HostPapa Hosting Review

HostPapa – is the best Canada-based hosting provider that offers such services as web hosting and website creation on the built-in site constructor. At the moment, there are over 500,000 projects on its servers. HostPapa is one of the most affordable and trustworthy hosting services that provide VPS servers, as well as shared servers, and so on. If you are looking for an eco-friendly and inexpensive hosting platform, this hosting is an optimal choice.

Here is an overview of HostPapa, where you will learn all the details such as pros and cons, pricing, and features. We have studied most of its services to understand whether it is worth using it and what features a webmaster will have to face when using it.
  • Independent hosting provider.
  • Beginner-friendly interface.
  • Good for different website types.

Pros and Cons

Hostpapa is a reliable hosting provider that will help you run business projects. Its servers are known for stable operation, which is guaranteed by advanced site security features.

100 GB of disk space + unmetered bandwidth at the minimum rate
Uninterrupted operation of servers for 99.9% of the time
Round-the-clock technical support, including online chat
Free use of the built-in designer (up to 3 pages at no extra charge)
Free domain, unlimited traffic
Exclusive technologies to increase server performance
Advanced security tools: protection against hacking and DDoS attacks
Eco-friendly operation due to the use of renewable energy sources
Integration with WordPress
30-day refund back guarantee
A huge assortment of templates for mobile devices
Installation of the script in 1 click
Marketing tools for advertising, business process automation
Automatic backup is available only on the Business Pro Plan
High cost of plan renewal
Limited server location
You need to pay extra for all security systems

Basically, the disadvantages are tied to the financial side. As for the location of the servers, this problem is partially solved by connecting to a CDN content delivery system. At large distances from data centers, sites will still load slower than if the server was nearby, but the difference cannot be called critical for business – the speed is within normal limits.

Features and Functionality

Hostpapa Features and Functionality

Hostpapa offers a full range of services for minor businesses. The rates for WordPress sites and online stores are attractive. There is also reseller hosting for the resale of services.

Here is a list of the provider’s best features:

  • Available hosting plans

One of the most significant things for most novices or those who want to create a new blog in a shared hosting sphere is the price. Most newcomers don’t want to spend much cash on hosting.

Therefore you should consider only low-cost hosting plans, with high-quality features to start with. As HostPapa’s virtual hosting plans begin at just $2.95 a month, so they are affordable and are a great choice for newbies and entry-level sites.

The company delivers an extensive range of hosting products, sufficient to run your website on an efficient platform. Apart from the shared hosting packages, you will find at realistic prices other options such as reseller hosting, and WordPress and VPS hosting.

  • Free website migration

Website migration involves transferring your files, databases, and so on. The service is usually costly – between $100 – $500 depending on the size of your website. However, HostPapa allows having free website migration, which means that, after registering for any of its plans, you can send a request through their support service and they will transfer your sites to their servers at zero cost.

You will just enter the login details to the existing hosting to the operators so that they can download the data necessary to move your sites without any technical problems.

  • Access to plenty of free gifts

The company provides you with a lot of free services, which are listed below:

  1. Free Let’s Encrypt SSL: A free SSL certificate is what allows your site’s domain to switch from HTTP to HTTPS, a secure HTTP version, and the protocol by which data is transmitted between your browser and the website to which you are connected. The letter “S” at the end of HTTPS stands for “secure,” which implies that all communications between the website and your browser are completely encrypted. Fortunately, the service gives you free SSL certificates which can easily be activated from your control panel.
  2. Free Domain Name: Unlike most web hosting providers, HostPapa does not oblige users to pay an additional $10 to $20 for domain registration.
  3. Cloudflare Free CDN: If you need swifter page loading, you will need a CDN. In fact, CDN is a distributed servers network that provides pages to the user depending on the geographical localities of the user. Hence, even if your audience is viewing your site from remote places, CDN uses the nearest network to provide faster user interaction.
  4. Free CDN: It is included in the provider’s every plan, so you can speed up downloads regardless of where your visitors are viewing your site from.
  5. Intrusion detection, server firewall, and monitoring: To prevent any kind of unauthorized access from or to a private network in the hosting environment of your website, the provider offers a tracking security server firewall, along with intrusion detection.
  6. DDoS Attack Prevention: To prevent attacks, the service offers you a reliable DDoS attack prevention system to protect your sites from theft of your resources.
  7. Brute Force Detection: The brute force method, also recognized as brute force hacking, is a trial-and-error technique used by application programs to decrypt data, such as passwords, to gain access to your website. To protect the server from any type of malicious attacks, the company offers you a reliable protection service. You will also get access to their Softbody app. With ready-to-use Softaculous, you can easily install 400+ applications, such as Ghost Joomla, and WordPress.
  • Unlimited number of sites and domains

