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How to Make a Website With Your Own Domain For Free

Today, we’re going to talk about domain names. ‘Do website builders allow to connect custom domains?’ is a common question we regularly get via our e-mail. Other popular domains-related questions are ‘Can I use a previously purchased domain name’ and ‘Are there any site builders allowing to connect my own domain for free?’.

The answer to all these questions is yes.

Do website builders allow to connect custom domains?

Usually, when you sign up to a website builder and start working on your website, you get a free subdomain which is a temporary address of your site while it’s under construction. With Weebly, for example, you’ll get an address like sitename.weebly-dot-com, while with Wix it will be formatted the following way: yourlogin.wix-dot-com/sitename.

During the setup stage you can use a free subdomain, but when your website is ready for publishing, you can easily attach a new or a previously purchased domain name. We’ve already reviewed more than 50 website builders, and all of them allowed to do that. Some even allowed to purchase new domains without having to leave the control panel.

A custom domain name is an invaluable asset to any business. It gives your site a professional look and helps build trust. So it’s not surprising that all modern website builders allow users to use their own domains.

Are there any site builders allowing to connect my own domain for free?


You’ll be surprised to learn that there are website builders that offer the possibility to connect a custom domain for free. Take uCoz for example. This website builder provides its full functionality (except for the Eshop module) for free and allows you to connect a custom domain any time. You can either purchase a new domain via the system or use your existing domain.

The only drawback of the free account is a quite noticeable advert that will be placed on your website. You can get rid of it by upgrading your account.

How can I get a free domain name?

Freebie lovers rejoice! Many site builders offer a one year of free domain name registration if you choose to go with an annual plan.

Please note that when your first year expires, you’ll have to pay for your annual domain name renewal. You can get a free domain as a bonus from uCoz site builder when paying for 12 months in advance (applied to the Optimal and Shop plans) or 6 months if you choose to go with the Maximal plan.

Can I use a previously purchased domain name?

Of course you can. Typically, you’ll have to log into your domain name control panel and modify the NS records for your domain according to the instructions provided by the chosen website builder.

If you don’t have a domain yet, read these 5 simple rules for choosing the right one:

  1. Keep it simple. Come up with a domain name that’s easy to type and remember. Keep it short. Avoid numbers and hyphens, because they’re often misunderstood. People who hear your site address don’t know whether you’re using a numeral ‘3’ or it’s spelled out ‘three’, for example; they can also misplace or forget the dash.

  2. Use keywords. When you first begin the search, it helps to have at least 5 terms or phrases in mind that describe your business. When this list is ready, you can start adding suffixes and prefixes and pair the keywords to create good domain ideas.

  3. Be unique. Having your website confused with a popular website is a recipe for disaster. Never choose domains that are simply the plural, misspelled or hyphenated versions of an already established domain owned by someone else.

  4. Use an appropriate domain name extension. Domain name extensions can have specific uses, so make sure to choose one that describes the essence of your business. Dot-com is mostly preferred because most of the users type .com without thinking about it. Here are some other top extensions: co, info, net, org, biz, me. If your website is about an organization, then .org can be a great option. If it’s an informational site, getting an .info extension won’t hurt you either.

  5. Protect your brand. If you’re not concerned with name recognition and branding, you don’t need to worry about this one. To protect their brand, many companies purchase various domain extensions<, as well as misspelled versions of the domain. By doing so, they prevent competitors from registering other versions that can get part of your traffic.

In the quest for keywords we often forget about branding. Choosing a domain name is similar to choosing a company name: it requires a lot of consideration and planning. Make sure that your domain isn’t just readable or contains the required keywords, but is also catchy and recognizable.

Your brand is strongly connected with your domain name, and it’s more than just a combination of words. Names like or aren’t compelling as branded names. Sometimes, the most unrelated domains do best. Take Google, Amazon or Moz for example.

Any business must have a website with a custom domain name. A custom domain costs around $10-12 a year, and there’s a greater cost associated with not paying for a domain name 😉 . Never skimp on your web presence.

Why You Should Upgrade

Online website builders do let you build a website without paying a cent, there’s no doubt about that. But you should realize that nothing is for free, especially website builders. Web hosting costs money, renting a place to put the servers costs money, hardware costs money, customer support costs money.

So it’s natural that anyone running a free web service will need to reimburse their costs somehow and will probably even want to make a profit. Of course they want to make a profit – why else would they give away their services for free? Here are some typical reasons why they offer free services:

  • To make money off adverts displayed on your site and/or your control panel.
  • To promote their own brand with subdomains and copyright in the footer of your site.
  • They offer free starter plans in hopes of enticing customers to switch to paid packages.

The bottom line is that you’ll never get a full-featured web service with a free account. While we use so many free softwares every day including browsers, email clients and messengers like Skype, when it comes to website creation, there are no freebies.

