Duda Review

Duda – is a drag-and-drop website builder, which provides abundance of design customization features and advanced out of the box tools to ensure enjoyable and smooth web building experience. The service works equally great both for experienced web designers involved in custom website development as well as for first-timers. As of today, around 14 million websites have been created with Duda and many more are currently under development.

Launched in 2008, the system initially specialized in the creation of mobile websites. Currently, however, Duda is not about mobile website development only (there is a separate service – DudaMobile). The platform also positions itself as a responsive website builder that comes with a broad spectrum of design customization features and options. The service lets you create optimized websites that will impeccably fit all screen sizes. In simple words, you can get a brand-new, responsive website of your dreams in a hassle-free and speedy manner.

The system allows creating different types of websites and it also comes with multilingual support, unique inSite website personalization tool and multiple advantages that contribute to the success of the web development process in the long run. Duda is not the cheapest website builder as compared to lots of its niche competitors, but the cost of the service absolutely comes up to the quality of features provided. Is Duda as functional as it looks at first time? Can it be a worthy competitor to other renowned website builders? It’s high time to review the service to answer these and other system-related questions.

Duda Review
  • Drag-and-drop website builder.
  • Convenient web building environment.
  • Multiple design customization options.

1. Ease of Use

Duda is not quite complicated, but it still comes with lots of sections and web building tools, which may seem somewhat puzzling for first-time users. The sign up procedure is quick and understandable – what you have to do is to fill out the fields of the registration form, providing your name, company website, business email, country of residence, password and your web building objectives. This information is needed to start the 30-day free trial. Mind that no credit card data are required to test the system.

As soon as you are done with the registration procedure, you will be redirected to the dashboard of the system. This is the place, where you can start building your responsive website that will fit great all types of mobile and desktop devices. The menu of the dashboard is intuitive and logically-structured. All the main sections, categories and elements are within reach here and you can easily access them with a single mouse click.

Duda Editor

Right after you proceed to the website creation process, you’ll be offered to pick one of the designs available in the template collection of the service. The website editor provides detailed preview of all the templates to let you find out how exactly your website will display on various screen types. The editor is highly intuitive and it doesn’t leave any place for confusion – as soon as you start working on your project, you’ll be able to take advantage of the introduction part that makes you aware of the basics of the web design process. There is no need to copy and paste all your content, upload images and restore links – everything is done automatically without affecting your site’s content. All in all, Duda is an easy-to-use website builder, although, it may take time to master it.

Duda Review
  • Quick and easy sign up process.
  • Intuitive dashboard.
  • Logical and understandable menu.

2. Features & Flexibility

Duda comes with an amazing feature set that lets you effectively create, manage, personalize and promote different types of projects. These include personal and business websites, blogs, online stores, portfolios, landing pages and what not. The system does not set any limits regarding the number of pages or widgets you wish to add. It’s up to you to launch as many websites as you need on one account and add any number of pages available in the list. Let’s review the major features of the website builder now to see whether they can cover you web design needs or not.


Duda is a great tool to launch a full-featured web store. The system offers an integrated eCommerce platform (based on EcWid technology) that works seamlessly on all mobile and desktop devices. You can choose between multiple eCommerce templates that have modern look and feature excellent performance. The online storefront automatically uses the same font styles and color scheme as the rest of the website.

Duda eCommerce

Users are offered a pretty nice selection of engaging product page layouts to be able to upload the required number of products, customize their designs and descriptions as well as add product photos for better online presentation. To manage a web store, you may set up customized newsletter mailouts, integrate over 30 payment options, set minimum/maximum purchase sum per one checkout, enable automatic tax calculators (the feature is currently viable for the US, Canada, UK, EU and Australia), generate coupon codes for certain products, organize products into categories, provide digital content, enlist shipping providers, set shipping rates and options etc.

Multi Language Support

The system allows choosing between over 55 languages to launch a website geared towards a certain target audience. Multi-language websites created with the system are easy-to-manage, SEO-friendly and fully-customizable. If you have nice programming skills, you can access the code of every page to adjust per language settings there.

Duda Multilanguage

InSite Tool

In terms of unique functionality, Duda offers inSite, a smart tool enabling webmasters to create personalized content and deliver it to the right site visitors based on a variety of triggers. Some of these are: the time of day, the geographical location, the device your customer is using to access your website and more. You can add various pop ups to your website that let you display certain messages to the audience during each visit. There’s a library of ready InSites and the possibility to create custom triggers.

