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Today, we bring a review of DudaMobile, a mobile converter developed by Duda. This easy-to-use web service converts regular desktop websites into feature-rich, tap-friendly mobile sites right before your eyes!

Ease of Use:8/10
Tech Support:9/10
Overall Score:8.2/10

Please note: Duda offers two products: DudaOne and DudaMobile. While DudaMobile is a converting software that works with existing websites/Facebook pages, DudaOne is a responsive website builder that creates new, mobile-friendly websites.

DudaMobile targets website owners who still have no mobile versions of their site. So, if you feel that your desktop website needs a little brother, and you’re not ready to rebuild your current site in order to make it responsive, join me testing DudaMobile, probably the easiest mobile website builder.

1. Ease of Use

Unlike other website builders, DudaMobile isn’t about designing and publishing a completely new site from scratch, it’s about making your existing website optimized for mobile browsing.

Duda Mobile Editor

The entire process is ridiculously simple: all you need is to enter your website URL and click the button. In mere seconds you’ll get access to the editor where you can start changing layouts, headers, page icons etc. The interface is very intuitive and requires no technical knowledge at all.

2. Feature Set and Flexibility

DudaMobile is packed with features, both mobile-specific and standard. Even if you don’t a have a desktop website, you can get a mobile site with Duda – just enter your Facebook page URL, and it will pull its content to your new mobile site. During editing, additional content can be imported from other sources.

Duda Mobile Preview

Other features include:

  • Mobile-specific features: click-to-call and click-to-text; Google Maps integration that provides step-by-step directions to your brick-and-mortar location; multi-location for businesses across a region; click-to-email.
  • Online scheduling.
  • Mobile coupons.
  • Mobile tracking – DudaMobile has its own tracking application.

3. Designs

DudaMobile uses your current website design to create a unique mobile experience that will match the overall style of your web presence. When the automatic version of your mobile site is generated, you can edit it using the drag-and-drop editor; add additional content; hide elements and change navigation – all without affecting your desktop website.

Duda Mobile Design

The DudaMobile editor provides full access to the source code for increased flexibility and control.

4. Customer Support

DudaMobile offers a self-help center covering various topics, from ‘Do I need a mobile website?’ to ‘How to customize background’. If you can’t find the answer within their Help Center, you can contact their support via the editor.

DudaMobile constantly hosts helpful webinars which are then posted along with dozens of support videos.

5. Pricing Policy

The free version of the platform provides users with enough features to customize and publish a good-looking mobile website. Free sites are ad-supported: there’s a tiny DudaMobile advert at the top and in the footer of each page. Besides, you won’t be able to use a custom domain for your site (it will look like this:

Duda Mobile Pricing

To unlock the full potential of DudaMobile you have to upgrade your account. You can either purchase a subscription ($7.20/mo – annual plan; $9.99/mo – monthly plan) or go with the ‘Site for life’ option – pay once $159 to own your site forever. No recurring charges, and your site will never be downgraded.

6. DudaMobile FAQ

Question: What will be the domain of my site?

Answer: DudaMobile enables you to connect a mobile domain to your site ( Initially, your website will be given a default domain (

Question: What will happen to my desktop website?

Answer: Nothing. It will remain untouched. Changes made to your mobile site will not be reflected on your main website. However, all changes made to your desktop site will be shown in the mobile version thanks to the DudaMobile auto synchronization capabilities.

Question: How will mobile users get to the optimized website?

Answer: Once you have finished and published your mobile website, you’ll have to install a tiny bit of Javascript called redirect code to your desktop website. Once it is installed, your visitors will be sent to your mobile website each time they try to access your site using smartphones.

7. Disadvantages

The editor is a bit slow. Also, the whole idea of creating separate mobile versions for desktop sites is becoming obsolete. Site owners tend to go the responsive way (build a single website that fits all screens).


DudaMobile is an easy-to-use mobile converter. It helps site owners build mobile versions of their normal sites without affecting their design. I’d be happy to learn about your experience with this web service – just drop a comment below this post.

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