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Best Website Builders for Construction Company

A website drives the revenue. It does not matter if a company acts as a small contractor or handles tremendous governmental contracts featuring a dozen of crews working around the country, a construction company certainly needs a web representation. A web resource is the chance to introduce your company to a wider target audience, highlight its most successful projects, let customers keep in touch with you anytime.

Finally ready to get started? You do know that website builders are essential helpers when it comes to building a good-looking resource from scratch. They proved to be cost-effective and time-consuming as they do not require any technical skills.

Construction Website Builders – Overview Chart:

Best for:Construction Company, Developer’s Business PageRepair Service, Small building company
Easiness1-2 days to cope with3-4 hours to learn
Construction Templates:Pre-built themes for construction companyProfessional construction templates
Technical Support:E-mail support, communityOnline skype support, ticket support
Additional Options:Dozens of useful appsOnline calculator widgets
SEO Options:SEO WizardGeneral SEO settings, Promotion advisor
Pricing Options:Free to $24.50/mo$4 to $12/mo

They are cheaper if compared with custom development. As a builder, you will appreciate the opportunity to edit pages according to your needs and construct a catchy web resource that will lead to revenue. Still have doubts? Go on with the beneficiary advantages of using web building platforms like Wix and uKit.

Wix – The Best Website Builder For a Construction Company

Wix home page

Wix has proved to be the #1 website constructor recognized worldwide. 130+ million users are taking the advantage of its features that let easily create different types of websites effortlessly.

From small corporate pages for running construction companies to huge portals for globally operating building enterprises – Wix makes it easy to build a website that exceed your expectations.

Wix Editor Construction Site

Benefit from its drag-and-drop function to create a 100% unique customized platform that drives your business. Apart from easy-to-use tools and simplicity users appreciate the following advantages:

  • Huge Collection of Templates – Wix offers a selection of premium templates for both small construction companies and well -established enterprises. All templates come indifferent designs that meet the latest web design trends. They can be easily customized and edited. Add contact and change blocks with just a couple of clicks;

  • Navigation Tools – website builders provide an easy navigation system. Every template contains a search bar letting your customers sort available projects by type, price or other vital parameters . Create a comprehensive listing that matches relevant projects;

  • Wix App Market – Wix boasts its own application marketplace where users can choose any widget according to their needs. From Wix Pro Galleries to highlight your project photos at their best quality to Wix forum and social sharing buttons to enhance the customers’ feedback;

  • Mobile Optimized Themes – each and every template you choose is mobile-friendly. Built on Wix, construction company websites will run equally great on both Android and iOS powered devices.

An extended list of building and editing web tools is available for only $8.5 per month! The price look more than a bargain when it comes to creating a fully customized and functional website for a construction company.

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uKit – The Easiest Platform to Create a Construction Website

uKit home page

Although uKit is a relatively new website builder, it is powered by advanced innovative technologies that let users create a construction company website from scratch effortlessly.

The platform comes with versatile tools to create and edit website blocks and pages, create personalized style, and add more flexibility to your web resource with the help of in-built widgets like calendar or online calculator.

uKit Editor Construction Site

Low prices, no coding and designing are only some of the major uKit benefits. Check for more advantages like:

  • Bright and Catchy Portfolio – uKit has a simple tool to add full-color project photos of any size. Users can also attach video and audio files. Simply drag and drop the desired item or application to create an overwhelming portfolio;

  • Up-to-Date Project Information – keep your customers in touch with the latest and most successful projects. All you need is to constantly update content. uKit website builder offers simple tools to let you edit texts and other information effortlessly. Just select a block you need to update and insert new data;

  • Fully Responsive Website – whether you target desktop customers or mobile users, uKit provides fully responsive templates for tablets, smartphones and laptops. They run greatly despite device’s OS, carrier or screen resolution;

  • Essential Widgets in the Pack – unlike Wix web builder, uKit does not have is own app market. However, it provides built-in customized widgets that are very easy to implement. Install an online calculator with one click letting your customers estimate the price for their project in advance.
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Summing Up

Wix and uKit seem to be a better and cheaper option even if compared with WordPress. Although it also offers a range of professional templates, most themes usually start from $70-$80 per template. Their customization may be a challenge unless you know at least some HTML basics.

Otherwise, you will need to hire a web designers to handle necessary edits. It will drive you to $300-$400 more. For this reason, uKit and Wix website builders are the best bet:

  1. No overpayments.
  2. No coders or designers for hire
  3. No problems with managing your web resources.

The choice is 100% clear, isn’t it?

Additional Features to Look for in a Website Builder

Apart from basic features necessary for any construction company website, Wix and uKit come with an extended list of options to let you create a more functional and user-friendly web resource. Website owners will appreciate integrated online support button on addition to customers’ portals, social sharing buttons, integrated analytics and more:

  • Online Support – both Wix and uKit provide integrated online chat tools letting your customers keep in touch with your representatives with only one click;
  • Integrated Payment Options – implement safe and secure payment options, receive online push notifications and manage your orders;
  • Mobile Device Optimization – both Wix and uKit templates are supported by mobile devices as well. No matter if your customers prefer iOS based or Android supported devices. Your website will run equally great;
  • Integrated Analytics – track your customers’ flow and traffic in real time. Wix and uKit websites can be easily integrated with analytic tools. Detailed stats will let you make necessary changes to meet your customers’ expectations and drive your business to higher revenues.

Users can additionally add customers’ portals or Testimonials sections to generate as much feedback from real customers as possible. All features can be easily implemented by means of website builders like Wix or uKit.

5 Essential Construction Company Website Features

The main idea is to tailor your web resource so that customers could easily find the information they are craving for. Here are top 5 essential features a construction company site should have:

  1. Rich Portfolio – construction industry is all about visuals and first impression. Photos, videos and additional media content may speak volumes. Make your website look professional;

  2. Project Gallery – just placing large high-quality photos is not enough. A website should have a separate section for all your project images providing users with a fast access;

  3. Testimonials – building a strong reputation on the web is vital. Unlike dozens of other websites, pay attention to real reviews and customers’ feedback. Never deal with fake testimonials. The latest statistics show that 88% of clients trust online reviews;

  4. Services – as a professional contractor. you are expected to provide a detailed information on services you deliver. Adding a Calculator widget or Free Estimate button would be a great idea;

  5. Clear CTA – any compelling contact should end with a Call to Action feature. Experiment with colors, buttons, fonts, etc. Check, which variant is the most traffic-driving.

As you can see, website building platforms like Wix or uKit let you easily add any of essential features necessary for a brilliant constructor company website. Moreover, they offer an extended list of options to make your web resource more functional and attractive to the target audience. Boost your sales and introduce your services in the most catchy and effective way using website builders for construction companies!

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