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Best Hotel Website Builders

The hotel business has made a huge step towards web and mobile technologies. Whether you are operating a chain of full-service prestigious hotels or run a small B&B guest house, building an attractive and user-friendly website comes as a prior objective.

A decent web resource will be your hotel’s representation on the web. It delivers services to a wider target audience and makes it easy to highlight the main benefits. A website comes as a handy intermediary between a hotel owner and customers who can check the room available, make reservation or pay in advance with only several clicks.

This is where you may need an effective helper in the face of a hotel website builder. Custom web development is likely to drive you into thousands of dollars. Moreover, you should be prepared to pay for every edit, change, or website update. Opting for CRM may seem to be a good solution until you need to cover your next fee that can reach several hundred per month.

Hotel Website Builders – Overview Chart:
Website BuilderWixuKit
Best for:Small and medium hotel, guest houseB&b hotel, apartments rental
EasinessA couple of days to cope withSeveral hours to learn
Hotel Templates:Professional themes for hotelRental apartments templates
Technical Support:E-mail support, forumSkype support, email support
Additional Options:Hotel App, TripadvisorBooking online
SEO Options:SEO WizCommon SEO settings
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/mo

Website builders have proved to be more cost-effective and time-consuming tools when it comes to creating a website from scratch. They do not require any special skills or knowledge. They cost less and deliver a wider option of customization tools. Owners can make any edits and changes without hiring a full-stack coder or designer.

Advantages of Using Hotel Website Builders

Hotel website builders have proved to be the painless tool to build a web resource effortlessly. They come with built-in features and functions you might look for. The main advantages of using web building platforms are as follows:

  • Hotel Focused Design Templates – B&B and hotel web building platforms offer a wide selection of templates designed specifically for the hospitality niche. All you have to do is to select a best-matching style and populate it with the content you need. An array of templates will let you choose an optimal alternative for a hotel chain as well as for a small guest house;

  • Third-Party Integration – website builders make it easier to create a resource with all the essentials like payment options, booking & reservation systems, review sharing tools on social media and more. All the essentials a hotel website needs in one pack;

  • Cheaper than Custom-Built – hiring a coder and designer will cost you a fortune. Website builders like Wix offer a selection of packages and plans that do not exceed $24 per month. They include a number of free templates, free hosting and more tools to make the website development cheaper if compared with custom development;

  • Easy-to-Use – web building platforms boast intuitive editing tools. You can proceed with any changes, edits, and updates whenever you need.

The only difficulty you may face is choosing the best hotel website builder from hundreds available. We have tested and compared dozens of platforms. Wix and uKit deserve the most attention due to the pack of features and tools they deliver right out of the box.

Wix – The Best Hotel Website Builder

Wix home page

Wix is a website builder with booking system. It delivers more than just an opportunity to build a website for your hotel. The platform hosts a pack of hospitality related tools that will bring your business to the next level. Unlike most of drag-n-drop building platforms, Wix lets you reveal 100% of your rooms’ potential to a target audience in addition to its internal full-cycle reservation system:

  • 500+ Premium Templates – choose from hundreds of templates designed specially for B&B and hotel needs;
  • Room Amenities – highlight all facilities in each room. Indicate amities available from air-conditioning and kitchen to mini bar and telephone to deliver as much information to your customers as possible;
  • Manage Hotel Prices – Wix makes it easy to indicate different rates for hotels that charge different prices for weekdays and weekends;
  • Payment Methods – the platform supports 3 major payment options including offline payments, Stripe and Paypal;
  • Room Search Bar – an automatically updated feature that provides the most accurate information on rooms available including date, amenities, number of adults, kids, etc.;
  • Integration with Tripadvisor – customers can book a room in your hotel right from the Trip Advisor’s website or mobile app.

Just start with Wix and you will make it easy to decide whether a website builder can meet your expectation. But you should keep in mind that a free version will hardly deliver all essential tools to build a decent web resource for your hotel. You’ll need an extended list of options.

Once you crave for more features, choose from platform’s premium plans that range from $4 to $29 per month. Premium packages are a handy tool to build a functional website that exceeds both hotel owner’s and customer’s expectations.

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uKit – The Easiest Website Builder for Hotels

uKit home page

uKit is a simpler platform if compared with Wix. Although it cannot offer the same pack of flexible features it may still be a good solution to build a website for bed & breakfast hotel or small guest house. The intuitive builder lets users create a website in several easy steps:

  1. Choose a website template. uKit offers a pack of free templates. Although it does not have a “Hotel” category, users can choose from a selection of real-estate templates that can be easily customized. All premium templates feature hover-effect to make your web pages more interactive and catchy.
  2. Add content to your website. uKit interface makes it easy to add and edit content. Simply drag and drop necessary images of your guest house and rooms. Insert additional information like address or room description with just a click away. All templates have Contact, Prices and Services section. Just fill in necessary information and that’s it!
  3. Verify your newly-established website with Google by clicking on the “U” button on your dashboard.
  4. Convert your FB page to a website. If you already have a Facebook page related to your B&B business, you can easily convert it into a website using uKit platform.
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What Features Should a Hotel Website Have?

The times of brochures and printed ad banners are gone. A hotel website should be both informative and functional. It is actually the tool for your customers to handle a full-cycle reservation including payments, booking, searching and more. For owners, a web resource is an instrument of highlighting the main benefits of choosing their hotel or guest house. It is the opportunity to power the business and boost sales.

A brilliant hotel website should have the following features:

  • Real View and Gallery – a website should have realistic images of rooms, the hotel itself and surroundings. Turn a web resource into a virtual guide letting customers try out available facilities. Highlight the most winning views of surrounding areas and best places of interests, implement short guides for tourists in addition to most popular paths;

  • Easy Reservation Process – a website should provide an access to prices, dates, calendar, amenities and other data that is required by a visitor;

  • Safe Payment Options – upfront payments will appear to be a great plus in favor of your cash flow. Use the tool to nail down deal hunters and protect yourself from frauds while your guests can pay the bills before accessing your hotel facilities and services;

  • Social Sharing Buttons – a hotel website must be socially friendly. Let your customers share their experience and grown the clients’ flow;

  • Responsive Design – make sure your website features an adaptive design for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones;

  • Detailed Contact Information – make sure your customers can find your hotel or guest house. Add maps and indicate contact information, location, etc.

Website builders can let you easily handle any of the above-mentioned without paying extra cash. Easy-to-use and cheap they are the best bet when it comes to building a user-friendly and catchy hotel website to drive your business to the next level. The rest is up to you. Take a good care of your visitors!

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