Duda Website Builder Review

Duda website builder belongs to modern, multifunctional platforms addressed to a wide range of users, from pro site developers to complete newbies. Visit its official website, and you’ll see the wealth of functional capacities of the website builder at once.

Having zero knowledge in this art, you can create a multi-page online shop, service center, app store, or whatever in no time. It supports over 55 languages, and it is customer-friendly by default. With a more sophisticated plan in mind, be ready for the broadest choice of features, be it specific elements, design solutions, ready-to-use templates, and many more.

By placing the ease of use before all the other options, Duda represents a universal tool you can use just now. Once you join the platform, chances you will stay even when your goal is to quickly develop the simplest site and go. At least, we loved the site’s informativeness and tutorial generosity. It was a pleasure to join its developer community, too.

Ease of Use

You can literally feel the Duda website builder’s ease of use by launching its starting page. The site’s interface allows you to work intuitively, so be ready to start creating your original website without long studies. In fact, you are free to end up on the template page, choose a suitable layout, add a couple of changes that suit your taste and purpose, and here you are – your ideal site is ready to be used!


When a complex website supplied with numerous extras and features is on your mind, Duda has much to offer. Again, no matter what your plan is, you can easily add, and remove buttons, insert dynamic elements, customize their sizes, view final designs, etc. One more big plus is that you can build a customer-friendly platform for the desktop and mobile versions of your site, as well as for your company’s app.

Duda Features

Even expert developers might be impressed with the variety of features Duda offers. These are numerous tools that will help you easily add all the necessary attributes to your website. With this set of features, you can:

  • adjust your website to desktop, mobile browser, or mobile app users;
  • customize its design and layout;
  • save time by implementing smart templates;
  • add specific elements and buttons;
  • integrate your site with the top-popular online platforms like MailChimp or PayPal;
  • start up an eCommerce with a customer-friendly and effective website;
  • add custom codes and widgets and more.

Each of Duda’s instruments serves a certain purpose. You might not need all of them, but you would scarcely call a tool that this site does not offer. However, let’s go a little bit deeper and find out how it all works with Duda.


You need to register an account with Duda to start creating websites. You can do this via your Google account or by indicating your full name, an active email, and password. After you have signed up, you can enter your account. Here, you’ll see the Duda dashboard designed to help you control one or several websites created on the platform.


The upper line contains all the necessary buttons to let you easily navigate through the menu of your account. You will be able to search sites and other information, check your payments, manage team access, and other options. On the whole, the navigation bar has the following sections:


This menu allows searching, converting, creating responsive sites, and managing them from one place. The search menu is especially handy since it employs site snapshots that update regularly. There’s also a subscription section here that shows your website’s subscription statuses.

White Label

Through this section, you can easily organize quick access to your white label goods for your customers. From setting your custom domain up to email interaction with clients and API options, a couple of clicks is enough to tune this process.


Duda supports team accounts. This section is designed to simplify team access to the platform. Here, you can regulate permissions. Your team can create its own templates, special sections, and widgets.


You may build lots of sites for different clients. With the help of this menu, they can get access to their newly-created sites.


When working in a team and/or with numerous clients, monitoring your products’ analytics is important. With Duda, you do not need to search for a separate menu somewhere else. For analyzing your sites, use the Stats section on the dashboard instead.


Duda has worked out comprehensive support for its customers, and the resource platform is quite a handy part of it. Through the Duda dashboard, you can directly go to tutorial materials, informative webinars, and the developer portal. Promotional information and soft updates are also accessible from this section.


Use this menu to control payments and login information. Here, both the history of your payments and future bills can be seen.

A dashboard bar is, therefore, a handy option to maintain your account from one place. We also found it useful that the bar has links to the training platform, so you can hone your site-building skills right from here.

Website Editor

After you have defined your site’s outlook and configured its essential parameters, you can preview how the website will look on desktops and mobile gadgets. You can still continue editing all the necessary functions of the site. All this is available through the website editor. It incorporates a countless number of instruments, that is:

  • Design tools;
  • Mobile-oriented instruments;
  • Widgets to supply your sites with necessary popup form, your own custom HTML, CSS, JavaScript, click-to-call buttons, etc.;
  • Widget Builder to create personalized widgets;
  • Ready-made templates and tools for building customized templates and site sections;
  • Content library;
  • SEO tools;
  • Dynamic pages, etc.

The overall layout of the editor somewhat resembles the one in Photoshop, with most of the elements gathered on the panel to the left. By clicking on each element, you can change the design of the page, add new pages, fill the page with content, add an online store, provide registered users access to certain content on the page, or change other settings like the site’s language, set URL and SSL, etc.


A big plus of Duda Website Builder is that you can utilize all instruments without the risk of destroying everything. When working with any of them, be ready for constant hints that will guide you to the final success. Frankly, It is quite hard to publish a raw site with backlogs on Duda even when such options as site optimization or coding are not your cup of tea.


From an online store perspective, Duda is ideal for building websites for all types of eCommerce. Startups, small boutiques, and large businesses can build their websites and apps on the Duda platform. Its key aim is to connect shopping websites (and their customers) to the forwarding services and make them carve a decent niche in their industry for themselves.


