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Best Insurance Website Builders

Best Insurance Website Builders

Every business needs effective marketing. Insurance field is not an exception. The main idea is to deliver your services to the end user. The website might have a huge potential from marketing and promotion perspectives. It may let you yield maxim result, acquire more potential customers, and generate higher revenues.

The digital epoch resulted in a so-called e-surance niche with thousands of insurance companies delivering their services online. Modern website builders appear to be a simple and fast solution when establishing a solid web presence. Most of them are very easy to use and do not require technical skills. Others come up with ready-to-use insurance templates that make it easy to go online with a published website in less than a couple of hours.

We have reviewed some of the top website building platforms that will meet your insurance business needs. Let’s have a look at what they may offer. But first, we need to figure out some key features an insurance company website must have.

Insurance Website Builders

Unlike plenty of other small business fields, insurance is very easy to represent online. The websites are generally pretty simple. They are not overloaded with content and highlight only the core information for the customer.

At the same time, your website must meet the growing expectations of modern users. It should have advanced instruments and widgets to make the services more enhanced.

Here are the basic features to take into account:

  • Baseline Insurance Data – insurance data is always hard to understand for a regular person. Make sure your website delivers the service information in the most user-friendly manner. The website should have as simplified structure as possible with some baseline sections and blocks. The idea is not to show off your knowledge pf terms and abbreviations. The mission is to make them clear to the customers.
  • Plans and Quotes – Insurance is still business, right? It means you want to earn some money for the service. Make sure to include a clear pricing block with all plans and packages available. Do not forget ti present your quotes as well.
  • Contacts – A crucial section that works for customers’ acquisition. It is mandatory for your future site. A good idea is to include a section with the exact location of the company on the map. Live Chat feature, online consultants or any other widget to let customers stay in touch is also a must.
  • CTA Block – When we talk about online marketing, we consider Call-to-Action as one of the main tools when promoting your business and driving attention of potential customers. Use the special block to encourage them and make a purchase.

Website building technologies have made it easy to create a solid insurance site with all necessary features mentioned above. We have reviewed 5 of the top solutions for this particular business niche, Have a look.

1. Wix

Wix website builder

Wix comes as an all-in-one drag-and-drop website building solution. It has made a name for itself due to affordable prices, advanced technologies, simplicity, and a pack of additional features that will work out. Wix is a platform designed to develop and promote small business online. It is good for newbies without any technical background. As for insurance websites, the platform delivers the following:

  • Mobile-Ready Insurance Templates – Wix offers ready-to-use templates for insurance agencies with professional design. They already have all necessary sections including contact info, working hours, location, customers’ reviews, company’s insurance competence, etc. You only need to add your text, logo, and company’s name to go online. They work perfect on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Logo Maker – The instrument lets you build a professional free logo. Simply insert the name of you firm, answer several questions, and get several logo samples you can edit yourself. You can create your own unique logo using custom Wix logo maker.
  • Advanced Blogging – Blog is a good way to share some experience as well as promote your website with the help of SEO-friendly content. Wix boasts amazing blogging functionality. You can create a powerful blog section with just a click and customize it adding or removing sections, working with SEO settings, etc.
  • Wix App Market – Here you will find plenty of widgets and apps to improve website usability and make it more user-friendly. The collection of widgets ranges from Live Chats, comment forms, callback functions, testimonials apps, event calendars, etc. All widgets are free to Wix users.
  • Wix ADI – Although Wix has a very easy-to-use WYSIWYG content editor, the platform has an AI-based instrument to make the building process even more simpler. Indicate your business information and answer some questions to get a ready-to-use website layout with every section you might need. Simply edit the content and go live.

Cost: Wix has a free plan that is good only for small websites with a simple structure and not too much of content. It may work out for your insurance agency as well in case 500MB and custom Wix domain look like enough. If you crave for extended opportunities, you can connect a domain for only $4.5/moth or opt for Combo plan as an affordable option. You may connect your own domain with no Wix ads for only $8.50 per month.

