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Hostinger – is one of the largest players in the industry of hosting. It offers one of the affordable servers on the international market. The company’s initial activities in the hosting market date back to 2007. Then they launched their first service – ads-free hosting at zero cost. In response to the constant interest in their offer, the Hostinger brand was developed, where there are no more free plans, but the prices are extremely low, and the possibilities are much wider. This idea was successful because, in 2014, they provided services to over a million users! In 2019, the hosting provider had 29 million clients served in 178 countries around the world.

At present, the web hosting provider offers packages in virtual hosting, cloud hosting, VPS servers, and domain registration. The company’s wide experience cannot be denied, but how did it become so popular? Below we present a detailed review of Hostinger: pros and cons, features, pricing, and other important details.

  • Powerful and secure hosting provider;
  • Hosts over 29 million websites worldwide;
  • Boasts thousands of new sign-ups every day.

1. Pros and Cons

Having studied Hostinger’s customer reviews, it’s clear that the company is distinguished by its abundance of options. The variety of offered services allows the provider to adapt them to the needs, requirements, and financial capabilities of the client. Everyone will find a suitable solution.

Free domain and site migration
Easy-to-use WordPress plans
Linux and Windows solutions
Multi-language 24/7 support
Simple and easy setup
10 GB storage
Extensive offer, and quality service
Attractive hosting plan prices
30-day refund guarantee
SQL and PHP Support
Intuitive web page design
Price increase after service extension
No technical support by phone
No specific plan in WordPress
No dedicated servers offer

In brief, the products of Hostinger are worth recommending because of the high quality and competitive prices.

Hostinger Features

Hostinger Features

This website builder has most of the basic features offered by its rivals. All pricing packages include the following key features:

  • Convenient and trustworthy: for bloggers looking for cost-effective services along with proper functioning of websites, this solution can be a gold mine. It is quite reasonable and reliable website hosting, which is provided for free for life.
  • SQL and PHP Support: While most web hosting services offer a drag-and-drop website builder in a free package and limit access to PHP and SQL until you pay for it and provide it only in a premium plan. Hostinger delivers free PHP and SQL support, which probably makes this service the best hosting for WordPress.
  • No ads and banners: The free hosting package does not require the display of ads on your website. Automatic Inc WordPress does not allow you to advertise on your blog if you purchase web hosting via their service. WordPress will display its specific ads on your blog and you will not get a dime.
  • Simple and low-priced Website Builder: Hostinger supports the website builder Zyro, which allows creating 5-page websites using a drag-and-drop feature that has over 100 templates to pick from. The drag-and-drop option is a very easy way to create attractive sites in a short period.
  • Quick Installation: The company provides a free subdomain that will allow you to set up an account instantly. Accounts are approved straight away, and this means that you will not have to wait for anything to begin using this free service.
  • SSL certificate: Hostinger offers you an SSL certificate in all plans, which is very profitable. It offers you a variety of possibilities. It has various functions to protect your site. The website is extremely insecure and vulnerable to data theft if you do not use SSL protection.
  • Easy Money: The provider allows you to invite friends and earn money. Every time your contact buys a premium service based on your recommendation, you get a share.
  • Variety: They offer several hosting types including virtual hosting, VPS hosting WordPress hosting, and Minecraft hosting.
  • Free Options:
    • All hosting packages, except for the single shared plan, come with a domain name free of charge.
    • Free site migration – a specialist team will transfer your site for free.
    • Free SSD drives are part of all shared hosting plans.
    • All business packages come with a free SSL certificate, Cloudflare CDN, and Let’s Encrypt.
  • Extra Features: Servers run on HTTP2, PHP7, LiteSpeed, built-in caching technology

Hostinger Dashboard

Hostinger Dashboard

Some of you have probably never encountered an easy-to-use web hosting service before, but it’s possible with Hostinger.

Basically, the control panel uses a similar concept to Microsoft tiles. With large panel buttons, you can find everything you need at any time. Hostinger doesn’t hide features or settings to make your space look neater. Instead, the service puts them on public display, so everything you need is always at your fingertips. You can see a category or option easily, as well as an image that gives some idea if you’re not sure what a particular feature does.

