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Elementor Website Builder Review

Elementor – is an award-winning page builder designed for WordPress. It comes with drag-and-drop features and a completely different interface letting newbies and non-technicians create award-winning pages and posts to stand out from default settings. The tool has proved to be the #1 option for users who look for a different way to represent their website content without accessing HTML or CSS.

The plugin was designed to widen the horizons in terms of site structure and design at minimum costs and absolutely no PHP knowledge. It is free to download although some of its main perks and features are available in paid plans. The product boasts millions over a million downloads so far. This time we are going to have a closer look at how it may help to customize the website and make it look more exclusive.

  • No coding or programming needed.
  • Free to download.
  • Endless customization tools.

1. Pros and Cons

Elementor plugin is one of the best page builders available for WordPress. It boasts a huge selection of instruments in addition to the fast and simple editing process. However, users may still come across some slight cons.

Easy-to-use page builder to create a website from scratch.
A wide selection of templates.
Dozens of design and customization tools.
100% mobile-responsive design and advanced settings.
The plugin is free to download.
Third-party integration and built-in widgets.
Some users might desire a bit more extended selection of eCommerce options.
A bit complicated sign-in procedure for beginners.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • An open-source tool with API access.
  • A wide selection of global widgets.

2. What Is It Good for?

A tool is a good option for users who want to try something different from typical website building instruments and templates available within the WordPress CMS. You get a chance to create something more exclusive instead of using standard themes installed by millions of other users. While with WP themes you need to know how to code in order to create something different, Elementor does not call for CSS or HTML coding skills. Besides, it can be paired with any of the available WordPress templates which makes it even more flexible.

As for the niche or project type, the page builder will suit different needs from eCommerce and small business, simple content-based websites and scalable projects for design agencies and development teams, food and restaurants, photographers and web designers, real estate, listings, resumes, and more.

3. Ease of Use

The plugin is a simple website builder with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. A user-friendly control panel has all available elements in one place. It makes it pretty simple to create a desired page structure as well as organize the content. First of all, you need to sign in and integrate the platform with the existing WordPress site or create a new connection from scratch.

Signing In

It does not matter if you already have a running WP site or only plan to go live with the new project. Elementor offers several paths to get started. First, you need to create a new account by providing an email and indicating a password. Some users may not like the absence of registration through social or Google accounts, which makes the process much faster.

elementor create an account

Then, you will need to answer several simple questions to specify the type of the project. If you do not have time for that, it is possible to skip those steps. However, they will help the platform to come up with the most suitable selection of tools and templates to meet your business needs. So, we recommend completing them all, as it won’t take much time.

elementor creating site for

The system will ask who you are going to build a site for. Then you will need to specify your role in the project as well as the level of technical background. The final stage is to indicate the business niche that applies to your project.

elementor choose site category

Connecting the Website

This stage is probably the most complex one for those who have never dealt with installing and setting WP before. The good news is that Elementor will handle the process automatically. You will only need to complete several simple manipulations. The system offers two simple paths depending on whether you already have a WP site or not.

elementor have a wordpress site

If not, Elementor will set it up for you. However, you will still need to choose a hosting provider. It can be either Flywheel or Bluehost. The second one is the #1 option with WP-optimized servers and affordable plans starting at $2.95 per month. When you are done with this stage, the system will automatically install and configure CMS to let you start building your first site.

elementor choose a hosting provider

If you have a running WP or CMS installed and hosted, you will only need to connect it with the platform. Simply type in the site URL in the space provided and let the system check its availability. If everything is fine, you will be able to start building a new project and integrate it with your already-installed CMS.

elementor enter site domain

Plugin Installation

Another way to start using Elementor is to install the plugin inside the admin panel. The process is the same as with any other plugin.

  1. Go to your Dashboard – Plugins – Add new.
  2. Find the Elementor page builder, download, and activate it.
  3. You will have a separate Elementor button in your WP dashboard.
  4. Click on Get Started and bold your first custom page or post.

The plugin offers a good introductory video with some baseline tips to start the creation process. You can watch or press the “Create your first page” button.