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2. uKit

uKit website builder

uKit was also designed to help small business go online effortlessly. Insurance agencies can benefit from solid web representations thanks to professionally designed templates, simple content editor, drag-and-drop building feature, and additional capabilities delivered by one of the easiest-to-use and most affordable website builders available on the web.

  • Responsive Templates for Insurance Agents – uKit has a separate Finance and Insurance category with over 10 ready-to-use responsive templates. They come with pre-built structure highlighting the tariffs, firm info, contact forms, and other essential sections a good website must have. Choose a layout, connect your domain and start editing the website.
  • Mobile Preview Modes – A great tool to check how your website will look like on desktop version as well as on a smartphone or tablet despite the screen size or carrier. Simply click on the icon of the device on the upper left corner of the dashboard or edit the page to make it look flawless.
  • Widgets and Add-Ons – uKit comes as a very flexible website building solution with plenty of integration capabilities. You may connect your website to third-party services to ensure analytics or email marketing or use built-in apps available with each template.
  • uKit ALT – Do you have a Facebook page describing your insurance service? uKit Alt tool will let you seamlessly convert it into a professional website. Powered by Facebook API, the system is able to stress and highlight the key info about the firm and services. All content and media files will be automatically transmitted and sorted out in accordance with the website’s sections.
  • Very Simple and Fast – uKit is certainly one of the easiest website builders to use. It has everything from drag-and-drop functionality to simple content editing. Insert texts, photos or contact info and publish a ready website.
  • Developer Access – you are free to outsource the website building process with the help of this feature. Let professionals handle your content and web design for you.

Cost: uKit is one of the most affordable platforms although it does not offer a free plan. However, users can benefit from a 14-day free trial and check how the system works. On the other hand, $4 per month for a Premium Plan with all features in one including hosting and domain looks like a bargain.

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3. WordPress

WordPress website builder

WordPress is a popular CMS platform used to build websites of any type. Insurance niche is not an exception. Although it is not as easy to use as most of the drag-and-drop website builders, it has improved its content editor recently. Creating new posts and pages is very simple while ready-to-use insurance layouts will do the trick. In spite of all improvements, WordPress can still look pretty hard for people with 0 technical knowledge or background.

On the other hand, it is still an affordable and flexible way to go online with a small business site.

  • Great Selection of Insurance Themes – WordPress boasts probably the widest selection of insurance themes. Dozens of pre-built layouts come with all necessary website blocks. However, they only include some baseline blocks. If you want to have a live chat or calendar, you will need to look them up in the widget category or download the new plugin from the market.
  • Rich Plugin Collection – Any website builder can boast the same selection of plugins and add-ons. WordPress offers insurance widgets to provide customers with real-time quote comparisons. Other plugins include insurance calculators, customers’ review section, legal news headlines, live chats, payment options etc. However, you will need to manually update some of your plugins form time to time.
  • Advanced Integration Capabilities – As the CMS platform, WordPress reserves much space to integrate all major third-party services from shipping insurance instruments and payment methods to Analytic and tracking tools, Google Maps to highlight the exact office location, and more.

Cost: The platform is free. However, you will need to pay for the domain registration and hosting. Premium templates and plugins are also paid, though you can manage with free alternatives. As for hosting, Bluehost looks like the best option considering affordable prices and plan features you may get. First of all, it can be integrated with the WP dashboard. Secondly, it already comes with custom WordPress themes, plugins, and services to take the fullest from the CMS. The last but not the least, you will get a great uptime and page load speed for only $2.95 per month. The Starting Plan is enough to run a small or medium insurance website.