In practice, Duda allows you to build a website designed for commercial activities with the following strong points:

  • strong SEO settings;
  • mobile optimization;
  • built-in tools to make the site load quickly;
  • gift cards & coupons options;
  • automated email notifications;
  • various schedulers;
  • connection to over 40 payment gateways;
  • social network outlets, etc.

When you create an online shop for a client, you have all the necessary instruments to predetermine this client’s permissions for the site, with allowed and prohibited options. The White Label feature of the platform allows you to conceal the mere fact you have used Duda for building the site.

Are you trying to set up your own online store? Use one of the Duda ready-to-use templates – chances are you’ll find the exact solution for your product or service here! Providing it with the necessary widgets and sections won’t take much time and effort, and you will be ready to publish your mobile-friendly, fast-loading, and consumer-oriented website in a couple of clicks.


A blogger’s site should be a powerful, speedy platform with numerous options for working with content today. Duda offers enough features for this. The blogger gets a website not only fully equipped for creative work but also supplied with analytical tools. Your blog built on Duda will let you:

  • customize the site’s layout and add any content, be it videos, images, slides, surveys, widgets, etc.;
  • optimize your blog with the help of tags;
  • tune up smart design for the entire blog;
  • use automated ATOM/RSS feeds;
  • engage other authors and let them easily contribute content to your blog;
  • set schedules to add new posts on time;
  • easily search and manage the content and more.

What contributes to the Duda usability is that you can add specific elements and sections wherever you want. Your readers will be able to find any blog in just a click, and their surfing through your website will be intuitive and even engaging.

Duda Integrations


No matter what your future website should be focused on, it might have certain add-ons to allow easy transitions to the most popular platforms on the Internet. From this point of view, Duda is able to integrate your site with the following apps and sites:

  • Internet stores: Loxi, Vcita, Uberall, Audio Eye, etc.;
  • Payment providers: Paypal;
  • Google tools: Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, etc.;
  • Restaurants & Traveling: Open Table; Locu, TripAdvisor, etc.;
  • Emailing: MailChimp, Constant Contact, and more;
  • Social Networks: Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and many others;
  • Content & Data: Airtable, External Database;
  • Audio/Video: Soundcloud, Vimeo, Youtube, and more.

Adding any of these applications to your website is easy as a pie. As a result, you’ll widen its functional diversity and ensure its quick integration into the targeted cyberspace.

Duda Website Analytics

Duda allows smart analysis of websites created with its help. You do not need to use any side programs. You just click on the Stats button on the dashboard and get access to all the necessary data. Thus, you can see the number of visitors to your site, their location, which pages they have visited, which content has interested them the most, and much other info. All statistics are updated on a regular basis. We dare say that no other site builder will offer you such easy access to the stats of your website.

Duda Multi-Language Support

No matter which type of website you are going to develop, it might be customer-oriented and possess strong interaction options anyway. With Duda’s toolkit in hand, you can provide your customers with modern-interface pages available in over 55 languages. You are free to add “live” buttons, blogs, various forms, automatically generated notifications, and any other functions, and all this will work smoothly in every of the chosen languages.

To make your website multilingual, you should define a default language first. By the way, Duda can define your default language automatically by analyzing your content. Then, extra languages can be added or removed. The platform employs Google Translate, so you do not need to translate anything manually. However, manual translation is also on the Duda features list.

Design and Templates


Feel free to choose from dozens of excellent design instruments and enough templates on the Duda Website Builder platform. Its design features might be one of its strongest points. Let’s list only some of the design tools available with the site builder:

  • Adjustability to desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc.;
  • A huge choice of convenient navigation styles;
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor to make website development more intuitive;
  • Easy Content import;
  • Image resizing & optimizing;
  • Over 100 font styles to emphasize the originality of your product;
  • Dynamic headers that get smaller/bigger while the user scrolls a page on your website;
  • The Copy & Paste option for the site’s elements;
  • Smart Backgrounds with image/video/slider options;
  • Text and Photo Editors, and many, many more.

Duda can boast not only the number of design features but also the simplicity of using the builder. Many of the options work automatically. Thus, you can easily insert content into templates, and it will be saved on the website. There are tools to help you pick up suitable colors and shapes to make your site look smooth. Duda will remember them and let you use them again and again.

Duda Templates

With about a hundred templates, the Duda collection is not the biggest when compared with other website builders. However, the quality of the templates does really impress. By choosing any of them, you are half a step from a gorgeous website tailored for a specific activity. These are ready-to-run, professionally designed samples of online stores, service providers, travel agencies, restaurant businesses, and so on.


There are ten different blank templates that you are free to arrange from the ground up. The preview option will be at your disposal. The program allows you to adjust the final layout for all types of devices. Still, this is your unique website, and you will be able to change pictures, background colors, and such likes.

Adding extra elements and widgets won’t be a problem as well. However, when your aim is a specific section or add-on, you have to choose a template that supports it. That is, you can modify the chosen template to a certain extent, and there is a certain fixed structure beyond which you cannot step out. Such conditions might not excite pro developers, but Duda templates are ideal solutions for those who need an adequate website on an urgent basis.

