Creating a Website from Scratch

Creating a Website from Scratch

Websites differ as well as the approaches to their creation. The more full-featured website you need, the more effort you will have to invest into the process of its development.

How to Create an Online Store

How to Create Online Store

eCommerce website creation and promotion is a profitable business. You don’t have to own a large company to afford launching an effective trading platform. Let’s talk about the ways of online store creation and the best systems that work best for this purpose.

How to Create a Mobile Version of Your Website?

How to Create a Mobile Version of Your Website

You probably know that mobile devices are blowing up today unless you were hiding under the rock for the last decade. It means that website owners are forced to improve their users’ experience when logging on to a site through the smartphone or tablet. Such devices feature smaller screen sizes. It means that displaying the same website layout as on users’ desktop looks at least inefficient.

How to Create a Modeling Portfolio Website

how to create a modeling portfolio

A powerful visual representation on the web is essential whenever it comes to modeling. You need to look fantastic both live and online. Standing out from hundreds of other models is not as easy as it may seem. Modern website building platforms make it easier to represent a model with some stunning and professional photos in addition to fundamental features lie simple editing and creating a bright portfolio website from scratch without technical skills within less than a day.

How to Get Your Wix Website Found and Ranked Well on Google


We frequently write about the ways of creating websites (business sites, online stores, blogs etc.) and the services that can be used for this purpose. We also test different platforms, defining their benefits and drawbacks comparing to the competitors. However, we rarely focus on the basics of promoting these services. We just mention the set of SEO tools of a certain website builder and that’s it. Obviously, this is supposed by default as you create a website and then have to attract the audience. But how?

How to Create a Wedding Website by Yourself

how to create a wedding website

Wedding is one of the most serious and responsible events in the life of each person. Preparation to it can last for several months and it’s no wonder, because this day has to be remarkable and special. There are so many nuances that have to be handled to make the holiday outstanding. One of them is creation of a wedding website.

How to Build a Community Website

how to create a community website

There are many website builders that allow creating blogs with diverse efficacy range. Unfortunately, there are only a few services that work great for the development of forums. When it comes to systems, which can be successfully used for both purposes at a time, they can be counted on fingers.

How to Make a Gaming Website for Free

How to Make a Gaming Website for Free

Making of a gaming website is a much more complicated task than an inexperienced user may think. Of course, if you start building it with CMS or even try to write a website code in the text editor, this will be a real challenge.

Switching from WordPress to Wix

Switching from WordPress to Wix

Switching websites from website builders to CMS is quite a widespread theme. Lots of manuals in different system combinations have been created to provide the details of the task. As to the reverse process, it is not properly covered in the Internet. However, situations, when users, who have websites created with CMS following the recommendations of their experienced acquaintances suddenly decide to switch from a complicated platform to a more comfortable web building environment saving the progress, are quite widespread.

How to Create a Personal Website

How to Create a Personal Website

In order to create a personal website you may choose between 3 major options to reach your goal: making a site in a website builder, CMS or ordering it from the third party. Which option is more preferable in terms of the major parameters?