Exai Review

Exai (Experts in artificial intelligence) – is the one-of-a-kind platform aimed at making users’ existing websites more user-friendly and efficient. It offers to upgrade your existing on Exai’s platform. The tool comes with extended functionality to let you not just build a website but to establish an automated process of its maintenance and support. No more manual troubleshooting, updates or debugging.

Exai will obviously work great for small business owners who are craving for up-to-date, SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly sites with no hassle. It appears to be an end-to-end tool featuring built-in hosting, updating, and maintaining instruments.

Today, we will review all of the Exai features and capabilities it may deliver to the website owners.


  • Improved brand recognition
  • Free site maintenance and support.
  • Mobile-friendly and SEO-optimized websites.

1. Website Upgrade & Makeover

The main Product of Exai as a company is to upgrade existing sites technologically & uplift them visually. As can be sensed in the previous sentence this product can be broken down into two products: Make your website Function Seamlessly, make your website look great.

Website Upgrade

As most websites on the web are static pages, Exai offers to upgrade any type of code format to the latest standards on the market today. That means getting:

  • Mobile compatible website;
  • Free Https security;
  • Latest HTML markup & technology.

Exai specializes in polishing many small details about the website that will eventually ensure smooth Customer engagement on the website. For example, each mobile site comes along with built in Call to Actions that encourage customer interactions (Click to Call, Click to Email, click to find).

Website Makeover

As the name suggests like the British/American Extreme Makeover TV series, Exai offers to make a similar change for your website. On top of the upgraded website Exai portraits a new look & feel to make your website not only good on the inside, but also on the outside. As the website already is on Exai’s platform and due to it’s ease of use (which is covered here as well) it is usually a matter of few days before the makeover part is complete.


These two parts usually come in one complete one-time package. Although you could also get a website Upgrade independently in case that you are already satisfied with the looks of your website & just looking for an SEO / Performance boost.

The overall process is very short in market standards, up to a week to upgrade the website & up to a week also to makeover the visual of the site. The process incorporates many aspects from different fields such as SEO, Design & Artificial intelligence tools making it a very safe & risk-free transition.

Getting Started

To get started with the upgrade & makeover processes you can check how many pages you have on your website with this tool: https://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ Then Go to the link below and within the form choose the package relevant to the number of pages you have on your website.

2. Automatic Maintenance

Exai incorporates artificial intelligence & machine learning algorithms in order to keep up website performance and maintenance. Exai puts a unique focus on securing the crucial functionalities of the website and monitoring performance. This is ideal for website owners who want to focus on their businesses and not on their website. If you want to have a website and to be able to forget about it , Exai is for you.

Free Automatic Updates Forever

Exai’s philosophy is that websites should first of all be functional and perform well. Accordingly, all websites on Exai are updated regularly with newer technologies as these are released in order to keep up with the Search, CMS & Web industries.

Once your website is hosted on Exai it will receive Automatic Updates for as long as your site exists on the platform. This seems to be Exai’s main focus and major strong point over more traditional website builders such as WordPress and Joomla.

Monitoring & Optimization

Exai aims to actively correct user generated ‘mistakes’ and automates processes it sees as crucial for the website’s regular day to day function. If for example you upload a very big image that should appear on a tiny smartphone screen, rest assured that Exai will make sure to make it small and fast loading.

A few other examples of the monitoring and optimization processes would be:

  • Automated Resizing & Compression of files and images
  • Optimization of Elements loading times according to each individual website structure
  • Preferring first visible content for both mobile & web
  • Active minifying of resources
  • End to End managed hosting & uptime monitoring (Domain, Name Servers, Firewalls, Cloud, Data) featuring good loading speed rate and uptime with data centers in Asia, Europe, and the United States
  • Delivery of content as close as possible to the geographical location of visitors using a wide content delivery network.

Exai’s platform is actively looking for errors and trying to resolve them by itself. Such mechanism makes Exai a very friendly for non-technical users who have little knowledge about websites. An interesting anecdote is that it seems that even Exai itself find their system reliable enough to use it for their own website.


  • Free themes.
  • Huge font library.
  • Background images and videos.

3. Ease of Use

After your website is already on Exai, the platform’s editor is great for newbies who want to keep developing their small business projects on the web and improve the brand’s recognition. It is a good solution for those who find it challenging to deal with CMS platforms like Joomla or WordPress. The main Exai’s mission is to simplify the building and customization process of redesigned websites.

Website Builder

Although a website builder is not the core issue here, it still lets you create a new site from scratch or modify the existing one. The system is based upon a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. Users do not have to code at all. The sidebar on the left contains all necessary tools you might need. Here we have ready-made blocks including text sections, menu layouts, galleries and media file blocks, social network buttons, etc.

Exai Review

The WYSIWYG web builder has four major functions:

  • Design mode lets you choose the website layout and primary structure.
  • Widget area provides access to ready-made blocks and sections to add them to the page.
  • Menu functionality makes it easy to add new buttons as well as social icons, etc.
  • Navigation lets you switch between different pages.

Here you also may have a look at how your site will run on desktop and mobile screens by clicking on a particular icon. The dashboard is available in 11 different languages. Users may enable the one they need by picking the language from the list right here in the control panel. Here we also have a Preview and Publish buttons. If you still find it difficult to work with the editor, the system offers video guides and tutorials. You are free to watch them on any stage of the editing process.


