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HostGator is currently among the most popular and efficient hosting companies worldwide. The service offers its clients VPS hosting, shared hosting, dedicated servers, and WordPress hosting plans. We have made a thorough investigation on HostGator to build a credible and unbiased review of the service. Here we shall turn to every important aspect of the company including its reliability, performance, features, pricing, customer support, etc. Just stay tuned to get informed.

Founded in 2002, the HostGator cloud-based hosting provider quickly emerged as a leading company in the world. Today it already hosts more than 10 million domains and has over 850 employees to serve the massive clientele. It has acquired its reputation as a trustworthy company due to providing state-of-the-art facilities, robust security, top-notch quality support, as well as economical web hosting prices. So that you get a better overall picture of what this service is, we suggest having a look at the pros and cons before we get deeper into all the crucial features and services it provides.

HostGator main

HostGator Pros:
HostGator Cons:
Reliability: The unbeatable uptime of 99.99% that HostGator guarantees, is the pledge of reliability.
Flexible billing periods: HostGator offers a billing period for both a month and a year to choose from per your convenience. However, know that the longer the period the higher the discount.
MoneyBack guarantee: Generally, hosting companies provide only a 30-day money-back guarantee. HostGator, meanwhile, suggests a 45-day one.
Free migration: The dedicated team of HostGator suggests transferring your site from any other host entirely for free if you have signed up not later than 30 days ago.
Features: When compared to most other hosting companies, HostGator offers more features on the shared plans.
Customer support: The support of HostGator is at the highest level. The live chat function is reliable and quickly responsive.
Higher prices: Compared to other hosting companies, the pricing plans by HostGator appear more expensive.
Aggressive upselling: When signing up, make sure you uncheck the additional services which are quite expensive and come pre-selected. You can add them at any moment after the registration if you find it necessary.

HostGator Features

Any basic feature that you can expect from a website builder, you can find at HostGator. All pricing plans include the following basic features:

  • SSL certificates: This feature ensures safe browsing on your website for all your visitors. The certificates are iconized with a small padlock sign that appears next to your URL so that users are assured you provide them with security. Otherwise, they could get warned with a “Not Secure” statement once they enter the website.
  • HostGator SSL

  • Social Media Integration: This feature enables you to embed the content from all the social media platforms you use for your business. With life feeds, social buttons, and image galleries integrated, your overall presence on the internet will be more connected.
  • Mobile responsiveness: With this basic feature, HostGator ensures your website will be adjusted to any screen size a customer will use to access it. This is a highly crucial aspect since the number of internet mobile users increases daily. Otherwise, you would have to think about creating a mobile-specific site version separately.
  • Website analytics: The feature provides the client with detailed information on the number of visitors to the site. Tracking it, you can get a clear image of how every change you make on your website affects its view rate.
  • Domain name: This is the name of your website which you get included in any price plan you choose at HostGator for one year. So, you won’t have to pay extra to buy a domain elsewhere.
  • HostGator Domain

Extra Features

The multiple add-on services that HostGator offers to its clients differ depending on the package type they choose. Here we have classified them per packages they are included in.

General Account Functions

  • Upgrade account: You can upgrade the current hosting package for free.
  • Downgrade account: You can downgrade your current hosting package for a $10 charge.
  • Register/Transfer domain: You can transfer your website from another host to HostGator free of charge during the first month of registration.
  • Create a website quote: You can contact the service to get a catching quote for your website.
  • Buy domain validated SSL certificates: This feature comes with a $10, 000 warranty, installation, and site seal.
  • Domain name transfer: The transfer of your site domain to HostGator is free.
  • Company validated instant SSL certificates: This add-on feature includes a $10,000 warranty, installation, and Trust logo.
  • Account restoration: You can restore your account for $25.
  • Account termination: Cancel your HostGator account whenever you wish so.

Shared Account Add-ons

  • Free private SSL: You can redeem free Private SSL.
  • Primary domain update
  • SSL installation: You can install SSL from anywhere.
  • Site builder: Several site builders are available to choose from and create a website from a scratch.
  • Dedicated IP: A dedicated IP address will cost you $4/month.
  • Account transfer: You can transfer your account from other hosts.
  • CSR generation
  • SSH Activation

Reseller Account Add-ons

  • WHMCS billing system: The addon is free.
  • Primary domain update
  • SSL installation: You can install SSL from anywhere.
  • Reseller club account: You get a domain reseller account.
  • Buy dedicated IP: A dedicated IP address will cost you $4/month.
  • Account transfer: You can transfer up to 30 accounts from other hosts.
  • CSR generation
  • SSHG activation: You can enable SSH for your account.

VPS Account Add-ons

  • Account upgrade: It won’t cost you an extra charge to upgrade your hosting package.
  • Account downgrade: This add-on for VPS accounts is free.
  • Account transfer: Any account you may have at other hosts, you can transfer to HostGator for free.
  • WHMCS billing system: Costs $5 per month.
  • Buy dedicated IP: A dedicated IP address will cost you $4/month.
  • cPanel installation: The addon costs $10/month and requires Snappy 1000 VPS or higher.
  • SSL installation: You can install SSL from anywhere.
  • Reseller club account: You get a domain reseller account.

