GlowHost Hosting Review

Launching a website requires at least three mandatory steps – creating the site, registering a domain, and finding a host for it. In today’s market, there’s a huge supply of companies ready to provide you with all three options. And the modern website owner has no problem with the choice – their problem is which hosting provider can offer exactly the right solution for them.

We have been monitoring different hosting providers and can reassure you that there is no ideal host in the whole world. There is solely an ideal hosting solution for a definite website with definite aims and objectives. So, your website’s success depends highly on:

  1. Knowing for sure what you need;
  2. The chosen provider’s ability to 100% implement your project into reality;
  3. Whether the provider is to fit your website up with a ready-to-use plan or work out a personal hosting package for you. And all this for a reasonable price.

The choice of such providers leaves much to be desired. However, they do exist. And today, we are going to review one of them. At least the hosting company we would like to introduce to you has an extended experience, offers comprehensive hosting services, and has received so many positive reviews that we couldn’t overpass it. So, meet GlowHost – a company capable of turning your website project into reality. Its honest review is below.

About GlowHost in Two Words

Product Name:GlowHost
Official Website:
Hosted websites:100,000+
Free trial:For website-builder only
Cheapest solution:$3.47 per month
Refund guarantee:91 days

GlowHost is a US-based hosting provider that has been in service since 2002. It runs data centers worldwide. These are countries like Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, and the USA. The company offers tailored, top-quality hosting solutions for business and individual websites.

Pros and Cons

Every host has benefits and drawbacks, and so does the GlowHost provider. Let’s observe its key pluses and minuses before proceeding with an in-depth review of the hosting company.

all hosting types supported;
100% uptime guaranteed;
scalable plans (preset & managed);
loads of freebies for all plans;
very strong support;
a site builder with free templates;
a 91-day refund guarantee.
no shared-hosting servers located outside the US or Canada.

GlowHost Features

The main features of GlowHost include all sorts of hosting solutions, domain registration, and a website builder. That is, you can complete all the key stages of website creation from zero ground. As to hosting plans, you can host your website using the following options:

  • shared hosting;
  • hosting for WordPress, Joomla, etc.;
  • semi-dedicated hosting;
  • managed dedicated hosting;
  • virtual dedicated hosting;
  • reseller hosting;
  • Elastic Sites hosting (=managed VPS hosting).

GlowHost Features

You see, the choice of solutions covers practically everything your website might need in terms of hosting.

The company’s approach is clearly seen in its plans’ feature fullness. Take GlowHost shared hosting packages as an example. There are four of them on offer, and the cheapest, Unlimited Single Domain, contains features that you would find in cheap plans with a rare hosting provider. Within it, you’ll get:

  • immediate setup and activation;
  • unlimited disk space and bandwidth;
  • free domain registration;
  • free Private SSL certificate;
  • email, cPanel, and FTP encrypted by the site’s server’s SSL certificate;
  • RAID1 + secondary backup of your data;
  • a free website builder (a basic version of SohoLaunch);
  • 1,500+ templates – now for free;
  • SEO tools for free;
  • the ability to customize a Python, PHP, and Ruby version for your site;
  • one-click installation of WordPress;
  • loads of easily-integrated extras and apps.


The Unlimited Multi Domain package goes with the same functions, plus an unlimited number of domains in your cPanel. The other two plans are premium-class. Interestingly, both Personal Hosting and Professional Hosting plans go with a limited disk space – 10Gb and 20Gb, respectively. The same is true for the bandwidth: expect to get a 100Gb bandwidth in Personal and a 250Gb bandwidth within Professional Hosting plans.

However, these limits are more than sufficient for a shared hosting website. On the other hand, both plans include a pro version of the SohoLaunch website builder and automatic FFmpeg conversions. You’ll also get a free dedicated IP address and the OptiumCache optimization within the most advanced shared-hosting plan.