Elementor Editor

Template Editing

It makes it pretty simple to create a desired page structure as well as organize the content. As we have noted before, no coding skills are required. Elementor functionality lets users:

  • Create custom new pages and posts in a separate interface. You will get a new button in your WP dashboard to focus on the editing process completely. You actually get into a new web design environment still integrated with your WordPress site.
  • Build new elements and content structures with literally no PHP, HTML, or CSS access. A newbie will find it easy to use the interface and customize the website right at once.
  • See the results on a front-end basis. In other words, you see all the changes and modifications in real-time during the editing process.
  • Use the plugin with any of the available WP themes without an exception.

As it was mentioned before, the plugin comes with a vision drag-and-drop interface. In other words, you may choose any element from the left sidebar and drag it to the main field. Baseline elements introduce a wide selection of blocks and elements that range from typical headers, inner sections, dividers, video blocks, and spaces to image galleries, tabs, testimonials, shortcodes, tabs, etc. In other words, here you have literally everything you might need to build a solid webpage from scratch. We actually have a separate website builder inside the WordPress CMS.

A user has two major options before getting started. The first one is to build a custom page on his or her own using the elements on the left. In this case, you are free to express your ideas and bring any web design to life. If you are confused with so many instruments from the start, you may choose a ready-made template from the list of custom layouts. Simply click on the “Add template” icon on the main screen and choose from a selection of layouts that are easy to customize.

The editing process lets you change any element from image blocks and headings to texts and forms. The plugin consists of columns and widgets. All you need is to click on a separate spot and start editing it. Working with texts is the same as editing your typical WP post. You will have the same tools to work with typography, add links, change text sizes, etc. The same thing is with images. Users will appreciate detailed settings that let them change the image, apply different alignments, modify sizes or apply custom dimensions depending on the block.

  • Over 80 design tools.
  • Ready-made page layouts.
  • Seamless WordPress integration.

4. Features & Flexibility

The plugin boasts a wide range of features. They are designed to handle various tasks and create custom sections depending on your website type. Elementor might be a vital tool for users who want to keep their visitors engaged. The list of available features varies from interactive animation elements and self-designed popup forms to inline editing and multilingual support.

Compatibility with WordPress

While being rich with great design instruments, Elementor is compatible with all WP themes. The plugin works smoothly despite the template. It does not matter if you have a free or paid premium theme. The page builder delivers full access to its design tools. It is good news, as you will not need to switch between themes. Users from all over the glove will find it easy to use the tool, as it comes with multilingual support. Elementor is available in more than 20 different languages. Moreover, users are free to translate it into other languages that are not on the list.

Elementor Text Editor

Visual Customization

The plugin comes with improved visual customization. Inline editing is a great feature that lets you change sections and blocks on the main screen. You will see all changes live while no coding is required for footer or header customization. Enhanced typography comes as a part of the customization process with over 800 different fonts in addition to 80+ design elements.

Animation and Effects

Creating an interactive website with Elementor is easy thanks to interactive animation features that deliver hover effects and scroll animation. Users may add them to any part of the web page making it look more engaging and stylish. The idea is not just to add image animation but to play around with your photos using advanced settings and implementing various effects.

Elementor Style Text Editor

Marketing and Promotion

From an interaction and user acquisition point of view, popup design tools might also come in handy. They make it easy to create different popup types for growing your subscribers’ list. The plugin delivers ready-made pop-up layouts. They include lead capture forms, announcements, Hello bars, sale banners, email subscriptions, and more. Looking for a way to make your contact forms even more exciting? Elementor offers lightbox overlays every time a visitor clicks on a particular element, image, or section. It will make your web pages look livelier.


We should also note flexibility and third-party integration functionality. Whether it is going to be MailChimp or ActiveCampaign, you will also appreciate the ready-to-use WooCommerce widgets that make it easy to add price tables, lists, etc.

Most of the features are available with each Elementor plan despite the price.

  • Tools to design popup forms.
  • WooCommerce widget integration.
  • Works with all WP themes.

5. Design & Templates

Elementor page builder comes as an all-in-one design solution with 80+ design instruments. While most plugins let you create some particular age types, Elementor makes it easy to create the entire website from scratch. Starting from headers and footers to single posts, 404 pages, archives, search pages, and more.