You can host an unlimited number of websites and domains when using HostPapa packages (not applicable for the Starter Plan). Unlike its rivals such as Bluehost, the hosting folder does not set limits on your bandwidth or storage. So, you will always have enough space to store your site’s files. HostPapa offers green web hosting, which means that they compensate for all their energy consumption through environmentally friendly green energy sources.

  • Excellent service

If you are a novice and just starting to build new websites or online stores, you may need some help. HostPapa offers you responsive customer service, where you can get answers very quickly (even in a chat, by email, or by phone). Here you will find a great knowledge base collection where you can find answers to your questions including:

  • Self-help tutorials
  • Responsive Support
  • Individual training sessions


Hostpapa Dashboard

If you are interested in how the dashboard functions in HostPapa, let’s check it out now. The HostPapa toolbar gives you access to practically all features from websites email management, and domains, to protect your website. Here are a few basic things you can do from the Hostpad control panel:

HostPapa cPanel

  • Install web apps such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc.;
  • Easily add several domains, comprising additional ones and alias domains;
  • You can create and maintain the email accounts, configure email filters, etc.;
  • From the control panel, users can access their emails via the web interface;
  • You can easily protect your web pages with free SSL certificates from Let’s encrypt.

Not only that, but you can do or create many more things, for example:

  • File manager;
  • Access to manage all files on your site;
  • Backup Wizard to make backups of your website and restore lost data;
  • FTP Accounts;
  • Images;
  • You can modify, access, or optimize your databases to improve performance.

This means that you can do almost anything from the HostPapa control panel.

Template Designs and Customization

Hostpapa Design

HostPapa offers a number of convenient tools for users with minimal experience in creating websites. First of all, we are talking about the built-in constructor. It offers the creation of an unlimited number of pages based on more than 300 adaptive templates.

Features of the site builder:

  • Support for visual editing using Drag-and-Drop technology – any element can be moved with the mouse, edited, or deleted;
  • Easy interface customization, such as fonts, images, and color scheme;
  • Preset sets of social media icons and contact forms;
  • Customization of the design for mobile devices and desktops so that the pages look equally attractive on different screens;
  • Quick Facebook posting;
  • Preview mode in the mobile and desktop versions to check the adaptability of the interface before publishing the site.

At higher rates, editing in HTML and CSS code is available, and elements for mobile layout are also added.

There is a simple system for creating an online store. On the basis of any site, you can launch sales using a module that provides an unlimited catalog, quick connection of analytics tools, unloading of goods to marketplaces on eBay and Amazon.

You can also order a professional website created as part of the Do-It-For-Me service. When ordering it, you will receive:

  • Professional design;
  • The layout of the adaptive interface;
  • Filling pages with content: unique texts, selected images;
  • Updating and making changes to the site;
  • Optimization of pages for search engines.

By default, the Control Panel is used to manage web hosting.

  • You can install SolusVM or WHM on a VPS server for free.
  • CloudLinux is installed on the servers of virtual hosting and WordPress.
  • CentOS 6 is installed on the VPS by default, but you have the opportunity to install any other operating system thanks to root access.


Hostpapa Security

To protect the site from unauthorized access, HostPapa offers a Protection Power System. It provides continuous monitoring and notifies the webmaster when a security threat or vulnerability is detected.

  • PPS fights spam, blocks pages from the Google blacklist, and also protects the site from DDoS attacks.
  • The Site Blocking system is used to detect malware. This is a scanner that is constantly on the lookout for malware, database vulnerabilities, malicious scripts, and other threats. Depending on the subscription, it can only find and warn or deal with all the dangers on its own. The provider’s servers are localized in North America – USA and Canada. This simplifies the quality control of data centers.
  • Among the options, you will find a free SSL certificate. You can also purchase a more powerful Global Sign certificate. It is compatible with all browsers, including their older versions, offers 256-bit encryption, and protection against malicious threats.

