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Which is the Easiest Website Builder?

The easiest website builder – is the best combination of ease of use and functionality required to solve a particular task. Ease of use does not imply primitivity, however. It is not about the interface consisting of 2 buttons, one of each is used to publish a website. The thing is that website builders with visual editors, for example, may function differently, while having the same implication. Some of them make it possible to avail the desired result in a simpler way, while others allow achieving the same goal in a more complicated way.

What is the easiest website builder

The prevailing amount of people need business websites, such as promo sites, portfolios, landing pages and online stores that are not quite large in most cases. Blogs are also in demand. Most users are not interested in creating portals and hypermarkets.

That’s why, they are likely to choose between WYSIWYG platforms when searching for the most suitable solutions just because they need services that will make it possible for them to create websites which become popular. Consequently, our major task is to single out a couple of the easiset website builders of this type, the features of which will come up to user requirements.

So, what exactly do we need? A couple of website builders that are affordable, easy to use and manage and able to effectively solve a set of required tasks. Obviously, we know what the market can offer us already. We have tested lots of systems, compared the prices, available results etc. As of today, the simplest and the most powerful systems are Wix and uKit. Let’s review each of them from the point of view of ease of use and efficacy now.


Wix is the most popular website builder in the world. This is the number one solution available in the niche. This fact speaks for itself. Wix is awesome. The developers keep working on it for over 10 years already, trying their best effort to optimize the dashboard to make it intuitive and adhering to the functionality of the system, which also keeps improving. Wix is the most powerful and appealing in its niche. This is the best sample of the WYSIWYG system.

Wix Editor

Wix has 2 features that make it stand out from the crowd. These are the templates and the app store. Both features are the best in quality and versatility of choice they offer. You will also find various options that are not available in other website builders, such as billing, email marketing campaigns, a great graphic editor, an option allowing to use button combinations, create developer teams etc.

Wix Templates

All in all, Wix works great when it comes to developing websites by creative people, such as musicians, photographers, designers, makeup specialists etc. However, it’s also possible to launch the websites of auto repair shops, furniture manufacturers or construction companies without any particular effort here. The system encourages users to create impressive designs. It has rich template customization options – both general and applicable to separate elements (like sections, images, buttons, blocks etc.). You can change almost anything here, which is highly appreciated by creative people. If you wish, you can create your own website design.

Wix app market

It’s not difficult to use the system at all. Availability of detailed instructions, wizards and a blog won’t leave a newbie confused in case of certain problems. The pricing plans start with $49/year. This is enough to create a promo website, portfolio or a small blog.

To get the most out of Wix features, you’ll need a bit of experience and skills. At the same time, you need one day only to explore all the options of the system. This is how you will be able to learn all the features of the visual editor, such as adding various effects, boxes, videos, online forms, galleries, promo actions, integrating websites with social networks, marketing and entertainment services. Working with Wix is really pleasant and you should definitely try this option.


uKit is, probably, the easiest website builder. Why? That’s simple: it is convenient, functional and affordable at the same time. For $36/year with our promo code (SWB-25) only, you can use it without looking for other alternatives, if the options of the system meet you current web building needs. As of today, uKit may be effectively used to launch promo websites, landing pages, portfolios and online stores.

uKit Templates

You can create a suitable website structure for only 30 minutes by using a rich set of widgets. Filling it with content won’t take you longer than the rest of the night. You will be offered to fill out the contact form and provide other required data when trying to access a dashboard. As a result, your website will get personalized design right after the registration.

uKit Editor

Template demo content will help you understand what materials you should use to fill the website (by the way, we recommend choosing the design that meets your needs right from the start). Newbies will certainly like this option as well as helpful SEO optimization tips.

All in all, uKit is a user-friendly platform. For all those users, who need more than intuitive interface, the system offers user assistance and a blog, where everyone will find answers to all the questions (if any). However, it’s close to impossible to spoil something here at all. The system is a great start for newbies, who don’t have any understanding of the web building process in general.

uKit Dashboard

Nice responsive templates, a simple and easy to manage online store, intuitive dashboard, understandable settings of elements and affordability make uKit one of the easiest website builders to create business websites. If this is really what you need, don’t hesitate to use this system.

Bottom Line

Wix and uKit are the most convenient, pleasant and effective platforms to create a website for newbies choosing between lots of website builders. Even though, they belong to the same type, the systems differ from each other a lot. uKit is somewhat simpler and has several features that make it stand out from the crowd. These are responsive design options (Wix mobile templates have to be designed separately) and a rich choice of thematic templates. Wix, in its turn, is more functional and makes it possible to deeply customize the design, but it takes more time to explore all the features of this website builder.

Both systems are intuitive. The major Wix benefit is that it is simple, irrespective of its extensive functionality. uKit was created as a system to launch business websites by ordinary users and, thus, it excludes the possibility to make serious mistakes during the web building process. This is the easiest website builder ever. It doesn’t have any analogues in terms of parameters and cost.

Wix is a number one destination for creative people. What’s more, it can solve specific tasks like booking hotel accommodation options, pop-up ads etc. Wix has lots of details that contribute to its high status in the WYSIWYG web building niche.

If you need a website (except for a news/thematic portal, hypermarket or forum), then we definitely recommend exploring these two systems. You won’t regret the choice. One of them will certainly appeal to you and will live up to your expectations in future.

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