Wix Templates

When I first encountered Wix, I immediately fell in love with the diversity and creativity of the available website templates. Being a platform that puts visual impression and style first, Wix offers hundreds of templates in a long list of Continue reading

How to Choose the Right eCommerce Solution

We recently received an email from a reader asking which eCommerce platform is better: Squarespace or Volusion. Well, these site builders aren’t directly comparable, because they have different user market and are used for different purposes. Nevertheless, we’ll try to outline Continue reading

3 Ways to Build a Forum

Online forums make it easy for us to kick-start discussions, find like-minded people and also promote our business. Forums can be run as an attachment to a larger website, or exist on their own. If you’re about to create a Continue reading

Open Source Website Builders

We recently received an email from a reader asking if we could recommend any open source website builders. This article tries to clarify misunderstandings that usually accompany this question. Let’s answer that by first establishing what an open source website builder Continue reading

How to Create a Wedding Website

If you’re looking to create a wedding website, you’ve come to the right place 🙂 . Our website is fully dedicated to DIY website builders, probably the easiest and most affordable web publishing solution. In this article we’ll show you Continue reading

What Is a DIY Website Builder?

If you’re looking to build a website, then you probably already know that your options are numerous. You can hire a web design agency, find a freelance designer, go with a DIY website builder or even mix these options. It Continue reading