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Best Clan (Guild) Website Builders

A clan website is a must for a group of serious gamers. This is one of those things that distinguish good players from the best ones. The thing is that only genuine interest helps reach global goals and create the right image against the background of less lucky gamers. When thinking about clan website creation, you may choose between two popular options – website builders and open source CMS.

Why website builders? That’s simple: it is more convenient to pay for the hosting, connect domain name to the website and manage it afterwards. Having chosen the niche system, you will also avail unique functionality right from the start. You won’t have to learn anything. It’s easy to create and manage clan websites without any specific skills.

When it comes to the cost aspect, you won’t face problems as well. Website builders are very affordable. You can even start building your gaming empire at almost no cost at all. Mind that some systems come with all-in-one features, while others are niche-focused and, thus, make it possible to start and manage only gaming websites.

Content Management Systems (CMS), in their turn, provide deep flexibility and offer advanced functionality. They grant access to multiple integration options and design customization tools that can bring your gaming website performance to the brand new level. Along with that, CMS are often more complicated, so, it may take more time to get used to them and to master their feature set.

Which of these systems are the most trustworthy, affordable and feature laden? Which platforms can ensure great result without any serious effort, money and time investment? It’s high time to find that out now. So, let’s get started.

Enjin – The Best Website Builder for Guilds or Clans

Enjin – The Best Website Builder for Guilds or Clans

Enjin – is a specialized website builder, which was specially created for gamers, professionals and fans. It is a nice choice for everyone, who needs a quality gaming website offering all the required attributes. The mastering rate of the system is above the average and you will require skills, patience and attentiveness to use it. The platform offers superior functionality, which makes it the best website builder in the clan website creation niche.

Enjin Features:

  • Module System – You can select your website functionality features on your own. There are different modules to choose from, including news, latest threads, online users, member list, forum, recent visitors etc. All in all, there are 37 modules here. Each of them can be customized with regard to your needs and preferences.
  • Enjin Website Templates

  • Integrated Voice Server – You can set up Mumble or TeamSpeak 3 communication yourself. This means that voice communication during the battles may come via your own website.
  • Enjin API – This is a tool, which allows creating your own modules. It will come in handy to experienced users.
  • Minecraft Server – All Enjin users have a splendid opportunity to create a gaming Minecraft server. This is a perfect option for all the fans of this game, who wish to run and manage their own servers.
  • Twitch Streaming Server Integration – You can stream your favorite channels from the most popular streaming gaming service at your website.
  • Online Game Support – The service supports the majority of popular online games. What you need is to pick the game when launching a website, getting high compatibility rate and project personalization.
  • SEO Tools – Enjin grants access to the rich set of SEO tools for better optimization of your clan website. Some of these options include meta tags and Google Analytics setup, friendly URL setup, sitemap.xml, robots. txt.

The website builder allows creating a gaming site at no cost at all. You can connect up to 20 modules, a forum, an opportunity to get donations, full integration with social services and even an online store. The only notable restriction is that you can’t connect your own domain.

Speaking about paid options, Enjin has two subscriptions – the Advanced Plan ($86.3 per year) and the Ultimate Plan ($287.9 per year). The difference between them is that the Ultimate Plan offers you all premium templates, the advanced API version, DDoS protection, plenty of disc storage space (50 GB) and more slots for TS3 or Mumble Server (25 against 5). Thus, the second plan offers you almost all the features as the first one, but these features are more extended and advanced here.

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WordPress – The Best Free CMS to Create a Gaming Website

WordPress – The Best Free CMS to Create a Gaming Website

WordPress – is the world-popular Content Management System, which has gained immense reputability and recognition due to the extensive set of features, integration options and design customization tools it comes with. The system is a worthy solution for the development of all types of projects and gaming websites are not an exception. Mind, however, that, if you have never worked with WordPress before, it may take some time to get used to the system and master its features as well as general web design approach.

