Interview with MotoCMS CEO, Demetrio Fortman

MotoCMS is a unique content management system that combines the ease-of-use of site builders and the power of professional web design software. Formerly known as FlashMoto CMS, the company builds, distributes and supports Flash and HTML-based CMS templates which are in fact almost ready websites. These templates are highly customizable and can be set up and configured both by professional designers and newbies. Today, our guest is Demetrio Fortman, MotoCMS CEO and founder. Read on to find out what makes MotoCMS unique in the ever-expanding world of DIY site building.

Interview with Wix Product Manager, Omer Gartzman

Wix needs no introduction. Given that you’re reading a post on SuperbWebsiteBuilders, I think it’s safe to assume that you know how popular this website builder is. So, I won’t need to tell you that Wix serves over 51M users worldwide. Nor will I need to tell you that it’s very easy-to-use and offers hundreds of stunning HTML5 templates. And I definitely don’t need to inform you that it raised more than $127 million in an initial public offering on the Nasdaq last November. Today we bring you something very special – an interview with Omer Gartzman, Wix Product Manager.

Interview with Adobe Muse Group Product Manager, Danielle Beaumont

Adobe has recently been making headlines on Forbes and TechCrunch with some major updates to its Creative Cloud, including Adobe Muse, a software allowing designers to create standards-based websites without having to write any code. Since Adobe Muse – like any other code-free website creation application – is of particular interest to SuperbWebsiteBuilders, we decided to take some time to learn more about the updates, and the platform as a whole.