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DudaMobile – is a service, which allows for quick and professional creation of DIY mobile websites. The system stands out from the crowd due to its explicit focus on the conversion of desktop websites into feature-laden, tap-friendly mobile sites right before your eyes!

DudaMobile used to target website owners who have not managed to create mobile-ready websites for some reason yet had the intention to make their project optimized for mobile browsing. There was no need to completely rebuild a desktop website version to make it responsive. Instead, a user had an opportunity to join DudaMobile to create a separate mobile version of a ready-made project. In many cases, this proved to be a reasonable solution that helped prevent the loss of traffic and SEO ranking.

Recently, however, DudaMobile has announced the discontinuation of the project. That’s not because it was bad or ineffective. That’s simply because it outlived itself – the prevailing amount of contemporary websites are now created responsive by default. This has decreased user interest in the product and, thus, there is no demand for it anymore. Instead, you can use Duda website builder that allows creating responsive websites in the automated mode and it really succeeds at this.

Even though, DudaMobile is no longer supported, we decided to leave the review of the product as it is. It may come in handy to those users, who have websites built with the service and might be interested in finding answers to their questions here.


  • Professional mobile website converter;
  • Allowed creating separate mobile version of your desktop website;
  • Has recently been discontinued.

1. Ease of Use

Unlike other website builders, DudaMobile isn’t about designing and publishing a completely new site from scratch, it’s about making your existing website optimized for mobile browsing.

Duda Mobile Editor

While signing up for the trial version of the platform, you’ll be asked to provide your login and password data along with the telephone number and existing website you’d like to make mobile-ready. As soon as you are done with that, you will be redirected to the sites dashboard, where you will also be able to gain access to the website stats, support resources and general account info.

The entire process of mobile website creation is ridiculously simple: all you need is to enter your website URL and click the button. In mere seconds you’ll get access to the editor where you can start changing layouts, headers, page icons etc. You will further be able to edit website pages by dragging and dropping popular, business, design and social sections or elements (like Click-to-Call button, Google Maps, Google AdSense, contact forms, lists, dividers, social network accounts etc.). It’s also possible to adjust SEO and page settings here as well as to add new pages to your mobile website version. The interface is very intuitive and requires no technical knowledge at all.


  • Easy to use and intuitive;
  • Can quickly convert desktop website versions into mobile-optimized versions;
  • Offers multiple website editing options.

2. Features & Flexibility

DudaMobile is packed with features, both mobile-specific and standard. Even if you don’t a have a desktop website, you can get a mobile site with Duda – just enter your Facebook page URL, and it will pull its content to your new mobile site. During editing, additional content can be imported from other sources.

Duda Mobile Preview

Other features include:

  • Mobile-specific features: click-to-call and click-to-text; Google Maps integration that provides step-by-step directions to your brick-and-mortar location; multi-location for businesses across a region; click-to-email.
  • Online scheduling.
  • Mobile coupons.
  • Mobile tracking – DudaMobile has its own tracking application.
  • Navigation layout and style options – the service allows selecting between a variety of navigation layouts (List, Matrix, Expanding, Bottom, Top) and styles (Rounded with Icons, Squared with Icons, Transparent with Icons, Transparent with Arrows or Squared with Arrows).
  • Selection of site background image, text style, heading, buttons.
  • Setting header details on all website pages (type and image selection, resizing, alignment etc.).
  • Advanced web page customization (SEO and page settings, activation of Push notifications, page title choice, content editing, integration of popular, business, design and social elements).
  • CSS/HTML code editing.
  • Automatic creation of website backup version that can be restored anytime you need that.
  • Convenient preview option.
  • Blogging and eCommerce engines.
  • Page and popup windows creation.
  • Drag and drop widgets.
  • Content library (you can import content from the existing website, collect it from client or upload manually).
  • Customizable personalization rules.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Access to website statistics (daily/weekly/monthly).
  • Access to customer support resources.

