Shopify Review

Shopify Review

Shopify – is the most feature-rich eCommerce platform out there. So let’s talk shop. While anyone with the proper website builder can put up a website, create a product gallery, add the ‘Buy now’ button and start selling products online, getting all the pieces of a full-featured online store may be harder than you think.

Adobe Muse Review

Adobe Muse review

Adobe Muse – is a desktop software developed specially for dedicated web designers who crave for working in the code-free environment. The tool made its debut as the part of Adobe Creative package to team up with some of brand’s iconic products including Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and more.

Format Review

Format Review

Format – is a specialized portfolio websites builder, which is headquartered in Canada. The system works great for the development of websites for creatives, artists, designers, illustrators, models, photographers, architects, digital artists and all other users, who wish to showcase their talent manifested in professional works.

TemplateToaster Review

TemplateToaster review

TemplateToaster (current version – is a downloadable platform for creating powerful and yet simple templates without being involved in coding or programming. The desktop-based software comes as a handy tool for both newbies and dedicated pros who are eager to design a theme of their own. Generating a new template for WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal or any other content management system will be a walk in the park thanks. No internet connection or programming skills are required.

KeePass Review

Keepass Review

KeePass (current version 2.43) – is an open-source password manager. It was developed to let users keep all their entry data in one place safe and sound. The key benefit of the software is that you are not forced to make up dozens of new passwords for endless online accounts you have. The app makes it easy to keep all of them under control with no need to remember brain-teasing combinations of characters and numbers.

Carbonmade Review

Carbonmade review

Carbonmade – is an online portfolio builder. It was developed to let individuals establish a solid web presence. Artists, photographers, graphic designers, and illustrators get a chance to connect with potential customers as well as share their works with the global audience through up-to-date and stylish sites. The website builder is very easy to use. It offers a literally instant way to set and run an online portfolio with no coding skills.

Tictail Review

Tictail Review

Tictail – is a system that has been known as a free eCommerce website builder with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Launched in 2012, it quickly gained popularity with users willing to build visually appealing and functional web stores. The key goal of the web service was to help anyone, who has a great product, to easily sell it online.

Zyro Review

Zyro review

Zyro – is a DIY website builder, which has been in the market for quite a while, being initially presented as the product of Profis Group & Hostinger cooperation. As time went by, though, Zyro has evolved into a completely independent website builder. It now comes with a distinct and useful (although, somewhat limited) feature set that makes it worth using.

Dudamobile Review

DudaMobile review

DudaMobile – is a service, which allows for quick and professional creation of DIY mobile websites. The system stands out from the crowd due to its explicit focus on the conversion of desktop websites into feature-laden, tap-friendly mobile sites right before your eyes! DudaMobile used to target website owners who have not managed to create mobile-ready websites for some reason yet had the intention to make their project optimized for mobile browsing.

Ucraft Review Review

Ucraft – is an artsy website builder that combines creative templates with a sleek and easy-to-use editor. It delivers enough features to create websites of different types. Users may launch a simple blog as well as set up a small business site or jump into the eCommerce niche with a fully functional digital store. Creating new pages and projects with Ucraft is very easy thanks to its proprietary WYSIWYG editor while the ready-made templates look very stylish and up-to-date.