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Best Website Builders for Construction Company

Best Website Builder for Construction Company

Whether your construction company acts as a small contractor or handles tremendous governmental contracts featuring a dozen of crews working around the country, it certainly requires professional web representation. A web resource is the chance to introduce your business to a wider target audience, highlight its most successful projects, let customers keep in touch with you anytime.

Having a quality website is an advantage in itself. Apart from driving revenue, it can make your company stand out in the crowd to gain prevalence over niche competitors. The more informative and appealing your project is – the more audience it will attract and the more extensive your client base will become.

Ready to get started? You do know that website builders are essential helpers when it comes to building a good-looking resource from scratch. They proved to be cost-effective and time-consuming as they do not require any technical skills. What matters a lot here is the choice of a platform that will comply with your web design needs most.

Listed above are the top 10 systems, which can be chosen for your website development needs. These include all-in-one and specialized website builders, which differ in niche focus, special features and web design tools available in stock. It’s high time now to review the best platforms you can use to launch a feature-rich website for your construction company now.

1. Wix – Best Website Builder For Construction Company

Product Name:WIX
Official Website:
Number of Websites:4,565,423
Complexity:Very easy
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $13/mo

Wix – is the best website builder for construction company. The DIY platform has gained worldwide popularity due to its powerful integrated functionality and orientation of diverse user categories. From small corporate pages for running construction companies to huge portals for globally operating building enterprises – Wix makes it easy to build a website that exceeds your expectations.

Apart from easy-to-use tools, simplicity and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, users appreciate the following Wix advantages:

  • Niche Templates. Wix has a separate section of templates for construction and architect companies, all of which are mobile-ready, free and customizable by default.
  • Wix Chat Widget. The website builder offers an opportunity to integrate a live chat widget into your website for more effective interaction with customers.
  • Calculator Builder. There is an opportunity to add a customizable calculator builder to your website to let your customers calculate the cost of some services independently.
  • Testimonials and Reviews. The system allows using its free/paid apps to enable your clients to add their testimonials and reviews to the website.
  • Media Embedding Features. To boost your client engagement rate and to improve your website performance, Wix allows embedding media files via integration of corresponding widgets (Wix Video, Video & Image Slider Gallery, Photo & Video Gallery, Wix Pro Gallery, Wix Shared Gallery, Automatic Story Feed, WixPhoto Albums etc.).

When it comes to the pricing policy, Wix is one of the most cost-effective website builders out there. Along with a free plan that lets you test the system and practice your skills for the unlimited period of time, there is an opportunity to upgrade to one of premium subscriptions. There are two types of plans to pick from, each containing more detailed subscriptions. The cost of plans starts from $13/mo.

2. uKit – The Easiest Construction Website Builder

Product Name:uKit
Official Website:
Number of Websites:25,388
Complexity:Very easy
Free plan:Free 14-day trial
Paid plan:From $4/mo

uKit – is the easiest construction website builder, which is powered by advanced innovative technologies, letting users start a quality project from scratch. The platform comes with versatile tools to create and edit website blocks and pages, create personalized style, and add more flexibility to your web resource with the help of in-built widgets like calendar or online calculator. No coding skills are required to work with the system, which makes it a perfect solution for beginners.

Low prices, no coding and designing are only some of the major uKit benefits. Check for more system advantages below:

  • Responsive Construction Templates. uKit has a separate category of free responsive construction templates that work best for this very niche and can be easily customized to your liking.
  • Portfolio Creation Tools. The system allows creating catchy portfolio templates (with video/audio/image attachment opportunity) to display the items you are ready to offer to your clients.
  • uCalc Online Calculator. The platform implies the opportunity of Online Calculator integration to let your customers estimate the price for their project in advance.
  • AmoCRM Integration. The tool allows for fast and convenient accounting deals and clients to control and increase your sales.
  • Customer Interaction Widgets. With uKit, you can get access to customer interaction widgets (MailChimp, Callback Forms, LiveChat, LiveAgent, Jivo etc.) that simplify the process of communication with potential clients.

uKit is one of the most affordable website builders you can find these days. There is no completely free plan here yet there is an opportunity to test the system’s functionality during the 14-day free trial. To get access to more advanced features, you should upgrade to one of four premium subscriptions. Their cost starts from $4/mo.