Dedicated Account Add-ons

  • MSSQL server upgrade: Only for Windows dedicated servers.
  • Smarter Tools upgrade: Only for Windows dedicated servers.
  • WHMCS billing system: The addon is free.
  • Extra RAM: Costs $10 for 1GB per month.
  • Extra Hard Drive: Costs $35 for 250GB per month.
  • Reseller club account: You get a domain reseller account.
  • Buy dedicated IP: A dedicated IP address will cost you $4/month.

HostGator Dashboard

HostGator Dashboard

Dealing with HostGator is very straightforward. After the registration, you will need to select a template – a theme. Even though the templates are already categorized into respective industries for users’ convenience, there’s a search bar to spot a specific design. Use it if you know precisely what you want your website to look like.

After finding the perfect template, the user is to access the editor. The latter is extremely easy, and even people with no basic knowledge in SEO or web design can do the website customization to the highest level by just using the drag-and-drop tool. It’s all like working with PowerPoint where you move things on your slides.

Be certain, you won’t have any trouble with website designing at HostGator especially with the handy onboarding tutorial. The tutorial presents everything in detail from the get-on. Spending half an hour reading and watching the tutorial, an average user will manage to create a superb website with the right theme, images, and texts. You can customize the texts by setting the size, fonts, and colors offhand.

Template Designs and Customization

HostGator Template Designe

HostGator presents to its users’ choice an impressive collection of templates. All the templates are categorized into such sections as business & consultancy, music & entertainment, beauty & fashion, children & pets, health & sports, dating & travel, etc. After choosing one, just remember that the content you want to add won’t adjust automatically. If you don’t do this manually, you will end up having a whole page of overlapped elements. Hence, create space on the page before you add any element.

Overall, the templates of HostGator are enough to ensure a user with a great starting base to build a website off.


HostGator exploits a series of advanced technologies to ensure a high level of security against hacking and data leakage. The safety toolkit, available for all pricing packages, includes the following:

  • SiteLock: This tech blocks bot attacks. Detecting scam threats and malware automatically, the SiteLock excludes their source.
  • HostGator SiteLock

  • CodeGuard: This is a special system that ensures the security of the user’s handwork. Using automatic daily backs with the possibility to restore up to 3 sites a month, the system leaves no place for worry about the scenarios when something goes wrong?
  • HostGator CodeGuard

  • Domain Privacy: This tool is designed to ensure the safety of users’ personal information. The tech incorporated into this tool will keep the email safe from spammers.
  • Free SSL: The integrated SSL encryption stands for secure money transactions.

Customer Support

HostGator ensures quick response to all its clients who need immediate assistance irrespective of their location. The provider offers several ways of getting in touch with its customer support including the international tel number and Live Chat. However, before you hurry to contact the support team, get acquainted with the Knowledge Base. Accessing it, you will see all possible problems and solutions to them explained in detail in categorized sections for easy search.

HostGator Customer Support

If you are new to website building and need some guidance, check the Blog section. Here you will find helpful marketing tips and tricks.


Due to incorporating advanced technologies, HostGator can stand for the stable running of every website you create with the service. Besides the cloud-based solutions, here you can also see mirroring techs and cashing configurations in action. This all aims at making the most out of page loading speed. The hosting provider has been tested for speed and performance by various independent organizations and proven to meet A+ level requirements. In fact, the average speed of loading a website created with HostGator is 691m which is a good result.

For the past two years, the uptime rate has been around 99.94%. You see, since the provider has data centers in various parts of the world, it can guarantee almost identical loading speed for all countries its services are available in. For instance, in Singapore the server response is 447 ms, in Australia, it is 413 ms, while in Brazil it is only 281 ms. US-targeted sites created with HostGator will respond in less than 1 second.


HostGator Pricing

At HostGator, you can choose one of the three available pricing plans. All these plans are offered for a monthly, yearly, or two-yearly sign up. It is more expedient to obtain a longer package since the longer you commit to the host, the more money you save. Here are all the pricing plans HostGator offers its clientele:

Shared HostingWebsite BuilderWordPressVPS HostingDedicated Hosting
Hatching – $2.75/monthStart – $3.84/monthStarter – $5.95/monthSnappy 2000 – $19.95/monthValue – $89.98/month
Baby – $3.50/monthSite – $5.99/monthStandard – $7.95/monthSnappy 4000 – $29.95/monthPower – $119.89/month
Business $5.25/monthStore – $9.22/monthBusiness – $9.95/monthSnappy 8000 – $39.95/monthEnterprise – $139.99/month


To round up the review of HostGator, this is the web provider one can trust unconditionally. The provider promises and manages to deliver the best server speeds on the market at quite reasonable costs (the costs, however, may appear a bit higher than those of other services in the niche).

The generous security features and software solutions, both basic and additional, are fairly impressive. The dashboard of the solution is intuitive and user-friendly, while the customer support is comprehensive. The wide choice of pricing plans makes HostGator great for any client irrespective of their solvency, yet the provider is especially beneficial for those users who plan to cooperate with it in the long term.

Overall, HostGator should be accepted as a feature-packed and stable web hosting provider suitable for both beginners and experts. No matter what size your project is meant to be or whether it is eCommerce, content-based, or business type, one of the salable plans by HostGator will come great!

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