combo Plan for Personal Usage

The plan is a good pick for small websites with a simple structure and minimum content. It will hardly be a great option for huge companies and growing business although it might still work out for small portfolios and freelancers’ websites to introduce their competence.

Unlimited Plan for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

The plan comes with a bit richer feature set for freelancers, independent service providers, and entrepreneurs. The basic features are almost the same though with some obvious differences.

Pro Plan for Complete Online Branding

The plan makes it possible to build and effectively promote your online brand, featuring a number of special parameters and tools. It offers an increased amount of storage space and video hours as well as grants access to the Events Calendar App, professional logo and social media logo files.

VIP Plan for Priority Lovers

The plan actually duplicates the previous package featuring all the same options although with some slight additions.

Do you still hesitate about the choice of the most suitable Website solution? Have a look at more detailed definitions of services the subscriptions include:

  • Custom Domain – connect an individual domain name to boost your brand recognition;
  • Free Domain for 1 Year – get a free domain name for 1 year (the offer is viable for .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .rocks, .pictures,, .club, .space, .xyz domain areas);
  • Remove Wix Ads – get rid of the system ad banner to highlight your own brand;
  • Free SSL Certificate – enhance your website security to prevent unauthorized access to your confidential info;
  • Storage Space – expand your disk storage space to upload all the required content without any limitations;
  • Video Hours – upload videos to your website to present them to the target audience;
  • $300 Ad Voucher – get extra budget to invest into Google Ads, Bing Ads and Local Listings;
  • Site Booster App – maximize your business chances to rank high in the most popular search engines (the offer is free during first year of use);
  • Visitor Analytics App – control your website performance and updated statistics to define popular traffic sources, most visited website pages etc. (the offer is free during first year of use);
  • Events Calendar App – plan your upcoming events with the integrated calendar or connect external calendars for utmost convenience (the offer is free during first year of use);
  • Professional Logo – feel free to design your own brand logo to make your business stand out from the crowd;
  • Social Media Logo Files – make use of the opportunity to post over 40 brand logo variations on your social media channels;
  • Customer Care – stay in touch with the customer support team 24/7 or upgrade to the VIP plan to avail phone and priority assistance when you need it most.

Wix Business and eCommerce Pricing

Do you plan to launch an online store or a professional business website? Then you may need deeper flexibility and functionality that goes far beyond that available in Website packages. Browse Business/eCommerce packages to find a worthy offer there.

Wix price

Business/eCommerce Plans

Business VIP
Get the Full Suite
Business Unlimited
Grow Your Business
Business Basic
Accept Online Payments
Secure Online Payments
Plans & Recurring Payments
Customer Accounts
Custom Domain
Free Domain for 1 Year
Remove Wix Ads
Storage Space50GB35GB20GB
Video HoursUnlimited10 Hours5 Hours
$300 Ad Voucher
Customized Reports
Customer CarePriority Customer Care24/7 Customer Care24/7 Customer Care

Business Basic Plan for Online Payments

The plan allows accepting different types of online payments. You won’t find any powerful eCommerce settings here yet the available terms are enough to develop and manage a small and simple web store.

Business Unlimited Plan for Business Growth

The plan is a nice solution for entrepreneurs willing to grow their businesses and to generate traffic/profit. It includes the basic features of the previous plan with a number of obvious niche-related advantages.

Business VIP Plan for Complete Business Suite Benefits

The plan grants access to the complete set of business and eCommerce advantages required to effectively grow and promote your brand online. It duplicates the previous package featuring all the same terms yet it provides a number of additions, including priority customer support.

Each subscription additionally includes must-have parameters that refer to complete eCommerce website management, acceptance of online payments/orders, making hotel reservations, art/content monetization, completion of online bookings and other related specifications.

To figure out the plan that works best for your business and individual requirements, have a look at the list of terms they provide in detail now.