3. SITE123 – Cheap SaaS Website Building Tool

Product Name:SITE123
Official Website:
Number of Websites:27,209
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $10.80/mo

SITE123 – is an absolutely free SaaS website building tool, which is initially focused on the needs of non-techies and was created with their skills in mind. The use of the system does not require any programming proficiency at all. The platform features intuitive approach to the website creation process, letting you customize your construction project in almost no time. As the all-in-one website builder, SITE123 provides integrated hosting and domain connection options to ensure the utmost user convenience.

The major highlights of the website builder are as follows:

  • Online Form Builder. The system unveils an opportunity to independently create online forms to establish better communication with current and potential clients.
  • Logo Builder. If your website does not have a brand logo yet, you can easily design the one with the integrated Logo Builder tool.
  • Multilingual Support. The platform allows creating your construction company website in several languages to target local and international audience.
  • Customer Interaction Widgets. The website builder grants access to numerous integrable widgets (Booking, Live Chat, Galleries, Social Widgets etc.) that ensure effective communication with customers.
  • Blogging. To keep your clients aware of the latest niche trends and business news, you can connect a blog to your website and update it with recent niche-related information when required.

SITE123 is both simple and reasonably-priced. You can test the system for as long as you need while using its free plan. To avail access to more advanced features and tools, you have to upgrade to the suitable premium subscription. The cost starts from $10.80/mo.

4. IM Creator – Free Drag & Drop Website Builder

Product Name:IM Creator
Official Website:
Number of Websites:11,017
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $8/mo

IM Creator – is a free drag and drop website builder, which ensures impressive design customization approach and intuitive web development process. The website builder has won user attention due to its simplicity and orientation on beginners. It works best for the development of blogs, landing pages, portfolios, web stores and small business websites and construction company projects are not an exception. The system has much to offer to entrepreneurs, students, artists and other users willing to launch and independently customize websites for personal and business use. What’s more, the use of the website builder does not imply any coding knowledge at all – so understandable and intuitive it is by default.

Other IM Creator advantages include:

  • Thematic Designs. Some of the most remarkable, free and responsive designs you can choose for your construction company can be found under Business, Services or Arts/Design categories.
  • Blogging. To inform your customers about niche-related news, updates and special occasions, the system lets you start a blog to manage it as required.
  • Content Stripes. IMCreator is known for its collection of content stripes you can choose and modify to create the structure and layout of your construction company website.
  • eCommerce. The system allows offering your services/items for sale, using the advantages and tools provided by its eCommerce engine.

IM Creator is a completely free website builder for everyone, who has an intention to launch websites for non-commercial use. When it comes to running projects for construction companies, the system will offer to upgrade to its premium subscription, the cost of which constitutes $8/mo only. That’s more than affordable for a business-focused website.

5. WordPress – Free CMS to Create and Manage Construction Website

Product Name:WordPress
Official Website:
Number of Websites:28,183,568
Free plan:Completely free
Paid plan:Paid themes and hosting

WordPress – is a free CMS to create and manage a construction website. The system stands out from the crowd due to its endless integration and design customization options. The use of the CMS implies at least basic web design background yet it is still possible to master it for a newbie. It’s just that the process will take more time and effort as compared to standard DIY website builders. Being initially created for content-based projects, WordPress has now gained explicit functionality and flexibility required to start different types of business projects, including those for construction companies.

Have a look at the main features of the CMS now:

  • Niche Themes. The CMS has a collection of integrated templates and it’s also possible to use free/paid third-party designs that focus exclusively on the requirements and special parameters of your construction project.
  • Blogging Platform. WordPress was initially launched with blogging focus in mind and, thus, its toolset allows connecting full-featured blogs to encourage customer interaction.
  • Construction-Related Plugins. You can choose from multiple plugins to contribute to the design and performance of your construction company website.
  • Customer Service & Support Pugins. The CMS grants access to dozens of customer service and support plugins, including LiveChat, Support Candy, onWebChat, WP-Chatbot, AH Tickets, Zendesk, JS Support, Help Scout Desk and more.
  • eCommerce. To offer some of your products/services for sale, integration of WP WooCommerce plugin will be the best solution, as it comes with a rich toolset required to help you start selling online.

