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Easysite Website Builder Review

Easysite - Homepage started out in 2005 as a ‘family’ website builder before Facebook became popular. Initially, this web service was targeting non-techies dreaming about creating simple personal sites. They would mainly use them to share photographs, videos and blog posts with their friends and family. The platform quickly gained momentum and became fairly popular until the appearance of completely free social media networks. These networks have managed to amass millions of users worldwide in a blink of an eye, literally leaving Easysite and similar platforms out of business.

For this reason, Easysite Team decided to go beyond just creating simple, brochure-like websites. After an analysis of the customer base, their Team realized that many tend to use Easysite-based websites for business purposes. To retain these and gain more customers in the future, Easysite devs decided to tailor the system to the needs of the average business. So, today we take a look at Easysite after a major overhaul.

#1 Ease of Use

The name of the website builder justifies itself: their webpage editor is dead simple. If you know how to work in Word, you’re more than capable of creating a full-fledged website using Because each Premium account comes with a free domain name, you’re asked to specify the desired web address when creating your account with Easysite. The only thing that can fall as a drawback is that you have to enter your phone number, as many users are reluctant to share personal information.

Easysite - Registration Form

#2 Feature Set and Flexibility

Easysite isn’t just another drag-and-drop site building kit. In addition to the traditional solutions (social media widgets, inbuilt Google Analytics, huge selection of fonts etc.) they offer rare features that can be found in just a few website builders. Some of these include:

  • Live video chat room – I haven’t seen anything like that before. This unique feature allows users to hold online video conferences with colleagues and family. It’s also a brilliant way to communicate with customers, to my mind. Video chats build trust instantly!
  • Live video broadcast. Thanks to this option you can present your new product/service remotely. No need to install any additional software – live video streaming capability is included into your website from the start.
  • User management. With Easysite you can add multiple collaborators with different access rights, create lists of members and followers.

Easysite - Features

Easysite promises to generate a search engine-friendly code that is easily digested by crawlers.

#3 Designs

There are enough templates to choose from on Easysite, but I wouldn’t say they’re stunning or jaw-dropping. Just normal, standard looks. What’s really important to mention is that just recently Easysite designs have all become responsive. Without you doing a thing extra your website will automatically adapt itself to the viewing environment and deliver high-quality experience to your site visitors.

Easysite - Templates

#4 Customer Support

Easysite has a killer phone support – they actually pick up the phone and talk to their customers. There’s also a knowledge base comprised of short videos explaining different stages of the website creation process.

#5 Pricing Policy

It’s simple and straightforward, no gimmicks, just one option: $19.95/mo for a full-featured website. The price covers a free domain name, rock-solid hosting and support. There are no free versions of the platform, except for a free trial version. You may also hire their Team to build an exceptional website for you starting at $595 (one-time payment).

Easysite - Pricing


I think that their collection of templates could be richer. Because the system is maximally simplified it may seem boring and predictable to designers and developers. If this is the case (you’re a seasoned designer or developer, read my Webydo or uCoz reviews. These platforms target nerds :).

Easysite Review: Conclusion

If HTML, CSS, FTP and other tech-related acronyms send shivers down your spine, but you’re dead set on creating and maintaining a business website on your own, Easysite website builder can be a decent candidate for you. It has a wealth of business-specific features, responsive customer support and intuitive webpage editor.

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