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Ecwid Alternatives and Competitors

When it comes to building eCommerce websites, the choice of the suitable tool matters a lot. Fortunately, the selection of web building services available out there is pretty impressive and you have several options to choose from. One of the options users frequently give preference to is Ecwid. The service allows integrating an online store into any existing website without affecting its design. This seems a pretty good choice, but there is one thing you should understand before selecting the tool.

It’s important to realize that Ecwid is a plugin, not a full-featured eCommerce website builder. Even though, it comes with functionality features required to launch an individual online store, it notably lags behind popular website builders in terms of template quality and information presentation. We have explored dozens of platforms, which offer versatile eCommerce solutions and if you are not satisfied with Ecwid functionality for some reason, you are welcome to consider using one of these top website builders.

Best Ecwid Alternatives – Overview Chart

Website Builder:ShopifyWix
Official Home
Good for:All kinds of online storesSmall and medium e-shops
Easy to UseAbout a week to reach the top level5-6 hours to learn
Templates:Free and paid responsive templatesHundreds of store templates
Customer Support:Online chat, Help centerE-mail support, community help
eCommerce Features60+ payment methods, CRM, eCommerce CMSSecured payments, product gallery, store management
SEO Options:Detailed SEO for each productSEO Wiz
Pricing Options:$29 to $299/moFree to $24.50/mo

Ecwid alternatives come with a full set of features and tools required to launch a quality eCommerce website with no particular investment of effort and time. These services are credible and easy to use, which is a persuasive reason to use them. Let’s have a closer look at each of them now.

Ecwid Alternative #1: Shopify

Shopify Home Page

As of today, Shopify is, probably, one of the most well-known and trusted eCommerce website builders. Actually, it’s no wonder as the system has been specially created for users, who intend to launch online stores. It has everything a seller might need to get the most out of the website’s sales efficacy.

Features That Make Shopify Better Than Ecwid

  • Rich Template Gallery. Shopify offers dozens of free and paid templates to meet any business specialization and customer needs. The system also has plenty of design customization tools to enable users to create unique online store designs. Both free and paid templates are of high quality. What’s more, the platform also supports the multi language feature, which makes it possible to create different language versions of one and the same website. As opposed to Shopify, Ecwid doesn’t have a template selection feature. Being a plugin (not a website builder), it comes with a limited set of show window design settings, which often don’t meet actual users’ needs.

  • Shopify Templates

  • Buy Button. If you already own a website and wish to add an eCommerce feature to it, Shopify allows doing that in a pretty quick and convenient way. The service allows integrating its Buy Button into your website or Facebook pages to let your customers buy from you.

  • Shopify Buy Button

  • Synchronization with Other Services. To boost your online store efficacy, you can synchronize your Shopify account with those of other external services, like Quickbooks, Amazon Marketplace etc. This will give you a chance to increase the amount of sales and drive more clients.

  • Shopify Amazon Sales Channel

  • Powerful Accounting Functionality. Shopify comes with powerful accounting functionality, which makes it possible to view your account statistics, balances, create receipts and look through the detailed system reports to track your online store productivity, customer trends and other notable marketing and sales aspects. What’s more, the system offers over 70 payment gateways, lots of product reviews, automatic tax features etc.

  • Blogging Platform. Shopify allows connecting a blog to your online store, thus, making it possible to write and publish your business-related posts, categorize articles, initiate discussions with your customers etc. There is also a Future Publishing feature, which allows setting the date and the time, when your posts will be published.

  • Shopify Blogging

  • Abandoned Checkout Recovery. Shopify helps you boost your product sales by sending your customers automatic emails, which encourage them to complete the purchases they have begun, but then abandoned the shopping carts for some reason.

  • Shopify POS. Shopify uses the Point of Sale (POS) software, which makes it possible to accept customer orders in the offline mode, create multiple stuff accounts at a time, integrate with other accounting software etc. This is very convenient for business owners, who wish to maximize their profits in an easy yet effective way.

  • Shopify POS Terminal

  • SSL Certification. High security level is a must for any online store. Shopify developers have taken care of their users’ safety, having introduced the SSL certification feature. Due to it, all credit card and transaction information will be safely protected from unauthorized access. When it comes to Ecwid, it is not SSL-certified and cannot ensure the same security level. Obviously, it is less trustworthy as compared to Shopify.

Shopify Cost

Shopify Tariffs:

Shopify is known for its moderate pricing policy, although, the advanced plans may seem a bit expensive for an ordinary user. However, the system offers other options to online store owners, who wish to avail quality services and lots of eCommerce features at reasonable cost. As of today, the service has the four paid plans.