As to the cost aspect, WordPress is absolutely free. You can download and install the system without any fees at all. However, integration of third-party plugins and themes may require extra budget investment. The same is about hosting/domain connection. In this respect, the use of Bluehost is the best solution. The cost of its plans starts from $2.95/mo, which is a generous offer for each and every WordPress subscriber.

6. Webflow – Construction Company Web Design Software

Product Name:Webflow
Official Website:
Number of Websites:169,567
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:$12/mo

Webflow – is a professional construction company web design software. This is a powerful platform, which initially targets experienced web developers involved in the creation of projects for their clients. At the same time, nop deep coding proficiency is required to launch websites with the system, although, baseline skills are really preferrable here. The website builder boasts limitless integration options, a set of built-in SEO tools and content-related features to make your construction company website creation convenient and less complicated.

Some of the features that give Webflow prevalence over its niche competitors encompass:

  • Content Management System. Webflow has a kind of integrated CMS that simplifies the process of website development, makes it more logical and lets you use Open Graph/SEO settings for more effective project promotion.
  • Integrated API Tool. The platform has a built-in API to make the process of customer/business collaboration hassle-free and more convenient.
  • Animation Effects. To drive user attention, the system lets you apply animation effects like 3D graphics integration or visual animations without any programming skills required.
  • Element Embedding. Webflow lets you pick and integrate multiple content elements (tabs, social network buttons, sliders, image/video carousels etc.) to create functional web pages.
  • Powerful Integrations. The website builder allows connecting third-party services like Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Zapier platform, Slack, Lottie/After Effects/Lightbox Gallery etc. to ensure quality website presentation and high end performance.

As to pricing, Webflow has several subscriptions to fit any budget. There are two groups of premium plans here – Website and Account – that are further divided into smaller plans. The price of subscriptions starts from $12/mo.

7. Squarespace – Best Website Builder for Contractors

Product Name:Squarespace
Official Website:
Number of Websites:2,536,744
Free plan:No, free 14-day trial
Paid plan:From $12/mo

Squarespace – is the best website builder for contractors, which can equally be used by beginners and web design experts. The system has much to offer to any user category, making it possible to start and effectively manage construction company websites, It comes with dozens of free customizable responsive themes, powerful integrations, customer/order management tools and other advantages.

The list of the most remarkable Squarespace features would be incomplete without the following points:

  • Cover Page Builder. To drive user attention, you can use the tool to design a unique cover page for your construction project, using the available themes with grid galleries, integrated CTA blocks etc.
  • Powerful eCommerce. Squarespace is known for its powerful eCommerce focus that allows starting construction websites that let you sell online.
  • Acuity Scheduling Platform. The app makes it possible to launch feature-rich business websites with powerful integrated functionality.
  • Social Widget Integration. To build your customer base, you can share and update your business info in social networks (Facebook, Google+, SoundCloud, Twitch, Yelp, Tumblr, Instagram, Behance,Dribbble, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest,Dropbox, etc.) by integrating corresponding widgets.
  • Unfold Storytelling Tool. The app is used to create and add appealing stories/posts in social networks to increase customer engagement rate and generate more clients.
  • Blogging. With Squarespace, you can connect a feature-rich blog to your construction website to share business-related info and news there.

The website builder has moderate pricing policy. There is no free subscription here yet each of the premium plans comes with a free 14-day trial. To avail more functionality privileges, you need to upgrade to one of four subscriptions with regard to your project specialization. The cost of premium plans currently starts from $12/mo.

8. Weebly – Simple Website Builder to Make a Website

Product Name:Weebly
Official Website:
Number of Websites:1,033,781
Free plan:Yes
Paid plan:From $4/mo

Weebly – is a simple website builder to make a website for a construction company. The system was initially created as a blogging platform yet it has later gained eCommerce focus. This happened after its acquisition by the world eCommerce giant – Square. As a result, it has become possible to start quality business projects with eCommerce specialization here. What’s important, Weebly is quite a convenient and simple web design platform, which does not require awareness of the coding basics. The platform comes with a handy drag-and-drop editor along with box model structure, which guarantees quality result without extra effort/budget investment.

