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Best Website Builders for Designers

There are myriads of web building options for those web designers, who need functional tools to create portfolios or client websites with maximum efficacy and minimum investment of effort and time. The choice of the best solution, though, generally depends on the goals a web designer sets and the time required to cope with the task. Experience, knowledge and skills matter a lot as well – the more proficient in web design you are and the more complicated the project is, the more advanced programs you have to use.

As far as proficient web designers usually have many projects and face the necessity to create commercial and non-commercial websites for their clients, the use of simpler web building solutions may boost their productivity without compromising with the quality and professional look of projects they work on.

Website builders come up to these tasks better than other available web building tools. These services are developed with the needs of clients in mind and they allow building quality websites in a hassle free and quick way. So, if you are a web designer working on the development of portfolios and client websites, you should definitely try this option.

There are two website builders, which stand out from the crowd due to their quality and excellent performance. These are Wix and uKit. The systems feature the best correlation of price and quality. Have a look at the comparison chart of these services now.

Website Builders for Designers – Overview Chart:

Best for:Designer’s Portfolio, designer’s online storeDesigner’s service site, portfolio, one project landing page
Easiness2-3 days (due to the number of effects)A copule of hours for the complete website
Designer’s Templates:Very good portfolio themesResponsive portfolios
Technical Support:Good enough support team24/7 live support
Additional Designer’s Options:Amazing visual effects, designer’s blog engineGallery and slideshows
SEO Options:SEO WizPromotion widget
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/mo

Benefits of Website Builders for Designers

  • Responsive Design. Responsive design remains one of the major trends today and web designers face the necessity to develop responsive websites that will adapt to each device screen resolution and dimension. This takes much effort and time. When using website builders, this problem will be eliminated as these services are used to design quality responsive websites automatically from scratch.

  • responsive design
    Here’s how responsive design works

  • Integrated Functionality. Website builders come with integrated functionality, ranging from WYSIWYG options and up to SEO settings adjustment. These services use the drag-and-drop technology and intuitive user-friendly interface design.

    Drag and Drop
    uKit’s Drag&Drop at work

    This allows web designers with any expertise level to add the required content, upload videos and images, modify and move website elements to create the required website design without the necessity to write a single line of code, handle FTP or solve other technical nuances. The use of stock photo libraries and graphics also contributes to the professional look of your project, building customer trust.

  • Apps and Widgets. If you wish to give your website extra functionality and great visual appeal, you won’t go without adding applications and widgets to it. This is what website builders excel at. These services frequently offer free and paid collections of apps and widgets. Some of them are built-in right from the start, while others can be fully-integrated from third party services.

  • Must Have Apps
    Example of Apps and Widgets from Wix App Market

  • Design Customization Tools. Along with responsive templates, website builders offer a rich set of design customization tools to give them the desired look. You can adjust typography settings, background images, gradients, and other design parameters.

What’s more, you can take your design far beyond the style and layout by integrating animation effects and playful illustrations that make it easy to introduce your ideas and create interactive website environment. Experts underline that web animation remains trendy these days as it helps convey complicated ideas quicker and more effectively than anything else.

Best Website Builders for Designers

#1. Wix – the Best Platform to Create a Designer’s Portfolio Website

Wix home page

Wix is a universal website builder, which enjoys the utmost popularity with web designers and newbies across the globe. The system allows building different types of websites from scratch and delivers the unsurpassed web design experience one can get when using the services of this kind.

The platform is the embodiment of excellent performance, quality, professional approach to the web building process, simplicity and affordability. The key Wix features are:

  • Mobile-Optimized Templates. The collection of mobile-optimized templates Wix offers is genuinely impressive and will certainly be valued to the advantage by any web designer.

    Wix designers templates
    Wix designers templates

    The templates fall into dozens of thematic categories, which allows creating any website type your clients may need. Each template has a mobile version, which can be manually customized with regard to the needs of a web designer.

  • Wix Arena. Wix Arena is a place, where web designers can communicate, share their skills and knowledge of the system as well as ideas on how to get the most out of its use. This is also the place, where all registered web designers may find new clients and get unique offers from the system developers.

