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Elementor Website Examples

Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress plugins that is also known as a full-featured web page builder. Its drag-and-drop interface, abundance of design customization features, flexibility and availability of designs make the plugin a worthy solution for professional website development.

With Elementor, you can set up, customize, manage and update all types of websites for personal and commercial use. According to stats, over 12,362,817 projects have already been launched with the page builder, while many more are under construction now.

Before you actually decide to use Elementor for website creation purposes, take your time to learn more about the plugin and its integrated functionality. The fact that it requires integration implies the need for code editing. Thus, it is desirable to possess programming skills and web design expertise to set up projects with the software.

Listed below are a few examples of websites created with Elementor page builder. They will let you gain inspiration for your project and make it possible to see what the software has in stock.

1. Gidimo


Gidimo is a website of the mobile app that educates students of all ages in a fun and easy way. The learning platform can be downloaded from the Google Play Market, combining gamification, interactive approach, mastery and social learning. The project looks very engaging at first sight, triggering the desire to keep browsing its pages in order to learn more about the platform and its advantages.

What’s Good About the Website:

  • Interactive design approach;
  • Multiple animations and 3D cartoon characters;
  • Interesting blend of white, blue and light green colors;
  • YouTube business presentation;
  • Newsletter subscription;
  • FAQ and customer testimonials;
  • Help Center;
  • Blog and social network account buttons.

What the Website Lacks:

  • Live Chat support;
  • Insufficient contact info.

2. Trelements


Trelements is a creative example of the Elementor-powered website that focuses on selling concrete modular tile series. The project ensures an intuitive web browsing experience, combining harmony with high informational value. Actually, this is a one-page website, where you will find all the business-related issues you are interested in. Just scroll down the page to view the available info.

What’s Good About the Website:

  • Brand logo;
  • Large-screen slideshow presenting modular images to potential customers;
  • Amazing typeface;
  • Unlimited and versatile pattern combinations;
  • Wall art portfolio;
  • Contacts.

What the Website Lacks:

  • Small fonts that make the texts difficult to read;
  • Too many graphics, which makes it complicated to focus on the main website message;
  • Live chat window;
  • Customer reviews;
  • Detailed product descriptions;
  • Video presentations of products.

3. Lost Tribe Travel

Lost Tribe Travel

Lost Tribe Travel provides amazing views of the best travel destinations around the world. This project will definitely be appreciated by tourists. The project itself is bright, energetic and informative at a time. You won’t find too many pages here – all the content is divided into several categories with regard to the travel spot types. The menu is hidden in the upper right corner for greater user convenience. The website really triggers the desire to pack a suitcase and to visit one of the countries you’ve never been to before.

What’s Good About the Website:

  • Unique brand logo;
  • Compelling visuals that drive user attention;
  • Interactive menu;
  • Nice typography and appealing website design;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Newsletter subscription.

What the Website Lacks:

  • Too small and indistinct fonts;
  • Live chat consultations required;
  • Tourist reviews;
  • FAQ.

4. Poustka

Michal Poustka

Poustka is a personal portfolio website example that belongs to Michal Poustka – a photographer, web designer and creative thinker. The project looks interactive and quite unusual, urging the desire to keep browsing it. The author regularly updates the project to impress visitors with his new works and to present his services to the target audience. The prevailing color is orange, which gives the project an energetic and stylish look.

What’s Good About the Website:

  • Interactive and animated elements;
  • High level photography;
  • Bold and bright colors;
  • Project portfolio;
  • CTA buttons;
  • Convenient slider featuring the best works;
  • Online contact form.

What the Website Lacks:

  • Live chat window;
  • FAQ;
  • Client reviews and testimonials;
  • Insufficient contact info.

5. COVID Photo Diaries

Covid Photo Diaries

COVID Photo Diaries is a worthy sample of a compelling storytelling website that documents the tragedy and seriousness of the pandemy. The project tells ten stories of people, including real photos taken by several photographers. This contributes to the genuine atmosphere of the website, which portrays different scenarios of the disease’s consequences. The tagline of the project sounds like “8 photos, 1 virus” and it doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.

What’s Good About the Website:

  • Real-life photos and stories of people;
  • Online contact form;
  • Clean design and smooth interface;
  • Each story told in details via photos;
  • Video embedding;
  • Interactive backgrounds.

What the Website Lacks:

  • English version (the website is currently available in Spanish);
  • More texts.


Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress plugins, which currently gains popularity as a full-feature page builder. Whether you need a personal or a business website, the software will help you get started with ease. The samples of projects reviewed in the post are the best proof of this fact.

Due to the handy drag-and-drop editor, opportunity of third-party plugin integration, availability of customizable designs and low learning curve, the platform has become a top destination for everyone, who likes WordPress and intends to keep working with its plugins.

At the same time, it definitely takes time and effort to master the software as you won’t go without baseline coding skills to customize your project here and to host it with a company of your choice. Ready to give it a try? Then go ahead to launch your first website right away!

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