Switching from Webflow to WordPress

switching from webflow to wordpress

Have you made up your mind to switch from Webflow to WordPress? The reason for such an action may differ with regard to your current web design objectives, priorities, website type you run, budget and other vital aspects. In the prevailing number of cases, however, website owners are driven by the same goals: they either wish to boost their projects’ performance and generate traffic or need a more flexible and feature-rich system to keep working on their website development. In other words, if there is anything you are not satisfied with when using Webflow, you may consider migrating to WordPress.

Augmented Reality (AR) in Web Development

augmented reality in web development

Augmented Reality (AR) – is the technology that allows adding non-existent elements to the surrounding reality. One of the examples may be the broadcasting of sports matches, when the video that comes with certain coordinates in the air is supplied with the flight trajectory of a ball, bootheel or a line that serves as a certain starting point. In other words, the conjunction of real and imaginary objects takes place. This effect is also frequently used in movies and advertising.

How to Make a Website Without Paying Anything?

How to Make a Website Without Paying Anything?

If you have ever thought about the possibility of creating a website without paying anything, then you’ve probably thought that it is close to impossible. There are so many web design companies offering expensive web building services that an opportunity to build a website for free seems a kind of a joke. Fortunately, this is not a joke, but reality nowadays and the use of website builders is the best proof of this fact.

How to Convert a Static HTML Website to WordPress

how to convert a static html website to wordpress

The ties of websites built with 100% HTML are passing away. That was a long hard road out of the web building origins. It has turned into trials and errors for millions of web design enthusiasts from around the globe. It does not mean static HTML pages are about to vanish once and for all. HTML5 markup language is still one of the most powerful today letting users build websites without content management systems behind them. However…

How to Make a Website Without a Website Builder

how to make a website without a website builder

The Global Web has grown into a huge digital environment with over 200 million websites operating online. Regular users like you launched the majority of those sites without in-depth coding or programming knowledge. For many years, the process has been the matter of endless trials and errors, experiments, failures until website builders made their revolutionary debut on the digital arena.

How to Hire a Professional Wix Expert

How to Hire a Professional Wix Expert

Building a new website from scratch without professional support was quite a challenge a decade ago. You would probably need a team of coders, graphic and web designers, testers, and other specialists to go online with a solid project. The development process took weeks and months and cost a fortune. Wix website builder was designed to make things much easier. The initial idea was to help newbies with no coding skills to create their own sites without assistance at minimum costs.

Starting a Web Design Agency

starting a web design agency

Individuals and companies have to face various obstacles on the way to recognition in the field of web design. With so many custom teams and well-established brands, new startups and freelancers have to fight their way to the top. A few really succeed while more and more specialists realize the true value of opting for ready-made web building solutions.

What is a Domain Name and How Do Domains Work?

what is a domain name and how do domains work

The process of building a website starts from choosing a domain name. This is where most beginners face their first obstacle on the way to a successful deployment. They find their backs against the wall due to many technical issues and terms like web hosting, domain registration, server, etc. On the other hand, it is impossible to have a website without a domain. In this guide, we will try to cover each and every issue that might sound a bit too technical for newbies.

How to Convert a WordPress Site to a Static HTML Website

How to Convert a WordPress Site to a Static HTML Website

WordPress –  is one of the most flexible platforms letting users build websites of any type. It combines ease of use and versatility in terms of page customization or third-party integration. Millions of websites across the globe are built using this popular CMS platform. The only task it cannot fulfill is creating static HTML pages. Website owners may have various reasons to go back to HTML versions. Some might crave for faster page load speed while others care about security concerns. Whatever the reason is, the process of converting a WordPress site into a static HTML website is quite a challenge. It requires some time as well as special instruments, skills, and patients.

How to Get a Domain Name for Free

how to get a domain name for free

A solid website is your round-the-clock online representation. At least for as long, as your target audience can see it. Building a new site from scratch can be pretty costly for both organizations and individuals. Luckily for them, choosing a domain name will hardly empty your wallet considering some easy steps to get it for free.