SpaceCraft Website Builder Review

In the mid-90s the desktop publishing revolution began with the introduction of GeoCities, Homestead and Moonfruit. It took quite a few years for these web services to make an impact on the design and publishing industry, but once they did, Continue reading

Mozello Website Builder Review

If you are reading this post, chances are you want to build a website, and it’s safe to assume that you consider using a Do-It-Yourself website builder. So, we won’t need to tell you that your options are almost endless. The Continue reading

Zyro Website Builder Review

The more we’ve been relying on Do-It-Yourself website builders, the more they’ve improved. Historically, website builders catered to a beginner audience, but over the last few years they’ve morphed from primitive page construction kits into feature-heavy, all-in-one, hosted platforms that Continue reading

What is a Brief Review

When I first reviewed GYBO (Get Your Business Online) two years ago, it was a web service managed by Google in cooperation with Homestead, Intuit’s site builder. In my opinion, that cooperation didn’t provide the streamlined workflow aspiring entrepreneurs were Continue reading

Berta Website Builder Review

Did you know that there exist open source website builders? Meet, a DIY site builder that you can either download or use online. This site builder was created by a team of designers who needed the builder themselves. When Continue reading

Let’sEat Website Builder Review

Just like opening a restaurant, building a restaurant website requires thorough planning and knowing your target customer. While it’s impossible to construct a building without hiring a team of professionals, it’s possible to set up a full-featured restaurant website without Continue reading

Zoho Sites Website Builder Review

It’s been more than a year since we reviewed Zoho Sites, a web publishing solution developed by Zoho Corporation in 2012. With the launch of this builder, the company filled a much-needed gap in Zoho’s business apps lineup. The new Continue reading

Aircus Website Builder Review

Interesting how things have changed since our last review of Aircus website builder about a year ago. Then, it was a one-page builder with limited functionality for creating simple static sites. Over the past year Aircus has made some great Continue reading