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Gator – is the brainchild website builder of HostGator, which is a recognizable hosting provider. The platform was designed for making simple sites that do not require any technical experience or expertise. It offers a selection of handful features in addition to an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, a great set of mobile-friendly templates, and other tools to make the site more engaging.

The software is good for those who need a professional blog, small business website, portfolio or any other website type to promote and market services online. It has enough functionality to meet both individual and corporate needs featuring social media integration capabilities, analytics, affordable prices, and more.

Follow our article and have a closer look at what it has under the hood.

Gator Website Builder Review
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Great for small websites.
  • Many features and free extras.

1. Ease of Use

The main idea of launching Gator website builder is to make the website making process as fast and easy as possible. You actually get a tool to create a site from scratch without technical expertise. After signing in, you get full access to all features delivered by a super easy drag-and-drop editor in addition to a selection of ready-made templates.

Getting Started

The process starts with singing in. You will be asked to choose a plan that meets you needs. If you are not satisfied with the platform, you may claim for a refund within 45 days. Users are able to sign in via their Facebook or Google accounts or opt for a traditional way of indicating their emails and password.

Once you have successfully signed in, you are instantly transferred to the page with templates. This is where you have an enormous option of layouts representing various website types. All templates are sorted out by categories. All in all, there are 21 different categories to choose from.

Gator Dashboard

They include blogs, beauty & fashion, computers & technology, wedding, nightlife, music, and entertainment, etc. Each theme has a preview mode, so you could look it through before opting, which is very convenient. The mode is available in both desktop and mobile preview versions.

Edit Your Template

Gator uses a super easy drag-and-drop editor to make any change or on-page rearrangement you need. The navigation bar on the upper left corner will prevent you from getting lost. Use it to switch between pages you want to edit. Simply click on the section from the list and get transferred instantly.

Gator Editor

The editor itself offers a variety of customization tools. The left sidebar displays all available functions. Here you may add extra elements including buttons, contact forms, media files, social integration buttons, Live Feeds, PayPal payment and checkout blocks, etc.

Pages” section makes it easy to see all the page you have and manage them seamlessly. The function might be helpful in case you need to duplicate or rename them. Each page comes with advanced settings to hide it, edit URL or SEO. The same thing is with sections. You have the list of them all in a dropping menu and functionality to rename or delete them anytime.

Gator Elements

Click on the “Design” button and change your website style customizing its colors or textures. The section has a collection of custom images, fonts, and text styles. Other functions make it easy to create a blog or store with just a click as well as look through website analytics.

Go Online

Now your website is ready to see the world. You may save all the settings or preview how it looks like on desktop and mobile devices. If everything is fine, click on the “Publish” button and go online with your project.

Gator Website Builder Review
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editor.
  • Extensive control panel with all tools in the pack.
  • Auto-saving feature.

2. Features &Flexibility

Gator looks like a flexible enough platform that meets independent website owners and small companies. It has a set of baseline and advanced features that include fast online store setup in addition to a huge selection of widgets, site analytics, and more. Those are the ones you will probably appreciate the most:

  • Apps and Add-ons – Gator has a huge App Market of its own. It is free to access and introduces different apps and widgets for on-page customization. Here we have buttons of various types and shapes, contact forms and mailing list functions, image galleries and social media timelines, navigation and search bars, etc.
  • Gator App Market

  • Integration – Gator mainly serves small and simple websites that do not require much integration. For this reason, it offers only baseline functionality that includes integration with SoundCloud, Google Maps, social networks via sharing buttons, and PayPal.
  • eCommerce – Gator lets you set up an online store with a click. You will find it in the left sidebar of your control panel. Once again, the option will work out only for small-sized digital stores and comes with features such as inventory management and control, reporting, and coupon management. Choose the currency from the dropdown list and get started. In addition, you may add and set extra functions that include adding to cart, check out page, PayPal Donate button, etc. Each site will be SSL-encrypted.
  • Gator eCommerce

  • SEO – the platform offers baseline SEO settings letting users edit URLs as well as page and site meta tags and descriptions. Add a Google Analytics tracking code and monitor your site traffic.
  • Mailing List – you may grow your mailing list without using third-party services. All contacts will be indicated in the control panel featuring a visitor’s name and date of subscription.
  • Blogging – Gator has a great blogging feature. Here we have a selection of blogging templates that are free to preview and install on the primary website. Here you may edit existing posts, delete them or add new ones.
  • Gator Blog

Do not forget that HostGator is a powerful hosting provider. It means that it will take care of your domain and website hosting with no need to manage them separately. Another huge plus in favor of the platform.