  • Fast website migration.
  • User-friendly dashboard.
  • Functional WYSIWYG web builder.

4. Other Features & Flexibility

Exai is very rich with as a platform. Aside from its main purpose of upgrading and maintaining websites the platform delivers enough flexibility and freedom to create a fully customizable project. The first and foremost feature is the functionality that lets users convert literally any Facebook page into a solid website with just a click. Users do not have to switch between two platforms. All actions may be done through a single Exai’s Facebook app. The platform generates all content from the Facebook page, transfers it to your new website with tools, and features to represent the content in a new and more attractive way for your customers.

Exai Review

Here are some other great Exai features you may appreciate:

  • Widgets – the platform not just provides a list of widgets you may hover over with just a click. Users have a chance to see how they actually act on the page and decide whether they need them or not. Simply choose the one from the dashboard and then drag and drop it. Good news is that users may apply the same design to each widget making them stick to the overall website style. Images galleries, navigation bars, on-page structure layouts, text blocks, footer and header zones – all widgets come as a piece of a code that can be placed anywhere you need.
  • SEO – first of all, users may add keywords and phrases of their own right in the dashboard when editing content. The platform itself automatically generates and assigns tags, meta descriptions or subtitles accordingly. You can integrate Google Analytics to track your results while the system will take care of proper XML website mapping.
  • Payments – Exai has developed its own website payment platform for simple, safe, and convenient billing management. It comes as a part of the platform’s CRM system to deal with various types of payments including direct and automated, monitors the transaction history, set payment schedules, and more.
  • Collaboration – as a website owner, you may assign various roles to outsource some of the responsibilities. The platform offers up to 15 different roles. They provide access to edit website body along with design permissions as well as restricts domain access.
  • Security – Exai is a fully automated platform that comes with built-in security features. It means you do not have to care about updates or maintenance. The system will do it for you preventing the slightest risk of malicious codes or errors that may sometimes be found in third-party widgets. The CMS monitors the site conditions and proceeds with backups, fraud prevention, etc.
  • Fonts – The platform has a huge free font gallery with up to 100 font options to choose from. Pick the type you want and preview your site without leaving the font gallery. All fonts are maintained to look the same across different browsers something which is many times overlooked on many websites.
  • Images – Along with the paid subscription, you also get access to Exai’s free image gallery. All pictures are sorted out by categorize or relevant keywords.
  • Templates – The system offers several ready-made templates. The option looks a bit limited considering only 14 available layouts. On the other hand, all templates are different features of video and slideshow backgrounds, themes with integrated widget blocks, image backgrounds, and more.

Of course, We should also note the advanced migration system that makes it easy to transfer already existing websites from WordPress, Joomla or any other CMS. This system is the ground of the main website upgrade & makeover product of the Exai Platform. The process is 100% safe with no risk to existing projects during the migration process.


  • Wide selection of widgets.
  • Integrated payment platform.
  • Collaborative functionality.

5. Customer Support

Exai offers diverse customer support with multiple ways to get in touch. At the same time, it has a growing knowledge base featuring a local blog with numerous handy articles on how to make a website more user-friendly, stylish and efficient.

As for the major ways to contact the support team, users may opt for:

  • On-site Live Chat feature.
  • Traditional email-based contact form.
  • Phone support for different countries.

At the same time, every user may have a look at the video tutorial before getting started right from the control panel. The system has a growing community on all major social platforms including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.


  • Multiple ways to stay in touch.
  • Growing online community.
  • Informative blog and tutorials.

6. Pricing Policy

Once you have signed in, you will have 20 days to try the system free. Then you will have to choose from three major available packages. The price will mainly depend on the number of pages you need to migrate, while all plans have absolutely the same premium features.

The plans Website Upgrade packages are as follows:

  • Small (up to 20 pages) is available for $690 one-time payment + optional makeover for 1010$ one-time payment as well as $11/mo billed annually or $15-mo billed monthly.
  • Medium (up to 40 pages) is available for $870 one-time payment + optional makeover for 1310$ one-time payment, as well as $11/mo billed annually or $15-mo billed.
  • Custom (up to 100 pages) one-time payment is negotiated while baseline monthly and annually price tags are the same.

Exai Review

Each plan provides access to all Exai features including a free website builder, theme, chat and email support, free maintenance and updates, SSL, and more.


  • 20-day free trial.
  • Custom corporate packages.
  • Various billing options.

7. Pros and Cons

Exai is certainly worth paying attention especially if you want to real from complicated CMS platforms or quickly convert your social page into an up-to-date stylish website. The software has some obvious pros while slight cons might also take place.

Great tool for a website update.
WYSIWYG editor.
Collaborative functionality.
Great for small business.
Fast and risk-free site migration.
Smooth website performance.
Free templates and 100 font types.
Automated maintenance, backups, and updates.
We have not noticed significant downfalls with the exception of a bit limited templates selection.

  • No significant cons.
  • Flexible website improvement tool.
  • Digital security and website optimization.

Bottom Line

Exai is a great tool to grow your business online without special knowledge or skills. The platform takes full responsibility for your website and on-site elements operation. The application is a great way to break free from time-consuming and complicated CMS platforms and eventually get an automated software to maintain and support the project.

The tool will work just fine for small business websites as well as small eCommerce projects. It is great for users who want to improve their existing sites or turn their social pages into a solid online project. Use it to increase your brand recognition and result in a better target audience outreach.


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