HostGator Review

HostGator Review

HostGator – is a cloud-based hosting provider, which makes it different from shared server solutions. Cloud technologies ensure enhanced performance and better security for the website. Traffic leaps and overloaded servers are no longer a problem, as cloud hosting uses several servers within a single ecosystem to ensure everything working smoothly in case any of them goes down.

The platform has made a good name for itself thanks to good enough performance, high uptime rate, and stable speed. It offers several packages that include WordPress hosting and other server solutions to meet your business goals. Besides, it has some unique options that can make the difference when choosing a reputable and secure hosting provider.

  • Affordable cloud hosting.
  • WP-optimized server solutions.
  • Dedicated and VPS hosting for complex projects.

1. Pros and Cons

HostGator is one of the longest-running hosting providers on the market. It has evolved over the years offering new features.

Users may choose from several hosting solutions that include not only cloud-based but also VPS, shared, dedicated, and WP-optimized servers.

Despite all the options, it brings to the end-user, some slight downsides might still take place. Let’s define the core pros and cons of the HostGator hosting platform.

HostGator Pros:

  • Good Speed Test Results – according to the recent tests conducted by Bitcaptcha, HostGator scores the A+ results despite the location. The tests have shown high page load speed even in US-based locations.
  • Flawless Uptime – the platform’s uptime rate is close to perfect. HostGator servers have been showing 99.94% over the last 24 months. A few hosting providers can boast such stability.
  • Security Features – the platform cares about customers’ websites’ security offering new tools in addition to regular system updates, instruments to prevent possible frauds, spam, scamming, etc.
  • Additional Resources – as a cloud-based server solution, HostGator ensures a stable website running even if one of the servers goes down. In other words, the platform has additional resources to use anytime.
  • Intuitive Control Panel – the system is pretty simple to use even for newbies who have never dealt with hosting features before. The platform has developed its exclusive control panel with all tools right in front of the user at the reach of a click.

We should also note the fact that HostGator is an affordable hosting despite the huge selection of handy features. However, most users do not like some things about the platform.

HostGator Cons:

  • Numerous Upsells – you might be annoyed with endless offers of additional products and packages you may never need. The up-selling policy is quite irritating.
  • Limited Memory – some may find it surprising, by the memory space is quite limited. The maximum plan comes with only 6 GB of space. That might not be enough for growing or complicated projects.
  • A Domain Fee – although all plans include a free domain, you will be forced to pay an additional fee in case you refuse from using it after 1 year expires. That sounds like a strange pricing policy.

If compared to all good and bad sides of the HostGator offer, it still looks like a good hosting solution for website owners craving for extended server resources, solid security technologies, good enough performance, and some extra perks we will describe further.

  • 2x faster page load speed.
  • Fast server response.
  • Intuitive control panel.

2. Hosting Features

Apart from baseline functionality that includes typical security tools, high speed, and good uptime rates, HostGator has some special instruments to deliver out of the box. They make their server solutions even more flexible.

  • Gator Website Builder – the platform has its custom website builder to create simple sites in minutes. The tool does not require technical skills and lets newbies build projects from the ground with no coding. The instrument has a separate App market with add-ons and widgets in addition to standard SEO options, payment gateway integration, blogging features, and more.
  • Expanded Security Package – the system offers a good security toolkit with 4 different solutions in the pack. They include Domain Privacy tool, CodeGuard, SiteLock, and G Suite. Read more about each security feature in the “Security” paragraph.
  • Resource Management – users get total control over allocated resources. You can monitor and use them whenever needed thanks to cloud-based server technologies.
  • Optimal Caching Configurations – the platform uses integrated caching to ensure faster website loading speed. The pages are loaded faster as well when requested from the cloud.
  • Mirrored Copies – the system uses data mirroring technologies. They act as data distributors across multiple devices. The feature is enabled automatically.
  • Custom Control Panel – HostGator has its exclusive cPanel that delivers full control over your account, Users are able to create new accounts as well as manage unlimited subdomains from a single dashboard.
    Hostgator Dashboard

  • WP-optimized Hosting – a good feature for all WordPress fans. It includes free site migration, seamless integration with CMS, a simple control panel, and more.

