uCoz.com Review

The world of website builders is constantly changing. But there are several services which stand out of the time. About one of them we’ll speak today. One of the reasons people (especially the tech-savvy ones) don’t take online website builders seriously is because most platforms have mediocre feature sets which limit you to creating a website only using their ready, predesigned building blocks.

uKit.com Review


There was a time when Do-It-Yourself website creation software was a joke, but that’s not the case anymore. Geared towards a regular customer, modern code-free platforms offer all of the power of content management systems wrapped in a user-friendly interface. Sure, high-end web development is still necessary, as someone has to build the code-free tools for a start. But the average business doesn’t see the need to have its website created as a technical gem.

Webydo.com Review

Webydo is a work of love of a web design community that advocates the role of a designer in the website creation process. Shmulik Grizim and Tzvika Steinmetz co-founded Webydo because they actually needed it themselves. The co-founders were running a digital advertising firm and were spending about 70% of website creation budgets on hiring developers.

Strikingly.com Review

Similar to all trends, single page designs have their own advantages and flaws, but in a world where people tend to read diagonally skipping whole paragraphs and pages, running a single-page site may be a brilliant way to make them stop and pay attention to your product or service. If you consider choosing such an unusual format for your next/first website, you should know there are one-page website builders that can make the process of website creation as easy as creating a Facebook account.

SITE123.com Review


SITE123 is a simple website builder that makes it possible to create promo sites, landing pages, blogs and small online shops. All websites created on the basis of this platform are responsive and can be browsed on any mobile devices. You can use the service for free, but, in this case, the ad banner of the site builder will be provided in the footer and you will not be able to set up the 2nd level domain.

Bookmark.com Review

Bookmark Website Builder

Bookmark is a cloud-based website builder. It looks innovative and modern, compared to standard systems of this type at first sight. Despite the niche competition, it impressed me with the balanced set of features this website builder offers.

WebMatrix 3 Review

Microsoft Website Builder or WebMatrix 3 is a free, lightweight, cloud-connected website builder that operates as a web development application for Windows. The builder enables developers to create sites using ready, built-in templates or popular open-source applications. It’s vital to note that this builder is mainly targeted at professionals who create websites for their clients (as opposed to the builders that target the end user). 

Homestead.com Review

Recently, we’ve been updating our most popular reviews and comparisons. We’ve covered everything from Weebly to Carbonmade, but have yet to mention one of the most trusted names in the market – Homestead. We are going to correct that with a detailed review of this website builder.

MotoCMS.com Review

When it comes to website builders, they must have great functionality, reasonable price and high level of usability. If you are familiar with MotoCMS, you probably know that this website building platform complies with these requirements completely.

Moonfruit.com Review

Moonfruit has been around for awhile. Launched during ‘the dot-com bubble’, back in 2000 as a Flash-based website builder, it quickly became one of the most popular places to create a website. Similar to Wix, it later switched to HTML5 technology. As expected, the switch was very successful. Today, we’re excited to dive into more detail about Moonfruit. Join us exploring its benefits and possible downsides.