Duda Personalization

Social Integration and Widgets

With Duda, you have a pretty niche chance to make use of multiple system integrations, such as Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, YouTube etc. It is possible to choose from various widgets, integrate social feeds, publish links to your pages in social media accounts. What’s more, you can create popups to promote sales, initiate and support email sign ups, personalize websites for certain user categories. Contact form widget can be embedded as well to simplify interaction between users and system developers.

Integration of the vCita widget lets visitors schedule appointments via mobile, desktop devices and tablets. Other widgets you can add to a website include OpenTable Reservations, Coupons, Disqus Comments, Divider, File Upload, Multi-Location and Maps and more.


It is also possible to set up a functional, flexible, responsive and customizable blog on Duda site. You can add any content of your choice, edit blog page styles and layouts, assign multiple contributing authors, view blog statistics, use the search filter option.

Duda Blog

The system offers two blog editing modes that are interconnected and contribute to your final blog display options. These include the Layout Mode, where you can set up your blog structure, and Post Mode, where you can upload content. This is quite convenient for most users, who have never been involved in blog development before. RSS and ATOM feeds are automatically created and updated for each post added to the blog.

Search Engine Optimization

Duda websites are well-optimized for the search engines. The system automatically generates site maps, allows filing out meta tags for each page (keywords, titles and descriptions), picking and setting up favicons, customizing website URLs, setting up robots.txt and 301 redirects etc.

An interesting highlight of the system is its advanced feature known as Vary: User-Agent. This is a kind of a tool, the task of which is to notify the search engines about the content users expect to get based on the device they use to search for it.

Marketing Tools

Duda uses the amazingly broad range of marketing tools to boost customer conversion rates. These include customer conversion widgets, click-to-email and click-to-call widgets, coupon code generation option, maps providing detailed location directions, appointment scheduling tools etc. Additionally, you can integrate a PayPal widget, display Yelp reviews, create contact forms and add lots of other functional widgets.


Duda grants access to analytic collection tools to let website owners track and control their website statistics. Integration of Google Analytics gives you a deeper insight into your website traffic data. It makes it possible to find out user behaviour, track the number of page views and visits, see the locations users come from and other important info.

Code Injection

For tech-savvy users, Duda devs offer Developer Mode that gives full access to the HTML/CSS of a site. It is also possible to customize website templates via code injection option. This gives websites personalized and truly unique look, not to mention superior functionality.

Duda Code Editor

Widget Builder

With Duda, you can not only integrate the available widgets, but also create and modify the existing ones. This can be done in a few hours only by using standard CSS, HTML and JavaScript skills. To update the required widgets, you should access the Widget Builder and make edits there.

Commenting Options

When working on your project development, you have an opportunity to activate real-time dialogues with your clients to figure out the details. User comments are also enabled here. As soon as a new comment is added, your team members and designated customers will get automatic email notifications to be able to react to new messages on time.

Team Collaboration

The website builder encourages team collaboration, letting you and your team members create, save and share Team Sections. All team members get access to the only shared dashboard, where they can work together on project development.

White Label

Duda offers an advanced White Label tool. It makes it possible to use the system under the brand name of a user to apply the entire range of its features, while working on client projects. The tool will fully integrate with your brand features and style to provide the immersive experience. Currently, Duda’s White Label platform is available to Team, Agency and Custom plan users only, but it is possible to test it during the 30-day free trial.

SSL Encryption

All websites created with Duda are automatically protected by SSL Certificates, which make the entire website editing process more secure and reliable for website owners, staff and customers.

Duda Review
  • Blogging and eCommerce.
  • Marketing and Promotion Tools.
  • White Label.

3. Designs

Number of Themes:100
Free Templates: YES
Responsive Design: YES
Sort by Industry: YES
CSS Code Editing: YES

Duda template collection is rich and impressive. It currently encompasses around 100 designs and is updated with new ones on a regular basis. For user convenience, the templates are divided into thematic categories. It is also possible to make use of the search filter option and sort out the designs into several categories to cut down the search time.

Whatever template to will go for, it will be responsive and completely customizable by default. If you don’t manage to find a suitable theme that covers your web design needs, you can pick a blank template to customize it from scratch. The templates come with a preview mode that lets you see the way the selected theme will display on the screens of mobile and desktop devices.

Template change option is enabled here as well that lets you change the templates during the web development process without losing the edits made. Those, who want to customize their site through coding, can enable the Developer mode to personalize the project via code injection.

