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Best Website Builders to a Create Clan or a Guild Website

A clan website is a must for a group of serious gamers. This is one of those things that distinguish good players from the best ones. The thing is that only genuine interest helps reach global goals and create the right image against the background of less lucky gamers. It really makes sense to create this website type with website builders.

Why website builders? That’s simple: it is more convenient to pay for the hosting, connect domain name to the website and manage it afterwards. Having chosen the niche system, you will also avail unique functionality right from the start. You won’t have to learn anything. It’s easy to create and manage clan website without any specific skills. When it comes to the cost aspect, you won’t face problems as well. Website builders are very affordable. You can even start building your gaming empire at almost no cost at all.

Wix and Enjin are the best choice among the systems used to launch clan or guild websites. Each of them comes with a long list of benefits in the terms of the specified task. At the same time, the systems differ a lot from each other. Enjin is a specialized platform and you won’t find a better service in this niche. Wix is a very powerful and flexible website builder, which allows reaching similar result, but offers another approach to the web building process.

Best Clan Website Builders Overview Chart:

Website BuilderEnjinWix
Best for:eSports teams, Guild sites, Minecraft ServersFan websites, Clan sites
EasinessTakes 1-3 days to learnTakes 1 day to learn
Clan Website Templates:All types of clan website templatesThere is no specific template category
Technical Support:Help Center, Submit Ticket/Contact Email support, live chat, forum answers
Blogging OptionsBlog as a pre-installed moduleEmbedded blogging engine
Forum OptionsForum as a pre-installed moduleWix Forum app
SEO Options:Full packaged SEO-parametersWizard to set up SEO
Pricing Options:Free to $24/moFree to $24.50/mo

These website builders offer quite versatile approaches to the process of creating gaming websites. However, you will avail positive experience in both cases. So, let’s analyze the services in details in the context of their features used to create clan and guild websites.

Enjin – The Best Website Builder to Create eSports Teams and Guilds Websites

Enjin Website Builder

Enjin was specially created for gamers, professionals and fans. It is a nice choice for everyone, who needs a quality gaming website offering all the required attributes. You will avail a rich selection of high quality thematic templates (there are around 350 of them), multiple modules to expand their functionality, web design customization means, automatization of actions, organization of voice communication between the guild members and unlimited synchronization options with social accounts, streamings, gaming communities etc. The mastering rate of the system is above the average and you will require skills, patience and attentiveness to use it. The platform offers superior functionality, which makes it the best website builder in the clan website creation niche.

Enjin Features For a Clan Website

  • Module System. You can select your website functionality features on your own. There are different modules to choose from, including news, latest threads, online users, member list, forum, recent visitors etc. All in all, there are 37 modules here. Each of them can be customized with regard to your needs and preferences.
  • Enjin Website Templates

  • Integrated Voice Server. You can set up Mumble or TeamSpeak 3 communication yourself. This means that voice communication during the battles may come via your own website.
  • Enjin API is a tool, which allows creating your own modules. It will come in handy to experienced users.
  • An opportunity to create a gaming Minecraft Server. Did you wish to have your own gaming server? Here it is!
  • Integration with Twitch Streaming Server. You can stream your favorite channels from the most popular streaming gaming service at your website.
  • The service supports the majority of popular online games. You choose the game when launching a website, getting high compatibility rate and project personalization.
  • Full set of tools needed for SEO optimization, including meta tags and Google Analytics setup, friendly URL setup, sitemap.xml, robots. txt.
  • Rich choice of tutorials, which will help newbies explore the system.
  • Brand mobile apps for effective website management (iOS, Android).

Enjin Cost

Enjin Paid Plans:
Advanced Plan$7.20/mo;
Ultimate Plan$24/mo.

The service allows creating a website at no cost at all. You can connect up to 20 modules, a forum, an opportunity to get donations, full integration with social services and even an online store. The only notable restriction is that you can’t connect your own domain. If this is not a problem for you, you can use the Free plan for as long as you need.

Enjin has two paid plans. These are the Advanced Plan ($86.3 per year) and the Ultimate Plan ($287.9 per year). The difference between them is that the Ultimate Plan offers you all premium templates, the advanced API version, DDoS protection, plenty of disc storage space (50 GB) and more slots for TS3 or Mumble Server (25 against 5). Thus, the second plan offers you almost all the features as the first one, but these features are more extended and advanced here.