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4. Ucraft

Ucraft website builder

Ucraft is a simple website builder designed to create small business websites from scratch. It brings enough tools to work with professional landing pages and one-page websites. It means it might also work out for small but professionally looking insurance website. Users can access an array of instruments from a custom Logo maker to designer tools. The general features include:

  • Ease of Use – Non-technicians will find it easy to create webpages using Ucraft without being involved in HTML/CSS. The platform uses a simple editing tool to add blocks and content with several clicks. Ucrafrt uses a popular drag-and-drop feature.
  • Templates for Insurance Firm – Although Ucraft does not have specialized insurance layouts, it has some themes related to financial category. All of them are mobile responsive and comes with pre-built blocks that will come in handy. You can change or edit them to make the site look like an insurance web representation.
  • Designer Instruments – If you do not want to deal with typical website templates, you can design a page of your own using Designer Tools. They make it easy to change texts, headlines, create personalized forms, add new style to the website layout, etc.
  • Custom Logo Maker – Ucraft comes with its own instrument to create catchy logos. The tool is free. Use it not only to design logos but also icons and other elements to add on the webpage.
  • Landing Page Creator – The tool makes it easy to create professional landing pages and market your insurance services. You can choose a landing page template or design it on your own. Here you may also work with SEO settings to make the content more SEO-friendly and go up in the search engine ranks.

Cost: Ucraft is a cost-effective platform considering its free plan. It may be enough for small companies that do not require complicated structure or display much info. A Free plan lets you create a single landing page with already integrated SEO app and analytic tools. The Pro Plan is available for $31 per month and is good mainly for eCommerce websites.

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5. Bookmark


Bookmark is one of the AI-powered website building pioneers. The platform uses latest technologies to create foddered types of websites without much of designing or coding. The website builder was developed as a cloud-based solution with AI functionality. It can be good for insurance company websites as well as for other types of web projects.

  • AiDA Artificial Intelligence – the system will handle the building process for you. You only need to specify your business field and provide the company’s name. The system will process the information to provide a ready-to-use website layout. You may choose from several variants and then go to the editing stage.
  • Simple Content Editor – Users do not actually have to edit. They only need to choose from an array of ready-made blocks and insert content. Here we have plenty of different modules including About or Contact section. Simply add them to a page and add the info. At the same time, you still have a chance to embed your own code.
  • Bookmark Focus Feature – use custom forms to share the info about the upcoming events or insurance seminars. The feature lets you highlight the event guests, members or speakers. A good way to establish an effective feedback with potential customers.
  • Additional Features – the website builder comes with free SSL security, custom blogging feature to attract new customers and share important info, tools to create SEO-optimized contact and reach a wider audience, seamless social network integration, etc.

Cost: Bookmark has a free plan with 1 GB of bandwidth and 500MB of storage. It also includes free SSL certificate and hosting. However, you will not be able to connect a domain of your own. That is probably the only drawback. A good idea is to opt for a Professional plan costing only $11 per month with all features in the pack such as unlimited storage and bandwidth, free domain and SSL, analytics, premium support, and more.

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The Bottom Line

As well as any other small business companies, insurance firms require effective online marketing to reach a wider target audience. A website looks like the only tool to achieve higher results and deliver the services to a bigger number of customers. Having a site sounds like a good idea considering the ease and speed for the building process ensured by leading website builders.

TOP Insurance Website Builders:

WixWix is an affordable and flexible platform with advanced technologies in the face of AI functionality, great free insurance templates, and a huge selection of widgets. The system offers all necessary tools to create a website starting from the logo to publishing.

uKituKit is an easy-to-use online instrument to ensure a solid insurance web representations. It also has custom website layouts with already integrated widgets and add-ons. The platform delivers enough functionality for quite a reasonable price.

WordPressWordPress is an ultimate CMS platform with an endless selection of themes, plugins, and integration capabilities though it still requires baseline technical feedback. On the other hand, combined with Bluehost server solution, it will result in a powerful insurance website.

UcraftUcraft is another affordable and simple solution with mobile-friendly templates, logo maker, and other tools to create a personalized insurance website. It has a worthy free plan though the website builder is mainly good for one-page websites or landing pages.

BookmarkBookmark is an advanced system using latest AI-based technologies to handle the bulging process for the user. It delivers advanced technological instruments that you can try within a free plan.

As a rule, insurance websites are not very complicated. They do not require plenty of storage or bandwidth though they still come with exclusive features and apps that define this particular business niche. All you need is to think over a future site functionality and decide, which system suits you best.


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