Divi Theme & Builder Review

Divi Theme and Builder Review

Divi – is a WordPress theme builder that has also been delivering WP premium support to users for more than a decade. The platform is provided as a part of products developed by Elegant Themes. It was launched with a mission to replace traditional WordPress themes with up-to-date and more advanced layouts. The system has a built-in visual editor to create stunning effects for both experienced web designers and non-technicians with zero programming skills.

The tool has made a name for itself due to its flexibility. Divi makes it possible to create any kind of template for different website types. Whether you want to launch a blog, small business site or digital store, the software has them all in the pack. It currently has over 1,000 ready-to-go templates that are easy to edit and customize.

Why would one really need to use Divi instead of traditional WordPress themes? The following review is to figure that out.

  • Create stunning WP themes.
  • Good for newbies and web experts.
  • Free demo mode.

1. Ease of Use

Divi is a browser theme builder with an inline editing process. It means that users do not have to download or install the software as with most WP theme design instruments. It lets you observe all changes and modifications in real-time. Moreover, they are automatically saved with no need to click on the “save” button all the time as in the custom WP post or page editor.

The key downside here is that the platform does not have a free trial. To start using the tool, you will need to pick one of the available plans, insert personal data as well as billing info to proceed with the payment. The good news is that it offers a 30-day refund guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the way it handles different tasks.

Divi Pay

Divi Demo version is a good solution to the above-mentioned problem. You test the functionality in real-time without completing any registration process. Simply click on “Divi Demo” and start editing the layout with no signing in. Of course, the demo mode does not have all the features. On the other hand, it is more than enough to clarify if the tool suits your needs. Now, let’s try the editor with its functionality.

Template Building & Editing

The platform comes as a blend of different technologies and building methods. Here we have a simple drag-and-drop tool in addition to a bulk-editing feature, visual editor, and a wide choice of different modules and blocks to be placed on the page.

Users may choose from various sections. They include buttons. CTA blocks, contact forms, image galleries, countdown timers, and more. You may add literary anything you want without looking for a separate plugin.

Divi Module

An advanced editor makes it possible to customize each block. Double-click to edit content or open advanced settings to change block styles, content, alignment, etc. This option may certainly work out for newbies while more experienced designers and coders will appreciate advanced options with the ability to add custom CSS, indicate necessary attributes. As a result, you have a chance to combine your own CSS styles with Divi functionality through an intuitive interface.

Divi Button

If you like the layout but still have doubts about whether to use it, the system lets you save it and store it in the custom library to access it later. Users may create several layouts at the same time, name them, and divide them into different categories. Moreover, you are free to duplicate each module as well as copy its CSS style. As an inline editor, Divi offers simple ways to redo or undo some of the building steps. Moreover, it helps to revise the entire development procedure letting you access the history of all changes made right from the start.

Going Live

You should note that Divi is not an all-in-one platform with all features in the pack. It is mainly a theme builder, which means you will need to find hosting and register a domain separately. Moreover, an already installed WordPress CMS will also be necessary to go live with your website.

This is where Bluehost will be the best bet. Why should one ever look for another hosting provider when the officially WP-recommended platform delivers everything you need in each plan? For a relatively low price, you get a 1-year free domain, all necessary hosting facilities, and assets, seamless WP installation and integration, advanced security features, etc. We will discuss hosting prices a bit further along with the Divi plan costs.

  • Simple drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Advanced visual editor.
  • A rich collection of modules.

2. Features & Flexibility

Apart from typical features, a WYSIWYG platform can deliver out of the box, Divi has some special options to offer. Despite the fact it is not an all-in-one website builder, it has some great tools in terms of template design and visualization. This is what makes it different from typical WordPress theme builders and custom layouts.

Advanced Visual Controls

Use the tool to create new layouts or edit ready-made templates in real-time. You will instantly see all the changes with no need to save them all the time. A simple drag-and-drop editor makes it possible or re-arrange the page structure and move elements or objects whatever you need.

Control over CSS

Divi Settings

Divi is good not only for newbies with no technical skills. It will work out for experienced developers and web designers. You have a great opportunity to add your own CSS styles, create new ones, indicate attributes, and work with CSS styling in different ways.

Wide Selection of Design Options

The platform offers a really huge selection of pre-designed blocks and modules. Each of them is customizable with general and advanced settings to redesign the block. Users may add different effects, work with image and background filters, add brightness, reduce capacity or contrast, etc. Shape dividers make it possible to modify dimensions by editing heights, horizontal repeats, and other crucial parameters.

Layout Management

Divi Editor

You may create as many custom designs as you need. Save each layout and assign a specific category to it to ensure faster access whenever needed. Divi makes it easy to re-use themes you have already built. The feature ensures layout control and efficient workflow management.

  • Customizable blocks.
  • Layout management and control.
  • Advanced design instruments.

3. Templates & Design

The theme builder currently has over 1,000 responsive themes ready to use. They refer to 14 different business niches that also include eCommerce. That’s right. The platform can be used to create digital stores as well. All templates are 100% responsive and run well on different types of mobile devices.

Divi Layout

Divi itself was created as a design framework that makes it possible to change and customize each of the website elements from scratch. A user takes control over everything from visual effects to shadow dividers, visual effects, hover states, and module on-page placement. Advanced users with enough technical skills will be able to create and add CSS elements of their own, This fact certainly adds flexibility in terms of design.

  • 1,000+ of ready-made layouts.
  • Responsive templates for different niches.
  • Control over CSS.

4. Customer Support

The platform has a well-established online community featuring users and experts ready to help. First of all, you can take advantage of the Live Chat feature. The same window offers a simple navigation bar to search for the answer yourself as well as keep in touch with the latest system updates to be rolled out.

In addition, users have access to the builder’s documentation. The local Facebook group boasts more than 35,000 active users. You may always count on assistance delivered by subscribers or contact the support team there. The Divi team regularly holds meetings and conferences you are free to attend.

  • A huge FB community.
  • A Live Chat feature.
  • Regular meetups and conferences.

5. Plans & Pricing

Divi Price

If you like the tool and want to make the most of its functionality, you can choose from 2 available options. They include:

  • A Yearly Access starting at $89 per year. You get access to all layouts as well as editing and design tools in addition to Premium Support.
  • A Lifetime Access costs $249 with all the same features. The only difference here is that you pay just once and get all unlimited options for good.

As we have stated earlier, Divi is not a ready-to-go website builder. You will need to take care of hosting and domain as well. Bluehost is a good solution with all features included in its WP-optimized plans. The entry price tag starts at $2.95 per month.

  • Pay-only-once lifetime plan.
  • Flexible yearly package.
  • 30-day refund policy.

6. Pros & Cons

Divi differs from other WordPress theme builders. It delivers total control over the editing and designing process. It does not require software downloading or installing. It works great for newbies and technicians although some small downsides may still be found:

Simple editing tools.
A rich collection of modules.
Affordable prices.
Advanced design options.
Over a thousand of ready-made layouts.
Divi demo mode.
No free trial.
No hosting and domain included in the price.
  • Build different WP themes.
  • Take control over the web design process.
  • Create a stunning design with no skills.


Summing up, Divi might be a good solution not only for experienced web developers looking for enhanced instruments but also for newbies who crave for something different form custom WordPress themes. You actually get a lifetime customization platform for the price of a single Premium WP.

It will let you create stunning website templates whenever you want without the need to pay every time you want to stand out. Moreover, it will work fine for those who create sites for their customers and always require some new sources for inspiration. Divi makes it possible to create layouts for any business niche.

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