Zyro Website Builder Review

The more we’ve been relying on Do-It-Yourself website builders, the more they’ve improved. Historically, website builders catered to a beginner audience, but over the last few years they’ve morphed from primitive page construction kits into feature-heavy, all-in-one, hosted platforms that can produce websites that could easily pass as professionally designed projects. Which leads me to question if there’s any future for web hosting providers. Could they be on the brink of extinction? That seems unlikely. Leading web hosting companies recognized the growing DIY trend and found a way to stay competitive. One by one, they started providing proprietary site building tools with the intent to get you attached to their hosting services. Such is the case of Zyro site builder.

Tictail Ecommerce Website Builder Review

With shopping cart software being so easily available and to set up, is there really any more room for another? Yes, there is. Dear SWB readers, meet Tictail, a free eCommerce website builder with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Launched in 2012, in about two years the start-up has helped to create over 50,000 stores selling over 1M products across the globe. The key goal of the web service is to help anyone who has a great product, to easily sell online. Let’s see 😉 .

iClanWebsites.com Website Builder Review

Leading a gaming clan can be a very fun and rewarding experience. Whether you are a hardcore or a more casual gamer, having a community of dedicated gamers can drastically improve game play and socialization. Because an organized group of players can more easily achieve in-game goals, many online games offer a baked-in guild launch option in order to recruit and manage players within the game itself. While many players are satisfied with this offer, others seek for more benefits. This is where guild website builders come into play. They allow players to access the community without having to run the game. Today we take a closer look at iClanWebsites.com, a guild hosting company with website building capabilities that enables even the novice to launch and manage their own gaming communities Continue reading

Oxxy Website Builder Review

It’s finally that time again – that time, when we can take a brand new website builder for a test drive :). Oxxy website builder has just launched its public beta. Will it bring anything new to the market? Read on to find out what makes this startup unique.

WebsiteBuilder.com Review

Imagine a small café serving customers organic coffee, a French bakery around the corner or that girl who operates a tiny flowershop located on the ground floor next to your house. Imagine thousands of other similar small and medium businesses, each with their own philosophy, audience and… challenges. Most of them realize the importance of having a website these days, yet not all of them are willing to invest thousands of dollars into their web presence. They don’t see the need to have their sites hand-coded from scratch by the best web design agency out there. They just want to have their own piece of the web that bridges the gap between their customers and products/services.