Enjin is a more suitable system used to create a gaming website. This is because it offers rich functionality, especially taking into account API-created modules, an opportunity to use these features for free and support of an impressive choice of popular online games. Having selected a game, you will get a ready-made website with a thematic background, fonts and suitable structure. Basically, you can just fill it out with your own info and leave it as it is. Everything will look and work great.

If you still have the desire to make a detailed website setup, you will get such a powerful functionality that you’ll need access to the tutorial or customer support sections to master it. You’ll just won’t find a better gaming website builder in the contemporary market. This is the niche leader in all the parameters.

Enjin Website Builder Review – see complete Enjin review for more details.

Wix – Free Website Builder to Create Fan Sites and Clan Sites

Wix home page

Wix works great to create appealing and functional promo websites. Fan and clan websites are basically promo websites, which can be enhanced by adding news blogs. Wix allows doing that with ease.

If you need a more complicated website, it’s possible to add a forum to it as well. A large app store makes it possible to realize the entire functionality required for websites of this type. Wix forum, Events, Event Calendar, Quick Polls, Online Form Builder, Comments, Social Network Integration, Live Chat – these and other features can be installed from the system app store for free. It’s worth mentioning that 99% of applications from the Wix App Market are of high quality. So, you shouldn’t be confused by the fact that they are not pre-installed in the system.

Wix Features For a Clan Website

  • Rich choice of creative templates that are easy to customize (over 300 themes).
  • Wix App Market that comes with 289 applications, around 20% of which can be used for a gaming website: design, communication, SEO optimization, video, HTML-code, events and more.
  • An opportunity to manage a full-fledged blog and forum of a gaming website.
  • Wix Forum

  • Full integration with social services. Standard functionality of the system allows adding social bars to website pages. You can also use applications for more visually interesting and deeply integrated social services, including Twitch channel streaming.
  • Variety of design settings. You can use element display effects, parallax, boxes, tabs, background videos, stripes, forms, various galleries and other elements to give your website alluring visual appeal.
  • A quality customer support section, nice tech support.
  • You can invite the co-authors of a website from the guild members to help you fill a website with content and promote it. This will become your common task, which will be interesting for everyone.
Wix Paid Plans:
Connect Domain$4.50/mo;

You can use the service for free for the unlimited period of time, but you won’t be able to connect your own domain with a free plan. The most suitable plan to solve our task is the Combo Plan, the cost of which constitutes $99 per year. Apart from that, Wix has 3 more paid plans, but they don’t matter a lot, when it comes to creating a gaming website.

Right after you upgrade to the Combo Plan, you will be given a bonus domain name and 3GB of free storage space for your website files. The entire website functionality, except for its eCommerce feature, will be available here. Wix also frequently offers 50% discounts for basic plans. For example, at the moment of writing this post, the advanced Unlimited Plan can be purchased for $75 per year. Just subscribe to the system mailout and check your inbox from time to time. Discounts are offered each month or even more often.


Wix works great for fan sites with blogs and forums. The website builder is not a niche platform used to create gaming websites, but it can be easily adapted to solve any task due to its design settings flexibility and app store. Wix is almost a universal system that can be used to launch any websites of average size and complexity, which require appealing online presentation. Gaming niche is not an exception.

Wix Website Builder Review – see complete Wix review for more information.

Bottom Line

A clan website is a flag of any gaming group. It should come with special symbolics, creativity, achievements, galleries, videos, communication etc. This is a recognizable trend in terms of your gaming community. It is created for pleasure and superiority over your game competitors.

Due to the website, you can recruit advanced newbies, organize clan events, communication, manage an educative section with nuances and tactics of the game. There is much you can find here! Anyway, this is nothing else than just your guild promotion.

It goes without saying that Enjin is the best website builder to create a gaming website of any complexity level. The system comes with its voice server, forum, blog, chats, polls, versatile timers and notifications, synchronization with numerous streaming services and social networks, donating options and even an online store. This is an ideal niche website builder in terms of functionality.

Wix is a nice light alternative for those users, who are initially looking for impressive, bright and attention-grabbing website design. The functionality of a gaming website created with Wix will also be on the top notch level. It will be more than enough for posting news, tactics, posters, polls, chats, event planning, forum organization etc. This is a nice variant for those, who consider Enjin too complicated and superfluous.

Generally, Enjin and Wix are two decent variants to solve the task of clan website creation. The top niche website builder and the top WYSIWYG system that comes with almost the same functionality. What can be better? Try Enjin and then try Wix to get the idea.

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