Growcer: Online Grocery Software Review

Growcer is a virtual grocery store builder developed by FATbit Technologies. The readymade eCommerce solution helps users set up, maintain, and manage their online grocery store without having any experience in this. Growcer is a turnkey solution that can be operated within a week after setting up. However, the company also offers a custom option tailored to meet the client’s requirements and grocery store specifications. As a result, customers get user-friendly online stores where they can easily navigate to find whatever product they need while the store owner gets the chance to increase revenue.

Online grocery stores built with Growcer are mobile responsive and can adjust to any mobile phone screen. In addition, the company offers plenty of customization tools and an impressive array of features designed to encourage customers to repeat their transactions, boost your sales, and drive business growth.

Pros and Cons

This review aims to shed light on all robust features and specifications to provide clients with a precise picture of what they will get in case of collaborating with Growcer. However, before we get into details, let us specify the main advantages and downsides of the platform.

Fast delivery within one to three days;
Highly advanced, conversion-optimized, and user-friendly features;
Mobile apps are pre-included for both buyers and the delivery staff;
Single and Multi-Vendor modes are available.
No drag and drop builder;
Customization is at an additional cost.

Ease of Use

This cloud-based hyper-local grocery marketplace features a straightforward interface with intuitive navigation. Starting a marketplace with Growcer is entirely painless. Nowadays, business owners and entrepreneurs seek ready-to-launch eCommerce marketplaces. Growcer is just that kind of a platform with a comprehensive range of features built using agile methodologies.

Let us introduce the procedure of setting up a new grocery eCommerce marketplace with Growcer:

  1. The company has a multidisciplinary team of professionals who greatly contribute to building and installing the marketplace on the server of the client’s choice.
  2. This team configures the most essential setting for the project including the location, currency, language, product catalog, etc.
  3. Then comes the client’s turn to invite vendors to the platform to list their products.
  4. Hereon, the marketplace owner, i.e. the admin, launches and manages the grocery marketplace using multiple tools at disposal.


Moreover, Growcer involves all the features an eCommerce solution may need. No coding is necessary as all the tools are accessible within a click. The CMS section on the admin panel allows enabling/disabling or editing almost any block on the marketplace. Even though the editing interface is not drag-and-drop, it’s pretty basic. The editing is more Word-like. Whatever changes you apply to your store are reflected on the website in real-time.

Growcer Features

Growcer comes packed with numerous powerful features intended to make setting and managing a grocery marketplace a breeze. A range of practical and sophisticated tools for admin, sellers, buyers and delivery staff are available at Growcer. In addition, the platform offers dedicated mobile apps for buyers and delivery staff, therefore, making Growcer a perfect solution for any grocery retailer looking to take their business online.

Growcer provides two solutions to its users – Grocery Marketplace and Grocery Single-store. Here is a detailed peek into every essential feature that justifies the rapidly growing popularity of the eCommerce platform.

Online Storefront Features

The storefront features of the Growcer eCommerce solution help users create a virtual storefront for their shops with a browsable catalog of products. See particularly what tools you will get by choosing Growcer as your online grocery store builder:


  • Product catalog & listings. Visitors of Growcer-based sites are provided with easy browsing. Every product on the “shelf” can get a detailed description, photos, a 360-degree view, and videos.
  • Bulk product upload. To fasten the process of uploading products, admins of the shops on a Growcer marketplace can upload them in bulk with the available spreadsheets.
  • Search and filter. Store visitors are provided with easy search tools to spot the necessary product based on the type, color, size, weight, etc.
  • Variations of products. When products are categorized into variations, it becomes easier for admins to list them and customers to browse them. Growcer enables product variations.
  • Visual customization. This tool allows users to customize the storefront’s look, which is highly essential. It’s been proven that online buyers are inclined to make purchases on sites that visually appeal to them.
  • Customer service tools. It’s important to integrate a reliable form of customer support to make the online store more practical. Growcer has integrated live chat.
  • Product management. The catalog of products can be updated whenever the admin wishes with no limitations on time or frequency.
  • Branding: With Growcer, your storefront becomes a part of the brand’s entire customer experience across different channels, including social media, website, and physical store.
  • Mobile storefront. Growcer based web stores are all mobile responsive. The storefront adjusts to the buyer’s device screen to provide a convenient look of the products on display.
  • CMS. Basic content creation and management features are included beyond the product catalog.