As you can see, the platform has some good extras to offer in addition to hosting baseline functionality. We should also note several free options including connected SSL and 1-year free domain for all HostGator customers.

  • Automatic mirroring technologies.
  • Optimized caching configurations.
  • Easy-to-use website builder.

3. Performance

The platform uses advanced technologies to ensure the website’s stable running. Apart from cloud-based solutions, HostGator uses mirroring technologies and caching configurations to make the most of the page load speed. The latest tests have proved that the hosting provider meets A+ level requirements while the average page load speed is 691ms.

The uptime rate has been close to 99.94% over the last two years. Also, it has data centers located in different parts of the world including the united States and Europe. It ensures fast server response even in Australia (413ms), Singapore (447ms), and Brazil (281ms). If you target a US-based audience with your site, the server responds in less than 1 second.

  • Great uptime rate.
  • Data centers in various locations.
  • A+ level website speed.

4. Security

We have already said a few words about the HostGator security kit. It includes several advanced technologies that are available for each user within a single pack. The safety toolkit consists of the following:

  • CodeGuard – a system to keep your handwork secure with the help of automatic daily backs and up to three website restores per month in case something goes wrong.
  • SiteLock – a technology to block bot attacks. It automatically detects malware and scam threats and eliminates their source.
  • Free SSL – users will appreciate integrated SSL encryption designed to ensure secure transactions.
  • Domain Privacy – a tool to keep your personal info safe. It features technologies that also keep your email away from spammers.
  • Advanced security package.
  • Personal data protection.
  • Spam and bot attack prevention.

5. Customer Support

HostGator offers multiple ways to get the required assistance in case of technical or other problems. Users will appreciate several instant ways to contact the support team. They include a Live Chat feature and phone numbers depending on the customer’s place of residence. Choose an international phone or local phone number. There is also a chance to send a fax.

Hostgator Live Support

Another way to resolve your issue is to enter a huge knowledge base with numerous video guides, tutorials in addition to customers and support portals. They are available in form of a community with tons of useful info. You may also enter a company’s blog with different articles, update descriptions, and other materials that may come in handy.

  • Live Chat and Free International Phone.
  • Video guides and tutorials.
  • HostGator blog and support community.

6. Pricing Policy

The platform offers several server solutions depending on your website type and requirements. The cloud-based hosting package is the entry one. It comes with three major plans:

Hostgator Pricing

  • Hatchling plan starts at $2.75 per month for a single domain with 2 GB of memory.
  • Baby plan costs $3.95 per month for unlimited domains and 6 GB of disk space.
  • Business plan price is $5.95 featuring unlimited domains and 6 GB of memory.

All plans include free SSL and a 1-year domain. The bad news is that you need to pay the domain fee even if you are not planning to prolong it after 1 year. The fee is $17.99 for each domain you have.

Users may also opt for WP-optimized plans costing $5.95, $7.95 and $9.95 depending on the plan. Not quite as affordable as you might expect considering cheaper options available on the market including Bluehost with its Basic WP plan starting at $2.95 per month.

VPS hosting starts at $29.95 per month while dedicated servers will cost you $118.99 per month in case you require more digital assets and resources.

  • Free SSL and 1-year domain.
  • 30-day refund guarantee.
  • Various server packages to choose from.


HostGator is a powerful and safe hosting provider with enough features to benefit from. It will work out for different website types including eCommerce, small business or content-based projects. It delivers a selection of server solutions featuring good performance and advanced security means. It is intuitive and easy to use in addition to its comprehensive customer support.

The hosting provider offers several server packages. However, some of them look about overpriced especially if compared to other alternatives presented in the hosting marketplace. On the other hand, HostGator is still worth paying that money.

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