Hostinger offers its clients an original control panel – hPanel. Since the services offered by the company are user-friendly, even a novice user can handle an intuitive panel. If you have previously used a different web hosting, you can skip cPanel. It seems that cPanel is the only permanent feature among web hosting options, but many new users find it difficult to navigate it and find what they need.

People who worked with classic cPanel will appreciate the settings. The provider took the best of it and adapted it to user requirements. Due to this, the panel has been thus updated and adapted to the offer. As a result, it is now working much faster. From the panel, you can intuitively install a CMS system, manage email mailboxes, configure domains and manage files located on the server.

A clear, fast, and manageable user panel based on the widespread cPanel allows you to effectively use the well-ordered services. Users also praise the company’s offer for cheap and extensive add-ons, such as a WordPress optimization tool, a website builder, or integration with GitHub. What you can complain about is a significant growth in prices after the extension of hosting.

Template Designs and Customization

Hostinger Designs

Website Builder from Hostinger is the easiest and fastest way to build your website! You get the best website builder with a free collection of over 100 special templates for every taste and every need.

Usually creating websites is a complex process. However, the templates from the designer are already ready to work and optimized for SEO and mobile devices. You no longer need to worry about how to make your website. Creating a website with the help of a designer does not require any special knowledge and skills.

Hostinger Templates

Here are some interesting facts:

  • Hostinger actively works with famous people in the website design market because this web hosting helps you create your website from scratch.
  • The company allows making a unique website with Zyro site builder, Hostinger stays away from the cookie theme that makes every site look the same.
  • No matter which hosting plan you choose, you can find the template that best suits your image and customize it.
  • Every part of the page is fully customizable. Their templates are stunning and the customized website design is easy to navigate.
  • When you are ready to place your website on the Internet for everyone to see, you will choose a domain for free if you use the Premium or Cloud package.
  • Buying domain names can be a bit tricky, as they seem cheap at first, but can become quite expensive. If now you can save some money on a domain, it is worth the cost of using this web hosting.

Best of all, creating a website with Hostinger requires no technical knowledge or coding.


Hostinger Security

Most people think that the presence of an SSL certificate will solve all their security problems. However, this is not the case – you need much more security measures than that to protect your site, and this is what Hostinger offers to its customers:

  • Bitninja is included in all plans. It is a comprehensive real-time protection package that prevents malware, XSS, scripting DDoS, brute force, and other programmed attacks.
  • Hostinger also provides each plan with SpamAssassin, which is an email spam filter that automatically scans and removes spam in the email.
  • A free SSL certificate is a part of the general Business plan, which is ideal for minor businesses that intend to protect their customers’ data.
  • Recently, Hostinger introduced two-factor authentication to its users, which allows you to identify yourself as the account owner by providing both your phone number and email address. Any account now has an additional, manual level of protection owing to two-factor authentication.

To wrap up, all plans come with:

  • Cloud protection
  • Spam protection
  • Daily to weekly data backups
  • SSL certificate
  • BitNinja Smart Security Protection

We can see that the provider takes security concerns seriously, considering their affordable shared hosting plans, they still can provide the best security measures in the industry.


Hostinger Performance

Fundamental aspects that all users are looking for are speed and uptime. Since swift server response time means not only fast and convenient use of the site but also a better rating and position in search results, we carefully analyzed the server response time data in Hostinger. The collected data for the last six months demonstrates that the average response time was only 288 ms.

Server uptime is also one of the most important aspects. There is nothing more annoying than information from your readers or customers that the website is not working. After analyzing the reports for the last six months, we can say safely that Hostinger is not affected by this problem. The operating time of the servers ranges from 99.95% to 100% per month.

In addition, from the point of view of performance, the hosting provider deserves the highest rating. Of course, a lot depends on the chosen service type and the specific plan, but they offer a lot of interesting solutions that directly affect the speed of the sites.

