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Etsy Alternatives

Etsy Alternatives

As far as the prevailing amount of crafters lack web design skills and have never heard about the nuances of the web store development process, they start looking for a platform that will encompass ease-of-use, convenience and intuitive nature. Pricing aspect matters a lot as well. Etsy is one of the platforms many users come across when performing their online search.

Whatever DIY items you make, the chances to sell them at good cost and win customers’ loyalty are quite high with Etsy. This is especially true, if this is your first try to start eCommerce business and you intend to find out whether your product will be in demand with customers. However, if you have an intention to start a full-fledged online business, Etsy marketplace is not the best solution.

The thing is the competition is quite tough here and it’s quite easy to get lost in millions of product positions that are similar to yours. The only reasonable Etsy alternative is to launch your own online store, which will focus on your DIY products only without distracting user attention to items offered by the competitors.

Best Etsy Alternatives

Website builders are undoubtely better alternatives to Etsy. You don’t have to possess coding skills or learn programming nuances to launch and manage a quality website with them. Instead, you have to focus on your website specialization, select a suitable template, customize it and adjust the required settings to successfully publish your website.

Being oriented on the needs and skills of newbies, these services frequently offer helpful and informative guidelines that will simplify the web design process, helping you get the most out of it.

Online store builders differ in features, complexity and cost, but you have a nice chance to select the service that works better than Etsy and is best for you. Let’s review the best platforms that might be a great choice for crafters willing to start their DIY-focused online business.

1. Shopify

Shopify eCommerce software

Shopify – is the best Etsy alternative. It is a renowned eCommerce software, which has gained worldwide popularity due to the abundance of niche-specific features and tools. Shopify works best for people, who have the intention to sell their products online, irrespective of the niche they focus on, their business objectives and web building experience. The main advantages of the software are as follows:

  • Point-of-Sale Software. The platform has its own POS (Point-of-Sale) software, the major implication of which is to let crafters sell their DIY products in the retail storefront (the offline mode), manage several staff accounts and synchronize with the accounting software, if there is such a need.
  • Responsive eCommerce Templates. The software is focused on the development of online stores and, thus, comes with an extensive selection of free and paid niche-specific templates that are responsive and easy-to-customize.
  • Extensive Integration Options. One of the distinctive Shopify merits is its integration with world-known marketplaces and external services like Xero, Quickbooks and other accounting software.
  • Amazon Synchronization. If you already have Amazon account or just plan to get the one, you can synchronize it with your Shopify account to boost the sales amount and build customer base.
  • Live View. The feature allows tracking your web store performance (conversion rates, information about visitors, sales volume, order info, number of pages viewed by clients etc.) in the real-time mode.
  • Fraud Protection Feature. The feature is currently available for US merchants, who wish to protect Shopify payments made by customers from all kinds of fraudulent actions.
  • Shopcodes. Available for free in the Shopify App Market, Shopcode feature simplifies the process of mobile shopping by offering product QR codes that contain all the info about the item available for sale.
  • Augmented Reality. The advanced AR feature makes the process of online shopping more interactive and informative by providing 3D product images customers may explore in details from different angles.

Cost: The cost of Shopify plans starts with $9/mo to reach $299/mo for the most expensive subscription. Mind that Shopify doesn’t charge extra fees for transactions made in the service, but it charges commissions for credit card payments.

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2. Wix

Wix eCommerce

Wix – is the easiest alternative to Etsy marketplace. Here you can easily use to launch any website type, including a web store. The system is simple, convenient, and understandable for everyone, irrespective of the available web design skills, knowledge and expertise rate. It comes with a visual editor and drag-and-drop functionality, which simplifies the web building process and allows customizing website design with no serious hassle or time loss. Here are the major advantages of the website builder:

  • Wix eCommerce. The system has its own eCommerce platform designed for small-to-mid online stores, which comes with multiple customizable options and features (addition and customization of product galleries, professional web store management, set up of payment options, tax and shipping parameters, coupons and discounts, 24/7 customer support, CSV product import/export, sending mailouts, track order statuses and inventory lists etc.).
  • eCommerce Templates. The website builder stands out from the crowd due to its rich collection of niche templates, which are optimized for mobile browsing and can be customized as you wish.
  • Wix ADI. This feature will come in handy to crafters, who have never been involved in web development before as it makes the system automatically design a web store for them based on the content submitted.
  • App Market. Wix App Market provides an extensive choice of free and paid applications and widgets that can be integrated into your eCommerce website to give it extra functionality (Sell Downloads, Amazon widget, Located – Store Mapper, Webstore Ads, Store Metrics, Online Payments etc.).

Cost: Wix has a free never-expiring plan, which will come up to the needs of those users, who have an intention to explore the main features of the system. The system offers a separate eCommerce plan, the cost of which constitutes $16.50/mo. The plan is the best choice for users willing to effectively launch and manage a web store.