The system also has a free 14-day trial period, which allows testing any of the chosen plans for free. As soon as the trial is over, the online store becomes unavailable until the payment is made. If you are looking for the Shopify plan that will be the best value for your money, then consider using Shopify Lite. This is a kind of a widget that is integrated into your website or Facebook page to enable the online shopping feature. The widget is a nice option for everyone looking for a decent shopping solution. Mind, however, that Shopify charges commission fees from their sales, which range between 0.5% and up to 2% depending upon the sum of a purchase. Ecwid, in its turn, doesn’t charge any fees, but its cost is not lower than that of Shopify Lite, for example. When it comes to the pricing and quality combination, Shopify is the leader here as well.


Shopify is a niche eCommerce website builder, which is one of the most renowned services known for its credibility and functionality. The service is flexible and powerful enough to provide convenient shopping experience, affordability, safety level and credibility. The set and variety of web building tools is more than enough to let users choose the desired plans with regard to their experience level and web design skills. These features make Shopify a decent Ecwid alternative, which is really worth the attention.

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Ecwid Alternative #2: Wix

Wix home page

Unlike Shopify and Ecwid, Wix is not a specialized eCommerce website builder. It is a universal service used to create different types of websites. This doesn’t mean, however, that Wix cannot be analyzed from the point of view of the Ecwid alternative. The system works well to build online stores, ensuring decent result and quality.

Features That Make Wix Better Than Ecwid

  • Versatility of eCommerce Templates. The website builder has an impressive selection of eCommerce templates, each of which is a great start for an online store. The system also offers a set of customization tools, which ensure safe and convenient web building process. The templates Wix offers adhere to the highest industry standards and are ideally optimized for mobile use.

  • Wix eCommerce Templates

  • Simple Online Store Management. Wix is a great choice for newbies willing to launch their online stores in a simple yet effective way. Whatever store you create with the system, it will be easy for you to customize it, tracking the order details and statuses any time you need that. The inventory list can be managed as well, making it possible for you to set product details and characteristics, indicate their stock amount etc. If you need, you can notify your customers about recent updated and news by means of ShoutOut mailouts. This is a convenient option as well.

  • Wix eCommerce Editor

  • Product Galleries. Right presentation of product galleries can notably contribute to the efficacy and success of your online store. With Wix, you can cope with the task in the best way possible by showcasing your products and their characteristics directly at the website. You can add the products to the gallery, manage them there and set their specifications to provide customers with full-size pictures and detailed characteristics.

  • Wix App Market. For all those business owners willing to launch quality online stores, Wix makes it possible to choose specialized eCommerce applications in the Wix App Market. These apps can further be integrated into your online store, contributing to its functionality, credibility and performance.

  • Wix eCommerce App Market

  • Secure Payment Options. Wix ensures the utmost safety of each transaction made. It makes it possible to choose between different payment options, including PayPal, credit cards and what not. It is up to you to set taxes, prices, shipping terms and guidelines to make your customers feel safe about their money and confidential information.

Wix Cost

Wix Tariffs:
Connect Domain$4.50/mo;

If you choose Wix as an Ecwid alternative, you’ll be able to use the system for free for as long as needed. This is a great way to test all the features the service offers and improve your web design skills. However, if you intend to launch a credible and trusted online store, you’ll need to subscribe to one of the paid plans.

To be able to create an online store, you’ll need to upgrade to the eCommerce plan, which offers free hosting for round-the-clock web presence, a nice amount of storage space, Premium customer support and other options to make your online store stand out from the crowd.


Wix is a universal website builder, which comes with drag-and-drop functionality. The system is a great start for people with no web building expertise at all as well as for proficient web developers, willing to save their money, effort and time. The website builder offers a broad range of eСommerce features that ensure efficient, affordable and intuitive web building process. Even a newbie can cope with this task pretty well, not to mention a proficient web designer. Thus, Wix can rightfully be considered a nice Ecwid alternative.

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Bottom Line

The right choice of the eCommerce website builder is a surefire way to gain success with the launch and management of your online store. Ecwid is a nice plugin for users, who don’t wish to learn the basics of website builder and give preference to connecting and managing the plugin on their own. Ecwid deserves the attention from the point of view of functionality as it comes with lots of eCommerce features and tools you can’t go without when building an online store. At the same time, the plugin is not easy to manage for inexperienced users and it definitely lags behind its competitors, such as Shopify and Wix.

Each of these website builders is the leader in its niche. Shopify is a trusted and renowned eCommerce website builder, the use of which ensures stunning result and decent functionality of any web store created with it. By using the system, you’ll be able to complete any eCommerce task. Even though, Shopify is a bit expensive, it offers a Lite plan, the cost of which equals that of Ecwid, while the functionality features are on the top notch level.

Speaking about Wix, this website builder does not require any presentation as this is one of the most popular and credible universal website builders available in the contemporary market. The system works great for all those users, aiming at the development of classic online stores. It is powerful, flexible, affordable and easy to use for everyone. The service makes it possible to launch a decent online store with minimum investment of effort and time.

The conclusion is as follows: the use of website builders reviewed above grants more functionality than Ecwid with regard to all the parameters. So, if you need a decent Ecwid alternative, there is no sense to look any further – Shopify and Wix are at your disposal any time of the day.

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