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Comparium – is a cross-browsing website testing solution created in 2019. With the use of powerful software, it guarantees accurate and reliable results of how a website looks and operates on any browser or operating system with no additional software downloads. This tool is definitely a must-have for any web developer since no matter how much effort or time was invested in designing a website, how it will operate for visitors is what determines its success.

Here we have tested and reviewed the platform for you to get a precise picture of what makes Comparium stand out and if it’s the web testing platform that’s catered to your requirements.

Who Backs Comparium?

Comparium registration

Comparium is an innovative, time-saving, and convenient all-in-one solution to make even the most complicated web testing straightforward. The company that stands behind the Comparium product is Electronic Team, Inc. with a huge team of over 50 expert software developers. It has completed over 16 custom software projects that have brought over 1 million satisfied customers from around 198 countries and territories!

Why Choose Comparium?

Nowadays, an automated cross-browser testing solution is no longer a novelty. There are many companies offering their services in this niche. And yet, Comparium is not simply another solution you come across on the net. It is unique in many ways. Primarily, unlike with other solutions, you don’t have to install any extra software to test your website with Comparium. Furthermore, you don’t have to be an expert to use Comparium. You are simply to enter the URL of the website you want to check, select the OS and Browser. Comparium gives an option to conduct in-depth testing by picking up a different version of the browser and the operating system. This way you will find out if your website runs smoothly on all possible combinations.

Another advantage that makes Comparium one-of-a-kind is the ability of live testing and screenshot comparison even in the free version of the platform. Other cross-browser testing services introduce their features yet allow their usage only after acquiring a paid plan. Comparium offers more flexibility when it comes to testing before purchasing.

Comparium Features

Before dealing with a website testing tool, it’s sensible to check out the main, as well as extra features to see if it is the right choice per your requirements. Here we have broken down the features of this platform in no particular order of importance.

Screenshot Testing

Comparium Screenshot Testing

  • OS/Browser Configurations – The in-built screen capturing engine enables you to get an instant visualization of how your website looks on various OS and browsers configurations. Here you are to set the resolution as well as the device before conducting the testing process.
  • Login Profile/Basic Authentication – With this website testing platform you can run a basic checking to see which pages of your site are publically available. The Login Profile check, meanwhile, will test those pages which you have protected with login forms. By the way, Comparium is going to launch the local testing feature to test out web platforms on internal and private servers without publishing them.
  • Comparison Tools – The automatic and manual comparison of screenshots will showcase all visual inconsistencies with one click. Moreover, this tool conducts a comparison with an existent mockup to find out if the website launches equally well regardless of the operating system or browser. Overall, Comparium offers 4 modes of comparison all catered to revealing how the website looks and operates. The modes are:

    • Side-by-Side (two screenshots placed next to each other);
    • Slider (incompatibilities shown through the slide cursor);
    • Overlay (you set the transparency level of the top layer);
    • Differences (automatic highlight of incompatibilities).
  • Multiple Configuration Options – Comparium presents to its users’ attention over 100 OS and browser combinations. You can choose to pair various OS (macOS, Windows7, Windows10, Linux are available) and browsers (Safari, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera). The available resolutions, meanwhile, include desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile. You can as well set a custom resolution for specific websites.
  • Offline Report Generation – Registered users at Comparium can generate offline reports. They are generated automatically and then sent to the mentioned email. This way you will have them always at hand to go over whenever convenient to you.
  • Support for Smartscroll – This is a new feature that will set the client free from the irrelevant floating elements (pop-up ads, GBDR pop-ups, and so forth) burdening the pages and affecting the analysis. Use the Smartscroll to control any screenshot to be tested, disable/enable sticky or fixed elements.

Live Testing

Comparium Live Testing

  • Interactive Testing – The same combinations of browser and OS available for screenshot testing can be checked through live testing, too. For this, you can either run an automated test or navigate the site from any other site and OOS to see what inconsistencies there might be.
  • No Emulators – With no emulators used, there’s no room left for incorrect test results. The cross-browsing website testing solution uses only real browsers on virtual machines.
  • Remote Access – No matter your location, Comparium allows its users to access the live testing feature since the solution doesn’t demand any installation on a desktop or mobile gadget.