With a typical website builder, you can upgrade your free account to an ad-free site with a custom domain name for just $4 a month! We strongly advise that you buy a premium account if you want to boost credibility and professionalism.

 Get started today, it’s easy!

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  • wix looking good but i need to upgrade to connect my domain.searching for some site that let me do that thing for free.

    • Hi!
      You can attach your own domain for free with uCoz ( and Zoho Sites (

      • Thank You I will be looking into these now 🙂

        • Good luck! Remember to share your experience with us 😉

      • on both links that you give me i got this error
        Error 404 – Page Not Found.
        but after i google i found zoho site.

      • zoho sites looks good.i wonder why i not find it first and why it was not on first page of google when i was searching for making a free website : i should have visit your blog first heheh nice man very good.

      • Al

        hey zoho is asking for payment

        • Hi, what do you mean? Zoho lets you build an ad-free site with unlimited pages for free. Advanced features are paid. Perhaps you’re trying to turn on a paid feature?

          • Dnyanesh

            hi, i wanted to know whether zoho allows to use my hosting ? or i have to use their hosting and bandwidth.

          • Hi,

            If you choose Zoho Sites, you have to use only native Zoho hosting and bandwidth.

      • Gev Balyan

        You can also Connect your domain for free with ucraft:


      • Forever Binkies

        ucoz I do not understand how to use, you do not see your website layout during the process it is extremely confusing. Just an fyi because I went the route to buy my own domain hoping I could use it with my current site host without paying for a costly upgraded service package that our small out of pocket business does not want to allow a budget for. However in paying for a domain; we cannot use it unless we get a paid for host service and completely rebuild our website. This is ridiculous. Why even offer people to purchase domains if they still have to pay for the upgrade for their host company to connect it to their current site?? Oh yeah, so they can make money by charging for the right to use their host service. SMH. Maybe we will just go website free and can it. Yes, it is a valuable resource for people who are looking for your company, but so is a FB. And THAT is free. Wasted money buying a domain.

  • Ma’E

    Great blog Howard! I am about to try Zoho. I don’t really wanna pay to use my custom domain!

  • Tarun

    Hi, i was wondering why is not on your list of free website builders and hosts which allow you your own custom domain. I’ve been using them and they are quite good.

    • Forever Binkies

      hostinger is not a free website provider, I think that the whole point is people whom purchase a domain name now have to basically double pay for a hosting service to allow them to connect the domain to their hosting.

  • GolamT313

    Hey guys, its GolamT313 here and I have a solution for this. Go to Signup for an account. Once you do that go to invites and invite some of your friends. Ask them to signup or just wait for one to signup. Once they signup and publish their first website, you will receive $10 weebly credit. Use this credit to upgrade your weebly site to the premium starter plan. The more you refer, the more credit you earn. Also with weebly you can create an awesome online store on your website for free as long as you have a premium plan! Good luck!

  • Prince tiwari

    Can I earn money from weebly by making free of cost website in starting.plz help me.or it is compulsory tha I should have my own paid website.

  • jose luies

    moving-company-es –

  • jose luies
  • Roshani Khanna

    Which One is the best and easy to manage for Custom Domain ?
    Roshani Khanna

    • Hi,

      All website builders, mentioned it this article, support custom domain management.

      • Barbara

        Hi Howard,
        I bought a domain name through on Enom through Google Apps, totally stuck on what the next should be towards going live, what site can I use to host for free for a travel agency website?

        • Hi, Barbara,
          uCoz website builder allows to connect an own domain name within free plan. But if you want to create a travel agency website, you should take a point at website builders that allow to create a site of such kind. There’re lots of travel agency templates in Wix, uKit or Weebly website builders. You may try all of them for free and choose the most suitable for you.
          For further info you may also read my comparisons of site builders mentioned above: uKit vs Wix: and Wix vs Weebly:

        • Gordon McAlpine

          Hi, if you bought your domain with Google Apps then you can use Google sites to create your site. Go to and click on new then more and choose sites and you will get the new Google sites builder. Search new Google sites in YouTube for a tutorial t get you started.

  • T.L. :p

    I wish there was a way to create a website with an actual custom domain (not sub domains) without paying for anything

    • Gordon McAlpine

      Google sites (the original version) allows you to map your domain for free. If you have a Gmail account then go to and create a site then do a search for a page that explains how to connect your domain. You will have to pay to register your domain but with a discount code I managed to register one recently for £2.20.

  • Andrew Turner

    Try Open Element web builder, it is completely free but is only for windows. No tricks ,no ties to domain or host. You can also host for free, again no ties or tricks and contrary to what many experts say some are very reliable.

  • Debra

    I need to create my own site, look like facebook. But I still look around what is best for that?

    • Hi, Debra,
      If you want to create a website like your Facebook page, you can do it with Wix or uKit. With Wix ADI your website can be built without any actions from your side – now this feature is available for website templates like Blog, Portfolio and some others. uKit offers a nice option to convert your Facebook page into complete website – You may try with both website builders for free and than choose which one suits the best.

