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How Much Is It to Create a Website for a Business on Wix

How Much Is It to Create a Website for a Business on Wix

Money always matters when it comes to bringing a new web project to life. Unless you are a millionaire, you would probably look for different ways to save up a couple of bucks especially when it comes to a limited budget. As most of you know, Wix – is one of the most popular website builders with pretty affordable plans for different needs. But is it really worth paying that money?

To dot the Is and cross the Ts, we will have a close look at Wix plans, prices, and features delivered with every package. Users will be finally able to make up their minds on whether to use the platform or not. Before we dive deep into numbers, prices, and characteristics, we should say that Wix is definitely a software to choose from. However, you need to consider some issues depending on your website type and functionality you want to implement. So, let’s get it started.

Does It Cost Money to Create a Wix Website?

It certainly does! Wix is one of the most advanced and scalable website building platforms ever featuring millions of subscribers and live projects. The software is versatile and extremely easy to use. No coding is required. You get all features with a single plan. One would hardly refuse from such an offer.

Wix editor

As a business owner, you should clearly understand that the website building process always comes with different costs. Free solutions will never work out in case of long-running projects. They fail to deliver enough facilities and technologies to launch a fully-functional project as well as market it, grow or promote. You cannot buy a car without actually paying for it.

Moreover, some websites may additionally call for support, maintenance, modifications, etc. Any of those actions will result in extra costs not mentioning content production, optimization, etc. With Wix, you do not need to handle any of the above-mentioned. The platform comes as a fully-managed software that does most of the work for you.

Your business site will have integrated relevant blocks and add-ons with no need to install them manually. All you need is to add content and go live. Sounds great considering it plans prices. Let’s have a look and the website building process using Wix.

Steps to Create a Website with Wix

To understand, why Wix might be a bargain, let’s have a look at steps necessary to take when creating a site from scratch. We consider, that you already have a plan and structure worked out in addition to relevant content to be displayed on your site. Now, you need to do the following:

  1. Sign In. Wix is a SaaS online website builder. When we say “online”, we mean there is no need to download heavyweight software or additional apps. Users are not forced to get keys and share them with several devices. All you need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone connected on the Internet. Enter your login and password or use a social network account.
  2. Choose A Template. With Wix, you do not have to code at all. Simply pick a template from the business category or start building a new site from the blank page. Newbies may benefit from the Wix ADI tool. An AI-based instrument that creates site layouts for you in minutes. Experienced users have a chance to develop website elements on their own.
  3. Edit A Template. Now, you need to add content, download images, videos or photos. Don’t forget to fill in contact info, edit SEO settings, add widgets, integrate third-party services, etc. Wix lets you handle all of those processes with just a click.
  4. Choose a Plan and Go Live. The last stage is to pick the package. Do you need a free domain or SSL? Will your business project require eCommerce features? To understand, how each plan works, let’s have a look at the features and options they deliver.

Once you have purchased the plan, you may publish your site to make it visible online. Now, we need to get back to Wix plans and prices.

The Cost of a Wix Business Site

Still hesitating whether to choose Wix or not? It is high time we looked inside each Wix Premium plan to understand what features they deliver for business and other needs. You need to realize what facilities and sources your project will require. Do you expect huge traffic or the website is only for online representation? Do you plan to load it with content and pages or is it going to be a simple one-page site?

Depending on the answers, you may choose from the following packages:

Wix Website Pricing

Combo Plan for Personal Usage

The plan is a good pick for small websites with a simple structure and minimum content. It will hardly be a great option for huge companies and growing business although it might still work out for small portfolios and freelancers’ websites to introduce their competence.

Here are some of the Wix Combo plan features:

  • Price – $13 per month.
  • What’s Inside? – Wix ads removed, a 1-year free domain as well as the ability to connect your own + 2GB of bandwidth and 3GB of disk space.
  • Good for – small websites, portfolios, landing pages, blogs.