Elementor Responsive Mode View

If you crave for a faster way to deploy the project, there is a simpler way to benefit from numerous ready-to-use templates. The collection includes different page types from ready-made portfolios and landing page layouts to contact forms service sections and more. Please, note, even if you opt for ready-made templates you may still use the custom dashboard to add new elements, change blocks or move them around.

Each section may be customized in three different modes:

  • Content Mode – it delivers some baseline tools out of the box. For example, you can change typography sizes, text colors, etc.
  • Style Mode – this is where you may modify the block width and height, implement hover animations, and apply CSS filters if needed.
  • Advanced Mode – those settings let you work with custom positioning, background, motion effects, classes, etc.

Responsive design controls let you preview and edit the page depending on the screen dimensions, For example, you can change margin and padding, set your own values or link them together to get a clear picture of how your page will look like on desktop, smartphones or tablets. In other words, here we have a baseline A\B testing mode.

If you like the result of your work, Save Option is a good tool to save your design as the template for future website pages.

  • Mobile editing and preview modes.
  • 100% responsive page design.
  • Advanced editing elements.

6. Customer Support

The plugin comes with extended customer support for both free and premium users. The easiest way is to submit your question via email form available in the Contact Us section. Pro users may benefit from premium support that supposes providing faster responses.

To get started, the tool comes with an introductory video available right in your WP dashboard. You do not need to switch between the admin panel and Elementor official websites. If a user still requires some more detailed assistance, the knowledge base will come in handy. It contains numerous articles that cover each step of the design process from making your first steps, features, and layouts to pricing and special tips.

Subscribers will have full access to Elementor help Center with different FAQs, video tutorials and popular articles on various issues. The plugin has a growing community on all major social platforms as well. A good idea to interact with other users and share experience.

  • Rich knowledgebase.
  • Help center with FAQs and articles.
  • Premium customer support.

7. Plans & Pricing

The system offers a free plan, which offers quite many options and tools to build a solid website. However, at some point, your project might require more resources, especially in case of a growing business you want to scale in the future. This is where you might need to select from any of the following paid plans:

  • Essential – costs $49 per year and is limited to only 1 website.
  • Advanced – costs $99 per year letting you build up to 3 projects.
  • Expert – costs $199 per year with up to 25 websites to create.
  • Studio – costs $499 per year for studios and teams to build up to 100 projects.
  • Agency – costs $999 per year and lets users build up to 1,000 professional sites.

elementor prices

All plans come with more than 90 widgets, over 300 templates, theme, form, and WooCommerce builder in the pack. Besides, all paid packages involve premium support, Elementor experts network profiles, and additional perks. The system guarantees a 30-day refund if you do not want to continue using it for any reason.

  • Free to use the plugin.
  • Affordable plans with PRO settings.
  • Annual updates and support.

8. Website Examples

Now, we are ready to showcase some of the best website examples built using Elementor. You may use them as inspiration for your own projects.

Trelements – modular concrete tiles

Trelements – modular concrete tiles

Gidimo – learning programs development

Gidimo – learning programs development

Fabsn – designer and author

Fabsn – designer and author

Human Rights AI – the virtual forum

Human Rights AI – the virtual forum

Funky Bakes – bakery and desserts

Funky Bakes – bakery and desserts

Youth-Topia – Scape Your Park website

Youth-Topia – Scape Your Park website

9. Conclusion

  • Free WordPress plugin
  • A beginner tool to build pro sites
  • Advanced visualization features
  • Integration with WP dashboard

WordPress is still the most popular website building tool despite the growing competition in the face of evolving CMS platforms and frameworks. The system improves each year to keep its leading positions on the web. On the other hand, the system might still look a bit confusing with its complicated settings especially for beginners. Users are supposed to have at least basic HTML and CSS knowledge to handle website building. Elementor is designed to put ease on the process and help newbies create customized pages effortlessly.

Elementor plugin has all features for a fast and easy WP-based website customization. It has turned into a separate website building tool with an intuitive interface, drag-and-drop visual features, inline editing functionality, etc. Best of all, it is great for beginners and non-technicians looking for an easy way to stand out with their websites.