Here you should evaluate the default caching support of IPv6, PHP 7, HTTP/2, and LiteSpeed caching by default. Besides, the option of WordPress Acceleration is available for all packages, which optimizes pages via using this CMS well. The bonus here is the Zyro website builder, which is not only easy to use but also ensures that all pages created with it are light and well-optimized. This also affects the speed of the website.

Hostinger WordPress Over SSL

The average test values of the waiting time are shown below:

  • London: 0.54 seconds
  • Washington, DC: 0.81 seconds
  • San Francisco: 1.12 seconds
  • Sydney: 2.49 seconds
  • Tokyo: 1.57 seconds

Generally, these are great results. The best practice is to keep the page loading time less than two seconds. Based on these results, it became clear that Hostinger’s servers work excellently on both sides of the Atlantic, and particularly well in London.

From this, we can conclude that Hostinger is likely to have an acceptable speed in many English-speaking countries.

Shared servers of Hostinger will be enough for many websites. Yet, if you wish to manage a site with high traffic or see unexpected spikes in activity after the site is launched, an updated plan may be the optimal option.

Customer Support

Hostinger Support

Hostinger provides a variety of support service tools, including a knowledge base, email, chat, and help requests, which are available 24/7. Their customer service team is multilingual and ready to find answers to questions from around the world. Hostinger’s extensive library of posts with practical recommendations makes it stand out. These guides cover everything from creating a drop-down menu to copying a website to WordPress.

However, sometimes the operators may provide excellent service only after a long wait. As a reward for waiting, you will get a knowledgeable and detailed solution to your problem. However, the provider has significantly reduced the response time of its operators. The average chat reply time now takes less than 2 minutes.

Hostinger is also missing an important component: phone help, which may be inconvenient if you find the chat impersonal. The company plans to launch internal phone support in 2020, but at the same time, their chat is available round the clock, 7 days a week.

Hostinger Prices and Plans

Hostinger Pricing

Hostinger has become widespread around the world, offering reduced prices on the web hosting market. However, having low prices does not mean that the quality of products is low. Thousands of companies from different countries trust them.

Hostinger offers 6 different types of hosting services to clients:

  • Shared hosting: 0.99-3.99 $ a month
  • Windows VPS: $26 – $250 a month
  • VPS hosting: $3.95 – $29.95 a month
  • WordPress: $2.15 – $14.95 a month
  • Cloud hosting: 7.45-$37 a month
  • Minecraft: $8,95 – $29,95 a month.

This is a very affordable web hosting service compared to other shared web hosts.

The general plans offered by Hostinger are:

  • Single$1.39 per month
  • Premium$2.59 per month
  • Business$3.99 per month

Some facts to note:

  • Remember that when pricing is their constant “sale” for your initial 48-month payment.
  • These prices are practically unbeatable, and they would be excellent, even without the constant sale.
  • Although virtual hosting plans only cost a few dollars a month, reduced Hostinger prices may be a trap. The problem isn’t the price itself; it’s the price that comes later and the fact that you have to pay annually.
  • With Hostinger, you have to take on 48 months of service. If, after a 30-day refund guarantee, you decide that this is not the best solution, it will be hard to get your money back.
  • The last thing about payment is that no matter what plan you are on, Hostinger provides only one website. This means you will have to pay for any extra domains. Their prices range from $5 to $17.00 based on which extension you choose.


Having studied the provider’s customer reviews, we emphasize that the unquestionable advantage of Hostinger is its wealth. The variety of accessible services allows you to adapt them to the requirements and financial capabilities of the client. Everyone will find a suitable solution. Fast uptime, excellent performance, and completely satisfactory speed make the provided hosting options highly satisfactory.

The parameters of the hosting plans and the servers offered are good even within the framework of the basic plans, which allows users to create far-reaching and frequently visited sites. More advanced plans will successfully meet the expectations of the most demanding users. In short, Hostinger hosting is definitely worth recommending, especially because the prices are competitive.

Hostinger will be an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates speed and reliability but does not want to overpay for marketing. After all, a high price does not always mean high quality. You pay only for the product and manage your finances wisely, getting cheap hosting with premium services. We highly recommend looking at the Manual section, especially for novices in website creation. Here you will find comprehensive materials and answers to almost all possible questions.

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