  • Secure Online Payments – feel safe about all the financial transactions and payments you make/accept with the system;
  • Plans & Recurring Payments – provide your customers with a variety of pricing options and receive recurring payments with a few clicks;
  • Customer Accounts – keep your customer information all in one place for quick access and convenient management;
  • Custom Domain – make use of the opportunity to connect your own business domain to the website to enhance brand popularity;
  • Free Domain for 1 Year – connect a domain name for free and use it for one year since the sign up moment (the feature is viable for .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .rocks, .pictures,, .club, .space, .xyz domain zones);
  • Remove Wix Ads – get rid of Wix ad banner to highlight your brand importance;
  • Storage Space – increase your disk storage space to upload the unlimited amount of content to your website;
  • Video Hours – created video galleries to showcase or sell your content;
  • $300 Ad Voucher – get extra budget to invest into Google Ads, Bing Ads and Local Listings;
  • Customized Reports – compile business reports using the updated statistics and trusted data to effectively control and manage your company;
  • Customer Care – stay connected with Wix customer support team 24/7 or upgrade to the Business VIP plan for phone and priority help.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Portfolio Website with Wix?

Wix is one of the most popular and functional systems for portfolio website development. It comes with a set of mobile-ready portfolio templates for artists, models, photographers and creatives as well as with a set of website management/marketing/promotion features.

wix portfolio template

If you have chosen the platform as a portfolio creation tool, then it makes sense to upgrade to the Unlimited Plan, the cost of which currently constitutes $18/mo. 10GB of storage space, unlimited bandwidth will be more than enough to create impressive templates, while 1 hour of video presentations will give your project stunning visual performance. Due to the Wix discount offer, it is possible to get the subscription at half the price.

Thus, the final cost of starting a portfolio website with Wix constitutes $9/mo ($108/year).

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Promo (Business) Website with Wix?

Starting a promo (business) website with Wix is a good idea, if you have got your own brand and need a quality web presence for it. The website builder has a nice collection of templates to come up to various niches. There is also an opportunity to pick and integrate business widgets and extensions to enhance your project performance and to target the right audience.

wix business template

Wix has a separate package of subscriptions for business projects. When you decide to go live with your website, then Business Unlimited plan will be the best pick. It lets you effectively grow your brand, offering safe online payments, opportunity to create customer accounts and connect your own domain name. The cost of the plan is $27/mo, but it is also possible to save big, when using the 50% discount offer.

The final cost of starting a promo (business) website with Wix constitutes $13.50/mo ($162/year).

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Blog with Wix?

Launching a personal or a business blog won’t be a challenge, if you decide to use Wix for this purpose. The website builder has a powerful blogging engine, which allows connecting and customizing any kind of blog. The system grants access to the broad range of blog templates, media integration options, SEO tools to ensure the best blogging experience ever.

wix blog template

As soon as you decide to get your own blog, upgrading to the Unlimited Plan will be the most reasonable solution. The subscription itself now costs $18/mo, but the 50% discount lets you cut down half of the price.

The final cost of building a blog with Wix constitutes $9/mo ($108/year).

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Web Store with Wix?

Wix is one of the best web design options, when it comes to eCommerce project development. The website builder stands out from the crowd due to its powerful eCommerce engine, which allows building online stores via Wix Stores widget integration. The platform lets you start, customize and promote small and medium digital stores, offering a separate Business/eCommerce package with three subscriptions to choose from.

wix store template

To get the most out of your web store performance and to gain access to the full suite of eCommerce features, the system recommends upgrading to its Business VIP subscription. Its current price constitutes $49/mo. However, if you opt for the plan from Tuesday to Thursday, you will be able to get a 50% discount.

The final cost of starting a web store with Wix will be $24.50/mo ($294/year) in this case.

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Hotel Website with Wix?

Are you a hotel owner willing to make your business available online? Then you should definitely sign up for Wix to get started. The website builder allows integrating its Wix Hotels widget available in the App Market to get access to multiple niche-specific features. When using the app, you will be able to pick a suitable hotel template, accept reservations 24/7, let your guests book the rooms they prefer, accept online/offline payments as well as manage room types/reservations/inventory and more.

wix hotel template

To start working on your hotel website development, you should preferably select a Business Unlimited plan and then connect a Wix Hotels widget. The system charges $27/mo for the subscription itself, while the widget is free. To save the budget, wait for the weekly 50% discount.

If you manage to get the one, the cost of launching a hotel website with Wix will constitute $13.50/mo ($162/year).

