So, How Much a Website Cost?

Many people postpone or reject the very idea of creating a website just because they think it will cost them thousands of dollars. That’s partly true: leading web design agencies can charge you tens of thousands of dollars for a Continue reading

Keepass Review

Many of us have lots of accounts at different websites. As a rule, these online services require login/password for authorization. The majority of people use one or two simple passwords, because complicated ones are generally forgotten right after the registration. Continue reading

Website Builders – The Best Way to Create a Website

uKit Editor - uKit website Builder

With the increasing prevalence of code-free, one-stop-shop web publishing platforms like uKit, Weebly and Wix, it’s hard to remember that many businesses and independent professionals still build websites with traditional desktop software.

Weebly for Education

Weebly for education is a project aimed at creating Weebly accounts geared specially for teachers. In addition to the education-specific add-ons, the platform provides the same Weebly features we are used to.

Cheap Website Builders

Website builders are on the rise these days. They boast the capability of helping anyone build a nice-looking website, with no technical experience at all. What’s more, website builders are inexpensive, comparing to hiring a web professional. Many site builders Continue reading

Wix Templates

When I first encountered Wix, I immediately fell in love with the diversity and creativity of the available website templates. Being a platform that puts visual impression and style first, Wix offers hundreds of templates in a long list of Continue reading

How to Choose the Right eCommerce Solution

We recently received an email from a reader asking which eCommerce platform is better: Squarespace or Volusion. Well, these site builders aren’t directly comparable, because they have different user market and are used for different purposes. Nevertheless, we’ll try to outline Continue reading