As to the most impressive Weebly merits, they are as follows:

  • Blogging Engine. As a system created for blogging, Weebly offers a rich set of tools for quality blog development and customization.
  • Email Marketing. With Weebly, you can send email notifications to your customers to notify them about recent company news, special offers, updates and other related info.
  • Weebly Promote Tool. You have a perfect opportunity to present your services/products to the target audience and to further promote them online by using the advantages the tools offers.
  • Powerful Integrations. The platform grants access to its App Market with its stunning collection of free and paid extensions (maps, image collections, slideshows, media files, search boxes etc.), all of which can notably enhance your business performance.
  • Live Chat. To make interaction with clients more effective and convenient, the system allows integrating its Live Chat widget.

Weebly pricing is quite average for all users. There is a free subscription that lets you explore the system and services/tools it offers. Premium plans also differ with regard to users’ needs and requirements. Their cost starts from $4/mo.

9. 247pro – Software for Contractors and Remodelers

Product Name:247pro
Official Website:
Number of Websites:
Free plan:Free trial
Paid plan:$49/mo

247pro – is a specialized software for contractors and remodelers, which allows starting small-to-large construction company websites, using a set of professional niche-specific tools. The platform sees its mission in helping companies and independent contractors enhance their operational efficacy and grow their client bases. The system complies with the latest industry standards and best trends in the construction and remodeling business. The website builder can provide its subscribers with features and tools required to generate profit, increase the revenue and drive traffic.

Here is the list of advantages 247pro is ready to offer:

  • All-In-One Management System. The website builder provides an innovative project management system developed to help construction companies manage their leads, databases, projects, documents, orders, estimates etc, all in one place.
  • Integrated Estimator. The tool allows estimating the cost of the deal/item, offering multiple templates to match your project design.
  • CRM/Leads Management. The system helps enhance sales volumes and find/hire contractors by using its high end CRM/Leads management platform.
  • Bid Request. The software is a one-stop destination to obtain, pick and manage bids, vendors, contractors from multiple resources.
  • Built-In Calendar. The features lets you plan and schedule your work to meet the deadlines and special client preferences.
  • Timecard App. You can install the application to track your orders, schedule, GPS location, teamwork and other crucial info even on the go.

247pro can hardly be called an affordable software. It has only one plan, the monthly cost of which constitutes $49. When getting an annual subscription at $490, you will be offered 2 months of free software use as a bonus. There is also an opportunity to apply for a free trial here to see what exactly the system has to offer.

10. Rocketspark – Websites for Builders and Architects

Product Name:Rocketspark
Official Website:
Number of Websites:3,609
Free plan:Free trial
Paid plan:From $39/mo (NZ)

Rocketspark – is a modern web design platform that lets you launch websites for builders and architects, using a set of powerful tools and features. Projects created with the system will effectively showcase your work and business achievements, build customer trust and capture user enquiries. The platform offers plenty of designs to eventually get a project that will stand out from the crowd. What matters a lot here is that you are not trapped into a standard pre-designed template here – all the themes are super customizable yet simple at a time.

Rocketspark boasts a number of impressive advantages, such as:

  • Two Web Design Options. You can either build a construction company website on your own or order a professional website developed specially for you by a local Rocketspark Design Partner (further support and professional advice included).
  • Built-In Blogging. The system lets you create a blog and update it with new posts to drive traffic and build your construction company brand popularity.
  • Social Media Promotion. There is an opportunity to connect with the world’s popular social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter etc.) here to promote your company there.
  • Powerful Integrations. The website builder lets you integrate your company website with dozens of third-party platforms, such as Google Analytics, Xero, Elfsight, eCommerce services (Afterpay, Stripe,Google Shopping, Quickbooks etc), advanced email marketing tools, video platforms and many more.
  • CRM & Membership Databases. There is also an opportunity to connect external platforms (Hello Club, Insightly, Infoodle etc.) to enhance user management convenience.