How Much Does It Cost to Create an Event Website with Wix?

Each time you face the need to organize a personal or a business event and to present it to the target audience, starting a website with Wix will be a smart idea. The website builder lets you do that by means of integrating a Wix Events widget into your project. The widget, which is available in the App Market, is a high end event management platform with RSVP support. It lets you sell tickets and send invitations online, create and manage guest lists, integrate media files etc. Whether you plan a presentation, a concert, a party, a conference, a show or any other event, the widget will work great for this purpose.

wix event template

To build an event website, you should initially select a suitable plan. Unlimited Business subscription will be the best solution here. Its price currently constitutes $27/mo, but the 50% discount will let you save the budget. Additionally, you will need to pay $20 for Wix Events Premium widget, although, the free version of it is also available here.

To sum it all up, the cost of starting an event website with Wix will eventually constitute $33.50/mo ($402/year).

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Cafe/Restaurant Website with Wix?

The idea to launch a cafe/restaurant website is a good one granted that you manage to pick the right web design tool. Wix works great for this very purpose due to its high end Wix Restaurants Orders and Wix Restaurants Menus widgets. Their integration into your business website gives it distinctive niche focus, making it possible to run your restaurant business. The apps allow accepting online orders, making table reservations, creating and managing online menus, promoting seasonal/special dishes, adjusting delivery settings and more.

wix restaurant template

To integrate the widgets, you should initially start a business website. Picking Unlimited Business subscription for this purpose is the most cost-effective solution. The starting price of the plan is $27/mo, but you can get it with the 50% discount the website builder offers on a weekly basis. Connection of Wix Restaurants Orders and Wix Restaurants Menus widgets is free.

The final price of running a cafe/restaurant website with Wix will constitute $13.50 ($162/year).

Wix Ascend Pricing

Ascend by Wix is an advanced solution that encompasses the most useful business tools all in one place. Currently, there are over 20 products available here that help you effectively start, grow, manage and promote your business on the web. All the tools are accessible in the same place and can be chosen/applied with a few clicks to ensure maximum user convenience. The most popular of them include Live Chat, Forms, Contact Manager, Inbox, Tasks & Reminders, Workflow, Price Quotes and many more. To get access to the entire toolset provided by the Ascend Platform, you’ll have to pick one of the plans offered with regard to your business specialization, traffic/user engagement requirements and budget.

Ascend pricing

The ultimate solution for your business or enterprise
Powerful features for business growth
Must-haves to get you started
Limited access to all Ascend business tools
Send UNLIMITED email campaignsSend 20 email campaigns a monthSend 5 email campaigns a monthSend 3 Ascend branded email campaigns a month
Add UNLIMITED form featuresAdd 20 forms with UNLIMITED fieldsAdd 10 forms with UNLIMITED fieldsAdd 5 forms with limited features
Get a personalized chatboxGet a personalized chatboxGet a personalized chatboxGet a chatbox with Ascend branding
Set up UNLIMITED automationsSet up 20 automationsSet up 7 automationsSet up 2 automations
Share UNLIMITED social postsShare 20 social posts a monthShare 5 social posts a monthShare 3 social posts a month
Create 15 videos per monthCreate 10 videos per monthCreate 5 videos per monthCreate 4 videos per month
Collect UNLIMITED recurring payments with invoicesCollect UNLIMITED recurring payments with invoicesCollect 5 recurring payments with invoicesCollect 5 recurring payment plans with invoices
Assign contacts & tasks to UNLIMITED site contributorsAssign contacts & tasks to 5 site contributors
Customize your business tools & remove Ascend brandingCustomize your business tools & remove Ascend brandingCustomize your business tools & remove Ascend branding
Schedule your emails & social posts in advanceSchedule your emails & social posts in advanceSchedule your emails & social posts in advance
Accept payments through chat & formsAccept payments through chat & formsAccept payments through chat & forms
Get VIP customer support

Limited Plan for Free Use

The plan grants limited access to the set of business tools Ascend platform offers. You don’t have to pay anything to use the subscription, but you won’t be able to get the most out of it as well. However, this is a nice chance to test the tool before deciding on further upgrade.