  • Multiple mobile-specific features;
  • Advanced web page customization and personalization options;
  • Blogging and eCommerce included.

3. Designs

DudaMobile uses your current website design to create a unique mobile experience that will match the overall style of your web presence. When the automatic version of your mobile site is generated, you can edit it using the drag-and-drop editor; add additional content; hide elements and change navigation – all without affecting your desktop website.

Duda Mobile Design

The DudaMobile editor provides full access to the source code for increased flexibility and control.


  • Uses active desktop website version to convert it into mobile one;
  • Automatic project generation;
  • Access to the source code.

4. Customer Support

DudaMobile offers a self-help center covering various topics. There is also the resource center with cutting-edge industry and technology knowledge base here.

If you can’t find the answer within their Help Center, you can contact their support via the editor. Premium Plan users can get phone and live chat support, while other clients may contact the customer support team via the phone. The estimated wait time to get a response by phone constitutes 2-3 minutes on weekdays. Receiving an email with an answer to your question will take a bit longer – around 2-6 hours on weekdays. DudaMobile constantly hosts helpful webinars and case studies, which are then posted along with dozens of support videos.


  • Self help center;
  • Informative resource center;
  • Live chat and phone support for Premium Plan users.

5. Pricing Policy

The free version of the platform provides users with enough features to customize and publish a good-looking mobile website. Free sites are ad-supported: there’s a tiny DudaMobile advert at the top and in the footer of each page. Besides, you won’t be able to use a custom domain for your site (it will look like this: mobile.dudamobile.com/site/mysitename).

Duda Mobile Price

To unlock the full potential of DudaMobile, you have to upgrade your account. The website builder currently offers three paid subscriptions. These include:

  • Basic ($14/mo, if billed annually) – includes 1 website and opportunity to build an additional website for $14.25/mo billed annually;
  • Team ($22/mo, if billed annually) – offers a trial plan, 1 website, shared website access for 4 team members, White Label option, opportunity to launch an additional website for $9.75/mo (billed annually) and extensive Team Collaboration Tools;
  • Agency ($74/mo, if billed annually) – includes 8 websites, shared website access for 10 team members, White Label option, multiple Team Collaboration Tools, API Access and Site Export, account.plan.feature.widgetBuilder and opportunity to create an additional website for $8.25/mo billed annually.

  • Free ad-supported website version;
  • No custom domain for free plan;
  • Three paid subscriptions.

6. Pros and Cons

DudaMobile comes with a set of advantages and drawbacks that may affect the choice of the platform. This is what makes it important for you to be aware of them in advance.

Mobile website builder;
Convenient drag-and-drop editor;
Easy website customization and publishing;
Multiple mobile-focused features;
Detailed web page customization.
Slow website editor;
No sense in creating separate mobile website;
Expensive pricing plans.

  • Mobile website builder;
  • Multiple mobile-specific features;
  • Easy website editing and design customization.

Bottom Line

DudaMobile is an easy-to-use mobile website converter. It was initially used to help site owners build mobile versions of their standard websites without affecting their design. The system is easy to use for newbies and web design pros as it doesn’t require any special coding knowledge at all.

What you have to do is to specify your website URL and watch the way the system converts it into a mobile version. This doesn’t mean, however, that you cannot participate in website customization process. DudaMobile comes with a set of design customization tools, drag-and-drop features, website preview option and other issues that put you in charge of the web design process.

DudaMobile works great for website owners, who don’t have mobile versions of their websites yet realize the necessity to launch them. As time goes by, though, the need for responsive websites that fit all the desktop and mobile devices keeps growing, which may somewhat bring down the usability of the system and demand for it.

Mind, however, that the product is no longer supported because of the extensive choice of simple, full-featured and user-friendly website builders that allow creating responsive websites by default. If you are right about to launch a feature-laden website that will be optimized for the search engines, then go ahead to explore popular DudaMobile alternatives. Their use will notably simplify the web building task for you, ensuring impressive result.

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