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Ecwid Online Store Examples

Ecwid – is an advanced eCommerce plugin, which makes it possible to start and run small-to-midsize web stores. The plugin can be integrated into any website to give it a distinctive eCommerce focus. No deep coding awareness or web design background are required for Ecwid widget integration – so intuitive and simple the process is.

The plugin allows completing a broad spectrum of eCommerce tasks. Its application lets you create, manage and update product catalogs, upload and edit product images, add their detailed descriptions, analyze and track project statistics, accept and manage customer orders, set up payment and shipping parameters. Thus, web stores created with Ecwid have appealing design and worthy performance. Do you have any doubts regarding the use of this plugin for eCommerce project creation? Then have a look at the best samples of web stores powered by Ecwid now!

1. GhorTheke


GhorTheke is a web store selling and delivering exclusive grocery products they have in stock. The website looks quite simple yet it encompasses everything an eCommerce project should have.

When you get to the homepage, you will be impressed by the assortment of products offered for sale. By scrolling down the page, you’ll see the range of featured items that are in demand with customers. This is also where you will be able to browse the most popular categories along with the products they include. The web store developers have taken care of their customers’ shopping convenience by subdividing all the grocery products into sections. To explore them and to pick the items you need, just reach the menu section and proceed to the shopping process there. If there is anything you cannot find on your own or if you lack time to search the preferred items, make use of the search filter option to simplify the process. This is super-easy, indeed!

2. Sydney Flying Academy

Sydney Flying Academy

Sydney Flying Academy is a nice sample of a web store integrated into the website of the pilot training school based in Sydney. This is the place, where everyone has an opportunity to book some of the services the school offers. These include trial flights, exclusive flight experiences, training courses, merchandise items and even gift cards.

The website grants an opportunity to add some of the products you like to the Favorites section, to place and track your orders and to complete them directly at the website. A search filter available in the top right corner of the website will help you sort out the offers and to select the one you are currently looking for. The website also offers detailed contacts, which help customers get in touch with the managers within the shortest time possible.

3. Wrinkle Art & Toy Find

Wrinkle Art & Toy Find

Wrinkle Art & Toy Find is the top destination to reach for customers looking for contemporary fine art merchandise and exclusive vintage toys, which always enjoy popularity with users. The web store looks quality and convenient to browse. As you get to the homepage, you will see a large slider that presents the most trendy products available for sale here.

To cut down the shopping time, you can look for the preferred items in special niche-specific menu sections as well as in the catalog available on the homepage. This is also where you can view Featured products, add the items you like to the Favorites action, place the order and track its status, find web store contacts and social network account buttons. Such an extensive diversity of options contributes to a hassle-free yet effective shopping process everyone will appreciate!

4. Quammie Homecrafts

Quammie Homecrafts

Quammie Homecrafts is a simple yet convenient web store of homecraft items. The website looks quite plain at first sight, but it has much to offer to customers involved in the creation of handmade products.

Whatever item you are looking for, you have nice chances to get it in one of the web store sections. Just reach the menu and browse the product categories it involves. Some of them include Pre-Orders, New Items, Services, Sewing & Quilting, Bag Making, Kam Snaps, Clips & Accessories, Drapery & Upholstery Supplies and more. The same categories are conveniently listed on the homepage for quick access. One of the highlights of the web store is the integrated popup Reviews/Q&A widget found on the side panel. This is where users can both read customer reviews and look through the most frequently asked questions and answers to them. This definitely creates a positive impression.

5. NY State of Myne

NY State of Myne

NY State of Myne is the high end crystal dealer, which offers multiple exclusive gifts and products in its catalogue. To see what items exactly you can buy, just reach the web store to browse its sections, namely Spheres, Towers/Points, Gift Cards, Bowls, Status, Hearts/Palms etc. There is also the list of recommended products there, which lets you get the most popular items.

The web store provides an opportunity to place and track your order, join their accounts in social networks, add separate products to the Favorites section etc. All the items available in stock come with descriptions and real photos, while the search filter option will help you pick the required item, saving your time and effort.

6. Marks Shrimp Tanks

Marks Shrimp Tanks

Marks Shrimp Tanks offers freshwater shrimps as well as accessories and foods for sale in Europe, America and Canada. The web store is easy and convenient to browse, while the shopping process is fast and hassle-free.

To pick the product you are searching for, you should access the homepage and scroll down to find popular product categories. There is also a separate Featured products section, offering those products, which are in demand with customers most of all. Each item included into the catalogue comes with detailed descriptions and real photos to give the understanding of what you can shop for. Among the special web store highlights, it makes sense to mention the availability of currency choice option, search filter field, popup widget with social network access buttons as well as customer reviews. This simplifies the shopping process, making it more convenient and pleasant.

7. Nzurii Plaisir

Nzurii Plaisir

Nzurii Plaisir is a web-based sex shop, which offers a broad assortment of intimate products for men and women. The website is quite simple yet it is easy-to-browse and logically-structured. Whatever item you are interested in, you will easily find it in one of the sections without any hassle at all.