Basic Plan for Standard Use

The plan delivers a standard set of Ascend features that are a must to get started with ease. You will avail access to basic functionality of the platform to start enhancing your business performance.

Professional Plan for Business Growth

The plan comes with a powerful set of tools and features for effective business growth. It will work great for entrepreneurs willing to promote their companies, generate traffic and increase sales volumes.

Unlimited Plan for Endless Business Opportunities

The plan is the ultimate solution for powerful business/enterprise development, management and promotion. It is a great pick for the owners of large companies, who require instant unlimited access to the entire toolset the Ascend platform is ready to offer.

Wish to figure out what features and advantages exactly you will avail when upgrading to one of the plans? Have a look at some of the major points below:

  • Personalized chatbox – stay connected with your customers through the live chat and benefits it offers;
  • Automations set up – make use of the opportunity to create multi step automations to react to website-related events;
  • Recurring payments with invoices – use a chance to set up recurring payments with invoices to speed up your website performance;
  • Assign contacts & tasks to site contributors – cooperate with users you choose to contribute to your website by assigning tasks, roles and contacts to them;
  • Customize business tools – select and customize the required Ascend tools with regard to your business specifications and requirements.

Wix Logo Maker Pricing

Wix Logo Maker is another highlight of the website builder that makes it possible to design a unique and absolutely personalized logo for your project. The feature lets you effectively make your project stand out from the crowd by creating the high quality logo to be further published on the website, in social media and other web sources. You can also download and print it out to use offline, when required.

Logo design and customization won’t take it long – just answer the questions the system provides by default to outline your brand identity, personal style preferences and requirements. The system will do the rest for you, offering multiple customizable variants to choose from. To get access to premium features and to get the most out of your logo design, consider the opportunity to upgrade to one of the paid subscriptions. Here they go.

Wix Logo Maker Pricing

All Logo Files
Just the Essentials
One payment
One payment
Full Commercial Usage RightsFull Commercial Usage Rights
Standard Logo FilesStandard Logo Files
Resizable Logo Files
Social Media Logo Files

Basic Plan for Everyday Use

The plan provides a set of essential features and tools required for standard logo development and customization. You will get full commercial rights to use your newly designed logo when and where required.

Advanced Plan for Professional Use

The plan delivers access to advanced features and tools that are a must, when it comes to professional logo development. Along with baseline settings, you will get an opportunity to use resizable and social media logo files.

If you are right about to work with Wix Logo Maker yet still hesitate regarding the choice of the most suitable subscriptions, have a look at the detailed overview of features each plan includes:

  • Full Commercial Usage Rights – enjoy the opportunity to use your logo when and where required without any restrictions at all;
  • Standard Logo Files – choose from 8 high quality logo variants to be used online;
  • Resizable Logo Files – resize and customize your logo files to get online and printable variants without losing their initial quality;
  • Social Media Logo Files – get access to over 40 logo variants presized to fit any social media channel.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to quality DIY website development, Wix is definitely the best option to go for. The website builder works equally great for all user categories, including first-timers and web design experts. The system delivers a truly impressive range of features, tools and design customization options that make it possible to run various types of web projects for personal and commercial use.

Wix stands out from the crowd due to its versatile pricing policy that asolutey comes up to user and functionality requirements. Website and Business/eCommerce pricing packages provide a distinctive range of subscriptions to target diverse user categories. Each plan comes with a pack of options preventing users from additional actions. You get enough bandwidth and space, a free domain, and tools to get started right here right now and go live in several hours.

The final price of a Wix-powered website depends on its complexity, content and other crucial points. Thus, the cost of starting a portfolio with the system constitutes $9/mo ($108/year). The price of launching a business website or a blog is $13.50/mo ($162/year). If you need a small/medium eCommerce project, you’ll have to pay around $24.50/mo ($294/year) to launch and customize the one. A hotel or a cafe/restaurant website will cost you $13.50/mo ($162/year) as well, while the development of an event project will be a bit more expensive, namely $33.50/mo ($402/year).

Whatever type of website you intend to start, Wix is absolutely worth the investment. You just won’t find any other website builder, offering such an extensive range of features at such a reasonable cost.


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