You can choose an upgraded version of shared hosting by opting for one of the semi-dedicated hosting plans. Their idea is clear: you share a dedicated or cloud server with a limited number of websites. Their number does not usually exceed thirty. These and other available hosting plans with GlowHost have similar characteristics: they include advanced sets of tools that will let you supply your project with all the necessary components.

We will show you in the below chapter that you may pick the same hosting types with similar packages for a bit lower price in the market. However, the content of these cheaper solutions will be far from ideal for your website in most cases. At best, you can expect to get a simplified version of the GlowHost offers.

WordPress, Joomla! and Other CMS

GlowHost offers complex hosting solutions for such popular platforms as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others. In the case of each platform, you can opt for a shared hosting plan, a Cloud VDS solution, or a dedicated package. Surely, WordPress options are the most advanced here. Expect full sets of tools, from theme management to SEO. However, the key advantage of GlowHost is that it is very simple to integrate with any of the CMS supported.


Within any of the hosting or website builder packages available on the platform, you receive the option of free domain registration. You can also transfer any domains to GlowHost at a reasonable cost. Other options include the ability to register a private domain. It will let you mask your identity so that no fraudsters or spammers can access it.

GlowHost Domain

Data Centers

The seamless work of the GlowHost servers is ensured by eighteen data centers placed all across the globe. These are locations like these:

  • Chicago;
  • Miami;
  • Los Angeles;
  • Dallas, Salt Lake City;
  • Montreal;
  • Toronto;
  • Mexico;
  • London;
  • Amsterdam;
  • Tokyo;
  • Hong Kong;
  • Sydney, and more.

Add to this over 77 Global CDN points of presence. GlowHost is ready to work out the shortest route between your website and your hosting server. Mind that the company claims 100% uptime and guarantees at least 99.95% uptime a year for your site.

Extra Features & Applications

The extra features from GlowHost are all about business and maintaining professional websites. First of all, you can purchase the exact SSL certificate you need when your chosen plan does not contain it. The available options include Sectigo Positive SSL, Sectigo Positive SSL Wildcard, Sectigo InstantSSL Pro with a free corner for a Trust Logo, and Sectigo EV SSL.

Another precious application from GlowHost and DigitalOcto is the image ProDesign editor with over 1,500 free designs. The tool will let you create and modify striking images that will embody the concept of your brand or product. Your targeted destinations may include social networks, blogs, ad banners, emails, and more. The app allows the creation of professionally-looking images in a couple of minutes.

GlowHost will supply your website with the panel for various Trustmarks and Trust seals. This is a tried-and-true strategy to gain the confidence of your customers and partners. Be aware that about 79% of online store customers admit that they trust an eCommerce site when it has Trustmarks and third-party logos. They find such a site secure for shopping.

GlowHost also offers a set of anti-hacker and after-hack restore tools. These are products introduced by Sucuri. This renowned company has been supplying the market with top-quality software against malware and hacker attacks.

GlowHost also collaborates with Kall8, so one more option for you is the ability to purchase a toll-free number with a 10% discount when subscribing to any hosting package. You are free to order it without a hosting plan as well – the price is sure to be affordable. The option goes with numerous extra features like smart blocks (by state, area code, etc.), call monitoring, statistical tools, and many more.

Website Apps

When you opt for a hosting plan from GlowHost, expect to get free access to 300+ pre-installed applications. The site has a built-in Softaculous App Installer to simplify the process of any app setup. Another benefit of this setup software is that it contains PHP scripts and JavaScript libraries. This might interest WordPress and Joomla users the most.

GlowHost can also connect your website to the most popular PHP shopping carts. These are, at least, Magento, PrestaShop, and OpenCart. Each of them is installed with one click. The provider supports a set of customization tools for these apps, so you can easily work out your unique shopping cart.

No matter which hosting package you prefer, expect to receive GlowHost support for vBulletin 5 Connect. This means you get a free vBulletin license as well as a pro installer for vBulletin. This app will give you piles of indispensable tools for creating original forums on your website.

