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A single look at the CloudCart is enough to realize that it is a perfect ecommerce website builder for the creation of high quality online stores. The platform positioning is quite standard, while the interface is user-friendly and meets the needs of customers.

A variety of easy-to-use templates, simple admin panel, a rich choice of versatile tips… The platform creates a nice impression and is oriented both towards newbies and those users who possess the experience of creating ecommerce websites. All the elements are in place here. What else is needed to get the unsurpassed web building experience?

With the sidebar and well-structured incorporated options, the interface of the website resembles that of other similar platforms. It’s not really easy to tell whether CloudCart is worth the attention until you explore it in detail. However, the fact that the site builder is used for the creation of online stores only speaks for itself.

Let’s put the platform under the microscope now to reveal all the options and benefits it offers and make the unbiased conclusion regarding the quality of the service.

Ease of Use

The first thing you have to do to start using CloudCart is to undergo the simple and quick sign up procedure. Right after that, you will be redirected to the admin panel with lots of pop-up tips that will help you around.

Cloudcart Dashboard

It won’t take you long to get used to the system. Do you need help? Take a look at the support section found at the top of the panel! This is where you will be able to read step-by-step instructions on how to make use of the system.

The interface is simple, but exquisite. It is easy to master its main options, so even a newbie will not spend longer than 20 minutes exploring the features and functions of the platform. Nonetheless, the set of options is quite impressive here.

You will definitely need time to get used to the tools of the system and apply them effectively. If you have the experience of working with eCommerce solutions already, then exploring CloudCart will not be a problem for you.

Designs and Templates

The platform offers 27 templates that are not subdivided into categories, but each template comes with the detailed description, convenient preview, and the screenshots that reveal the essence of the design themes.

You won’t have any problems here as well. What’s more, you will be able to replace the template from the My Store section to the Themes category in no time.

Cloudcart Templates

The quality of templates is above average: they come with flat contemporary design, responsive format, and properly developed structures that differ from each other. Template customization is manifested in the ability to change the colors of all the visual elements (including the icons, backgrounds, lines, texts) and choose the basic font of the website.

Cloudcart Theme Editor

The detailed color adjustment is obviously not enough to create an individual design of the site. Unfortunately, other color settings are not available. You won’t be able to upload your own template or change the structure with regard to your needs.

On the other hand, though, simplicity of options and functions is what makes CloudCart a convenient system to be used by newbies.

If you accidentally entangle yourself in color changes that will result in the unattractive design, you can restore the default setup. You are free to experiment with this option without being afraid to spoil something.

To sum it up, the amount of templates is not that extensive here, but all of them look versatile and appealing.

Feature Set and Flexibility

The interface of the admin panel resembles that of the advanced CMS shops: OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop and other suchlike services. The structure and the design are very similar. The sidebar is found to the left of the page and involves categories of options to set up the functioning of the store. If you wish to quickly add any product, brand, category or discounts, just activate the button found at the top of the page.

This is also the place where you can see the tips on how to work with the system, reach the support section, browse through your account settings and watch the percentage of your store readiness.

Cloudcart My Store

The main sidebar of the editor involves the corresponding sections:

