Pixpa.com Review

Pixpa website builder in the first place is intended for creation of portfolios. It’s also suited for personal and business websites as well as blogs. But even the name of the service makes it clear that its main focus is beautiful portfolios.

CloudCart.com Review

A single look at the CloudCart is enough to realize that it is a perfect ecommerce website builder for the creation of high quality online stores. The platform positioning is quite standard, while the interface is user-friendly and meets the needs of customers. With the sidebar and well-structured incorporated options, the interface of the website resembles that of other similar platforms. It’s not really easy to tell whether CloudCart is worth the attention until you explore it in detail. However, the fact that the site builder is used for the creation of online stores only speaks for itself. Let’s put the platform under the microscope now to reveal all the options and benefits it offers and make the unbiased conclusion regarding the quality of the service. Ease of Use The Continue reading

DudaOne Review

Duda needs no introduction. This revolutionary web service has already helped 5 million people convert their desktop websites into excellent, tap-friendly mobile sites. It works out-of-the box and requires minimum user intervention: just enter your site’s web address or link to your Facebook Fan Page if you have no website, and watch the smart platform building your mobile-friendly web pages right before your eyes. It’s amazing!

BoldGrid Review

Nowadays, hosting companies frequently integrate automated website-building tools to expand usability and provide clients with enhanced opportunities. Boldgrid is one of such examples. This website builder is based on the fully-featured WordPress CMS. On top of that, the Inmotion Hosting developers enhanced the platform, having optimized the server settings to give the platform a website-builder’s look. Boldgrid does not only offer the whole range of CMS features, but also has the merits of its own. The system is well optimized, has an integrated set of templates, extra design settings, and other features. This is done to make the platform user-friendly even for newbies and help it stand out from the crowd as compared to its original. The website builder allows creating all those types of websites that may be developed Continue reading

WebStarts.com Review

Wow. I’m impressed. WebStarts is one of the most well-structured and simplest website builders I’ve ever tested. With the exception of its outdated homepage and clunky dashboard, WebStarts is straightforward, easy and clean. Of course, advantages are never the full story, and there are areas for improvement in WebStarts as well. In our review we’re going to discuss both the pros and cons.

Vevs.com Review

People love online site builders for a good reason: they are user-friendly, fast, and affordable. With a code-free site creation platform, adding a new blog post or even a whole new page is as easy as logging in and pressing ‘Add new’, saying nothing about What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editing of the design elements through the frontend of your site. It goes without saying that building an international ecommerce-driven site needs and relies on absolute professionalism and can’t be brought online with just a few clicks. But we are now talking about small businesses (including sellers) and individuals who need a representation of themselves on the web, but do not need to invest into a super expensive cutting-edge gem. But considering the functionality modern code-free site builders bring to the end user today, Continue reading

Zoey.com Review

It’s never been easier to set up your own eCommerce website, whether it’s for selling your handmade jewelry or for taking an established physical store online. Today, the market of website builders offers both versatile platforms with included shopping cart features, and dedicated, specialized eCommerce site builders that are only getting better. Choosing a specialized platform to build your site over a versatile site builder gives you far more choices in terms of commerce: you get more control over your inventory and business processes, and what’s more, you get an authoritative and trustworthy end product – an enterprise-level commerce site with such features as gift cards, abandoned cart notifications, and digital products, among others. Today, we bring you a review of Zoey, a powerful eCommerce website builder that does not Continue reading

Siftr.co Review

There are many fantastic websites and apps to store and share photos, starting with cozy Instagram and finishing with community-oriented Flickr. However, while there are many photographers who are quite satisfied with the functionality they get from these services, some want to get something more professional-looking and personalized. This is where photography/portfolio website builders or whatever you might want to call them come into play. These platforms let you easily create a dedicated website devoted to your craft at an affordable price, if not for free. We’ve already reviewed quite a few platforms of this kind, and today, we are bringing you a new web service for photographers – Siftr.co, which promises to create a site using sophisticated artificial algorithms with minimum effort required from your side. So let’s have Continue reading

WebStartToday Website Builder Review

Yesterday, WebStartsToday debuted a redesigned website, which apart from visual changes now has ‘more features, templates, and services’. The new site has got a more modern look and feel, there’s no doubt about that. But what about the site builder’s functionality? When we tested WebStartsToday a little more than a year ago, it was a bit clumsy site creation platform with outdated templates and slow control panel. Have the guys behind the site builder addressed these issues? Let’s put WebStartsToday through its paces once again to see what’s been changed.

SpaceCraft Website Builder Review

In the mid-90s the desktop publishing revolution began with the introduction of GeoCities, Homestead and Moonfruit. It took quite a few years for these web services to make an impact on the design and publishing industry, but once they did, there was no looking back. Code-free website builders, like Wix, Weebly and Squarespace, have captured a lot of attention. But in the past few years there’s been an explosion of new services. Today, we take a closer look at one of them – SpaceCraft website builder. SpaceCraft is a relative newcomer to the scene. It is positioned as a code-free website builder for creating business websites, portfolios and blogs.