Duda Designs

To customize website design, you should reach the editor dashboard, where you’ll come across several sections. This is where you will be able to adjust design settings (layout, background, fonts, color palette etc.), add and edit pages, pick and integrate widgets, upload content, personalize the project, integrate web store or blog etc. Convenient drag-and-drop editor of the system simplifies the process of website creation, making it more intuitive. You can also choose from different navigation styles of mobile, desktop and tablet modes here. To make your projects more dynamic, the system allows for header shrinking needed to keep it at the top of the page while scrolling it. Page duplication and patented content import options help save the overall website development time without affecting the result.

Duda Review
  • Rich template collection.
  • Responsive niche-specific designs.
  • Powerful design customization options.

4. Customer Support

Duda is a dead simple system, so you’ll hardly ever face any problems there. Anyway, the website builder offers powerful customer support service for all user categories. Apart from the exhaustive information about the system available at the homepage, there’s an impressive knowledge base comprised of step-by-step tutorials written in simple language. It is also possible to make use of the support ticket service, watch helpful webinars with detailed guides and videos to find out the nuances of working with the system as well as information about the updates, recent products etc.

The Help Center of the website builder provides answers to the most frequent questions users encounter while working with the system.The questions come in sections based on the topic tackled. To speed up the search of the question and answer to it, it is possible to use the search filter option to sort out the inquiries.

Additionally, the website builder offers lots of marketing materials, success stories of other users and a blog with multiple articles about web design. The most helpful customer support feature is a live chat, where you can communicate with the assistant, who will answer your questions and help solve your system-related problems. All in all, Duda customer support service is on a top level.

Duda Review
  • Multiple customer support options.
  • Extensive knowledge center.
  • Live chat.

5. Pricing Policy

Duda is quite a costly website builder and the plans it offers are well-designed to come up to the needs of users. The system has a free trial that extends for 30 days and lets explore the entire feature set of the service. As to the paid subscriptions, Duda has three of them. These include Basic ($14/mo), Team ($22) and Agency ($74/mo) plans. The cost of the plans differs with regard to the number of websites included, amount of product added to the web store, marketing and promotion options, team collaboration, client management options etc.

Pricing OptionCostFeatures
Basic:$14/mo✓ 1 website;
✓ Email support;
✓ Free SSL.
Team:$22/mo✓ 1 website;
✓ Live support;
✓ 4 team members.
Agency:$74/mo✓ 8 websites;
✓ Custom branding;
✓ Website export.

For users, who have an intention to start a web store, Duda offers special eCommerce add-ons per each website. Have a look at them below:

  • 10 product store – free;
  • 100 product store – $7.25/mo;
  • 2500 product store – $19.25/mo.

Duda also offers a tempting White Label solution for web agencies and independent professionals. Do you need a custom plan? It’s not a problem, when working with Duda. For customers with hundreds of websites under management, the website builder has a special offer – Tiered Discount Pricing, Dedicated Account Manager, Unlimited API Access & Advanced Support etc. Just get in touch with the system developers to find out the cost of these options.

Duda Review
  • Free 30-day trial.
  • Flexible pricing options.
  • Extra eCommerce add-ons.

6. Pros and Cons

Duda is a full-featured website builder that provides myriads of design customization options. Like the prevailing amount of other web design tools, it is characterized by pros and cons users should know prior to deciding in favor of the service. Let’s have a look at them now.

Simple drag-and-drop editor.
Blogging engine and online store options.
Multi-language support.
Abundance of design customization options.
Unique InSite feature.
No App Store available.
Quite expensive pricing policy, absence of free plan.
Duda Review
  • eCommerce and blogging.
  • Responsive designs.
  • Multiple design customization tools.


Duda is a website builder, which offers drag-and-drop options, advanced design customization features and powerful integration tools. The system works equally well for non-techies and web design experts. It allows first-time users make their current sites responsive in no time – the entire process is fully automated. The system stands out from the crowd due to its multilingual feature, powerful customer support, detailed analytics system as well as abundance of SEO and marketing tools.

This is a good enough solution for small and medium-sized projects. It offers plenty of responsive templates, which are 100% customizable. Coding experts can use their skills and knowledge to create truly unique designs with impressive performance. If you’re looking for a responsive website builder or place to get a feature-rich mobile version of your current site, I highly recommend checking out Duda. These dudes know what responsive means! Remember to share your experience in the comments.

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