  • Dashboard – provides general info about the recent deals, customers, Google Analytics Statistics, and visitors who are currently on the site;
    Orders – offers detailed statistics on current, completed, and declined orders, as well as issued invoices;
  • Products – this is the section where you can create categories, add products, brands, and make up your own product collections available at discount prices. Uploading of files from CSV files is also possible. A sample of creating files with products is also attached here;
  • Customers – makes it possible to review the customer-related data based on separate groups and clients. You can save the database in a file or upload it to the website;
  • Discounts – allows you creating the discounts and promo codes for separate products and groups of products;
  • Reports – this is the section where you can review separate statistics groups with regard to sales, products, payments, and customers;
  • Apps – you can set up various additional modules to the site from this menu, including: Google Analytics and Tag Manager, live chat, Facebook comment option, MailChimp marketing tools, as well as an app which allows downloading products to the shop from XML files;
  • Hire an Expert – makes it possible to switch to ordering additional services, the list of which is quite long and involves banner creation, original graphics, text content, search engine optimization, or complex advertising campaign order. The prices are conventional;
  • My Store – offers the template change options, statistic pages design, website navigation, adding widgets (a blog, product list, recent comments, similar products etc.), blog articles, their categories, and moderation of customers’ comments;
  • Settings – this section has a vast settings menu. This is where you can set up company and website data, select language, time, measurement units, location, and what not. What’s more, you can choose various online delivery and payment options (Skrill, PayPal, EPay, Stripe etc.) and even adjust payment taxes. You can also choose a domain for the site (it is impossible to register it via CloudCart so far), add RSS options and adjust SEO parameters for each page type (such as the pages of order placement, payment, blog, shopping cart etc.). Finally, you have a chance to set up the product distribution channel via your Facebook page.

Cloudcart Social

CloudCart contains all the required list of options to sell online successfully.

There is the bulk download of products, discount setup system, payment and delivery options, SEO, a chance to create the accounts of the shop’s moderators, mailing options, activation of the online consultant, Facebook integration, and more functions that will be of great help to you when creating your eCommerce website. This is more than enough for the prevailing amount of users.

The admin panel is informative, easy-to-use, and very convenient. You can even learn the basics of using CloudCart without having any experience.

It will be a nice choice for the newbies, while the experienced users may lack the opportunity to edit the website’s code. The rest of the system works well for everyone.

Pricing Policy

Having registered with the website, you will get a 14-day trial period to test the system. Then you will have to choose one of the four service plans listed below (with annual subscription):

  • Starter ($9.99/mo) – the opportunity to upload 25 products, 1 discount, registration of 1 administrator of the store, and 1GB of disk storage;
  • Basic ($24.99/mo) – the chance to upload 500 products, 25 discounts, 5 administrators of the shop, absence of the platform’s advertising banner, detailed sales statistics, and 5GB of free file storage;
  • Advanced ($74.99/mo) – the opportunity to add 2500 products, 50 discounts, 5 administrators, and 20GB of storage;
  • Professional ($159.99/mo) – the unlimited amount of products, 50GB of disk storage.

Cloudcart Pricing

Monthly payments will increase the cost of the plans up to 20%. All in all, the cost of CloudCart is above the average.

Customer Support

CloudCart customer support is ensured by means of the availability of tips in the system, a vast choice of help materials, as well as an opportunity to contact the developers of the website builder via the corresponding contact form.

Customer support is provided 24/7. The support agents are friendly towards newbies, which means that you are welcome to place any inquiries or look through the FAQ section to read the most frequent questions and answers there.

Pros and Cons

CloudCart is quite a powerful and easy-to-use cloud service meant to create eCommerce websites. Some of the advantages of the system include:

  • A rich choice of shop settings;
  • Appealing and versatile templates;
  • The opportunity to synchronize the shop with a Facebook account and bulk product upload via CSV/XLS;
  • The availability of help materials and high quality of tech support;
  • Convenience for newbies.

The disadvantages, however, also exist and they are manifested in the:

  • Low design customizations options;
  • Rather high cost of service plans, as well as inefficacy and uselessness of the cheapest plan which offers the upload of 25 products only.

As you see, the disadvantages exist. Although there are only a few of them, they are quite notable. The other options of the system are ok.


CloudCart is a high-quality ecommerce website builder which is primarily oriented towards newbies: the website code editing options are absent here, while the template customization resolves itself to the choice of the color scheme and fonts.

This will not be enough for an expert. Such niche specialization, though, has its privileges: the system offers almost all the possibilities that are typical for the CMS of this type. Except for the specified demerits, of course.

If the functionality of this platform adheres to your tasks and needs and the cost is affordable to you, then you are welcome to make use of CloudCart. We just recommend that you test the service first – you will have 14 days to make a decision.

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