Comparium Pricing

The first thing that catches the eye is the free plan of Comparium that comes packed with quite decent features. The Trial Version is available even with no registration and includes website testing on macOS, Windows10, Mozilla, and Google Chrome with overall 40 live sessions and 1000 screenshots per month.

The Live Plus Plan, meanwhile, offers all the above-mentioned features. The price of the plan is $149 per year or $14.99 per month. If you want to conduct more tests simultaneously, increase the number of parallel sessions – 2 parallel sessions cost $269/year or $26.99/month; 4 parallel sessions cost $490/year or $49/month; 10 parallel sessions cost $950/year or $95/month.

Testing Comparium

Comparium Testing

Comparium boasts of a highly intuitive interface. Regardless of your experience and limited computer knowledge, anyone can use the platform. However, here we have tested this cross-browser testing software ourselves and want to present a step-by-step guide for new users:

  1. Open the website.
  2. You will instantly be led to the testing page with 40 live testing sessions and 1,000 screenshot tests available. From the dashboard on the top of the page, you can choose to test using screenshots or conduct live streaming.
  3. In the middle of the page, you will see the place to insert the URL of the website you want to test, as well as the Operating Systems to choose from.
  4. Once you click the required Operating System, a window will pop up, and you must choose the browser and the version.
  5. Click “Run the Test” to launch the live testing or “Test” for the Screenshot Tool.
  6. Shortly afterward, you will see the results presented in a new window depending on your selections.
  7. Get a closer look at the test. Open every screenshot separately and check if everything looks good.
  8. For a side-by-side comparison (this is the default view), click the “Compare” button.
  9. Once you do this, the results will appear in a new window.
  10. Mind that in the free mode, the results are viewed only for five minutes. Once the time is out, the page will go blank, and the platform will request you to upgrade the mode for unlimited sessions.
  11. There are three buttons above the panels to switch the mode. These are Find Differences, Slider, and Overlay. You can also toggle the Synchronize Scroll on or off.
  12. Users who would like to upload the site Mockup, are recommended to click the “Template” button.

Comparium Tested URL

After the website testing is finished, and you have made sure the site you created is fully responsive on all possible devices irrespective of the OS or browser, you can delete the screens so as not to clutter the whole Comparium screen. This way you also delete all the unnecessary proofs, which, yet, can be added back whenever you wish. You can set the screenshot restoring on-demand or on-time right from the client.

Generally, the screenshots are updated automatically while you might still be writing the site content. This useful feature relieves you from refreshing the whole URL manually. Web developers will definitely take this feature for granted. They will also thank Comparium for enabling them the chance to share the URL screenshots with their clients instead of explaining what the site will look like per OS and browser.

During the whole site testing process, no human supervision is needed. It is completely automated and doesn’t even require the user to stay on the site while it’s still analyzing unlike plenty of the other testing solutions.

Customer Support

Comparium Customer Support

Comparium suggests getting in touch with the support team through a special contact form on the website. Before you submit it, complete the form with your name, email address, choose the sphere that the query is related to (tech support, press, sales department, and affiliation & marketing are available), and add the necessary details. It goes all this simple. You will receive the answer with a detailed solution to the problem shortly afterward.

However, before you apply to the Comparium tech support team for assistance, you can try to find a solution in the extended FAQ section. It contains the most probable issues clients may face with brief but precise answers to them.

The company also offers an impressive blog section with multiple articles on both the service and the entire niche.

Final Words

Both hands down, the Comparium app is a superb platform and a must-have for any business if it revolves around a website. This is a great tool to test if your site is functioning flawlessly on various combinations of operating systems and browsers. The cross-browser testing solution not only points out the flaws of the site but also weeds out the broken links and offers ways to deal with the design pitfalls that make it hard for visitors to access your site and enjoy it to the full. All this, along with the free yet quite functional mode make Comparium a truly unique and helpful tool.

Furthermore, Comparium promises its clients an even broader spectrum of services in near future. Electronic Team, Inc., which stands behind developing Comparium, has outlined the next versions of the solution. It will come packed with support for every browser resolution, support for Apple Retina site versions, a tool to redo a screen with just a single click, and other smart features which are yet kept secret.

So, let’s use the current version of the platform yet wait for the powerful additional tools promised.

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