WordPress Features:

  • Plugin Integration – The CMS is initially known for its extensive choice of plugins, integration of which can add functionality to your project, bringing it to the brand new level. When it comes to the creation of gaming websites, it makes sense to pick and use the following extensions and plugins: Ultimate Member, Live Chat, Guild, ARMember and WoW Guild to mention a few.
  • Gaming Templates – Along with a set of plugins, WordPress boasts a stunning collection of gaming templates. You can come across many of the on the web, choosing between free and paid options. Just browse the selection and pick the theme, which comes up to the clan/guild website you are working on.
  • Coding – WordPress does not only allow using coding skills and knowledge – it implies doing that. If you possess some programming background, you’ll be able to give your clan website personalized look, exclusive design and high end performance.

WordPress is not the easiest web building service, but it’s definitely a worthy professional tool, which will help you create an awesome feature-laden clan/guild website. The CMS is initially free to download, install and test. To publish the website, however, you’ll need to invest into domain, hosting (our choice is Bluehost with its $2.95/mo plan) as well as external template, plugins and add-ons. The final cost will depend upon the number of integrated elements, hosting plan and template quality you will go for. Mind that, when choosing the Content Management System.

uCoz – Free Gaming Community Website Builder

uCoz – Free Gaming Community Website Builder

uCoz – is a free website builder, the feature set and functionality of which allow creating a full-fledged clan or guild website. It takes around a week to explore and master all the options of the service to launch a professional website. The service targets both newbies and web design pros, offering a variety of options for all categories of users. What you will get here is a variety of high quality templates, rich design customization tools, website code editing options (for those users, who possess HTML skills), individual doman connection and other features.

uCoz Features:

  • Module Structure – The website builder allows creating websites out of multiple modules, which can be modified and adjusted to form a website structure. The modules are united by a single interface, lots of settings and options. Some of them include Users, Page Editor, Website News, Forum, Blog, Site Catalogue, Ad Board, File Catalog, Photo Albums, Guest Book, Online Games, FAQ, Website Search, Tests, Mini Chat, Website Statistics, Online Store, Video, SEO module and more.
  • uCoz Control Panel

  • Code Editing – The system grants full access to code editing options. By having control over HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, you will be able to make your clan website deeply customized for all categories of users. There is also FTP access here.
  • uCoz Page Editor

  • Official uTemplate Store – Apart from multiple website templates belonging to different categories, uCoz also offers a pretty rich assortment of premium themes available in the official uTemplate brand store. There are paid and free variants here, which contributes to the efficacy of design customization process.
  • Free API Access – The service grants free API access, which allows web design pros get the most out of the module customization options, creating new apps or website dashboards for clients.
  • Powerful SEO Module – The website builder comes with a powerful SEO module, which makes it possible to set up, manage and automatize ad campaigns, thus boosting website positions in the search engines.
  • uCoz SEO Module

For all those uCoz users, who plan to launch clan or guild websites for non-commercial use, the website builder offers a free never-expiring plan. Even though, the plan has an ad board displayed on a ready made website, it won’t be a hindrance to gaming fans and, thus, it will work great for the development of these websites.

As to the paid subscriptions, uCoz has 4 plans. These are the Minimal Plan ($2.99/mo), the Basic Plan ($5.99/mo), the Optimal Plan ($7.99/mo) and the Maximal Plan ($15.99/mo). The difference between the plans is in the amount of disk space provided and the feature set the plans offer. The good news is that all uCoz plans offer notable discounts, if you decide to pay for 3 months/ 6 months/ a year in advance.

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Xsolla – Business Engine for Game Developers and Publishers

Xsolla – Business Engine for Game Developers and Publishers

Xsolla – is a professional business engine for game developers and publishers. The platform is initially created for delivering gaming-specific solutions, including new startups and upgraded versions of popular games. The system allows growing target audiences, boosting revenues, receiving extra funding for new/existing video games and other privileges. Additionally, the service comes with a free integrated website builder that contributes to the ease of game development.