  • Wix Code. Wix Code will certainly appeal to professional web designers as it makes it possible to create your own web applications and website effects to improve your website performance.

  • Visual Effects. Wix offers a set of visual effects, incorporation of which into your website will give it extra performance and enhanced visual appeal. Some of the visual effects Wix can boast include parallax scrolling, transitions between pages, custom animations, mouseover effect, video background, 3D moving elements and animations, the use of live videos etc.

These are only a few features web designers might use to create visually appealing and functional websites with Wix.

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#2. uKit – the Easiest Way to Build a Stunning Portfolio for Designer

uKit home page

uKit has distinguished itself as a small business website builder, but it can also be used to create other types of websites, irrespective of their complexity level. This is a superb tool for users, willing to engage into professional website development.

The platform offers a broad range of features, which are initially geared towards the development of quality websites with superior performance. Here’s a short list of uKit features:

  • Responsive Designs. When using uKit, you don’t have to bother about creating different website versions to fit versatile mobile screens. The system will do that for you in the automatic mode. It has a collection of responsive templates on different topics that allows building different types of websites.

    uKit responsive editor
    uKit responsive editor

    The range of web customization tools the system offers makes it possible to give these templates the required design. A special feature is that it is possible to change the template on the go, thus improving the design and functionality of a website that is under development.

  • Widget Collection. uKit offers an extensive collection of widgets, integration of which can effectively boost the performance of any website. Some of them are LiveChat, Timer, Callback widget, SoundCloud, MailChimp, Slideshare, Google Maps, social accounts etc. Integration of these widget saves your time without affecting the quality of the website.

  • Portfolios and Galleries. uKit excels at creating appealing portfolios and galleries showcasing the works of art. With a nice collection of designer-made responsive templates, you can develop a stunning portfolio in a couple of hours, using your web design skills and expertise. Each template can be manually customized to present your client’s ideas and have personalized look.

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Effective Web Design Ideas

Creating a website is only half of the task. A more important and complex step is to fill this website with interesting and attention-grabbing features to boost customer trust and engage users to visit it over and over again. Some of the trendiest web design ideas include:

  • Storytelling. People have already got used to standard website interfaces and adding a storytelling feature is a surefire way to make your project stand out from the crowd.

    Make your story magic

    This helps place the emphasis upon the major topic and message of your website, conveying its essence in the visually-appealing and interactive way. There are no many web designers making use of the storytelling feature today and you may be the one to bring this idea to life.

  • Background Videos. Similarly to storytelling, background videos automatically playing against the website content drive the attention of users from the very first seconds. You can use the videos to pursue different goals, which depend upon the type and purpose of your website.

    Video Background
    Video Background should be authoritative

    What’s important, the use of video backgrounds eliminates the necessity to add too many other website elements. Why bother about that, if you can express your ideas and message with a background video only?

  • Card Design. If you have ever seen websites with card design, then you should know what makes them special. This is a nice way to present the information you have to convey to your target audience in a visually attractive and easy-to-understand way.

  • Card design
    Modern Card Design look

  • Large Responsive Images. Large responsive images have almost the same effect as the features mentioned above. They may be placed in the background of your website and they often come with content overlaid on them. This creates powerful visual experience, encouraging a visitor to scroll down the page and find out more. Mind, however, that the images you will use should be properly-optimized to fit the design. Otherwise, this may have negative effect upon the website load speed.

  • Enlarged Product Photos and Videos for eCommerce Websites. With so many eCommerce websites available on the web, it’s really difficult to attract user attention. No wonder, many online stores try their best effort to implement new ideas on how to highlight the products they offer for sale. Using enlarged product photos and video reviews allows placing the emphasis on certain product characteristics and usage specifications.

Bottom Line

With such an increasing demand for high quality websites, web designers may find it difficult to cope with a long list of tasks and projects they work on. The use of website builders is a nice solution to everyone, who faces this problem and wants to boost productivity and speed of the web building process. Contemporary website builders help solve a broad spectrum of tasks, ensuring decent result.

Wix and uKit are the best services professional web designers may use. They are easy-to-use, but they also offer a rich feature set to cover all the possible web design needs. We recommend testing both systems to decide, which of them comes up to your web design needs most of all.

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