Online Shopping Cart Features

All the features described below ease the collecting of products, thus enabling customers to buy them in groups.


  • Tax calculator.The shopping cart of Growcer can calculate taxes, and process tax/integrate to the third party tax handling solutions.
  • Abandoned cart recovery.This Growcer tool saves all the content of every abandoned cart to let the site customers buy on their next visit. Besides, the admin can send emails to customers and inform them about the postponed purchase. If the admin finds it expedient, a report about the abandoned cart can be sent to the merchant to encourage them to convert the carts into actual sales.
  • Shipping calculator. Thanks to this feature, you can calculate the cost of shipping and display it for your store customers.
  • Checkout user experience.The shop’s customers can view the shopping cart and checkout. It features a consistent look and feel.

Online Payment System Features

Find out what tools Growcer offers to its clients for processing virtual payments:

  • PayPal integration. Growcer integrates with one of the most credible payment gateways, PayPal. So, if you find your grocery store customers will prefer to make payments through PayPal, partnering with Growcer will make the payment process smooth.
  • Single-step checkout. With only one click, returning buyers can checkout with the registered payment and shipping info.
  • Returns and refunds. Growcer provides admin and retailers with all the necessary tools to manage product returns and exchanges. So if you come across a refund request, you will also find appropriate tools to cater.
  • B2B features. If a Growcer client has B2B transactions to perform, they can find various tools to make the collaborations seamless, including invoicing, pricing, contract negotiation, etc.
  • eCommerce security. With Growcer, security measures are always in place when it comes to making payments on your website. Thanks to the robust SSL encryption, all the data transferred between the marketplace server and browser is securely hosted.

eCommerce Marketing Features

Setting up an online grocery store is only half of the path to success. The rest depends on the store marketing. After launching an online grocery marketplace, the first thing to do is spruce up the platform’s marketing to spread the word. Growcer offers practical marketing tools to both vendors and marketplace admins. This is not limited to giving sellers the chance to showcase their products or collecting banners on the home page. The marketing models provided by the platform will efficiently boost the business visibility.

See what eCommerce marketing tools you can get here:

  • Promotions and discounts. Whatever tools you need for offering and redeeming promo codes, coupons, and discounts for your products, you will get them at Growcer.
  • SEO. Growcer is available with built-in SEO tools to help the marketplace owner start the digital market more purposefully. The tools include URL rewriting, blog integration, Google tag manager, shortcuts to manage meta tags, etc. All the SEO-related activities are to be carried out right on Growcer’s platform without integrating any third parties.
  • Affiliate marketing. Growcer allows users to become affiliates. This is one of the most potent engagement models to add marketing assistance. Bringing marketing affiliates on board who can enhance grocery businesses will only affect the success of the overall marketplace.
  • Social commerce integration. The feature integrates with social media channels to let buyers share products, view ads, and discount offers, or shop for products within the chosen social media. This allows an online grocery platform to obtain higher visibility.
  • Registration of customers. With Growcer, you can provide your online grocery store visitors with the most reliable registration form. To set up an account, they must provide their email address and save their contact details, chosen payment, and shipping gateways.
  • Reviews on products. If you are confident in the quality of your products or simply want to find out what opinion your buyers have about your store, you can enable product reviews. Your customers will then be able to post ratings and reviews on every product separately.
  • Personalized recommendations. Depending on the customer’s browsing/shopping history, as well as identity (age, gender, location, etc.), you can display or recommend specific products.