Gator Website Builder Review
  • Simple digital store setup.
  • Great blogging feature.
  • Tools for marketing and promotion.

3. Designs

As we have stated before, Gator currently offers a wide array of templates that refer to 21 different categories. All themes are 100% responsive and come with a mobile preview mode. All pages have advanced settings where you may choose the one you want to hide or show on desktop or mobile devices.

Gator Templates

All templates have an up-to-date design. Users may enter settings to resize or reshape various elements. However, you should keep in mind that the platform uses autosave feature. All changes are saved automatically, which may result in one section located on top of another. Make sure you provide enough free space to place a new block or element. Image and video galleries, icons, arrows are available for users in addition to the stock image gallery with 17 categories of high-quality pictures.

Gator Website Builder Review
  • 21 categories of free templates.
  • Responsive design.
  • Mobile and desktop preview mode.

4. Customer Support

Gator has a diverse support system offering several ways to resolve different issues. The major options include:

  • Live Chat – in spite of all simplicity, the feature is a bit irritating, as you need to enter your name, website domain and the issue itself. The process could be less time-consuming.
  • Gator Help Center – users get access to a comprehensive knowledge base with videos and how-to guides. There is also an email option.

The platform has a priority support available for users with advanced plans. It claims to be super-fast while baseline customer service might seem a bit slow at first. On the other hand, specialists are extremely competent and ready to help 24/7.

Gator Website Builder Review
  • Extensive knowledge base.
  • Help Center with articles and video guides.
  • Live Chat feature.

5. Pricing Policy

Gator does not have a free trial. However, you are free to request a full refund within the first 45 days of usage in case you are not satisfied with the platform. As for the plans, there are three different options depending on your needs:

  • Starter Plan costs $3.84 if you pay for two years. The price already includes a 50% discount for the first term of usage. In other words, the next renewal cost may jump up to $7.95 per month if you pay for two years ahead. The plan comes with all baseline options and no eCommerce functionality.
  • Priority plan $5.99 per month for a 2-year period. It does not differ much from the Starter plan. It has the same features and comes with priority support.
  • eCommerce functionality is available for $9.22 per month and includes all capabilities from a Starter and Priority plan in addition to eCommerce functionality.

The situation with price tags is a bit confusing, while renewal fees might take you by surprise. Moreover, the difference between a Starter and Priority plan looks a bit silly. In other words, we need to pay extra $2+ for decent customer support.

Tip for you: use Gator promo code SUPERBWEBSITEBUILDERS to get a 55% discount!

Gator Website Builder Review
  • 45-days refund guarantee.
  • Plans for any goal.
  • Priority Support.

6. Pros and Cons

In the whole, Gator is certainly worth paying attention especially of considered as an all-in-one solution with a free domain and hosting in addition to some of its baseline features. However, it still has slight weak sides that will be improved (at least, we hope so) in the nearest future.

Very easy website builder.
Great collection of templates.
Mobile-friendly websites.
Huge App Market.
eCommerce Functionality and integration capabilities.

The renewal price could be a bit lower.
Gator Website Builder Review
  • Dozens of widgets and add-ons.
  • Good for newbies with no technical expertise.
  • Galleries and design customization features.


Gator is a good website building platform in terms of functionality. It will perfectly suit you in case you are aimed at launching a small website no matter if it is a portfolio, company’s site, blog or small digital store. The tool offers a diverse selection of features in addition to vital hosting capabilities. It is easy to use with a set of responsive templates, great functionality and an enhanced selection of widgets.

However, it will hardly work out with complicated projects for a growing online business. At the same time, there are some more affordable alternatives especially if considering a Starter plan for launching a blog or landing page. On the other hand, you will get everything you need for that money and even a bit more.

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