uKit Example Websites

uKit Website Examples Featured

It seems like only yesterday that uKit website builder was introduced. But today we bring you a collection of real websites created using this code-free site creation platform. When you build a site with user-friendly platforms like uKit, it’s easy to create a good web presence. But it’s both an art and science to make it effective. An effective business site is easy to find, allows you to winningly present your services/products, connect with new colleagues, make sales, and find new offers. So let’s see whether it’s possible to create an effective website without writing a single line of code.

Wix Example Websites

Drag-and-drop, hundreds of stunning templates, tons of powerful apps, mobile editor, secure hosting! That sounds great and enticing, but what do all of these elements look like when published? Users who are uncertain about choosing Wix to create their sites are often interested in seeing some real sites designed with this site builder before making their decisions, so today we take a look at different Wix-powered websites – from portfolios to companies, communities and stores.

Weebly Store Examples

While creating a webstore is relatively easy with so many DIY website builders out there, getting website visitors to make a purchase from your store can be a challenge. The good news is that to sell online like a pro, you don’t have to be a marketing champion. All you need is to know the habits of highly successful webstores, and gradually adopt them in your website! Luckily, you are not the first webstore on the Internet. Today we will showcase seven Weebly webstores that we managed to find on the web. Some of these could pass as professionally designed projects, others have lots of areas to improve. Have fun and be creative!

Weebly Blogs Examples

Weebly website builder offers a built-in blogging platform that is simple to manage and rich in features. Yet it’s the creativity of Weebly users that shows the Weebly blogging platform at its finest. Ever since the Blogging engine was introduced and new beautiful Weebly themes were added, we’re continuously seeing Weebly blogs getting better and better, and here’s what they look like:

Yola Example Websites

Nothing lends credibility to a website builder like beautiful, successful websites created with this web service. Today we bring you a compilation of websites created with Yola website builder. Enjoy it!

Wix Portfolio Examples

When it comes to online portfolios, it’s not just the examples of work that need to impress your potential clients, but it’s also the way they’re presented. The good news is you don’t have to be a coding champion to show your creativity and innovative thinking. With so many code-free tools like Wix, Weebly or uKit, you can create a beautiful portfolio without any coding knowledge. We handpicked some Wix-based portfolio examples for you to see how real DIY websites look like. Be inspired and inspire others!

Strikingly Example Websites

Single-page website design is one of the hottest trends these days. It gets more and more attention from designers due to its overall simplicity, minimalism and laconism, which are also all the rage today. Surely, one-page websites may have many shortcomings compared to their multipage counterparts. However, if built wisely and used for the right purposes, they can be a brilliant solution for many tasks. Today we showcase some inspiring examples of one-page websites built using Strikingly for you to see how cool simple websites can be.

Webs Example Websites

Every month or so we feature exemplary websites created using one of the site builders featured on SWВ, so you can see what these platforms are capable of. Today’s example websites come from users. As you go through the websites below, remember that you can do it even better!

Shopify Example Websites

Attractive web design has always played a key role in marketing and successful online sales. Choosing the right layout, colors, fonts and customer interactions increases the perceived value of your products and makes your business look more trustworthy. Luckily – you’re not the first webstore in the world! Whether you’re choosing an eCommerce site builder for your future shop or have been thinking about redesigning your current site, our fresh collection of most successful Shopify stores should give you ample design inspiration for your next project!

Weebly Wedding Websites Examples

Wedding websites are a growing trend. It’s a way to not only spread news about your wedding, but also to share a bit of information on the couple and the logistics of the big day – everything that you can’t fit in the wedding invitation. Recently I was asked to make a collection of Weebly wedding website examples, and I must say it was a very tough task! I wish Weebly had a ‘Showcase’ page or something like that. It was nearly impossible to find a wedding site built with Weebly. Probably, that’s partly due to the fact that Weebly has a few wedding templates and partly because many couples prevent their sites from being indexed.