Rocketspark has a 30-day free trial to test the subscriptions you are interested in. As soon as you decide to upgrade to one of the premium plans, you’ll be offered three options. Their cost starts from $39/mo. The price is specified in the NZ dollars. Annual subscriptions let you save big, when opting for the same subscriptions at once.

Additional Features to Look for in a Website Builder

Apart from basic features necessary for any construction company website, Wix and uKit come with an extended list of options to let you create a more functional and user-friendly web resource. Website owners will appreciate integrated online support button on addition to customers’ portals, social sharing buttons, integrated analytics and more:

  • Online Support – both Wix and uKit provide integrated online chat tools letting your customers keep in touch with your representatives with only one click;
  • Integrated Payment Options – implement safe and secure payment options, receive online push notifications and manage your orders;
  • Mobile Device Optimization – both Wix and uKit templates are supported by mobile devices as well. No matter if your customers prefer iOS based or Android supported devices. Your website will run equally great;
  • Integrated Analytics – track your customers’ flow and traffic in real time. Wix and uKit websites can be easily integrated with analytic tools. Detailed stats will let you make necessary changes to meet your customers’ expectations and drive your business to higher revenues.

Users can additionally add customers’ portals or Testimonials sections to generate as much feedback from real customers as possible. All features can be easily implemented by means of website builders like Wix or uKit.

5 Essential Construction Company Website Features

The main idea is to tailor your web resource so that customers could easily find the information they are craving for. Here are top 5 essential features a construction company site should have:

  1. Rich Portfolio – construction industry is all about visuals and first impression. Photos, videos and additional media content may speak volumes. Make your website look professional;
  2. Project Gallery – just placing large high-quality photos is not enough. A website should have a separate section for all your project images providing users with a fast access;
  3. Testimonials – building a strong reputation on the web is vital. Unlike dozens of other websites, pay attention to real reviews and customers’ feedback. Never deal with fake testimonials. The latest statistics show that 88% of clients trust online reviews;
  4. Services – as a professional contractor. you are expected to provide a detailed information on services you deliver. Adding a Calculator widget or Free Estimate button would be a great idea;
  5. Clear CTA – any compelling contact should end with a Call to Action feature. Experiment with colors, buttons, fonts, etc. Check, which variant is the most traffic-driving.

As you can see, website building platforms like Wix or uKit let you easily add any of the essential features necessary for a brilliant constructor company website. Moreover, they offer an extended list of options to make your web resource more functional and attractive to the target audience. Boost your sales and introduce your services in the most catchy and effective way using website builders for construction companies!

Bottom Line

When it comes to construction company website development, the choice of platforms is more than impressive. They differ with regard to your project size and parameters as well as general coding proficiency.

Basically, you will have to choose between all-in-one web design platforms and specialized systems. As to all-in-one services, Wix and uKit seem to be the most preferable, feature-rich and simple solutions. They come with ready-made niche-specific customizable templates as well as construction-related tools and widgets. You won’t face any overpayments and you won’t require coding expertise to create a construction project on your own.

WordPress can also be a nice pick for website development. This is the CMS, which offers a range of professional templates, the cost of which starts from $70-$80 per template, though. Their customization may be a challenge unless you know at least some HTML basics. Otherwise, you will need to hire a web designer to handle necessary edits. It will drive you to $300-$400 more. Third-party integrations are available here as well to boost your website performance and design.

Other all-in-one website builders that can ensure fast and effective construction website development process include SITE123, IM Creator, Webflow, Squarespace and Weebly. Each of these systems comes with a set of features, tools and templates that should be chosen with regard to your project parameters and your personal business requirements.

As to specialized systems, 247pro and Rocketspark rank really high. Along with niche templates, these platforms deliver a broad range of construction-focused tools as well as powerful third-party integrations. This is a surefire way to avail quality result with minimum effort/budget investment.

To sum it all up, it’s up to you to pick the best web design tool to comply with your construction business requirements. Which of them will be the best bet? This depends upon your website specifications, goals you intend to reach, web design skills and individual requirements. The best solution is to test the platforms you consider the most suitable for your business and to pick the one that works best for you.


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