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Best Insurance Website Builders

Creating a quality and functional insurance website shouldn’t be a challenge for you, even if you are pressed for time or don’t have any web building skills at all. By using special tools – website builders – you will cope with the task pretty well without having to invest much effort and time into this process. Website builders work great for newbies and people with insufficient web design skills, who have the intention to launch quality websites.

Insurance website builders are convenient and easy to use. They come with a set of options, responsive templates, powerful web customization tools and other features that bring the hassle of web design to the minimum. You don’t have to be a proficient web developer to build an insurance website with these services. By following simple tips, recommendations and informative tutorials, you will avail decent result in less than no time.

Best Website Builders for Insurance – Key Features
Website BuilderWix (review)uKit (review)
Best for:Insurance agencyInsurance agent website
EasinessTakes a little time to learnPeace of cake
Insurance Templates:Ready-made templates for insurance websitesPre-designed themes for insurance agencies
Technical Support:24/7 supportEmail and Live chat support
Additional Options for Insurance:Online store for quick insuranceCRM integration
SEO Options:SEO WizardPromotion widget
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/mo

When it comes to building insurance agency websites, my advice is to use a good old, universal website builder to your benefit, rather than try to find a ready insurance site building service. Let’s have a look at two options that can help you handle the task in the best way possible – meet Wix and uKit!

Wix – The Best Service to Create Insurance Agency Website


Having chosen Wix for your insurance website, you won’t have to worry about the efficacy of the resource. Wix is one of the leaders in the web design niche, which offers a variety of stylish and fully customizable templates, appealing galleries, mobile optimization options, reliable hosting and other features that can contribute to your business advancement. The platform works best for creating quality websites for insurance companies.

Wix Features

Wix is, probably, one of the most popular website builders available in the market, which definitely suits the insurance website. This platform is a universal variant of a reliable drag-and-drop website builder, which allows for quick, safe and effective web design customization. The system is user-friendly and ensures stunning WYSIWYG web building experience.

  • Ease Of Use. Wix is a universal website builder, which encompasses a wide range of options and features that are needed to create quality and functional insurance websites. At the same time, it is convenient and easy to use, which matters a lot for newbies and users with lack of web design experience. Due to the logically-structured dashboard, intuitive web building process, simple drag-and-drop functionality and availability of visual editing options, Wix is a great choice for everyone.

  • Wix Editor

  • Mobile-ready Templates. What makes Wix stand out from the crowd is the availability of mobile optimized templates subdivided into thematic categories. If you plan to launch an insurance website, then you’ll certainly find the required template here – the one you will further customize with regard to your needs and requirements. You can customize it by adding your business info, customer reviews and other elements you consider important for your potential clients and partners. Fortunately, the service offers plenty of web design customization tools, which contribute to the efficacy of this process.

  • Wix Templates

  • Simple WYSIWYG Editor. Wix allows practicing two editing options. There is a standard WYSIWYG editor, which makes it possible to control each step of the web design process, and the advanced Wix Artificial Intelligence tool, which notably simplifies the task by designing a website in the automatic mode based on the data provided. Both options are understandable and simple for newbies.

  • App Market. Wix App Market is another benefit of this website builder. This is the place, where you can find lots of applications and widgets to be added to your insurance website. They are paid and free, so, you can choose any variant that appeal to you most of all.

  • Wix app market

  • Blogging. Wix has a powerful blogging platform, which allows connecting a blog to your insurance website. By doing this, you can stay in contact with your clients, communicate with them, help them solve their problems, take part in online discussions, encourage people for further communication and stay aware of everything, which is going on in your blog community.

  • Wix Blog Editor

Wix Cost

Wix Plans:
Connect Domain$4.50/mo;

As of today, Wix offers one unlimited free plan and five paid premium plans. The free plan allows testing the functionality of the system for as long as you need that, but it comes with notable limitations that don’t allow using it for building serious projects.

Paid plans are more functional and unveil lots of opportunities to insurance company owners. Paid plans can be billed on a monthly and annual basis, which depends upon your needs and preferences. Keep in mind, though, that the Connect Domain plan (which is currently the cheapest one) comes with an ad banner. To create an insurance website without it, you’ll have to buy one of the advanced plans, which offer free hosting, individual domain name connection, pro customer support, Google Analytics and other premium features.


Wix is a universal drag-and-drop website builder, which works great for the development of different website types. Insurance websites are not an exception. By using Wix, you can launch a functional insurance website from scratch. The website builder can boast an intuitive dashboard, responsive thematic templates, powerful design customization tools, advanced editing options and other features that contribute to decent result.