The web store contains only four product categories available in the menu. Each of them, in its turn, includes several items that come with descriptions and real photos. If you can’t find the required product in the catalogue, you can make use of the search filter option that helps cut down the search time. On the bottom of the homepage, you will come across contact details as well as social network buttons to connect with the web store managers and stay updated with recent news and website-related content. That’s a nice sample of a web store launched with Ecwid.

8. Mermaids and Dinosaurs

Mermaids and Dinosaurs

Mermaids and Dinosaurs is the name that cannot but attracts user attention from the very first second and encourages users to keep browsing the resource to see what exactly it has to offer. The business with such an extraordinary and somewhat fantastic name is owned by Shell X – the designer, who independently creates all her collections and offers them for sale in her online store. The collection currently includes an assortment of personalized hand-stamped and handmade jewelry for adults and kids.

The website looks quite simple yet logically-structured and easy-to-browse. You can find out detailed info about the website owner and her family-run business both on the homepage and on the separate About Us page. To reach the store and to place an order, go ahead to visit a separate page or scroll down the homepage to access the corresponding section.

A good idea is the availability of Instagram posts that provide more detailed info about the jewelry available in stock as well as about the process of their manufacturing. It is really interesting to watch Shell crafting her special products before placing your own order!

9. Luxury Goods

Luxury Goods

Luxury Goods specializes in selling luxury products and accessories to everyone, who appreciates high quality above all. If you belong to this user category as well, go ahead to browse multiple web store categories to pick the products to create your special image.

To make the shopping experience convenient and pleasant, reach the Featured Products section right from the start. This is where you will find those items, which are in demand with contemporary users. Need more stylish goods and accessories? Then browse web store sections, where you will find exclusive wallets, watches, rucksacks, bags, glasses, shoes, stationery accessories etc. To find out more detailed information about the products you are interested in, click the required item to read its description and see the real images. In case you need to sort out a certain product category, a search filter option will help you save your time/effort. Quite a trendy sample of a web store powered by Ecwid!

10. U Fresh Deals

U Fresh Deals

U Fresh Deals sees its mission in offering seafood products that feature high quality and are in demand with users across the globe. The web store is the online presentation of Pan Ocean Singapore company, which is now a recognized international trading house. Most of their products are collected and manufactured in the company’s processing plants, which is another proof of their quality and adherence to the highest industry standards.

To reach the product catalog, you just need to access the store section and to browse its categories. Along with seafood, the company offers meat and poultry as well as special favorites, which especially appeals to their customers. To find out more info about the web store or the products it offers for sale, you can access the social network accounts or pay a personal visit, using the contact info available on the bottom of the homepage. This web store encompasses useful content along with must-have eCommerce elements.

11. Fig&Honey

Fig Honey

Fig&Honey has distinguished itself as a California-based boutique catering company, which sees its mission in creating impressive grazing tables and boards to make any event special. Along with catering services, the company grants access to the online shop, where everyone can stop by to get locally prepared tea, coffee, bagels, salads, paninis and other delicious treats available in the menu.

The website of the company just won’t leave you indifferent – it makes your mouth water at the very first glance! A full-screen background image with versatile treats is worth a thousand words, indeed! All the images are professional, which definitely helps showcase the services and attract clients. To view the samples of ready-made grazing boards and tables, visit the Pre-Order page and read the guidelines. The Our Shop page, in its turn, grants access to the storefront with its diversity of dishes, unusual menu and special treats for each and every guest.

12. VIP Furnishings

VIP Furnishings

VIP Furnishings offers top notch designer interior accessories and exclusive furnishings to customers from all over the world. The most remarkable thing about the web store is that each furniture item is 100% exclusive – you just wouldn’t be able to find a similar one elsewhere!

Whether you plan to place an order or just shop around to find the best accessories and furnishings for your home or office, this website is definitely the top destination to visit. All the special deals and discount offers are provided in the slider on the homepage. As you scroll down the website, you will come across the main store sections with multiple items offered for sale. Each product comes with informative description, quality photos and price specifications. A separate Featured Products section will help you view the most popular items and characteristics.

Need a more detailed product assortment? No problem! The website now offers a menu that comprises the most popular categories of items available in stock. These include Furniture, Lighting, Made to Order, Accessories, Candles etc. If you cannot find a suitable product, go ahead to use a search filter option to narrow down the choice and to save your time/effort. All in all, this Ecwid-powered web store looks interesting, elegant and functional at a time!


Ecwid is a quality and functional plugin, which can be integrated into any website to give it eCommerce functionality. This eventually allows starting a small or a medium web store, irrespective of its niche focus. Plugin integration does not imply coding awareness, which is a notable bonus for non-techies willing to sell physical or digital items.

Ecwid delivers an impressive spectrum of eCommerce features. The widget allows for product/customer management options, convenient adjustment of payment/shipping parameters, order/web store status tracking and other related options. To find out what functionality you can expect from the plugin, have a look at the best samples of web stores launched with it.

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