Another premium security feature is the automatic saving of copies of the website, database, and email on a daily basis. The backup creation system provides the following features:

  • Version Control is used to select any of the available points to restore the previous configuration state.
  • Daily saving of all site data on a separate server.
  • Fast recovery of the site and database from backup.
  • Storage of copies for 1 GB of disk space and can be increased to 50 GB.

HostPapa stores 7 recent backups. Even if you are not sure exactly when the error occurred, this number will be enough to roll back to a workable state. You can get it for free by paying the Business Professional tariff for a year.

HostPapa Performance

Hostpapa performance

The provider’s servers are located in Canada and the USA. This affects the speed of loading sites in cases of remote locations. The severity of the problem is reduced by a free connection to CDN Cloudflare, a content delivery system with servers around the world. Thanks to it, the speed and performance of the site are growing.

The service has no problems with uptime indicators. The provider promises 99.98% uninterrupted operation of servers. Independent tests show that this is not a marketing trick, but a real value. There may be a few subtle failures during the year, but in general, the equipment is constantly available for connection. According to trials, the average 12-months uptime of the hosting is 99.98% with an idle time of slightly over two hours.

Fast page loading speed is what users look for on hosting. Over the period of the last 12 months, their average time of page load has been 569 ms, which is swift enough to take a place in the “pros” section.

Support Service

Hostpapa support

Support specialists can be reached via live chat, easy ticket system and by phone – the service has several toll-free numbers for different countries. All methods provide prompt and competent assistance. For convenience, the live chat immediately sets the subject – payment issues or technical problems.

HostPapa is available 24/7/365 to answer your questions. Their tools of assistance include:

  • Tickets: response time 10 minutes;
  • Phone: Instant response time;
  • Live chat: Instant response time.

For users, video tutorials are available on HostPapa. You can have a free 30-minute consultation with a hosting setup specialist who will help prepare the environment for the development of your project. Experts are ready to answer any question concerning the work of hosting.

There is also an informative knowledge base with training materials and manuals for solving common problems. The information is kept up to date as operators are constantly working on filling the database.

Pricing and Plans

Hostpapa pricing

Shared web hosting services are one of the most common types of hosting services because they are affordable. Currently, HostPapa offers several web hosting options, including:

  • WordPress Hosting – from $5.99/Month
  • Shared web hosting – from $3.99/Month
  • VPS hosting – from $3.95/Month
  • Online store – from $2.99/Month
  • Reseller hosting – from S29.99/Month

The HostPapa virtual hosting plans are listed below:

  1. Starter – from $11.99/month ($143.88 for 12 months)
  2. Business – from $16.99/month ($203.88 for 12 months)
  3. Business Pro – from $27.99/month ($335.88 for 12 months)

In the plans of virtual hosting, there are no restrictions on the size of disk space, traffic, the number of domains, and subdomains. However, some hidden limits are still present on the hosting. For example, in a virtual hosting startup package, the database volume cannot exceed 500 MB, and no more than 1024 MB is allocated for one process.

  • There is no demo access. The only exception is the functionality for creating a store. This does not work without a website creation, which will require the purchase of hosting.
  • There is no monthly payment for hosting on HostPapa. Billing cycles are 12, 24, and 36 months.
  • The cost of virtual hosting is from $5.95 to $17.95 per month when buying the one-year package.
  • Adding features to launch a store costs from $19.99 to $139.99 per month. In total, there are 4 plans in the line with different functionality.


HostPapa is a proven hosting service with servers in the USA and Canada. It is suitable for creating websites for other regions due to its CDN connection. The service guarantees the uninterrupted operation of equipment located in data centers equipped with maximum attention to security. It offers reliable site protection tools that will help to cope with various threats and vulnerabilities – from simple spam to unauthorized access attempts.

The prices for plans may be slightly higher than some competitors, but they are justified by the quality of the services provided. By buying hosting on HostPapa, you will have a stable operation of the site. Failures on the provider’s side are eliminated very quickly. If you have any problems, the friendly staff will help you solve them instantly. No downtime means no financial losses. Therefore, HostPapa is one of the economical and trustworthy hosting services for conducting business online.

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