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uKit – The Easiest Site Builder for Insurance Website


uKit is a great choice for all those insurance agents willing to establish reliable web presence. The website builder is the easiest web building tool for small businesses, the range of functions of which ensures simple, effective and affordable web building process. The service offers drag-and-drop functionality, easy navigation, WYSIWYG editing options, availability of responsive thematic templates and other features that ensure successful web building process.

uKit Features

  • Simplicity. uKit is rightfully considered one of the easiest website builders. This is definitely a benefit for non-tech savvy users, who are looking for a simple web building opportunity. Due to the drag-and-drop functionality of the service, website building process becomes intuitive and convenient for everyone. The toolbar of the platform offers numerous widgets and elements, which are required to give your insurance website personalized look and superior functionality.
    uKit Insurance Editor

  • Designs. The highlight of uKit is its rich template gallery. This is where you will find a number of business templates specially designed for financial and insurance companies. The templates are responsive and fully customizable and you can edit them with regard to your company needs and specifics. They include several pages you can modify to add the most relevant and up-to-date content. All insurance website templates are responsive, which can bring your agency reputation to the brand new level.

  • uKit Insurance Templates

  • Integration of External Services. If there is the need to give your insurance websites advanced functionality, uKit allows doing that with maximum efficacy. By integrating popular external services into your website, you can achieve decent result. Some of these services include SoundCloud, LiveChat, Callback widget and Google maps to mention a few.

  • Blogging Functionality. Just like Wix, uKit also makes it possible to integrate a blog into your insurance website. This doesn’t take much time, but contributes to your website performance. By adding a blog, you will be able to write and publish insurance-focused posts, encourage users to leave their comments and reviews, add valuable information etc. This is a useful user interaction tool.

uKit Cost

uKit Plans:

Unlike Wix, uKit doesn’t have a free plan. Instead, it offer 4 paid plans, each of which allows testing the features of the system during a free trial.

As you see, uKit plans are quite affordable for everyone and you don’t have to invest much money to use all the benefits the system offers. All the plans include unlimited hosting and bandwidth, reliable customer support available any time of the day, availability of niche-specific responsive templates and other features that help get the most out of your insurance website.


If you are looking for a simple, functional and quality website builder to launch your insurance website, then uKit is certainly a decent solution. The system is very easy-to-use and convenient for people with different expertise levels and web design skills. It comes with powerful functionality, industry-specific responsive templates, versatile customization tools and other features that ensure safe, quick, effective and informative web building process.

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How to Make an Insurance Website by Yourself

Creating an effective and functional insurance agency website can become the crux of your business success, so, you have to know how to organize the process wisely. With so many insurance companies out there, driving new leads seems to be a complicated task and you have to consider different options to bring your strategy to life.

Building a quality insurance website is not that complicated. Look through the guide of the must-have elements that have to be included into your website to make it functional and useful:

  • General Insurance Information. As far as insurance business is always associated with numerous nuances people fail to know or understand, it makes sense to create a separate section that will provide them with the information they need. The content of this section should be related to the specification of your insurance company. Focus on the types of services you offer and try your best effort to keep your clients aware of this info. Update the articles and news the section contains on a regular basis.

  • Insurance Plans and Quotes. Depending upon the specialization of your insurance company, make sure to post the types of insurance plans and quotes you offer. Enlist the services your agency provides and explain the nuances and terms of buying insurance policies. Most clients look for this info online and your website should be the place, where they can find it.

  • Contact Info. Availability of contact data at the website is a must for any business website and yours is not an exception. This section should include the location and map of your office, telephone, social network accounts, a feedback form etc.

  • Calls-to-Action. When it comes to driving new leads, you won’t find a more effective method than using calls-to-action. They help encourage your visitors to browse through your website, explore the services you offer, submit their contacts and, eventually, use your services. Effective CTAs are those that don’t only tell about the services you offer, but persuade the visitors that they will benefit from dealing with you.

  • Live Chat. Availability of the live chat at your insurance website will help your clients get any urgent information they might need.

Bottom Line

Creation of a functional and well-designed insurance website is a smart idea that can help promote your company online and drive new leads. The only problem is the choice of the best web building tool. This is where website builders come into play. They are easy-to-understand and don’t require any web design skills to successfully complete the project.

If you need a powerful website builder to create an insurance website, then Wix should be your top choice. It esnures functionality and availability of the required features, which results in the development of the full-fledged resource. uKit is a nice alternative to Wix and a good choice for users looking for a simpler and more affordable website builder. Use any of them to launch your insurance website and enjoy the result!

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