Unlimited Plan for Entrepreneurs

The plan comes with a bit richer feature set for freelancers, independent service providers, and entrepreneurs. The basic features are almost the same though with some obvious differences:

  • Price – $17 per month.
  • What’s Inside? – Unlimited bandwidth and 10GB of disk space in addition to integrated Site Booster and Visitor Analytic apps.
  • Good for – independent web designers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

Pro Plan for Brand Promotion

The Pro plan is perfect to launch a new brand from scratch as well as promote and establish it online. For an affordable price, you get a free domain in addition to unlimited bandwidth and promotion tools.

  • Price – $22 per month.
  • What’s inside? – unlimited bandwidth with 20GB of storage, $300-add vouchers, professional logo, events calendar, etc.
  • Good for – brand development, growth, and establishment.

VIP Plan for Priority Lovers

The plan actually duplicates the previous package featuring all the same options although with some slight additions.

  • Price – $39 per month.
  • What’s Inside? – features from Pro plan plus the priority and VIP support.
  • Good for – demanding business owners requiring VIP assistance.

Additional Plans

The platform has a free plan. However, it is good only for testing. You may use it to check how the system works. If you plan to launch an online store, the platform offers separate eCommerce packages. The price here ranges from $23 to $49 per month with practically the same features as in Premium plans.

Wix eCommerce Pricing

eCommerce subscribers get more storage space, more video hours, access to relevant widgets and apps. Huge companies may benefit from Enterprise package costing $500 per month with enhanced analytics and performance tools, premium support, training, etc.

Are There Cheaper Wix Alternatives?

Just in case you cannot afford Wix plans, there are some cheaper alternatives. However, you should clearly understand that cheaper does not always mean better. A less expensive platform means fewer features inside the package. It results in extra actions users need to take. In other words, the less you pay, the less you get in terms of website assets and the more issues you need to manage on your own.

uKit – A Cheaper Alternative to Wix

uKit website builder

uKit might be a way out in case of limited budgets. It offers good enough functionality to launch a business site although it may hardly compete with Wix in terms of technologies and services provided.

The plans and prices are as follows:

  • The minimal plan starts at $2.50 per month. It includes unlimited storage space, round-the-clock support, free hosting, and backups but no free domain. You get an only custom one on default.
  • Basic Plan starts from $5 per month and additionally includes Live Chat support and Premium template design.
  • eCommerce Plan will cost you from $6 per month with all the features from previous plans plus digital shop functionality.
  • Pro Plan starts at $7.50 per month with custom code and custom color schemes.

Even uKit Pro plan looks a bit limited if compared to Wix Combo and Unlimited. On the other hand, it may work out in case of tight finances.

See also: uKit review.

WordPress – Free Alternative to Wix

WordPress website builder

If you do not plan to pay on a monthly basis or have great coding skills, WordPress will be a great alternative. The CMS itself is free. All you need is to pay for the domain and hosting. There is no need to buy Premium themes in case you are able to code on your own. An open-source platform lets you customize its PHP themes whatever you like.

The bad news is that newbies will never be able to cope with the process. They will be forced to pay not only for general issues like hosting (from $2 to $10 per month) and domain ($10-$15 annually) but also for premium themes, plugin extensions, and subscriptions, template modifications, etc.

This variant will only work out for experienced technicians and programmers who do not actually need an all-in-one solution. A better idea is to use WordPress with Bluehost. A popular hosting provider offers WP-optimized plans that make it very easy to manage, set up, and support your website for a price starting at $2.95 per month.

The Bottom Line

You will need to pay from $12 to $39 per month to build a fully-featured and professional business site with Wix. The final price relies on site complexity, content, and other crucial points. Our mission was to show that the platform is worth paying that money.

Each plan comes with a pack of options preventing users from additional actions. You get enough bandwidth and space, a free domain, and tools to get started right here right now and go live in several hours. As for alternatives, they either deliver fewer features or call for enhanced technical knowledge.


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