GlowHost Website Builders

A benefit of GlowHost is that the host has website builders, too. The first one is a DIY site builder, SohoLaunch. A DIY site constructor is addressed to non-coders in the first place. This is a very easy instrument to create a site without dealing with code. In plain language, you rather use preset and customizable templates and supply them with ready-to-use elements. The key options of the GlowHost website constructor include:

  • Google-, Bing-, and Yahoo-friendly designs;
  • customer statistics;
  • pages with favicon contact forms, images, etc.;
  • an editor to customize your pages – simple for a total starter in site-building.

So, SohoLaunch is ideal for those who wish to build a professional website by spending the minimum time and effort.

GowHost offers three plans: Starter, Basic and Premium plans. The Starter package has limited enough options like 2 pages allowed and the maximum file size of 5 Mb. However, even this cheapest solution looks much more workable than its analogs with other providers. Thus, you can expect to get hundreds of free templates, SEO-optimized designs, social network connectors, and many more.

The other two plans seem more comprehensive. Your website can have up to 1,000 pages on each of them. As to the max file size, Basic allows 100Mb per month, while Premium – 250Mb per month. When you wish to get enough SEO tools for further enhancement of your site’s visibility with Google, be able to change header/footer code, have all instruments for HTML modifications, and opt for the Premium plan. Moreover, it goes with domain registration for free. All plans have a free trial.

The other site builder available with GlowHost is SitePad. This one is also very easy to use. Its Drag and Drop mechanics will be easy to master for a beginner and pleasant to use for an expert. With the help of SitePad, websites are easily created online and provided with all the necessary plugins, mainly related to marketing and eCommerce.

GlowHost offers three SitePad plans for shared hosting, elastic sites hosting packages, and reseller hosting. Each solution is well-thought-out and equipped with the very capacities and tools your project might need. The key options of the site builder include one-click publishing, hundreds of customizable templates, an abundance of useful widgets, and many more.

GlowHost Dashboard

One of the strongest points of GlowHost is its cPanel. It is revolutionarily simple and fully equipped with everything you might need for accurately maintaining your website. You simply won’t find an analog to it. This dashboard is designed to let you easily access apps and directories and implement all sorts of tasks or apply changes to your site.

Glowhost Dashboard

At the upper part of the dashboard, you’ll see the links to commonly used directories:

  • Home;
  • Addon Domains;
  • File Manager;
  • Email;
  • Submit a ticket;
  • MyGlow Account Manager.

When you press Home, you get to the main page containing loads of instruments for your website’s professional but simple management. A search line here will let you quickly find the very app or tool you need. The menus include:

  • Email (with sections like Email Accounts, Email Routing; Calendars and Contacts, Filters; Spam Filters; EasyDMARC, etc.);
  • Files (File Manager, Images, FTP Accounts, Web Disk, Disk Memory, Directory Privacy, and more);
  • Databases (phpMyAdmin, MySQL databases + Wizard, Remote MySQL);
  • Domains (Site Publisher, Redirects, Dynamic DNS, and other options);
  • Metrics (This menu will supply you with various sorts of statistical data about your visitors, resource usage, and website errors. It also contains sections like Webalizer, Awstats, and more);
  • Security – the tools include SSH Access, SSL/TLS, IP Blocker, Leech Protection, Imunify AV, Two Factor Authentication, Hotlink Protection, and several others;
  • Software (WordPress Manager, SohoLaunch Website Builder, Optimization tools, PHP Pear packages, Ruby Gems, and others);
  • Advanced (Terminal, Cron Jobs, Indexes, Track DNS, Virus Scanner, and more);
  • Preferences;
  • Most Popular Apps;
  • GlowHost Links.

You’ll see the general info about your website, server, and hosting type on the right. Here, you can also observe detailed statistics about your actual disk/file usage, CPU processes, email accounts, addon domains, etc.

The provider has spent time and effort to create this convenient, easy-to-use, and fully-equipped cPanel platform for its clients.

You do not need special knowledge in system administration to expertly monitor and configure your website. Moreover, GlowHost has a demo version of the cPanel, so you can evaluate it with your own eyes right away.