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3. Weebly

Weebly Website Builder

Weebly – is a website builder, which places strong emphasis on the development of eCommerce websites, especially after the merge of the system with Square in April 2018. It has a convenient drag-and-drop editor and box model structure that simplifies the web design process. The system is user-friendly to everyone willing to launch a quality website and it also provides an opportunity to apply CSS/HTML skills to give your website advanced look and performance. The main Weebly advantages over Etsy are listed below:

  • eCommerce Engine. Weebly has a full-featured eCommerce engine that lets you create and manage a functional online store (integrated shopping cart, safe payment options, product and order tracking, product upload and management, shipping set up, special settings for handmade items etc.).
  • eCommerce Templates. Weebly has a collection of high quality and responsive eCommerce templates you can customize in desktop and mobile versions.
  • Search Filter Option.The feature offers Weebly users an opportunity to browse the product assortment, sorting it out by multiple parameters, including price, color, type, dimensions and other characteristics.
  • Email Marketing. The system will notify customers about the news and events happening in the store (discounts and special offers, product updates, new offers that are offered for sale etc.).
  • Mobile Apps. You can manage your web store on the go by installing Android and iPhone apps Weebly offers.
  • CSV File Import/Export. If you already have Shopify or Etsy web store, you can transfer it to Weebly by importing/exporting products from the CSV file.
  • Weebly Promote Tool. It helps introduce your products in the most favorable light to boost your web store promotion.

Cost: Weebly has separate pricing plans for eCommerce websites. Their cost ranges between $8/mo and $25/mo. When building an eCommerce website, you can also make use of the advanced Performance Plan that works well for experienced retailers. Its cost constitutes $38/mo granted that you make one-time annual payment.

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4. Ecwid

Ecwid eCommerce Plugin

Ecwid – is a shopping cart plugin you can integrate into your website built with any CMS or almost any website builder to provide it with advanced eCommerce features. This is a pretty nice alternative for Etsy users, who already have their websites and plan to sell something through them. Have a look at the distinctive Ecwid eCommerce features:

  • Universal Show Window. Ecwid doesn’t provide a template set, but it has a universal show window for all eCommerce websites built with it. You can additionally choose a color scheme of the stock template, create your own design from scratch by using CSS skills or opt for a unique individual paid theme.
  • eBay Synchronization. You can synchronize your Ecwid account with that on eBay to enhance your sales volume and grow customer base.
  • Specific eCommerce Options. Ecwid plugin offers a set of decent eCommerce options, including reports, product catalogue, client base, taxes and delivery settings, shopping cart, payment options, social network integration, notification settings as well as a chance to install paid packages of applications needed to enhance web store performance.

Cost: Ecwid has a free plan that allows adding a show window with 10 products offered for sale. The cost of paid plans starts with $15/mo and reaches $99/mo depending upon the terms and tools offered.

5. Squarespace

Squarespace website builder

Squarespace – is a trusted US-based website builder, which initially positions itself as the software to launch and manage blogs, small web stores and portfolios. The service works as a great Etsy alternative for creatives willing to showcase their products in the best way. Websites created with it have appealing look and are well-structured to provide decent performance. The major advantages of the website builder:

  • eCommerce Tools. Squarespace has a set of specific eCommerce tools specially meant to bring your web store performance to the brand new level (social media buttons, image and photo galleries, drag-and-drop editor, abandoned shopping cart recovery etc.).
  • Product Management Options. Squarespace lets you upload and manage the unlimited product catalogue with multiple variants and SKUs, organize the items with tags and categories, adjust visibility and scheduling settings etc.
  • Integrated Statistics Collection Tool. There is an opportunity to integrate Google Analytics tool or select specialized Squarespace Metrics App to keep track of your web store performance.
  • Responsive Niche Templates. Squarespace has a limited eCommerce template collection, but the quality of the themes (which are mobile-friendly by default) is on the top notch level.
  • Contact Form Builder. You can either use the inbuilt contact form to customize your online store or select the Contact Form Builder to create your own exquisite users’ accusation tools.
  • Customer Engagement Tools. With Squarespace, you can boost your customer engagement rate by embedding videos, images and products into your web store pages, blog posts, events etc.

Cost: Squarespace doesn’t have a free plan, but it offers a 14-day trial period. If you wish to launch a full-featured online store, you can subscribe to one of the paid plans the website builder offers. Their cost starts with $12/mo and goes up to $40/mo.

Bottom Line

There are numerous decent Etsy alternatives for all those users, who are not satisfied with the marketplace for some reason. They differ in characteristics, feature sets and pricing, but all of them allow creating nice online stores.

TOP Etsy Alternatives:

ShopifyShopify is a renowned specialized eCommerce software, which excels at launching and managing small-to-large online stores and offers exquisite functionality that makes it stand out from the crowd.

WixWix is the best Etsy alternative for beginners, which boasts exceptional ease-of-use, intuitive web building nature, rich feature set understandable to non-tech savvy users and web design pros with years of experience.

WeeblyWeebly – is a well-known website builder, which lets you launch decent online stores and offers a complete set of eCommerce features, tools and options needed to start and manage projects with no coding skills needed.

EcwidEcwid – is a moderately-priced plugin that has to be integrated into a website to add a web store to it and offers a set of eCommerce tools, which is less extensive as compared to features offered by other website builders reviewed in the post.

SquarespaceSquarespace – is a website builder that works well for users looking for decent online product presentation and offers eCommerce features that will optimize the performance of their online stores.

Choosing the service that will be the best alternative to Esty is really a challenge. It takes time and effort to define the most suitable service, which will also come up to your needs, skills and requirements. That’s exactly why, we recommend testing all the platforms reviewed in the article to make the choice you will be completely satisfied with.

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