Duda White Label

Accessible from the dashboard bar, Duda White Label instruments are an easy way to make your site fully branded. Your customer is sure to pick out your logo, right from googling it up to receiving promos on their email. These White Label tools integrate with practically all products, including specific enough. Let’s observe how it works for different business types.


You may lay open the Solutions menu of the Duda website, and you’ll see links to its products created for certain types of organizations. These are complete sets of instruments necessary for developing sites of such companies as:

  • Agencies;
  • SaaS providers;
  • Web Hosting companies;
  • Large enterprises.

Duda for Agencies

Duda White Label features will ideally integrate with any agency’s needs. It is simple to add your logo or brand colors to the editor. Duda has a solid set of instruments for team collaboration. They include a shared library for all created elements, as well as access and reuse tools. Duda API is convenient for making the workflow process fully automated.


Your agency is sure to benefit from the Duda Client Management tools with tag options. There are built-in mechanisms to ensure SEO and fast loading for your website. Other options include automatic SSL certificates, site stats, preview tools, and many more.

Duda for SaaS

Again, Duda White Label options will perfectly suit any business providing SaaS to its clients. At your disposal are API integration tools, dynamic pages, fully customizable Widget Builder, and other features to make your website quickly integrate into the market and your business grow fast.

Duda for Web Hosting

For a web hosting company, Duda solutions include White Label tools – they integrate seamlessly with their key products. You can also maximize your revenues by providing your clients with a more flexible payment system with smarter packages and upsells. For clients of such a company, the Duda platform with its API is a guarantee of a superb site developing experience.

Customer Support

Support at Duda is well-organized and customer-friendly. It works around the clock, with no days off. You can request assistance or ask a question in several languages and count on a quick response. However, the Live Chat and phone call options seem to be more reliable means of communication than email. It might take you an hour or two to get an answer via the latter.

Be aware that communication means you can use at Duda will depend on your plan. Thus, the basic one goes with email support only, while other plans include Live Chat and phone calls. When you are not pressed with time, communication via email will be enough for you. However, if lightning-fast responsiveness is essential for your work, you might opt for the Team, Agency, or even Custom plan.

On the other hand, you might prefer an apprentice way and mastering the platform on your own. In this case, you may find support from Duda University the most suitable for you. It contains numerous video tutorials and webinars. There’s a blog constantly updated with articles related to the topic.

Finally, you can join the developer portal on the Duda platform and become a member of a huge site builder community. With the help of all this, you can learn the basics of site development, hone your skills in design, get into SEO, and thus significantly raise your proficiency and productivity.

Duda Plans and Pricing

Duda offers a 14-day free trial, and it is enough to register an account on the platform to access it. At present, Duda offers four plans for its customers. These are Basic, Team, Agency, and Custom packages. There are no free packages on the platform. You can pay for the chosen plan per month or per year. The latter will save 25% of your costs.

The Basic Plan costs $19 when you prefer to pay per month or $14 – for annual billing. It includes such options as building only one website, hosting on AWS, and email support.

The Team Package will cost you $29 per month. When the annual payment model suits you, the package price will decrease to $22 per month. Your options in this plan comprise one website to build, hosting on AWS, team management tools, client management tools, Live Chat, phone, and email support. Apart from that, your logo will be on all parts of the Duda platform.

With the Agency Package, it’s up to you to choose whether to pay $59 a month for Duda services with a monthly payment model or pay $44 a month by opting for annual billing. The offer includes up to four websites, AWS hosting for each, your logo on all parts of the Duda platform, team management, client management, dynamic pages linked to your clients’ data, an improved widget builder, Live Chat, phone, and email support with the priority option.

Finally, you are free to order your own plan with the Custom Package. The Duda team is ready to find a personalized solution for your business’s needs. Your options are sure to include flexible discounts, API access, SSO options, unlimited access to team and client management, smart account management, external dataset integration, high-value extras, and many more.

Duda Website Examples


The story of the Duda company started in 2010. At present, the number of websites created with the help of this platform is approaching 10 million. However, the most precious thing about Duda is that this platform leads its clients to success.

Sunday Market Flowers - Santa Rosa florist

Sunday Market Flowers- Santa Rosa florist

Providing relocation services throughout Japan

Japan-Mobility – providing relocation services throughout Japan

Smart Home Installer - Green Bay

Smart Home Installer – Green Bay

Innovative Coaching with Jade James

Innovative Coaching with Jade James

Platform 513 - Web studio

Platform 513 – Web studio

Empower Nutrition - Healthy grill and juice bar

Empower Nutrition – Healthy grill and juice bar

When searching for inspiration, you can read more stories of success on the Duda website. They can be found through the Solutions menu.

Bottom line: How Good Duda Is

To sum up, Duda is a truly valuable site builder with countless precious functions. It will suit website developers the most. Duda is not the best solution for small-budget projects. However, the platform is excellent for large and small companies that plan to launch quality websites as fast as possible.

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