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DudaOne Review

Duda needs no introduction. This revolutionary web service has already helped 5 million people convert their desktop websites into excellent, tap-friendly mobile sites. It works out-of-the box and requires minimum user intervention: just enter your site’s web address or link to your Facebook Fan Page if you have no website, and watch the smart platform building your mobile-friendly web pages right before your eyes. It’s amazing!

But converting desktop sites into mobile-friendly pages is only half the story. In addition to the converting software, Duda offers a responsive website builder allowing users to create optimized websites that will impeccably fit all screen sizes. In simple words, you can get a brand-new, responsive website of your dreams in a hassle-free and speedy manner.

#1 Ease of Use

Similar to the mobile converter, the responsive builder is incredibly easy-to-use. It auto-synchronises with your current website and social profiles like Facebook and Yelp.

DudaOne Editor

All is done with a single mouse click – no need to copy and paste all your contents, upload images and restore links – everything is done automatically without affecting your site’s content.

#2 Feature Set and Flexibility

When your responsive website is ready, you can customize your website in the WYSIWYG editing mode by dragging and dropping visual objects on the canvas – no coding required.

You can create different user experiences for different devices: one view for smartphones, another for tablets etc. Duda offers a wealth of mobile-only features to help you convert your site visitors into paying customers: click-to-call, locations, custom mobile coupons etc.

DudaOne - Mobile-Only Features

For tech-savvy users, Duda devs offer Developer Mode that gives full acces to the HTML/CSS of a site.

In terms of unique functionality, Duda offers inSite, a smart tool enabling webmasters to create personalized content and deliver it to the right site visitors based on a variety of triggers. Some of these are: the time of day, the geographical location, the device your customer is using to access your website and more. There’s a library of ready InSites and the possibility to create custom triggers.

DudaOne Insite

Duda also has an eCommerce solution, that allows to create onw online store even in a free package version.

DudaOne eCommerce

But you should note that in this case you can add only up to 10 products to your store.

#3 Designs

Duda offers a collection of modern designs and blank templates. Just pick one, and your old site’s content will be pulled to the chosen template in mere minutes. No website – no worries.

You can start a responsive website from scratch using Duda. Each design has a desktop, tablet and mobile preview. Duda templates are switchable.

DudaOne Templates

Those who want to customize their site through coding, can enable the Developer mode.

#4 Customer Support

Duda is a dead simple system, so you’ll hardly ever face any problems there. Anyway, there’s an impressive knowledge base comprised of step-by-step tutorials written in simple language. For Business+ customers they also offer email and phone support.

#5 Pricing Policy

There are three paid accounts and free version of the builder.  The free account comes with Duda branding and can be used only on Duda’s subdomain. Premium plans range from $14.25 to $29/mo.

DudaOne Pricing

These allow connecting a custom web address and unlock advanced editing features. Duda also offers a tempting White Label solution for web agencies and independent professionals.

DudaOne FAQ

Question: What will be the domain of my site?

Answer: Each DudaOne site is automatically given a subdomain ( Once you have finished your site, you can connect a domain you already own or purchase a new one from a domain registrar (NameCheap or GoDaddy for example). Currently, DudaOne does not support domain purchasing via the system.

Your site will have ONE consistent URL, regardless of the device it’s viewed on. There will be no need to create separate subdomains (like for different devices.

Question: Can I transport my DudaOne website elsewhere?

Answer: No. DudaOne-based sites work only on the Duda platform.

Question: Can I create three different user experiences (desktop/mobile/tablet)? Or they will be generated automatically by the system?

Answer: Yes, you can create three different versions of your site. You can remove unnecessary blocks of content from your mobile/tablet version without affecting your major website.


Their editor is a bit slow, compared to the competition. If you know any other drawbacks, please tell us – just drop a few lines in the comments below this review.

DudaOne Review: Conclusion

DudaOne was developed with the multi-screen world in mind. It allows non-techies to make their current sites responsive in no time – the entire process is fully automated.

So, if you’re looking for a responsive website builder or place to get a feature-rich mobile version of your current site, I highly recommend checking out Duda. These dudes know what responsive means! Remember to share your experience in the comments.

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