GlowHost Security

Comprehensive protection of its servers and the clients’ websites is one of the key objectives of GlowHost. And the company has succeeded in finding workable solutions in this respect. First of all, GlowHost partners with Sucuri, a prominent manufacturer of website protection software. The collaboration of both companies has brought such a solution as Web Site Assurance. This package includes various tools for monitoring dangers and restoring your data/website in case your website has been attacked, namely:

  • malware monitoring/alerting/cleanup;
  • blacklist removal;
  • search engine resubmission;
  • unlimited free backup restoration;
  • the Sucuri Site Trustmark for your website, and more.

One more reputed provider with which GlowHost collaborates is Sectigo. This is a forwarding supplier of digital identity solutions. The most popular one might be an SSL certificate. Be sure that any GlowHost hosting plan includes a free Private SSL certificate. The provider also allows purchasing advanced SSL like Sectigo InstantSSL Pro or Sectigo EV SSL with advanced protection for your website.

Besides this, GlowHost offers the broadest range of ready-to-setup applications. Among them, you are sure to find multiple instruments for ensuring your website’s security. These are popular apps like ModSecurity, McAfee Secure, etc. Once installed, they will always be at hand on your GlowHost cPanel.

GlowHost Performance

GlowHost has been supplying its clients’ websites with high productivity and speed. The key characteristic here is stability. The provider offers reliable, climate-proof data centers and optimal (shortest) routes between the data centers and its customers’ locations. Be aware that GlowHost has three guarantees:

  1. a 91-day refund;
  2. 100% network uptime and 99.95% twelve-month uptime with account taken of possible hardware problems or maintenance services;
  3. 99.9% monthly uptime for your shared-hosting, reseller, or semi-dedicated hosting website.

These are not just words. The company ensures a refund (up to 100%) in case you encounter any network problem related to the data center or hardware or whatever. While many hosts may guarantee you compensation when problems with data centers occur, you would hardly pick the one that offers a refund for hardware issues.

GlowHost Customer Support

You can see that GlowHost gets ahead of most of its competitors by evaluating its Customer Support. All users can contact Support via a toll-free number or email. There’s also an option of submitting a ticket. The company will answer your phone call almost immediately, and it may take up to 20 minutes to respond to your ticket. The Support team works without days off 24/7/365. The provider’s site also contains a strong Knowledge Base as well as its dedicated Forum.

GlowHost Technical Support

GlowHost Pricing & Plans

What we liked about GlowHost is that the company is honest enough to admit that it does not offer the cheapest hosting. Instead, it offers an optimal balance between the price and value of services purchased. The company offers coupons to claim a 30% discount. Thus, you can start at $3.47 per month for the cheapest shared hosting plan. The regular price is $4.95. The most expensive package here will cost you $12.57 per month with a discount and $17.95 without it. Yes, you can pick cheaper solutions, but they won’t be so feature-rich by all means.

Shared Hosting Services

The cheapest package for reseller hosting will cost you $24.95 per month The starting elastic sites solution is $13.49 per month. Prices for semi-dedicated and virtual hosting start practically at the same $49.99 and $49.95 per month. The lowest price for a managed dedicated solution is $129 per month.

Reseller WebHosting With CPanel

Finally, you can subscribe to a website builder at the lowest $1.50 per month or $12 per year. There’s a free trial for all website builder packages. The company offers a record 91-day money-back guarantee. Considering all the tools and support included in these packages, you can understand that these are quite affordable prices, with every cent well-spent.

Glowhost Website Builder Price


GlowHost is a modern-type hosting company with a solid reputation and quality services. It offers comprehensive solutions for all sorts of hosting, website builders, and domain registration. GlowHost does merit the attention of business site owners, bloggers, and individual entrepreneurs. No matter which website project is on your mind, GlowHost can provide it with a suitable and budget-friendly solution. The company has exceptional guarantees like 100% uptime and a 91-day refund. Its Customer Support is truly strong. Highly recommended.

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