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How to Build an Online Store by Yourself

With the advent of DIY eCommerce web services, it is easier than ever to integrate an eCommerce platform as part of your business system, whether you’re a developer or beginner.

There are dozens of free and paid shopping cart softwares and site construction kits out there, targeting different audiences. But which one will work for you? Let’s find out.

If you want to set up a full-fledged website with a custom domain and custom design, then platforms like Etsy or similar to it aren’t for you. You need a website builder.

Shopify: #1 Website Builder Software

If you have an established business, and you’re ready to invest into your web presence, you may want to go with a specialized, eCommerce site builder like Shopify, as opposed to the ‘versatile’ DIY site builders like Weebly or Wix. Shopify is quite expensive, but its price is reasonable.

Shopify eCommerce Website Builder

 Get started today, it’s easy!

This website builder is chock-full of advanced, eCommerce-specific features. However, don’t get caught up in the “more is better” mentality, unless you really need it. You may also take a look of our colllection of real webstores powered by Shopify.

Pricing: the easiest way to start selling with Shopify is to add ‘Shopify Button’ to your website. It will cost $9/mo. The other paid plans that include full set of website builder tool range from $29/mo to $299/mo.

Wix: The Easiest eCommerce Website Builder

Wix is a versatile site builder works where you create different website types: blogs, business sites, portfolios, webstores and more. In other words, you can not only create a full-featured webstore, but also add a blog and many other extensions you can find in the Wix App Market.

Wix eCommerce Website Builder

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Wix has lots of templates for e-store projects so you can find a website design for any taste. If you have any doubts about Wix you may see for Wix eCommerce website examples from our collection.

Pricing: Building a webstore with Wix will cost you $16.50/mo with annual subscription or $19.90/mo if you wish to pay monthly.

Jimdo: Perfect for Small Business

Jimdo site builder offers a robust eCommerce system powered by PayPal, Stripe or Invoice System. Here you can build a webstore even with a free package (of course with some restrictions).

Jimdo eCommerce Website Builder

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Jimdo has only four templates for webstores but you can easily customize them whatever you want. You may also take a look at real Jimdo website examples. There are some online shops amongst.

Pricing: as it was mentioned above, you may own a webstore for free, but you can sell only 5 products with the free plan. The paid package that allows you to sell an unlimited number of items will cost $20 with an annual subscription.

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