How to Build a CMS Website from Scratch

How to Build a CMS Website from Scratch

Among a variety of web building options you can come across in the contemporary web design niche, the use of CMS will remain that very objective that can come up to the needs of diverse user categories. Content Management Systems are powerful programs that provide an extensive choice of web design tools needed to effectively start and manage any kind of project. These systems differ in the objectives and functionality and all of them are not quite easy to master right from the start.

How to Export Wix Site to HTML

How to Export Wix Site to HTML

Wix has gained worldwide popularity due to its exceptional features, high end templates, advanced editor and stunning design customization options. All these advantages have made the platform the renowned representative of the web building niche. However, some users occasionally face the need to export their websites from Wix to HTML code.

How to Make Your Own Website Without a Host

How to Make Your Own Website Without a Host

Choosing a host is a challenge for any Internet user, who lacks experience and knowledge in the niche. Newbies don’t have any other choice but to rely on commercials, forum tips, rumors and other sources of information, which are often not worth the trust. It is impossible to create a website without hosting, but you can simplify the choice of it by selecting one of the most popular website builders.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Web Developer or a Web Designer

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Web Developer or a Web Designer

Web building technologies are evolving. Creating websites from scratch without special skills is easier than ever before considering drag-and-drop platforms in addition to popular CMS such as WordPress or Joomla. At the same time, website owners might still have essential reasons to hire web designers and developers, as only true professionals are able to implement features to make your project sparkle.

Switching from Weebly to Shopify

how to switch from weebly to shopify

Weebly and Shopify are two renowned website builders that have much in common. Both systems make it possible to create, manage and successfully promote eCommerce websites. While Shopify has always been and now remains a full-featured eCommerce website builder, Weebly has gained this functionality comparatively not long ago, namely after its acquisition by Square in 2018. The website builder is definitely a worthy system, which allows creating functional and visually appealing web stores. When it comes to eCommerce websites, though, Shopify is rightfully considered the unspeakable leader.

Switching from Weebly to WordPress

how to switch from weebly to wordpress

Switching from Weebly to WordPress may be a good idea, if you have an intention to create and promote a full-featured website. The fact that WordPress is initially a blogging platform makes its application a reasonable solution for the development and further promotion of these projects. WordPress comes with an advanced feature set, powerful integration options and perfect SEO tools, which have notable impact upon website development.

Switching from Weebly to Wix

how to switch from weebly to wix

The reasons to switch from Weebly to Wix may differ a lot. The fact that you have decided to change the platform does not mean that Weebly is not worth the attention. It’s all about your current web design endeavours, goals and intentions. After the acquisition of Weebly by Square in 2018, the website builder has gained a strong eCommerce focus. This has become one of the reasons for the system users to switch to other platforms.

Website Builders: Best Affiliate and Partner Programs Reviewed

website builders best affiliate and partner programs reviewed

Affiliate program – is one of the most widespread and profitable online marketing practices that makes it possible to reach several objectives at a time. You get a perfect opportunity to start and promote your web business and you get a superb chance to generate profit with it. The very process of affiliate marketing via the use of website builders implies the application of a certain website for traffic generation for other websites.

Switching from Webflow to WordPress

switching from webflow to wordpress

Have you made up your mind to switch from Webflow to WordPress? The reason for such an action may differ with regard to your current web design objectives, priorities, website type you run, budget and other vital aspects. In the prevailing number of cases, however, website owners are driven by the same goals: they either wish to boost their projects’ performance and generate traffic or need a more flexible and feature-rich system to keep working on their website development. In other words, if there is anything you are not satisfied with when using Webflow, you may consider migrating to WordPress.

Augmented Reality (AR) in Web Development

augmented reality in web development

Augmented Reality (AR) – is the technology that allows adding non-existent elements to the surrounding reality. One of the examples may be the broadcasting of sports matches, when the video that comes with certain coordinates in the air is supplied with the flight trajectory of a ball, bootheel or a line that serves as a certain starting point. In other words, the conjunction of real and imaginary objects takes place. This effect is also frequently used in movies and advertising.