What is a Domain Name and How Do Domains Work?

what is a domain name and how do domains work

The process of building a website starts from choosing a domain name. This is where most beginners face their first obstacle on the way to a successful deployment. They find their backs against the wall due to many technical issues and terms like web hosting, domain registration, server, etc. On the other hand, it is impossible to have a website without a domain. In this guide, we will try to cover each and every issue that might sound a bit too technical for newbies.

How to Convert a WordPress Site to a Static HTML Website

How to Convert a WordPress Site to a Static HTML Website

WordPress –  is one of the most flexible platforms letting users build websites of any type. It combines ease of use and versatility in terms of page customization or third-party integration. Millions of websites across the globe are built using this popular CMS platform. The only task it cannot fulfill is creating static HTML pages. Website owners may have various reasons to go back to HTML versions. Some might crave for faster page load speed while others care about security concerns. Whatever the reason is, the process of converting a WordPress site into a static HTML website is quite a challenge. It requires some time as well as special instruments, skills, and patients.

How to Get a Domain Name for Free

how to get a domain name for free

A solid website is your round-the-clock online representation. At least for as long, as your target audience can see it. Building a new site from scratch can be pretty costly for both organizations and individuals. Luckily for them, choosing a domain name will hardly empty your wallet considering some easy steps to get it for free.

Switching from Wix to WordPress

how to switch from wix to wordpress

Situations when you start realizing that your Wix website lacks functionality are quite frequent as it is impossible to tell in advance how thriving your business will be. Whether you have an online store or a business website built with Wix, you may feel the need to use more advanced features and tools for its further development. If this is just the situation you face, you may consider an opportunity to switch from Wix to WordPress.

Building a Small Business Website

how to create a small business website

If you are at the stage of choosing a website building platform, you are already aware of all benefits that a small business website has. It is about not only online representation and growing sales. A solid website is not just the face of your business. It comes as a powerful promotion and marketing tool to let you move forward.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website?

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website?

The actual cost of launching a website is a real mystery for most web developers, who get involved into this process for the first time. Actually, there is no definite answer to this question as the final cost of website development depends upon multiple factors.

How to Choose a Website Builder

how to choose a website builder

Launching a website can be a challenge, if you fail to choose the right web building tool. Gone are those days, when you had to learn to code like a professional or even hire a web designer to complete the task for you.

How to Make a Website and Host It?

how to make a website and host it

Can you imagine a world where creating and hosting a website is a piece of cake? Website building platform brings this simple idea to life. Although the World Wide Web can hide several obstacles for bloggers, companies, freelancers and other site owners, modern web building software is aimed at putting an ease on the process of creating, publishing and going live.

How to Create a Mobile Version of Your Website?

How to Create a Mobile Version of Your Website

You probably know that mobile devices are blowing up today unless you were hiding under the rock for the last decade. It means that website owners are forced to improve their users’ experience when logging on to a site through the smartphone or tablet. Such devices feature smaller screen sizes. It means that displaying the same website layout as on users’ desktop looks at least inefficient.

How to Create a Modeling Portfolio Website

how to create a modeling portfolio

A powerful visual representation on the web is essential whenever it comes to modeling. You need to look fantastic both live and online. Standing out from hundreds of other models is not as easy as it may seem. Modern website building platforms make it easier to represent a model with some stunning and professional photos in addition to fundamental features lie simple editing and creating a bright portfolio website from scratch without technical skills within less than a day.