  • Andrew Turner

    Another completely free one online is Silex. No tricks no ties you own the site host it where you want use whatever domain you want.

  • Wolfpuppy1010 Does Stuff

    Its not free if you have to pay the next year

  • Kakkoii-kun

    SITE123 is much better than wix but wix is the best DIY site builder…

  • Tiko

    Zoho does.

  • Carmen Spence

    I would like to make a free website for my little cottage for Holiday accomodation on the Gold Coast hinterland.

  • Carmen Spence

    I would like to build a completely free web site for my little cottage for holiday accomodation on the Gold Coast Hinterland. Can someone please help me to do this. my email is

  • Cheryl Webb

    Okay so I was just reading over the comments and was completely lost when it comes to purchasing your own domains. I have recently purchased my own domain just as one of the guys mention in the past comments. I want to be able to use that domain without paying wordpress a hefty price tag (which is exactly where my domain name is currently pointing to). I want someone to type my domain name in google search engine and NEVER have to come across WORDPRESS or any other “Folks of the liking” unless I put it there (Get what I’m saying?) The whole point is to be able or have the option to monetize my own blog, my own website, my own whatever my domain name is under. (Without paying someone to let me use what I already paid for ie; my domain name.) Recently, I was informed that I should look into hosting my website. That way I wouldn’t have to “pay rent for someone elses house” so to speak. I need someone to tell me, how do I host my own website? & also “all of the furniture needs to go in the house” speaking of the website of course…& where exactly do I get that kind of furniture ie; the tech stuff? Does it seem like I am getting some kind of understanding the way this domain stuff works? If not, ANYONE PLEASE feel free to chime in and help a sister out 🙂

  • lynn

    buy “” at godaddy auction.

  • Jd Fab

    Thanks for this Howard, really insightful and a very informative guide. We had a bunch of requests for more info on choosing a domain name that will strengthen your brand, so we covered it in a series of posts here:

  • wix is only $5 a month that’s $60 a year any business or hobby even should be able to cover that I personally use weebly it’s alittle more but you get ALOT more

  • Tushar patel

    please help me!! zoho is asking for premium plan

    • Hi,
      Zoho allows to create 2 websites within a free plan. But if you want to create more or use some extra features, you should switch to the paid version.
      All the best,

  • IndominusRexxx

    Im looking for an easy to use free website builder with no sub domain for free or maybe a tiny subname like instead of it can be or something like that.

    • Hi, if you want to connect your own domain name and build a website for free than your choice is uCoz or XPRS. But the last one has some limitations for those who can operate a website for free (it’s available for students, artists, and other creative people).

  • Tee

    Hello Howard Steele,

    I hope you see this as soon as possible and can help.

    I have a question,

  • Tee

    Hello Howard Steele,

    I hope you can help me,
    Right, i want to build a quick website store selling some things but i would like a
    1)free own domain name
    2)a free email domain name
    and a video showing how the products work on the home page.
    3) and all these for free. At least for the first year or very very cheap.

    Would you suggest Ucoz? i’m not a website expert i’ve used moonfruit and weebly in the past but find weebly expensive for a store with all the above. Do you think i’ll be able to use Ucoz? or is there another site you can recommend?.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you.

    • Hi, Tee,
      Surely, I’ll do all my best to help you.
      If you want to create a webstore for free, there are no such a big choice. As website builders are commercial systems, they want that those who wish to create an eCommerce website should also pay for that. Yes, with uCoz you can create a website for free, and even add your own domain name for free. But not to create an online shop. Other website builders will offer you near the same proposal. From my experience I can tell that trying to build an eCommerce project for free isn’t a good idea.
      In your case I advise you to take a look at two options:
      1) if you plan to create big online store, than Wix is the best solution. The price on eCommerce is moderate and the whole set of available tools is above the sky.
      2) If you’re going to operate with small online shop than you should take a look at uKit. It has very convenient interface and the cheapest price on eCommerce amongst others. Besides all options you’ve mentioned in the message (domain and email) are included.
      You may try both website builders I’ve mentioned and choose which suits you the best.
      Howard Steele.

  • Jideofor

    I bought s domain from a Nigerian seller but couldn’t build my website with it so I used simple difference to build and design my website but I just can’t seem to connect my website with the domain I bought please someone help.

    • Hi,
      Here’s the standard scheme of domain connection, which applies to the most of known website builders: 1) you should go to the dashboard of your website’s registrar and write there DNS-records of the website builder you have used; 2) you should set your domain name in the website builder’s dashboard. It usually takes some time (from 15 minutes to 24 hours) to make your domain live.

  • Afreenzia
  • Chinwe Ezeokoli-Ashraph

    any opinions on site rubix vs wix for building websites? also if i build a free website on one (on a sub domain), can i move it to another one later