Business-Friendly Features

With Growcer, entrepreneurs and new business owners get a product that helps them launch and grow their marketplaces seamlessly. Here are several other business-friendly features:

  • Self-Hosted and Lifetime Ownership. Compared to most other eCommerce platforms that come with operational and cloud hosting charges and subscriptions, Growcer is a turnkey solution that can be hosted on the server of the user’s choice with complete ownership.
  • Multi-Currency and Multi-Lingual. Growcer comes equipped with a multilingual feature that helps users from different regions communicate in multiple languages. It also supports payment in various currencies so that businesses can maintain a local touch for customers globally.
  • Scalability. Growcer provides its users with an opportunity to scale. You can start the business as an MVP and gradually expand it as per demand.
  • Security Assets. Growcer is a significantly developed eCommerce platform that implements premium security assets related to restricted SQL injection, restricted cross-site request forgery, restricted XSS, data sanitization, sensitive data exposure, and broken authentication.
  • Free One-Year Technical Support. Growcer’s client-centric solution comes with one-year technical support at no additional cost. It involves assisting business owners and entrepreneurs along the whole way of launching their marketplaces with any kind of troubleshooting in particular.
  • APIs. Growcer offers its users over 15 in-built APIs and allows the integration of any other API from third parties.

Growcer Website Design and Templates

Marketplaces and individual stores created on the Growcer open cloud platform look nice and clear. You can switch to mobile, PC, and tablet screen options to preview the site on all screen sizes at any point of store customization.


Growcer can’t boast of various templates to choose from for the website. However, depending on the picked-up category of products, buyers will see a respective style while the main emphasis is put on the products on display. The available categories are fruits and vegetables, beauty and hygiene, cleaning and household, baby care products, etc.

Customer Support

Growcer e-Commerce solution is catered to delivering premium services to its users in all directions – admin, vendors, delivery staff, and buyers. The platform’s Help Center includes an extended blog with industry-related articles, a FAQ section where new users can find answers to the most common questions, and a documentation section with manuals and guides.


However, if the user wants to get in touch with a Growcer representative in person, the following forms are available:

Growcer customer support is available, Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM (UTC+05:30). All the support forms are available whether you are already registered or not.

Growcer Pricing


As discussed above, Growcer eCommerce software solution offers its users two modes – Multi-Vendor Solution (Grocery Marketplace) and Single-Vendor Solution (Grocery Store). The prices for each solution differ. Let’s start with Grocery Marketplace Software pricing:

  • GoQuick: Priced at $1,999, the plan is a white-label version of admin, seller, and buyers. It includes Delivery Driver Apps. The timeline is five to seven days (weekdays).
  • GoQuick Boost: Priced at $3,999, the plan is a white-label version of admin, seller, and buyers. It includes Delivery Driver and Buyer Apps. The timeline is five to seven days (weekdays).
  • GoCustom: The price of this plan is as per the custom requirements of the client. White-label version of admin, seller, and buyers. It includes buyer and delivery Driver Apps that can be customized. The timeline is as per the customization needed.

Here are the pricing plans for Single-Vendor Grocery Store solution:

  • GoQuick: Priced at $499, the plan is a white-label web version. It offers a free installation. The timeline is three to four days (weekdays).
  • GoCustom: This plan is for businesses who are having custom requirements like design or feature addition. The price is as per the additional requirements and the plan offers a white-label web version. The timeline depends on the level of customization needed.

Let us remind you that these are one-time prices. Besides this, new users can apply to get a demo version and test the platform before they pay for the services.


Growcer is a perfect pick for those who search for a robust solution to launch a grocery marketplace (as well as any other eCommerce marketplace) to connect people to their local neighborhood grocery stores. The platform is packed with rich features and tools to establish, manage, and promote an online grocery store or marketplace. In addition, the prices are one-time, meaning that there are no recurring costs. The client pays once and then gets a lifetime license to use it.

Growcer is an excellent solution for large enterprises, SMBs, entrepreneurs, and offline grocery stores. The niche categories Growcer can cater to are, Vegan food, Seafood, Meat, Medicine, Pet supplies, Liquor and Wine, Board games, Fruit and Vegetables, Family Care products, etc. If you have been searching for a powerful turnkey eCommerce solution, Growcer is one of the best choices in the market.

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