Xsolla Features:

  • Digital Store Setup – The platform makes it possible to connect a web store to your website with a few clicks only. This is required to let you sell game-related items, virtual currency, subscriptions and even game keys via the site. No tech skills are required to complete the task, but further web store management still implies awareness of web design basics.
  • Third-Party Integration – Xsolla allows boosting your website performance by means of third-party integrations. Among the services you can pick and add to your gaming website, it makes sense to mention Google Analytics to track traffic fluctuations, Twitter and Facebook accounts to generate more users, Game Magazines to publish the product on the main topical establishments, Google Optimize to get the most out of AB website testing and other popular services.
  • Gaming Designs – The platform doesn’t come with a rich collection of ready-made designs. Instead, the system offers a basic layout for further customization and editing. Additionally, you get extra design features and settings that can give your project high end look (opportunity to change website style, fonts and colours, background video/photo integrations etc.).
  • Promotions – The system offers an opportunity to create, fine-tune and manage various promo campaigns. All in all, it is possible customize a new promo campaign in four simple steps that are provided by default. Users also can introduce promo codes and coupons to boost the efficacy of their marketing campaigns.
  • Stats and Analytics – The feature lets you track your website statistics and monitor the success of the newly-started promo campaigns. There is also a separate accounting section for those users, who wish to track their sales volumes, loyal customers, average pay time value and other nuances.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Xsolla grants access to its integrated Partner Network, where you can start and manage game-related affiliate campaigns. The launch of these campaigns is completed with one click only, while further management of affiliate marketing programs is quite understandable as well.

Xsolla website builder is initially free for everyone. It grants free access to all the integrated features, including hosting. Further use of the system that implies profit generation, however, is paid. The system charges 5% fee from every purchase/transaction made through the website, which is quite a reasonable solution for the platform developers.

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Ning – Gaming Website Builder for Both Gamers and Developers

Ning – Gaming Website Builder for Both Gamers and Developers

Ning – is a gaming website builder for both gamers and developers, which currently empowers over 2 millions of projects since the year of its foundation in 2004. The website builder works great for creating social networks, online communities and gaming websites. Its integrated intuitive drag-and-drop editor allows starting full-featured websites in a few steps only. Additionally, there is an opportunity of code editing here, which is a great advantage for code-savvy users willing to run feature-laden gaming websites.

Ning Features:

  • Advanced Content Management Features – The website builder allows for simple and hassle-free management of content added to your gaming website. The system comes with a blogging engine, forum creation option, opportunity to add polls, events, multiple audio, video and photo files.
  • eCommerce Platform – Ning has its own integrated eCommerce engine, which makes it possible to monetize your gaming website and start generating profit with it. Additionally, the system lets you use special business tools, including MailChimp email automation, accurate statistics collection tools, opportunity to send private messages/organize broadcasts for registered members.
  • Social Networking – The website builder delivers plenty of functional social networking features, namely social sharing options completed via popular social networks like Twitter or Facebook.

Ning doesn’t have a free plan yet there is a opportunity to test the impressive abundance of its integrated features for free during the 14-day trial. The website builder has three paid subscriptions, the cost of which starts from $25/mo. You can also save up to 20% of the plan cost by purchasing the annual subscription.

Bottom Line

A clan website is a flag of any gaming group. It should come with special symbolics, creativity, achievements, galleries, videos, communication etc. This is a recognizable trend in terms of your gaming community. It is created for pleasure and superiority over your game competitors.

Due to the website, you can recruit advanced newbies, organize clan events, communication, manage an educative section with nuances and tactics of the game. There is much you can find here! Anyway, this is nothing else than just your guild promotion.

It goes without saying that WordPress is the best free CMS you can use to launch quality and visually appealing clan or guild websites with high end performance. Just shop around to pick quality plugins and appealing theme for your WordPress website and enjoy the result.

The functionality of a gaming website created with WordPress will also be on the top notch level. It will be more than enough for posting news, tactics, posters, polls, chats, event planning, forum organization, blog etc. Due to multiple plugins, extensive code editing options and other features, the system stands out from the crowd, being the best choice for gaming fans willing to build quality free websites.

Enjin and uCoz are also worth the attention, when it comes to launching a clan/guild website. The systems offer quite versatile approaches to the process of creating gaming websites. However, you will avail positive experience in both cases. While Enjin is a specialized platform, which is focused on the creation and management of gaming websites, uCoz is a popular free all-in-one clan website builder.

Xsolla and Ning are two web building platforms that are mostly used by professional companies and services involved in gaming website creation. This is the reason of why the systems offer powerful functionality and versatile design customization options. User can make use of extensive social and third-party services integration option, website promotion, marketing and analytic tools as well as rich content management and eCommerce options.


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